Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Fluid Pig Lives Up to His Name

Ann Arbor—October, 2014

I have only written about this man twice.  But he has been read about (and seen in some rather hot pictures) by more readers than any of my other partners.

Let me explain.  For the longest time, a piece I’d written about my first CumUnion was the piece that had the most hits of anything I’d published.  It was linked to the official CU site for almost a year, so many, many guys found their way to my blog by reading that piece. 

But this fall, a reader re-blogged a piece to the gay kink subdivision of Reddit (  Overnight the page count on “Fluid Pig and the Cum Harvest” went through the roof.  A post that had had several hundred views, moved up to number two in no time.  Two days later it passed the CumUnion post and shows no signs of slowing down.  The good news, of course, is that while many have read that post and nothing else, my general readership numbers have gone up.  Which, of course, is a good thing for someone who writes about a side of sex that is not for everyone.

So in early October the Fluid Pig was traveling back to Michigan.  We’d missed each other when I visited Toronto, so I was more than ready for a Pig fix.  I packed the sling and rimseat.  He sent me a text of his hotel room number.  And told me he had a surprise for me.

I am set up.  The sling is up with drop cloths beneath.  The rimseat is at the foot of the double bed.  I’m naked and watching porn on the Pig’s laptop as he finishes up in the shower.  He emerges on cue—tall and hairy—just as my cock is stiffening from watching the most recent Treasure Island gangbang.  The Pig gets right up on the bed, ass up.  I bury my face into his furry ass.

That’s the moment surprise number one happens. The door opens.  The man has his own key.  He isn’t Fluid Pig’s partner, but his favorite Ann Arbor fuck-bud.  And he is a man I’d just met a few days ago at the dual gangbang.  So the Versatile Cub tells me to keep getting the Pig wet while he strips down.  I do.  And stick my cock in him.

“You got two loads for this Pig, like you did for those two boys?”  I ask.

“Yeah, I think so.”

I pull out and let the Cub into the jockstrapped ass of the Pig.

Surprise number 2.  As the Cub pulls out to let me back in, the Fluid Pig announces that he has 8 loads of cum saved in a cup in the refrigerator from the 6 guys who fucked him last night.  I crank him open with the speculum as the Cub goes to get the cup.

And I pour it directly into his gut.

And I know it’s blurry, but I need to post this picture of him awash with cum.

The fucking starts in earnest.  Everyone in the room is all about Ass to Mouth.  I make the guys take turns on cleaning my cock when I pull it out all sloppy and cum covered.

I get to do most of the cleaning on the Cub’s uncut cock after he fucks him.

We both felch a little out of his hole and snow ball it back and forth.

Suddenly the Cub can’t contain himself.  He shoots his first load into the Pig.  I’m there to clean up his cock.  The Cub relaxes on the bed as I get the Fluid Pig to sit on the rim seat.  It is amazing eating.  The Cub is hard enough to stand astride me and shove his semi hard cock into the Pig’s mouth.

I don’t want to eat all the cum out of his ass.  I tell him he should get up.  He does.  The Cub replaces him.  I wanted to eat his ass at the Gangbang and never got more than a slight taste.  Now he is wallowing and stroking himself back to hardness above me.  Fluid Pig knocks my stroking hand off my cock and rides it as I eat out the other top.

“Sling time.”

I let the Cub fuck him first.

“Make him clean your cock,” I tell the Cub as we switch around.  I am fucking with deep long strokes.  The Cub grabs my camera and crawls under the sling.

Suddenly I feel the Cub’s tongue on my pumping dick.  It is right there between my balls and his ass lips—to be mashed by my balls as they hit home.

It sends me over the edge.  I shoot a tenth load into the Fluid Pig.

The Cub stays right down there.  An occasional drop of the churned jizz falls on his face as I let my cock marinate in the cummy ass above him.  He’s stroking, working just the head of his cock—making sure he does not strip the foreskin back.

He shoots.  He scrambles up.  He’s saved all his cum in his foreskin and he’s pinching the tip closed.  He brings it to the Fluid Pig’s mouth and releases it.  His second load of jizz gushes onto the Fluid Pig’s out stretched tongue…