Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Graduation Present

The Next Town Over—June, 2014

The summer did have a couple of highlights.  This was one.  Though it still merits the “odd” tag.

Cam has appeared in these posts before.  He is the local top (who lives in a town nearby that is even smaller than mine.)  He often hosts motel parties in slightly larger cities.  Just as often, at least lately, he calls me if there is man he wants me to share at one of the two bookstores.  Rarely, we meet at his house when his wife is away.  I was checking the emails on the vanilla hook-up site when I got a message from him.

“I know you’re busy, but can you come over tonight?”

I thought about my blue balls over these last weeks.  Work was still hell, but I would just be traveling a few miles to his house, not the trek I usually have to make to one of the major cities.   “I can—but not until after 8pm.  What’s happening?”

“I want you to give this boy I’ve been playing with, his graduation present.”

“Really?  Is he LEGAL?”

“Yup.  I made him show me his license.  His dream is to be sandwiched by two daddies.”

“I’ll get there as fast after 8 o’clock as I can.”


I knock lightly.  I wait.  No response.  That means Cam is busy fucking.  I just go in.  The house is small and dark except for a light from the television in the living room.  The house has far too much stuff in it—most of it plastic and with the name of the vacation place where it was bought emblazoned across it.  It is fine by me that it’s dark and I can’t see.  I go towards the light.  1990’s porn is playing on the television, the music on the soundtrack fills the room with an occasional grunt and groan from the over groomed men on the screen.  I use the chair I always use to dump my clothes.  Naked, I go around the corner to the spare bedroom.  The door is wide open.

I can hear a real grunt now.  It’s Cam.  But I can’t see a damn thing in the windowless room.  I stand at the end of the bed.  Just the idea of this scene has got me hard.  As my eyes adjust, I see Cam on his back, propped up on the pillows, his legs splayed.  The boy is on all fours between them, nursing Cam’s cock in his mouth.  The young man has a footballer’s build.  (From one of the local high school teams, I find out later.)  His hair is cropped close.  He has that first-flush-of-pride chinstrap scruff on his face that is grown by so many young men.  His cock is hard—rather average in size, but rock hard and dripping onto the bedspread.  I watch, sitting on the side of the bed.  The boy’s hand reaches out for me—not looking in my direction at all.  On the third try, he connects with my dick.  He tries to stroke it, keep his balance and suck Cam.  The older man stops him and pushes his head in my direction. 

The boy’s mouth engulfs my cock. 

“Urgh.”  I grunt.  He’s all teeth and speed.  I put up with it for a moment, then pull away and get behind him.  His full ass needs to be played with.  I sink my tongue into him.  Deep and hard.  He grunts in pleasure.  I’m sure he’s never been tongued as deeply as I’m reaming him.

“Get him good and wet,” Cam tells me, “so I fuck him.”

I eat the boy out until Cam moves around, fisting his cock.  I spit on it for him and move away so he can fuck the boy.  I watch the young man’s face as Cam enters.  He wants it so much, but he can’t relax and take it.  And then, as Cam holds in place, fully inserted, I watch the pain give way to waves of pleasure.  Now, there is a look of sheer rut on his face.  When he sees me looking at him, he buries his face in the pillow.  Cam is fucking him incredibly slowly.  The boy is moaning—chewing on the pillow case.  I stroke his thick neck.

Cam spends a long time opening him up—a good thing if he truly wants me in him next.  Eventually, Cam slaps his ass.  “I think he’s ready for the big boy.”  I move around behind him.  I add lots of lube.  My cock is lined up.  I inch in.  He takes the cock head, but with a grunt of pain. 

“You want more?”

“Yeah,” he grunts through the pillow case.  “Split me with that big log.”  I sigh under my breath—he’s been listening to Cam’s porn.

But I keep inching in.  More and more.  Cam moves around and lifts his head out of the pillow.  The boy takes the proffered cock, mostly to distract him from the one invading his ass.  I look down at my cock going into this young man—the youngest man I’ve ever fucked since I was just starting out sexually.  As that thought sinks in, the boy’s ass opens and I hit home.  He grunts around Cam’s cock.  I stay buried, not moving at all, for a long time.

“Go ahead and fuck him.”  Cam reaches across him and slaps the upturned butt.  I begin a slow acceleration.  The boy’s breathing changes.  It’s labored now, in the good way.  His breath is rasping—on each thrust.

When I finally pull out, to let Cam back in, I look down at my cock, sigh, and head to the bathroom.  Cam trots in after me.  “I was afraid of that.”  He roots around in a cabinet to my right as I soap up.  He pulls out an enema bottle.

There is an intermission of 30 minutes, where I watch 90’s porn, as Cam teaches him to clean out.


We are in the living room now.  He’s emerged from the shower pink and glowing.

“Sorry about that,” he mumbles as he kneels in front of me.

“But you learned something.  Right?”

He nods and goes down on me.  He’s all teeth again—even at this better angle.

“Here.”  I stand up.  “Sit down there.”  I kneel in front of him.  His cock is hard.  I graze it with my teeth.  He flinches.  I show him how I can wrap my lips over my teeth.  I use my tongue to swab the head.  I show him different kinds of suction.  I leave him panting.  Cam comes back with a cold drink in his hand.  He watches and sits in the chair opposite.  “Now show him what you just learned,” I tell the footballer.  The boy gets up and goes down on Cam. 

Cam grins at me.  “That is so much better.”  He rubs behind the boy’s ears, as if he were a big dog.  The boy crawls over between my legs, eager to show off that he’s a willing pupil. 

And he’s good.  He still has trouble with deep throating me, but he’s now giving a good blow job.


We have been tagging the boy for over an hour, out in the living room.  I have to get home.  I pull out of his ass and let Cam go up the now well-stretched ass.

“Where do you want my load?” I ask him.

“All over my face.”  He rears up—pulling Cam out of his ass.  I move in and jerk the load onto his upturned face.  It runs down his nose, clinging to the scruff on his face.  He opens his mouth to get the last spurt of cum.  He cleans my cock head, and shyly smiles—asking to do it all again soon.
I grin and give him my email address.


The young man wrote me the next day.  “I love your cock.  Fuck me tonight.” 

I couldn’t of course, with my awful work load.  By the end of the next week I could.  I wrote Cam to ask about the boy—and to see if we all had time.

“He’s not playing with me anymore,” Cam wrote back.  “He got his first girlfriend and says fucking her is better.”

I just hope he teaches her how to give better head…


  1. Well he may have gotten his diploma and graduated. But it took a stud like you to give him a real education! Great adventure. You remain my number one hero! - uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. What can I say---he brought out the teacher in me...