Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Pest

The ABS Near Home—October, 2014

He won’t leave me alone.

I have only just walked into the dark theatre.  While there was no one in the gay theatre when I checked, here on the straight side there are several men.  They are all at least groping themselves.  One is flogging his s very small cock—I can only see his large ball sack—any shaft and head is covered by his fist.

I sit on the right side of the theatre.  I hang my coat over the back of the chair and spread my legs wide.  My right hand slides between the waist band of my pants and begins to knead my jock.  Soon I pull my hand out and unbutton the waist band.  Slowly, I unbutton the four buttons of the fly, aware of a least one pair of eyes across from me.  I spread it open and the jock pouch swells with its new found freedom.

Just as I’m ready to pull out my dick, the door opens.  We all glance at the new arrival. He’s quite good looking, and in his early 40’s.  His body is trim in jeans and sweat shirt with the MSU logo emblazoned across it.  He sits on the chair next to me—closer to the screen.  I let my cock out of my jock with a slight exhalation of air.  I spit in my hand and start to stroke lightly, pulling it away from my body—just to get it to hardness.

“Can I suck that for you?”  It’s the new guy.  He has his cock out, too, but he is rampant and dripping.  I guess he’s just come from sucking at the glory holes at the other end of the building.
“A little later, yeah,” I tell him, keeping my voice quieter than his.  “I just walked in and want a little time.”

He nods.  And strokes and feigns interest with what is happening on the screen.

In less than five minutes, he turns to me again.  “I can get a load out of that monster in no time.”
I just shake my head and say, “Later.”  I am now hard and just beginning to precum.  I’m enjoying the smearing of it over my cock head.  The cocksucker pulls up his pants and goes to the back corner where a young Mexican has been standing.  I hear him more than see him get on his knees and suck a load out of the young man.

The Mexican leaves swiftly.

The cocksucker comes back and falls to his knees in front of me.  He goes for my cock unasked.  I catch him by the shoulder.  “I said I’d tell you when.”

He sits on the couch now at the back, next to the guy with the small dick.  The cock sucker reaches for it, stops and says something to the guy I can’t hear.  Whatever it is makes the man pull himself together and exit hurriedly. 

I suddenly don’t think I’ll let him suck me after all.

The cocksucker reaches to the guy who’d been watching from the opposite wall.  The sucker is on his knees again.  He can’t get this one off so easily.  It’s a long, noisy process, but he succeeds in getting the load. 

He crawls toward me.  A look of pleading in his eye.

I beat my stiffened cock into my left hand.  I make a show of stroking it, and pretending to look at the screen not at him. 

He comes closer. 

I turn to him.  Our eyes meet.  I shake my head.

The cocksucker stands up in a snit, zipping himself up and storms out the door.

The only other guy left in the room chuckles. 

We stroke in peace.


It’s much later.  I am getting excellent head from the gym built Latino who likes how I eat ass.  He’s on his knees today, his ass not ready for my tongue.  We are the only men in the room now.  He is sucking very well and looks hot doing it.  I stand up to fuck his face.

The cocksucker walks in. He stands at the back watching for a moment, then walks towards me as he snidely says “Well, if that’s what you like…”

“You wanted this?”  I pull my cock out of the Latino’s mouth.  The cock sucker falls to his knees and pulls his own cock out, sure he’s going to get it.  I only mean to wave it at him, but instead it slaps the cocksucker across the face, leaving a trail of spittle of his cheek.

He gasps.

“You think you are so good?” My voice is low—a tinge of contempt.  “Suck it.”  I shove it into his mouth.  “Show me how good you think you are.”  The cocksucker almost gags, but I’m already pulling it back out.

“Please,” he gasps.

I grab the cocksucker by the ears and begin pumping into his mouth.  This time he does gag.  I don’t give him time to recover, but just keep fucking his face.  I see he’s frantically beating his meat.  I move my hand around to the back of his head and keep face fucking the shit out of him.  Heavy drool is coming out of the corner of his mouth now.  His eyes are watering.  His breathing is ragged.

And he’s shooting.  The first spurt hits the floor.  I move my boot to catch the rest of his load on the black leather.  The cocksucker tries to twist away from the throat pummeling I am giving him.  I pull out.  The hand on the back of his head pushes him down.  “Clean up my boot.”

He hesitates for only a fraction of a second before his tongue snakes out and licks up all of his cum.  He gives me a spit shine.

“Now get out.”

He does, stuffing his still drooling cock into his jeans.

I turn to the Latino.  “Now…where were we?”

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