Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kurt Takes On the Room

Near Home—August, 2016

Kurt, the man who has taken countless huge toys, billiard balls and my arm past the elbow, wrote me.  He wanted something different.  He wanted to play in public again.  We have done this before.  We both like to show off and the sight of him drinking my piss in some dark playspace can elicit gasps from the onlookers.  But I have never had much luck incorporating others into our play.  Kurt says he wants others, but almost always, turns down any interested party.  I stopped trying after an afternoon in my playroom where he wouldn’t even touch the men I had invited over—guys who I thought were a good fit and were good looking.

He led off his text to me saying he wanted to meet at “my” bookstore and hoped “other men would use him.”  I reminded him that getting others to join had never worked—and it wasn’t like I was asking unknown men to fuck him—just someone in his mouth while I was up his ass.

“I promise I’ll suck whoever you tell me to.   They can even fuck me.”

“That has to be your decision.”

“I want to be a slut this Sunday.”

So, while I sighed inwardly, we agreed to meet on a Sunday afternoon—a time of day that is often busy at the bookstore.

I arrive first.  I make myself comfortable on the straight side.  It’s crowded and that crowd is mostly new to me.  I find a chair and unbutton my pants.  My pull my hardening dick out before I sit down giving those who care a good look at it.  Almost immediately, an older man in the next chair leans over and asks if he can suck me.  He is larger and stroking his much smaller penis.  My guess is that he will be a terrific cock sucker, so I nod a “yes.”  He gets down on his knees in front of me and proves me right.  Damn, I love experience and talent.  His mouth is velvety and he never once lets his teeth get in the way.  I sigh and ruffle the man’s hair. 

At that moment Kurt walks in, holding the door open.  He sees me, turns around and leaves, letting the door bang.  Great.  I wait a moment, appreciating the exquisite head I’m getting, but then excuse myself and go after Kurt.

I find him all alone in the gay theatre. 

 “I didn’t want to disturb you,” he tells me.  “You looked like you were having fun.”

I get my dick out and sit down.  “Get to work.”  I sit next to the wall and let him kneel between my spread legs.  Kurt hungrily swallows me down.  He makes my wet shaft swell to its full potential.  He doesn’t forget my balls—he leaves them sopping wet.

The door opens and my former cock sucker comes in.  He watches, standing by my shoulder, stroking his stubby dick.

“I need to fuck you.”

Kurt get up, pulls another chair around so the back is toward the screen.  He kneels in the chair and presents his ass to me.  I kneel behind him and spit on his hole.  My tongue snakes out and I loosen him up.  But I want my dick in there.  I stand.  It’s an easy glide in.  Kurt groans, loudly enough to be heard next door.  I hold until he grunts out, “Fuck me.  Bareback my ass.”  I start a slow, steady fuck.  My hips smack his ass, echoing in the tiny room.

The Cocksucker walks around to Kurt’s head.  He offers Kurt his cock to suck.  I hold my breath—the man is everything Kurt has turned away from in the past.  A moment—then Kurt opens his mouth and noisily sucks the small dick.  It’s like a switch has been thrown.  Kurt gets really vocal.  He is working both dicks that are in him—doing everything in his power to make us shoot.

The door opens.  Guys troop into the room.  The cute Latino I recognize from my usual nights.  There are a couple of burly bear types, too.  All of them take out their dicks and stroke as we fuck. 

I pull out.  Kurt swings around and cleans my dick of his ass juices.  “Kneel,” I tell him.  It takes a minute, but suddenly I am pissing in a perfect arc down his throat.  The Latino starts stroking like crazy.

We re-group.  The bears move in and take on Kurt—one in his mouth and one in his ass.  I move over to the Latino, turn him around and have him lean into the arms of the Cocksucker.  I kneel and start rimming his cute bubble butt.  He groans.  I stand up and get my dick in him before he remembers he doesn’t like to play in big groups.  I fuck him hard.

The other three have stopped to look at us.  Kurt’s ass fucker is uncut and big.  He moves around so he’ll be next in line up the Latino.  I let him.  The Latino is in slut mode, too.  He grinds back on the new dick.  I go to my knees--ready to clean that foreskin of Latino ass juice when it pulls out.

I get to do just that, as the Uncut Top steps away.  Kurt moves in and fucks the Latino with his big dick.  I watch, still kneeling and sucking the UC Top. 

UC Top goes back up the Latino.  I stand up.  We are all circled around the young man.  We turn him, moving his ass from one cock to the next.  He is being gangbanged by Daddies—and loving it.  We each get two rounds on his hot young butt.

The Latino pulls off Kurt.  “Let me fuck your ass.”   Kurt bends over and grabs the chair.  The Latino goes up him and pumps hard.  I stand up and slip into the Latino’s moving butt.  It sends him over the edge.  He loads Kurt.  I am on the edge of loading the Latino, but he pulls away.  UC Top goes back up Kurt to churn the Latino load.  I clean up the Latino’s cock.  He lets me, but then becomes self-conscious, pulls up his pants and leaves.

I clean the UC Top when he’s had enough of Kurt’s ass.  Kurt jerks his own dick as he watches me tongue the globs of semen off the big dick that just pulled out of his ass.  Kurt’s jizz is wasted—he shoots all over the floor.

“Gotta go,” he tells me.  “Have fun.”

The room empties fast after him.  I sit down and catch my breath.


A rather heavy Black guy sits in a chair and lets a (new to me) beefy Latino fuck himself on his condomed Black cock. 

“You want him too?” the top asks. 

The Latino looks over at my dick and hands me a Magnum.  I roll it down on my cock.  The Latino stands up and juts his ass out at me, holding on to the arms of the chair, bending over the man he’s just ridden.  I take a turn up his ass, but it’s a real let down after the scene with Kurt.  But I fuck a load out of the Latino—all over the Black guy’s lap.

They clean up. 

I sit and watch the movie.

A new man walks in.  He’s built, blond and with striking good looks.  I guess he’s in his early 40’s.  He looks at me, sitting in the chair to my right.  He turns to me.  “A guy in the arcade says you feed piss.  Got any?”

(To be continued…)


  1. Ha! Word travels faster in an arcade than gossip in a sewing circle! Or at least your reputation for being a stud precedes you. ;-)

    1. That cute Latino boy must have told everyone there what he saw!