Thursday, March 19, 2015

So Good on Paper

Northern Indiana—January, 2015

Cam had hosted two great motel parties in November.  I guess we were bound to come in with at least one that was, well, not bad, but just sort of blah.  (You can read about the two good ones here and here.)  I wrote up the second one just as this one was forming up.  The Big Black Cock, who had fucked the bottom du jour so thoroughly while I was up the ass of BBC, was coming.  He’d even asked if I’d be there.

BBC arrived when there were about 10 people in the room.  He couldn’t get near me.  And he didn’t like the group.  He scowled at the men who were there the entire time.  He allowed his massive cock to be sucked by someone—but then took off.  I have no idea if he shot a load.

I spent almost the entire time with one man.  I fucked a couple of guys before he got there but then I was pretty much on the bed letting him suck my cock while I ate his ass.  He was tall, at least 6’ 2”.  It was odd to play with someone my own size.  He also had a very similar build to me:  tall, thin and hairy below the waist.  One difference was that he had a very small penis.  But it was kept in a jock all the time and I rarely saw it. And another was his full beard.  It felt amazing as that beard was all over my balls as he sucked me.  It felt even better in my ass crack when he rimmed me.
We loved to share the taste of our asses on each other’s tongues.  It all sounds good as I type this—and it was—except he wanted me to fuck him with a condom.  Oh, I did it a few times, but my cock would rebel after a little bit.  We’d do more oral and be fine…and finally, I left it as just oral. 
I think he got off with it all, after playing for a long time.  I never did.  And by that point, no one else was left to take my load.

Not bad.  Just eh…

The next night I made up for it with a smoking trip to the bookstore.  But that’s the next post.

My Playroom—January, 2015

He hadn’t talked to me in ages.  He’s young, still, though not as young as when I’d first met him BB.  (That’s Before Blog.)  He wanted a Gang Bang.  I was new to throwing them back then.  He sent me pictures of his downy young ass.  I sent them to “all my top friends” as he instructed me.  They got the guys excited.  His pictures were hot:  a college kid taking seed.  We had a good time.  And then I rarely heard from him.  Never saw him.  But now he wanted to drive out to my house to play.

Of course he wanted others.  I said I would ask one:  my buddy Stan who has barely made an appearance in these pages—but those with long memories will remember him from Two Tops and a Rimseat.

But the boy wouldn’t leave it alone.  He invited another “top.”  Well that’s about all I need to write about him.  This “Top” was fairly worthless the entire time we played.  Nervous, he said.   It was no nerves.  He wanted to be the man in the sling.

It started going bad almost immediately.  The three of us ringing the boy on his knees told the story of who wouldn’t get hard all afternoon.  I suggested we get the boy on the fuck bench and taste his hole, thinking a more active activity might wake up the “Tops” cock.  He pulled the cheeks of the boy apart and dove in.

“Wait a minute,” the Boy got up off the bench. “I am going to teach you tops something.  Why do you pull the cheeks apart?  I like guys who just burrow in there.  It hurts when you pull them apart.  If we do nothing else today, I’m going to have at least taught you guys this lesson.  Just stick your tongue up there don’t pull.  I will stop you any time you decide to pull them apart.  Got it?”

Really?  If I had a dollar for every time I’d spread open an ass I wouldn’t worry about my IRA. 

We all just stood there staring at him.  We ate his hole.  Careful not to touch him with our hands.  We all fucked him on the bench…even the “Top” managed to fold it into his hole.  I went last.  The boy began to whine that I was too big.  Stan stuffed his cock in the Boy’s mouth to shut him up and that worked for a time.

“I want to sit on your cock,” the Boy told Stan when we stopped for a breather.  I watched the guys fuck on the bed.  Well, after I saw the “Top” to the door—he’d suddenly remember a pressing engagement.  I got back in the playroom to see and hear Stan shoot off into the Boy’s ass. 

The Boy wanted the sling.  But not my cock.  The moment I pressed into the cummy mess in his ass he howled.  “I guess I’m out of practice, I can’t take you.”  At this moment I had the head of dick in him—nothing else.  We tried again.  I ate him some—enjoying the seed in there.  I stood up and tried to enter him.

“You are so big.  I can’t take it now.  I am done.”

I turned on my heel and went downstairs to the bathroom without saying a word and washed up.
I made myself go back upstairs.  The boy was sprawled on Stan.

“Try again,” Stan told me.

I licked at his hole.  The Boy started to say something.

“Hush,” I heard Stan whisper. And Stan reached back and spread the Boy’s cheeks apart with his hands.

I stood up.  I inserted.  I fucked a few strokes.

“No!” Stan said, holding him more firmly as the Boy squirmed and started to speak again.

I held for a moment, thinking about Marco’s muscle hole and willed myself to shoot. 

I did.

I just wanted him gone.

Stan wrote me later.  “Cute kid, but a bossy bottom.  I gave him a good talking to when you were downstairs about how sometimes you just need to shut up.”

Yes, indeed.  And maybe let the host invite the guests…

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