Sunday, April 26, 2015

CLAW Day Two: First Asylum Party

Cleveland—April, 2105

Roger arrived soon after I got home from getting off and we went to dinner.  We napped, dressed in our leather/fetish gear and then went off to the first of the two Asylum parties.  Recon was no longer sponsoring the event so they had a name change, but it was held in the same warehouse space at Flex.  We checked in.  The cute coat check boy from last year actually remembered me.  It warmed my…heart.

At first glance, the space looked the same.  There was a sling on a three foot platform. Two couches were close to the door, with a mattress between them.  There were the two bathrooms (where a glory hole had been cut between the two stalls).  On the back wall, a shower and the water sports area.  But gone were the chicken wire cubicles on one side of the room that housed each piece of sex equipment.  There were still multiple slings, fuckbenches and crosses, but it was a much more open look. But there were not as many play stations.  I soon found out where the equipment had gone.  The video seating area in the bathhouse proper had been ripped out.  There were three slings there in this new installation and a mat, high on a platform for public fucking.

It was a smaller crowd.  But it seemed playful.  I smiled at Roger and we went our separate ways…
Three hours and 30 minutes of sex later.  Here are some highlights…

Deep Spit
“That looks like quite a cock you have in there.”  A body builder in a military cap and little else has been chatting with me about the porn performers due to start anytime, but now, the conversation has turned personal.  He kneels in front of me, digs out my cock and stuffs it greedily into his mouth.  I love the sensation of getting hard in his throat.  My dick lengthens to its full size.  He chokes.  And likes it.  He pulls off me and dribbles that viscous, deep spit we make in the back of our throats onto his rock hard cock.  He jerks himself with the slimy stuff as he takes me to the root again.

And again. 

More deep spit slides onto his cock.

He jerks and does a little tongue action on my cock head.  And down the full shaft he goes.  He chokes.  And holds me there impaling his throat with his face growing red. I pull out.  He hawks and spits a great gob onto his cock.  You’d think I’d blown my nut from the amount of ooze on his dick.
He repeats the whole process again.   And again.  Until I realize that’s the extent of our play.  I move off, leaving him on his knees and another erect man moving towards him.

Ginger Tats
He’s in the sling.  And that’s how I think of him.    Not helping me gangbang Jayson Park, but offering his ass up for me.  He’s a hot cub:  ginger haired, thick PA in his cock and great tattoos.
“You need to open me up.”

I fall to my knees and get lost in his hole.  I have eaten many a load from it.  But tonight, I’m the first man in.  I take my time eating his ass.  I can feel it open under my probing tongue. 

“Fuck me.”  I keep eating him out.  I stand up.  I push.  I watch his eyes widen.  Then roll up.  He’s there—that moment when it’s all about cock in your hole.

My hips slapping his upturned ass has brought out the jerkers.  They watch and stroke.  One plays with GT’s nipples.

I make sure the audience can see my cock.  I pull it out and slap his balls with the wet head.  Then it disappears back up Ginger Tats in one smooth move…

Green Jock
I have found the old sling room in Flex.  A tall, 20-something man with a hairy chest is working over his equally good-looking partner in the sling.  If I thought I had an audience before, it was nothing compared to these hot young things.  I can barely push my way into the room.

But I do.  The top catches site of my cock.  “Fuck him.  Fuck my boyfriend.”

I surprise the crowd by moving in and licking the Boy’s hole.  I don’t think he’s been creamed in yet, but it tastes heavenly.  I stand up and show off the length of my cock on the pouch of the designer green jock the boy is wearing.  I sink into him. 

I fuck.  I fuck in time to the relentless house music piped into the room.  The top watches his partner intently.  So do I.  He’s not used to my size.  But he takes it without anything more but an occasional whimper.   The top starts scouting for more cock amongst the jerkers.

I stand still.  I pull and push the sling onto my cock.  It’s a show off move.  But one that never ceases to get a reaction.  And it does.  Especially from Green Jock.  He is right where he wants to be.  This moment is why he traveled from who knows where to get to Cleveland.  Every man in the room wants to fuck him or be him. What a fucking head trip.  

Our eyes meet.  He knows I know just what he’s thinking…and he grins up at me and grunts out a “Thank you, Daddy.”

Dark Corner
I watch the new man fucking Green Jock.  I swear I know him from somewhere.  He’s short, buff and has more cock than you would think for someone of his size.  He’s slamming into Green Jock—but seems put off by the attention of the on lookers.

I have been up the boy three times, spelling the Boyfriend.  I move on.  I feel a hand on my elbow.  It’s the short guy.

“I want some of that cock.”

“There’s all those slings in the TV room…”

“Follow me.”

He leads me to the corridor behind the TV room.  There is a small partitioned room with a bench in it.  He drops his towel and bends over.  “Please eat my ass.”

I am already kneeling on the floor.  No one has been in this hole tonight.  I make sure it’s extra wet.
“I want to sit on it.” 

I sit on the bench.  He impales himself on my cock.  Micro inch by micro inch.  He takes forever to settle his butt down onto me.  We wait.  But then he’s a wild man.  He rides me like the most experienced cock hound.

He rides me until he shoots all over the floor in front of us.

“I Have Five Loads”
A thirtyish guy I have fucked in years past is talking to me as I take a break.  He’s wearing his gladiator kilt.  His hair is a Mohawk.  He casually mentions he has taken five loads tonight. 

We stop talking and go find a sling.  The only one not in use is the one on the platform.  Neither of us care.  I am felching him from the moment he is positioned in the sling. 

I slide my cock in.  Jeez.  It’s amazingly smooth and creamy in there. 

I fuck.  Hard.  We draw some of the audience away from the porn stars doing their thing over on the mattress in the seating area.  Sperm is dripping out of this boy.  It’s becoming slick under my boots.

I stop fucking. 

I bury my face into his cum churned hole…

The young Black man I loaded yesterday is here.  I bend him over the fuck bench.  A series of guys use his mouth as I fuck.  I offer his hole to several.  They spell me.  I step up to make sure he tastes his ass on my cock.

A man I fucked and loaded last year is here.  He can’t get enough of this Black kid.  He doesn’t care whether it’s ass or mouth.  Whichever hole I’m not in, he happily sticks his dick in the other. 

As we rotate once again he says, “I want some of that myself.”  We step to the side and let an onlooker get his first chance to fuck the boy.   My man falls to his knees and slurps noisily on my cock.

“Sit here.” He indicates a platform where pissers stand to piss on the boys below.  I sit.  He sits on me.  Not like the other boy—he takes me in one fast movement.  A friend of his feeds him poppers.  He begins a fast bounce.  On and on.  Poppers and cock.  Cock and poppers. 

He only stops because he doesn’t want to blow his load.

Getting Off
It’s late.  I know Roger is ready to go home.  I think I am going to get off fucking an incredibly young looking man, also with a Mohawk, but he proves to be not prepared for my size of cock. 

The crowd has thinned.  I really don’t want to go home blue balled.

And there’s my man from yesterday.

“You want my load again?”

“Do you have to ask?” he grins.

We find a sling in the new area of Flex.

I enter him easily after all the cock he’s had tonight.  I take a hit of his poppers.

And I am over the edge.  He’s full of my cum once again…

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