Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Waiting to Inhale

St. Louis—February, 2016

I had such a good time at the bathhouse—especially with the new renovations—I went back the next night—a Friday.  I’d thought I would just have a quiet evening at my motel—but my dick told me I should be fucking.

So I listened to him…

I head right for the slurp ramp.  I turn the corner into the new room and stop dead.  There is a big bear of a man standing center stage on the platform.  His cock, hard and shiny, is sticking through the middle hole.  It’s not long, but it’s super thick.  Obviously someone has just stopped sucking it.  I advance.  He nods at me, giving me permission.  I open wide.  I feel like I’m all teeth—it is so thick.  I concentrate, open my mouth wider yet and use lots of tongue.

I’m rewarded with some pre-cum.

I finally have to stop.  My jaw hurts—and I’m sure he doesn’t want to cum anyway.  I pull off him.
“Good job,” he tells me.  I’m glad he’s pleased.  I go off to stroke to some porn as a spectator takes my place on the thick dick.


I walk around the circuit.  I linger in the steam room, but the back corner is deserted.  I dry off in the sauna and head back to the slurp ramp.  The bear is gone.  A young Black man stands there now.  I can see his upper body above the partition.  In a word—built.  A young man is sucking him.  I move close to watch.  The sucker grunts and shoots his load on the partition and the floor.  He pulls off the dick.  It’s a beauty. Think of mine but with a sharp downward curve and in ebony.  I look up at the man.  He smirks and nods his head.  I suck the wet dick.  It pushes deep into my throat.  I love the feel of it.  My throat is full, but I can still just manage to breathe around the curved flesh.  He reaches down and grabs my head.  He holds me still and fucks my face.  Damn, my dick is dripping.  I can understand how the other sucker shot his load.

He lets me go and I pull off his dick to get more air in my lungs.  There is another man waiting to try.  I let him.  I go up the steps to the platform of the slurp ramp .  My thought is to offer the sucker a contrasting cock so he could go back and forth, but I stop in my tracks as I round the corner and see Hooked Cock’s bubble butt.  It’s glorious.  They are perfectly rounded globes.  As I stand there, he grabs the new cock suckers head and I watch his butt move and flex with each stroke.  I sink to my knees behind him.  My tongue is out and parting his cheeks.  He keeps fucking the face in front of him, but I can tell he feels my tongue and beard on his ass.  When he doesn’t protest, I pull the cheeks apart and hit the hole.  Hooked Cock groans audibly.  He stops fucking the mouth in front of him and grinds himself back on my face.

“Damn, that’s nice,” he grunts out. 

I tongue him deeper.

“Nobody eats my ass.  They just want my cock.”

I grunt an assent—how many times have I said or at least thought that?

Hooked Cock grinds back onto me again.

“Love that beard.  Eat my hole, fucker.”

I do.  It’s a wonderful mix of soap and the sweat running down his ass crack.  Inside the pucker he has that slight metallic taste to which I am addicted.  I pull the cheeks farther apart.  I go deeper.
HC lifts his leg and puts his foot in the glory hole.  This opens his ass for me.  I work even harder and he’s groaning loudly.  He reaches behind him and grabs the back of my head and pulls me into his ass. 

I can’t breathe.  And I don’t care.  I am tonguing his wet hole—fucking it with the tip of my tongue.  He lets me go, just in time for me to pull air into my lungs.  And I push my face right back into his butt.

He grabs me again, smothering me in hot, muscled ass flesh.  I decide at that moment, that this is exactly how I want to die—suffocated by a perfectly mounded bubble butt.  He releases me.  I gasp for air.  I really want to stand up and pound my dick into the hole I’ve loosened. 

But I don’t.  I do round three.  I am holding his cheeks apart and tonguing deeply.  He takes his foot down and steps back.  My head hits the concrete wall.  It hurts—but not enough to get me to stop.  He presses his ass against my face.  I can feel him jerking his hooked cock.  His mound of ass has created a seal around my mouth and nose.  I am rimming him deep and needing oxygen.  

Suddenly he’s shooting.  I can feel each spasm of his ass as it clutches at my tongue.  I have to get some air.  I am just about to push his ass off my mouth when he steps away.  I gasp for breath and he turns, showing me his dripping dick.

“You want this, don’t you.”  It’s not a question.  It’s a statement. And he’s right.  I lick the final drop off his cock head.  “Thanks,” he says and moves away.  The platform is coated with his jizz. 

I lean back against the cool wall and force more air into my lungs.

More to come…


  1. Just yesterday I met a bottom with the perfect bubble ass, so I know exactly what you're saying about being suffocated by glorious mounds! Can't wait for the details on the rest of the night!

    1. It is certainly the form of Breath Play that works for me!