Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Marco's Surprise

Columbus—January, 2015

I had to be in southern Ohio on business.  I mapped it and realized I was less than an hour away from Marco, my muscle holed, IML roomie.  A quick email later, I had an invite for the night before my appointment farther south.

I reminded him of a promise. 

He told me he had it waiting for me…

He’s in his sling before me.  I look at him for a long moment.  Short and hairy—clad in only an old blue jock.  I shiver.  It’s not from the cold.  His basement is warmer than when I was last there.  I kneel.  Hot, moist air is rising from his hairy thighs, the cheeks of his ass and the even hairier valley between them.  I bury my face in the fresh from the shower mounds.

“Damn that feels good,” Marco mutters.

My tongue is already deep into him.  I do my usual lick and spit until is hole is sopping.

“You want it?”  I am standing and looking down into his eyes.

“Fuck, yes. Fuck me.”

I easily push into his hole—but only because he allows me to enter.  When I am fully in, he clamps down on my cock so hard I gasp.  He grins, eases up and lets me start to fuck.  I build and build.  My hips slap his thighs.  Over and over.  Marco pulls his dick out of the jock pouch and jerks it. 

I slow down.

I stop and pull out.

I grind my face into the freshly fucked hole.

“Fuck, eat me out.”  The entire texture of his hole has changed.  My constant assault had made his ass lube itself for protection.  I swallow it down.  “It’s on the table up here if you want it.”

I pull my face out of his hole.  There is a full condom, sitting in a small margarine tub.  It’s still frozen—but only just.  “Is this all one guy?” I ask, hefting the sack of cum.

“Yeah, but from several trips over here to seed me,” Marco smiles.  “He’s a skinny 24 year old top.”
“Nice…” I am kneeling now and undoing the knot in the condom.  I push the icy cum-sicle into Marco’s ass.  I hold onto the elastic opening and push my finger in—turning the condom inside out.  I want every drop back in Marco’s ass.

“That’s cold…”  Marco leaves it unfinished for at that moment, I’m pulling out the turned out condom and pushing my tongue into the cummy mess.

I groan.  I love this moment.  Tasting semen in an ass still drives me crazy—even after all these years.  I slurp some out and spit it back into Marco.  I don’t want to swallow it yet.  I stand up and push my dick into him.  I can feel the cold nub of frozen cum against my piss slit.  It melts almost immediately.

I spend the next three quarters of an hour alternating between fucking in this unknown boy’s cum and eating it out of Marco.

I catch my breath for a moment by greasing my hands with J-lube.  I kneel and begin a slow crawl into Marco’s gut with my left hand.  Damn.  My partner’s ring is still on my finger.  I slip it off and tuck it into the top of the sock protruding from my combat boot.

I know my way now.  I enter him easily.  I go into a crouch.  I place my cheek against Marco’s hairy abs.  All those layers beneath, I can feel my hand ever so slowly invading him. 

I know the spots to hit to make Marco shake with a full body orgasm.  I give him three.  This last one makes my dick stand back up as his hole is spasming around my wrist.  I slide it into Marco—right along my wrist.

“Oh, fuck,” Marco whimpers, “jerk off in my ass.”

My fingers open from being a fist just enough for my cock to push into them. 

I’m there.  Cock in fist inside him. My cock is smeared with that boy’s jism.  I find so much more of it inside Marco when I’m this deep.

I only have to move my fingers slightly over the head of my cock.  I am so ready.

“You want me to shoot like this?”

Marco takes a huge hit of poppers.  “Yes.  Give it to me.”

I move my hand ever so slightly over my cockhead, so deep and tight in Marco. 

I explode.

Mixing the cum loads deep in his muscle ass.


The next morning we have a farewell fist fuck, too.  I don’t add my cock to my fist in his ass this time.  For the first time with Marco, I add my other fist to the first one.  My fingers can actually intertwine…

Marco's glorious ass from a visit to my playroom.  
Why post it now?  
Because I can....


  1. Partner? you have a partner and married?

    1. I have mentioned having been partnered in passing, but not for a long time.

      We were together for 30 years...having met him in college. He died a few years ago. We never exchanged rings or formal vows. He wore his father's signet ring. I wear it now, something he asked me to do in the final hours before his death.

    2. Hey FP,

      I knew you had a late partner, but your story of the ring is very sweet and touching, and shows us that you are not just a felching pisser, but a real live human being. Thank you for sharing that story.

      Paul, NYC

    3. Thank you. I wish I could say "It's been all this time, it's better..." But, frankly, I can't.

  2. Awww sorry about that and thanks for sharing and that's sweet