Sunday, January 26, 2014

A True Piss Fuck

Once again Ryan (of ‘Spreading My Legs’) and I were traveling to the piss party in Chicago.  The roads were snowy and not very good at home or when I picked him up in South Bend.  But there was less and less snow as we approached the Illinois state line.  We found parking easily, checked our over-sized winter coats at the front of the bar, and  made our way to the back bar and the wet action….

I’m stripped in no time down to my yellow jock and combat boots.  I snap the left wrist gantlet in place.  Then the one on my right wrist—the one with the yellow stripe that is braided through the other leather bands.  The back bar can often be cool, and I am worried it will be downright frigid today.  To my surprise, the heat is cranked up and I, Mr. Perpetually Cold, feel warm.  There are a few guys already sitting on the ledge, watching the piss porn.  Or standing at the bar, getting a beer.  Or one, lying in the inflatable pool and is pissing on himself.

I need to unload right now.  I head for the pool.  The man (40-ish, and bear-ish) lies on his back, his mouth wide open.  I stand at the edge.  My piss makes a perfect arc and hits him on the chin.  I take a slight step back and re-direct it into his mouth.  He gurgles happily and swallows continually, only occasionally letting some spill out and over his chin.  I shake my cock, tuck it back into the jock and go refill my water bottle from one of the huge thermal jugs on the bar.
I sit on the back bench, chugging my water.  I let numerous guys have a few moments sucking my cock.  They all want piss, but I’m not re-filled enough yet.  It’s a very playful group.  It’s not as large, likely due to the weather, but the men who made the trip are here to have a great time.  There are now random sex acts happening all over the bar:  cock sucking all along the bench hidden by the screens, piss drinking at the end of the bar, piss covering naked flesh in and around the mini pool, and an eager bottom getting his ass plowed in the farthest, darkest corner bent over a stool.  Partners shift and change.  The man who was sucking stands up to be serviced.  The pisser becomes the pissee.  One top takes over from another on the same hole.

I see one of my favorite pigs ask for a beer.  He is 10 years younger than I, but the same physical type—long and lean. His jock looks as used as mine.  His hair is cropped short.  His back is a massive tattoo of a mythical beast.  He loves nursing on my dick, loves to take my piss and give me some in return.  And he loves to get fucked after I’ve eaten his piss soaked ass.  I head over to the bar.  My hand trails down his ass crack.  He turns, recognizes me with a crooked grin and kisses me hello.  Not lightly, but deeply.   I know what he likes—I pull back and spit into his mouth.  He groans and falls to his knees—sucking my cock right there at the bar.
Eventually I pull him up and we move out of the way and to the end of the bar.  I let him suck me a little more, but soon he’s bent over an old oil drum that serves as a table.  He is holding on and moaning as I eat his ass.  He must have just gotten there, for his hole has not been used yet.  My tongue is the first thing up his hole tonight.  He’s tight, sweet and I’m making him moan.  My face is so pressed into his ass, I can’t see who decides I need some piss to lap up as I rim.  It’s one of my favorite things to do—something that even here doesn’t happen as often as wish it would.  My unknown benefactor must be standing close, for he pisses all over that mythical beast.  My man arches up, making the piss sluice down his back and run between the ass cheeks where my face is buried.  I slurp and sputter.  I finally have to pull away or drown.  I gasp for air and go right back in, catching most of the pale stream of diluted piss.  As the stream slows, I work some of it into the very wet hole. 

“Fuck me.  I want that big dick up there.”
I continue eating, but grab the lube out of the waistband of my jock.  I lube my cock as I continue with my tongue.  I am able to stand up, and in one motion, insert it into his ass.  Just the head.  That’s enough to make him gasp and call me “Fucker.”  I work the rest of the lengthy shaft into him.  He’s bucking back on me before I get to the balls.  I fuck him.  Another pisser wanders by.  He adds a load directly on my moving cock, so his piss is fucked up into my willing bottom.

I am really pummeling his skinny ass now.  I pull almost all the way out and then drive it back in.  He is panting.  He turns his head to look at me.  “Piss fuck me.” 
I nod.  My cock is so ready for it.  I’m bloated with all the piss I swallowed.  I slow down for a moment, but then pull free from his ass.  Piss spurts out of my cock. I plunge it into him.  I pull back out, still pissing.  I cover his ass crack—then am back up him, coating his asscunt.  One of the bystanders squirms under my legs, on his back, his mouth open wide for the next piss shower.  I pull out.  It coats the ass cheeks and runs into the mouth of the man on the floor.  Then I’m back up his butt.  Out and piss everywhere.  In and filling him.  Out.  In. Out…

I’m dry.  I pull out.  I take my cock up to the bottom to clean.  The man on the floor scrambles up and starts sucking the ass I just fucked.  I don’t know, but from the sounds he makes, I think he gets a squirt of piss direct from the bottom’s ass…

I fuck most of the men there who want it.  At least five others.  But most are here for piss tonight. 

I have always had a hard on for the guy who takes care of our clothes during this event.  In November, I saw him get his cock sucked.  I had no idea he played here.  He’s a short, olive skinned man, with dark, dark hair.  I make a point of talking to him.  I tell him I was envious of the man who sucked his dick last month.  He grins.  “I have a load of piss.  Do you want it?”  I am on my knees behind the counter in a flash.  He spurts into my mouth the moment he feels my tongue.  He can’t stop.  It’s a huge load.  I already know who will get it next when it recycles through me….
I keep returning to the wet ass of my first fuck.  I feed him the now recycled piss from the bag check man.  I pull him up and kiss him when we are done.  We spend as much time kissing as anything else.  And rimming.  He eats me out, too.  Hosing my ass crack and licking it clean.  He drinks me from the tap again—and then he recycles all that down my throat.

Ryan taps me on the shoulder.  It’s time to go.
“You still want to go to SteamWorks?” he asks. 

My cock has been incredibly well used, but I haven’t even thought about getting off.  I nod.  I shove my cock into my damp jock and go collect my bag.  I get a smirk as the keeper hands it over to me…

Next time:  That night at the Baths.


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