Friday, May 8, 2015

The Man in the Shadowy Corridor

London—March, 2015

It was a crazy idea.  And I rarely do crazy.  Barely even do “spur of the moment” anymore.  But I did this one. 

Let’s back up…

Kevin, the smoking hot sub from the Toronto Cum-Union party in August, had kept in contact with me.  We both really liked our connection that we had that night.  And neither of us wanted to wait until next Summer for my usual trip to Canada.  We talked about my coming to another Cum-Union—but those dates weren’t working out.

“Have you ever gone to Rough House?” Kevin asked.

I looked at the Steamworks calendar.  I found this:

“Lots of guys in leather," Kevin typed.  "My usual Black top can’t be there.  You could take his place.”

So I went.  The event being early evening on Sunday helped me space out the driving.  I would go as far as London for Saturday night, come in to TO in the morning, do some shopping at Northbound Leather, nap and be ready for an evening of fun.

I stopped at London for my overnight—and some play.  I used to love the bathhouse there when it was Club London.  I knew that nowadays the place only stayed open 24/7 on the weekends.  Times are hard for bathhouses in smaller cities.  But it was Saturday night.  I was confident.

But not so confident I didn’t get a motel room to actually sleep in that night.  I wanted to be fresh on Sunday—not have a night of only that half sleep I manage at the tubs.

I arrived about 9pm.  I knew it was early.  I sat in the sauna.  Unwinding from the drive and waiting.

No one.

Not quite true.  There were about three others.  One was ass up and snoring so loudly you could only escape the noise in the wet area.  One other sat, Buddha like, near a glory hole in a new dark area.   He nodded at me as I went by.  The third, a decent looking man, joined me in the sauna.  He did the cautious slide towards me, his hand innocently brushing my leg—that whole routine—and then gave me head that was adequate at best.  When he realized I was not going to blow a load in the first two minutes, he excused himself and left me alone.

I thought about going to my motel right then.

But I went to a television/porn area.  The porn at the moment was decent.  I stroked.  A much older man came in, spread out his towel on the large, padded area where I was sitting and pulled out a gorgeous, thick and uncut cock.  I was soon sucking him.  He told me he loved it, but he was not staying hard.  He finally excused himself.

Now I was going to bed.

I grabbed my towel and looked towards the door.  I saw a just a glimpse of a man.  His towel was  on his shoulder, displaying a very full, round ass moving away from me and vanishing into the dark corridor used for anonymous blow jobs.  I followed…

I almost walk by him.  I can’t see anything in the blackness after the light from the television.  He reaches out.  Dick level.  He grabs the bulge in my jock.  He pulls me towards him.  I hear him kneel.  He pulls my cock out of the pouch.  He swallows me down, semi-hard.   

Oh, shit.  He’s good.  Especially after the guy in the sauna.  My hands caress his short hair.  They find his ears.  My fingers play in them, behind them, and then hold him still as I fuck his face.  He lets out the most sensuous groan as I pump slowly but deliberately into his mouth. 

I pull out of his mouth.  My dick is awash with saliva.  I slap it against his right cheek.  His left.  I can hear him open his mouth, his moan getting louder.  I beat my cock against the tongue he has stretched out.  I shove it back down his throat and let him take charge again.

Just the head with a tongue that never stops.

Deep throat, with suction and lots of spit.

He grabs the shaft and strokes it as his tongue nuzzles into my balls.  It’s my turn to groan.  I’m loud in the shadowy hallway.  But there’s nobody around to hear me.  I love to have guys lick my balls.  They are so often over shadowed by the big dick.  And he starts lightly.  He covers them until they are dripping with his spit.  And he is licking, not sucking—not trying to pull them into his mouth.  It is heaven.

He picks up the tempo and the pressure of his tongue.  Where before he has had a feathery touch with mostly the tip of his tongue, now he bears down a little.  He continues to jerk me as his tongue inches under my wet sack and down towards my perineum.   I push his head down, allowing him access.  He is squirming under my widely spread legs, licking every inch skin.  I am extremely hairy there—and now wringing wet.

The unknown man goes back to my dick.  I finally pull him off.  I help him stand up.  His hard cock presses into me as we stand chest to chest.  I still can’t really tell what he looks like.  I sink to my knees and take him down my throat.

He sighs appreciatively.  But pulls right out of my mouth.  He turns and presses his fleshy ass cheeks into my face.  He leans forward against the cinder block wall, arching his back to give me easy access to his ass.  He’s virtually hairless.  I pull his cheeks apart.  My unknown man groans and mutters “Eat me out.”

I am really getting into his hole.  As deep as I can.  He squirms and twists away from me.  He leans down and whispers, “Come to my room.” 

He leads the way out into the light.  He’s shorter than I thought at first.  Compact, with a well- toned body which is not getting as much exercise anymore.  Short, brown hair.  A nice jaw line with an evening full of stubble on it.  Warm eyes.  And that full ass.  My eyes stay on his butt and follow it to his corner room.

He sits on the bed.  He sucks me again.

I urge him to get on all fours.  I kneel and tongue his hole.  I open it.  I am so ready to fuck.  I stand up.  He spins around and swallows my erection.  I let him.

We repeat it all again.  The rimming.  The standing.  The teasing of my drooling cock on his spit wet hole.  The spin around at the last moment.

I pull my dick out of his mouth and look at him.

“I can’t,” he tells me.  “There is never a top here.  I didn’t prep.”

I sigh, but thank him for his honesty.  I glance at his watch.  It’s almost midnight on a Saturday night at the city’s only bathhouse—and never a top here???

We go back to our various oral ministrations.  But I think we both know we won’t be able to get the other off. 

But we both go at until our jaws ache. 

I finally, reluctantly, stop and head to the motel. 

I let myself in, after parking my car right under the window to my room.  I open my computer.  Kevin is on.  I tell him I will see him in 16 and 1/2 hours.  I sign off. 

I fall asleep thinking of Kevin.

Maybe you can guess why…

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