Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Wet Trip to Chicago

Chicago—March, 2014

I came home from St. Louis and didn’t want or need to play.  I knew that the Chicago piss party was coming up—so I saved my jizz.  Juan, the Hispanic bottom who loves to feed me loads out of his ass, wrote me around the same time.  He was hoping we could meet up after the piss party.  We considered meeting at Steamworks.  We finally decided on meeting at the good hook up motel close to the piss party site.  Juan explained that while Ryan and I were off pissing and fucking at the piss party, he’d get some of his regulars to load him or invite them to come to the motel to play there.

I picked Ryan up and we proceeded into the city, filling each other in on our exploits since we last met.  We checked into the motel and set up the sling while starting to hydrate.  I assembled the rimseat as Ryan got on the phone to find tops for later.  The pickings were slim; funny how that’s almost always true.  So we took off to go get wet.

It’s dark in the bar.  There are a number of men already milling around in the back corners, sipping their beer.  I can’t wait to get out of my clothes.  I strip down to my stained and faded yellow jock and the battered combat boots I save for this party.  I really need to piss.  It’s hard standing in line to check in bag.  My bladder is bursting—and I don’t want to waste it. 

I take a swig from my water bottle as I move to the corner out of the glare of the television screen.  He’s there.  One of the regulars.  A little light glints off his shaved head.  He’s on his knees, in perfect submission.  Piss is all about subservience to him.  That’s fine by me right now.  I barely get my cock out of my jock before piss shoots out.  It splats right on the top of his head.  He glances up to see who is dousing him.  I can see the gratitude in his eyes.  He bends back down letting the piss cascade down his back and down his ass crack to puddle on the floor under him.  He raises his head and opens his mouth.  My piss arcs perfectly into him.  He swallows hungrily, but messily, enjoying letting some splash out to drip down his chest and across his heavily pierced nipples.  I can’t seem to stop the flow.  I don’t want to empty myself completely—I always like to have some piss in reserve.  But I just piss on and on—back in his mouth, across his face, down his chin.  I push his head down with my free hand and concentrate on his lower back and ass crack for a moment.  This makes him whimper.

I pull him back up.  “Suck it.  Get me hard.”  He ovals obediently and I push in.  My cock lengthens and pushes down his throat.  He starts to gag but works through it.  He is a master cocksucker—and I have used his throat at this party for ten years now.  He slurps noisily.  And takes me repeatedly to the root.  Other men come by.  One unleashes piss on my cock.  The sucker swallows as much as he can with each stroke that I fuck into his mouth.  He gurgles happily.  I pat him on the shoulder and go refill my water bottle.

Maybe an hour of piss guzzling has gone by.  I’ve mostly fed—but I have taken a few piss loads myself.  I am in the back corner.  Any number of men have sucked my cock.   Everyone wants to drink from the tap today.  Someone is on my cock.  I let him suck me but my eye is on a hot Latino who is sucking Ryan’s cock.  The Latino is bent over and getting plowed at the same time.  The fucker is fucking him hard enough to push him down on Ryan’s cock.  As I watch, the top pulls out and the Latino, who is dressed in a leather vest and a now wet jock presents his fucked hole to Ryan.  I move away from my cocksucker and go stick my dick in the Latino’s vacant hole.

“Make sure you try his ass, too,” Ryan tells me.  He pulls out.  The bottom obligingly turns around and I push in.  He has a velvety, wet canal.  He feels great.  I fuck him as deeply as I can, then pass him off to another Leather Daddy.

Billy is here.  Young and cute.  His ass is sticking out of his backless designer briefs.  He is leaning across the bar, talking to the cute cub of a bartender.  I walk over to him and piss on his ass crack.  I’m kneeling, licking it off, before he bothers to turn around.  I’m pretty he knew it was me.

“Stick it up him,” says the guy next to him.  I do.  I fuck him for a long time, putting on a show for the guys at the bar.

Somehow I missed Carlos arriving.  The gorgeous, gym built Latino who has often appeared in these pages.  I recognize his shoulder tattoo—with the tribal pattern spilling onto his back and chest.  He eagerly sucks Ryan’s cock.  And then mine.  As he is bent to taste me, Ryan moves around to eat his (I think) unfucked hole.  I am the first cock up him at this party.  But definitely not the last.  We pass his ass around to a large group of men…


The last hour is always the busiest.  Guys are super hydrated so the piss is flowing.  And guys need to get off, dry off and go home.  I exchange blowjobs with a slightly older Daddy.  We piss on each other’s cocks, and then suck them.  I watch Carlos ride Ryan over in the corner.  I fuck an ass—without really seeing who has presented it. 

And then, I’ve just had enough.  I can’t drink another drop and my cock tells me he’s done.  I don’t get off—but that’s ok.  We have Juan coming over.  And not just Juan.  I’ve asked both  Carlos and Billy to join us.  Carlos and Juan are old friends and f-buds—and Billy says he wants to show me his top side—something I’ve never seen.  We all dry off and head to the motel and a cum-filled Juan…. 

More to come…

Of course, Ryan wrote this up for his blog, too, Spreading My Legs...


  1. That was a hot night! It is great to have fuckbuds in the city that we can use over and over again. Looking forward to the next piss part together when your work slows down.

    1. I will really need a group like this after my long, sex-less summer. I know I can't go to the July piss party and probably not the August....let's make sure we go in September!