Monday, June 12, 2017

Bookstore Potpourri

Near Home—June, 2017

I still have a few exploits to chronicle from April.  And a few more from May.  Both being interrupted by the two leather weekends.  I started the oldest one—but somehow my reaction to sex after coming back from IML seemed more important.  So here it is.

Many of you know that my summers are mostly about work.  I have to really put sex on the back burner.  I even have to take down and close the playroom.  But this first Friday of June I had off.  I went to the bookstore closest to me.  After all the fucking—the glorious fucking of IML—I really wanted to suck cock—something that I had done only in passing during the leather weekend.

I paid for the two theatres.  It was an odd crowd.  After a weekend of some of the hottest men from around the world, after looking around, I’m made very aware of how provincial our corner of west Michigan is.  But there were certainly men I would have done.  But I made the mistake of taking my cock out.

I’m on gay side.  A man I always fuck is there.  He sees me and unzips.  I hunker down and suck his sizable cock.  This is just what I want.

“Fuck him.”  It’s a pushy Ginger I know from previous visits.  “He doesn’t want his cock sucked.  He wants your big dick in his ass.”

I roll my eyes at the man in my mouth, but he stands up and kneels on a chair.  I eat his ass.  I start to enter him, but the angle is all wrong.  He’s way too low—but since the Ginger has stuck his cock in the guy’s mouth, I can’t move him to the right position.  I fuck on a steep upward angle—and finally give up.

I jerk in the straight room.  There is now only one man who doesn’t look promising.  He takes a look at my dick, stands up, drops his pants and presents me with his ass trimmed in a bright pink thong.  I flee.

I go back to the gay side.  The Ginger is still there.  “Eat my ass like you did him.”  He kneels on the same chair of the aborted fuck.  It looks inviting—round and terrifically hairy.  But he, shall we say, is not prepared.  I beg off and go looking for dick to suck.


I find the cock.  It belongs to a bisexual guy I have watched play with women there many times, and have sucked him when we are all alone.  He is good looking, a regular at a gym, late 30’s and he is now standing against the back wall beating his meat.  I kneel in front of him.  But there are other guys there.  He won’t let me suck his cock, just lick his balls.  I work my hand between his legs and up to his ass.  Eventually I work three fingers into him.  That seems fine in front of those men, but my mouth can only stay on his nuts.

Eventually I watch him play with a good looking woman who comes for bukkake—often filmed by her encouraging husband.  The bi-guy has two loads for her.

I go home.  Avoiding a Latino who asks for a fuck—but who will not clean out.  As that’s too gay.


I am so pissed at how bad the session was, I make time on the next Sunday afternoon to go back.

I get just what I need.  An obnoxious man I know from online loves my mouth.  He gives me my first load.

The second comes on the gay side from a man who looks like he’s come directly from yard work.  He takes a minute and a half before blasting the inside of my mouth. 

I begin playing with a married man of my age on the couch as we beat our respective meats to good straight porn.  At first he doesn’t want me to suck his cock.  But once I lick his balls he reconsiders.  A third man joins us—and once that guy lets the married man hold onto his hard cock—I get load number three down my gullet.

The fourth is the guy who joined us.  It takes a finger up his straight butt to get him to unload in me.  Another sex starved man—shooting gallons into my mouth.

During that final cocksucking, a trucker type comes in.  He sits as far away as possible from us.  Only once does he glance at me on my knees before he goes back to viewing the film.  After the fourth guy leaves, we are alone in the theatre.  He never turns, never acknowledges me beating my cock on the couch to the same movie.

He eventually gets up and leaves.  I’m alone.  I think I hear sounds through the wall from the gay side.  I do myself up and leave.  Just outside the door the trucker is waiting.  He walks to the private rental booth where I fuck the Footballer.  He enters and beckons me to follow.  By the time I get in the door, his fly is open and his three inch cock is sticking out.  Without a word from either of us, I am on my knees.  He sprays the back of my throat 30 seconds after I wrap my lips around him.

I go home happy.

I have gotten my cock sucking fix.  


  1. I can sure relate to this! There are times when you just want to enjoy the simple pleasures of sucking dick and the reward.....a mouth full of fresh cream. Very satisfying. "Line up men, I'm hungry!"

    1. Agreed! I've been excessively busy this last week, but dreaming of a line of men doing what I need. Sometimes for me to blow, or to fuck, or to pound me. Shame it can't happen easily every time, but it's so good when it does!

  2. Now I feel predictable! Though I'm ok with predictable and easy in this regard...heh