Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Let's Meet at Steamworks"

Chicago--January, 2012

Meeting David, my piss trick from MAL, at Steamworks was five hours of sexual heat. We had great sex together, sometimes adding others, sometimes going our own ways for a bit before meeting back up to fuck again. I will likely break it into at least two parts so it doesn’t become just a list of sexual acts. 

I see myself wherever I look. I have gotten a large room at Steamworks. The double bed has mirrors on three sides of it. The television above the bed is playing bareback porn relentlessly. I am zipping up my chaps as I hear a knock on the door. It’s David. We embrace. I’m taken aback all over again how handsome he is: dark hair, olive skin, his muscular body and a bigger than average cock. He kneels and starts to zip me into my chaps. I add the harness.

“You know you’ll be the only one in leather tonight.”

“And?” I ask.

He smiles. “Nothing. I love a self confident man”

He tells me there is a new fuck bench here on the third floor. It’s just to the left of our room, tucked behind the slurp ramp maze of gloryholes. I get him kneeling and bent over on it. I drop behind him and taste his hole.


He’s got himself loaded before I got here. I dig in. I lick. He moans. And a couple of guys stop above us on the slurp ramp to watch. I can feel more behind us. I rise and slip in.

“Damn,” he grunts, “I’d forgotten how big you are.”

The guys behind me press in. One of them reaches down to feel my cock. I am thrusting deep. A guy I can barely see moves in front of David. I assume he is going to stick his cock in David‘s mouth, but he only gropes himself through his towel. David rears up after a few more thrusts. We disengage. The bench is pressing right into his bladder.

“Piss,” he gasps next to my ear. I kneel and he gives me a nice, sweet load down the gullet. The crowd has dispersed--most not having a clue why the top suddenly knelt and didn’t seem to really be sucking his cock….

I tell him we are going downstairs to the major slurp ramp. We find the room. I go up onto the platform behind the half wall and stick my cock through the gloryhole. A grizzled, uncut construction-type moves next to me. I lean over and direct David’s head towards his nice sized dick. He goes back and forth between our two cocks, pulling long strands of spittle as he goes from one to the other. Soon there is an annoying guy dry humping David down below us. I tell the bear to follow us. We wind through the second floor rooms and find the public sling. I get him in. It’s low and there is no way to adjust it. I taste his hole again. Construction guy watches and strokes. He’s eager. I rise. And slap my cock on David’s balls, showing it off to the crowd. I slip in. But I have to do deep knee bends to get low enough. I can’t hold the position for long. I let construction guy take his turn. He fucks in quick short strokes. A crowd has gathered here, too. A couple of guys suck each other as they watch us. I notice a hot broad shouldered Latino. He’s as hung as I am. I go over to him and ask if me wants to be the next guy up David. He eagerly agrees.

Construction guy looks like he cums. He pulls out, but as I kneel to felch, I notice a condom on him. I still lick David’s hole. Slip in for few strokes--then signal the Latino. He fucks him with abandon. Almost instantly he shoots a load. I expect him to pull out---but he just keeps going. David reaches for one of his nipples as do I. I also put my cock into David’s mouth. The Latino works a long time for a second load--but he delivers. He shoots, falls on David, then pulls himself together and slips out of his hole. I am right there. I clean his cock. He is startled, but loves it. I work a last drop out of his foreskin, then dive for David’s hole.

“You really gonna eat my cum out of there?”

I don’t answer. I just start licking and sucking at his hole. David is moaning. He knows how to squeeze and feed me. It’s a great copious load. I am there for long moments. The Latino never takes his eyes off of me. I finally rise--and tell him our room number--saying he can drop by any time.

I slip my cock in, but with having to do knee bends to get in, I’m fucking at a terrible angle. I stop, make him clean my cock of Latino cum, then get him out of the sling. We walk to the other end of the play room. There another fuck bench. I bend him over and slip in. Finally I am in his hole properly. I fuck. David has a very young cock in his left hand. I ask if he wants to fuck David. The twink just looks at me and then runs away.

I pause for a taste of his hole. David uses the moment to get up and turn. I get up and we embrace. We kiss. And kiss. The crowd empties from the room--they just want to see the fucking. David kneels and takes my dripping cock into his mouth. His tongue swirls around the head and shaft. He gets some precum of mine and some residual cum from the Latino and whoever fucked him before. Once he has a mouthful, he rises and kisses me again. We block out the relentless house music, the other men shuffling through the area and the noise of the cock sucking around us. And get lost in just each other.

More to come

The room gets busy--with even a DP…


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    1. it is a day later than I wanted...

  2. Shame on you for scaring away the twink! ;-) It was nice to read about you in an environment I've been in; I could imagine you (and me) on the suck-ramp. Looking forward to more.

    1. Just the idea that I focused on him--made that boy RACE for the exit....

  3. Hot post. I am definitely looking forward to the second part.


    1. And here we are, with at least one more--if not two--to go.