Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bill Hosts a Hot Otter

Northern Indiana—March, 2014

Bill has appeared in these posts occasionally.  He is in his early 40's, has a nicely fit body from doing manual labor and a fun, twisted mind.  He can be a demanding, even sadistic, top when working over a sub.  He can be a very versatile player in a three way situation as he was when he came over to Ryan’s.  And there are times he wants to sub out for me.  When I saw his name on the text message I wondered “which Bill” wanted to meet.

I clicked the button.

“Looking to gang a hot guy from Chicago,” read the text.   “You available at 8 tonight?”

I wrote back that I was.  Bill gave me a profile name on BBRT.  I trust Bill, so it was rather gratuitous, but of course I signed on and looked at his profile.  The man to be used was indeed hot:  a lithe, toned man in his early forties.  A self-described otter, he had a worked out, furry chest.  He looked rather tall.  I liked his cropped hair, his aquiline nose and his knowing smirk at the camera.

“See you at 8pm!” I responded.

When I got to the house, the centerpiece of the action was still working the hose in the bathroom.  Bill told me they’d played at the area’s gay campground the summer before and Bill and his partner had promised him a gangbang if he ever came out from the city to visit.

So here we were:  Bill, Bill’s rather overweight partner and me.  A gang?  Not quite, but quite enough dick for one hungry bottom to deal with.  While interest had been shown by other tops to several online ads, the tops in question never materialized.

The Otter emerged from the bathroom, radiating the heat of the shower.  We chatted a moment—but Bill led him quickly to their canvas sling which was set up in the living room.  The yapping dogs were hustled into the bedroom and I knelt behind the man’s gloriously mounded ass.  I buried my tongue into him as deeply as I could…

I love the warmth and taste of him.  My cock springs to life.  Bill is stroking his soft cock, watching me eat the Otter out.  I lap and spit into his hole.  I stand up and let Bill take over eating his hole.  I move along the side of the sling and stick my cock in the Otter’s mouth.  He grunts in appreciation.  I look around for Bill’s partner.  He is sitting in a chair, legs splayed lasciviously, kneading his crotch.

Bill stands up and works his cock into the Otter.  Or tries. 

“Damn, you’re tight.”  Bill goes back to eating the hole. I beat my cock on the Otter’s right nipple.  When I notice a drop of pre-cum on my dick, I put it back in his mouth.  He licks at it.  I lean over and kiss him.  He’s a good kisser.  It also seems to loosen his hole—for Bill works his cock in.  Our kisses are jarred by the hip thrusts at the other end. 

Bill pulls out fairly fast.  I move around to the business end of the sling.  I taste the Otter’s hole after Bill’s fuck.  Just the idea that Bill’s cock had just been in there gets me harder.  I stand up and try to insert.  I can’t get in.  I try again.  I have to move a little higher and then enter on a downward angle.  Once I figure it out, I’m sliding all the way home.

“Whoa!  That is big.  Give me a minute.” 

I do. 


I pull almost out.  Extremely slowly.  And revel in his tight hole.  Then I plunge in to the hilt.  My pubes grind into him.  The Otter’s eyes are rolled up into his head in a blur of sex and poppers.  Bill comes around the side.  He feeds the Otter his cock.  Then he holds onto the top cross piece of the sling and swings up so he ends up sitting on the Otter’s face.  I pump into the hairy ass as I watch Bill get eaten out.  
We rotate again.

A break is called.  While Bill and the Otter get a drink—I’m called on to fuck Bill’s partner bent over the coffee table.  I do.  I’m a good guest.  He seems to enjoy it much more than I do.

The dogs are yapping in the bedroom.  The Otter finds his way back to me as Bill and his partner stay in the kitchen.  We have a long make out session, standing by the sling.

“Fuck me hard, before they come back.”

The Otter hops in the sling and easily gets his feet in the stirrups all by himself—truly a man who knows his way around a sling.  I eat him a little more, but just enough to wet his hole.  It takes me an extra second to enter him, but soon my hips are smacking at his ass cheeks.  The sound of fucking brings the partners back in the room.

I fuck him.

Bill fucks him.

The partner tries—and ends up jerking off on his hole.  Bill fucks the load in. 

“Fuck!”  Bill is shooting now.  I kneel—prepped to clean Bill’s cock.  He pulls out and flops it into my mouth.   I can taste the double load.  I save some in my mouth and snowball it to the Otter.

“Cream me, Daddy.”

I slide my cock into him through all that cum.  I fuck.  Hard.

I concentrate on getting off. 

I know it won’t take long with all the cum I’m churning.

And I’m right…

Bill's dick.  He had to remove the PA to get it in the Otter.
pic courtesy of "Spreading My Legs"

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