Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Professor Gets Lucky on the Slurp Ramp

Chicago—December, 2017

The Professor and I slept well that night.  Exhausted and sated.  And in my case, with a mixture of several men’s cum in my beard. 

We woke up horny.  SteamWorks called.  We packed up the room and took off down into Boystown.  We had done the bathhouse once before after one of his gatherings.  It was the first time the Professor had been to the tubs.  He enjoyed himself, but had wondered afterwards, if they were really for him.  Today, he was eager to try it again.  We parked in the complex next door and checked in.  We ended up in a big double room, located right behind the slurp ramp.

We stripped down to jocks and boots and went out exploring.

We start in the slurp ramp.  There are several bearish men loitering to suck.  I stay on the platform and send the Professor down to suck my dick.  He does.  It causes a stir that men are actually having sex instead of wandering around and never touching each other.  A good looking man, with a shiny shaved head stands next to me.  He gets hard watching.  He sticks his dick through the hole next to me.  I move the Professor’s mouth over onto the new man and I go down to the lower level.  I watch for only a moment as the Professor is sucking the new guy, then I kneel behind him and stick my tongue into his hot ass.  He grunts around the cock in his mouth.  I grunt with how good he tastes.  The man he’s sucking caresses his head and tells him to keep sucking.

I stand up.  I’m rampant.  I slip into the Professor’s hole.  You would never know he took all that big dick last night—he’s tight.  I open him carefully and slowly.  But soon I am fucking his whole body forward—helping him swallow that man on the ramp.  Other men surround us.  They stroke my ass, the Professor’s ass.  One hand insists on grasping my dick—to see if I’m really fucking him raw.  His hand actually gets in the way of my stroke—I ask him to let go.  He goes off in a huff.

The Bald Guy pulls out, ruffles the Professor’s hair and thanks him.  I suggest one of the onlookers use his mouth.  Nope.   We take a break and continue our tour.  The third floor is closed this afternoon.  That is good—it keeps us all together.  I lead him down to the other end where there is a public sling and a fuck bench.  We use the fuckbench.  I kneel and tongue his now wet ass.  I slurp loudly.   Again we get an audience, but this nook is not so exposed as the slurp ramp—we actually get one of the former onlookers to feed the Professor some dick.  This is my cue to stand up and plow.  I do.  The man in the Professor’s mouth watches my dick slam home.

I slow and ask if he’d like to fuck, too.  He comes around and is on the verge of entering him, when his dick wilts.  I fuck the Professor a little more—and break.  We walk to the sling.  It’s occupied by a good looking older man. 

“Let me see you fuck him,” the Professor tells me.

I lick—I enter.   Disaster.  The man has not even made an attempt at clean out.  Off to the bathroom…


We separate for a bit.  I find the man who fed the Professor on the fuck bench back there.  He gets on it and I fuck him. 

I give some head at the gloryholes in the back area.

I go back to the slurp ramp.  There is the shaved to bald guy.  He’s a good ten to 15 years younger than me.  He goes to the gym often if not religiously.  His thick cock is being sucked by a daddy below him.  I go up the steps and stand next to him.  We smile at each other.  Soon I move behind him and work his nipples.  My cock is rampant and cradled by his round butt cheeks.  Soon, I slip down to my knees and begin licking his hole.  He pushes backward.  He grinds his full ass onto my face— where it is trapped against the wall.  I can’t breathe.  And I don’t care.  Just in time he steps forward to give me air.

I stand, shakily.  We kiss.  “Let me suck that big dick,” he breathes in my ear.  He sinks to his knees and takes me deep in his throat.  I let him suck me—before I do the same for him.  Somewhere in there, I realize the Professor is standing by us—stroking and watching.

“Come to our room,” I suggest.  It takes no prodding to get him there.

I flop on the bed.  “Sit on my face,” I say to the Shaved Head.   He does eagerly.  Obviously, his thick old cock usually overshadows his hot butt for attention.  The Professor watches for a while…and is soon sucking my dick as I eat out the new man’s hole.

“I want you to fuck me.”  The words sound loud in the middle of our play.  The Professor pulls off my dick and I watch Shaved Head go from riding my mouth to riding my cock. 

“Fuck you are big,” he grunts.  “Though I barely get fucked—they all want my cock.”

I nod at him.  He impales himself.  He stops jerking—so he can concentrate on working his ass.  He finally pulls off me.  “I don’t want to cum,” he says.  Then turning to the Professor “Unless I can shoot it in you.”


We all change positions.  The Professor kneels on all fours, his ass right near the edge of the bed.  It’s my turn to watch and stroke.  Sheaved Head is grunting out his pleasure.  He is fucking with one thought in mind—to get off.

“Of yeah, I’m close.”  The slapping of his hips against the Professor’s ass is reaching a crescendo.  “Twist my nipples.  Please.”

I do.  It sends him over the edge.  He shakes and shakes as he shoots into the Professor.  When he calms down, he lets me clean his cock.  For a man who needed to cum and go, he’s not going anywhere.  He watches me eat his seed out of the Professor.  I slurp and grunt my satisfaction with his big, viscous load.  He watches wide eyed at how I revel in fucking in the remains of his semen.  And how, in moments, I am bucking into the Professor myself.

Shaved Head touches my ass.   It acts as a trigger.  I begin firing a load that feels every bit as big as big as the one I shot into Jack last night.


We clean up.

I take the Professor to the airport. 

I can’t stop thanking him for such a great adventure.


  1. It wasn't just the professor that got lucky on the ramp! Hot story

  2. From the Professor: "Hey, Really great write up. The shaved head stud was a real find--truly versatile and, from my perspective, an excellent breeder! I had never had a top ask me to spread my cheeks so wide--gave a lot more depth to the fuck and I LOVED watching him in the mirror while he fucked me. Just the right combination of heat and sleaze! And always nice to take your load!

    It was a great experience and thanks again for sharing it with me. Can't wait until the fifth installment!"