Thursday, July 27, 2017

“I Have Something In the Freezer For You”

My Playroom—May, 2017

There is no question that PrEP has increased the number of men who beat a trail to my playroom.  So many more men are suddenly eager to experience the joy of sharing body fluids during sex.  Even better, the new man who wrote me in Mid-May was a guy who mostly topped, but he wanted to get fucked and bred by a bigger dick. Well, yes, please.

I looked at his pictures, and counted myself lucky that he chose me.  The profile stated he was ten years younger and just my height.  He was almost as thin.  His dark blond hair had dustings of grey in it.  And his dick was large, with a pronounced upward curve—it would be quite a mouthful…

We can’t stop kissing.  First my tongue ravages his open mouth.  Then it is Joe’s poking and prodding into mine.  They are very wet kisses that cause both our dicks to drool.  As I realize this, I hold him by the cheeks, squeezing his mouth open and spit directly into it.  He groans—totally turned on.  I touch his big curved cock and wipe the dollop of pre-cum he’s just produced onto my index finger.  I feed it to him.  He suckles my finger like a tiny dick until I pull it out of his mouth and kiss him again.  I repeat the gesture, this time swiping up my own pre-cum and sticking it into his mouth.
“You like that?” I ask.  It’s pretty rhetorical—it’s obvious that he does.

He grunts in the back of his throat as I fuck his face with my finger.

“Then use that hot tongue on my cock.”  I put my free hand on his shoulder to guide him down.  He sinks to the padded floor and pauses—looking at my very red cock before he takes it into his mouth. 
“Damn,” he whispers.  And deep throats it.  Fuck, he’s great; every bit as good as the older guy at the bookstore, a few nights back.  He covers every inch of my dick with his tongue.  He pulls off and does my balls.  He cranes his head around and tongues under them, wetting the perineum and working toward my ass.  “Later,” I tell him.  “Get my cock wet for your hole.”

I spend a little time sucking him, too, but it doesn’t take me long to tell Joe to get up on the fuck bench.  It’s not the most rounded ass I’ve ever fucked, but a very hot looking one as the cheeks are spread by the simple act of straddling the bench.  I dive into his hole.  Oh, fuck.  He’s hairy and sweaty and has a slight taste of Irish Spring.  My cock drools again.  I wipe it down his ass crack.
All the rimming attention is making Joe moan.  And self lube.  I can taste it already and nothing but my tongue has gone into his hole.

“Please fuck me,” he mumbles.

I see no reason to delay it.  His hole is more than ready.  As is my cock.  I stand and feel my cock head prod him.

He grunts again.  “I hardly ever get fucked.  And never with a cock this size.” 

I work the head into him.  He grunts a great intake of air.  I wait.  I drool my spit on my shaft from above and slowly work into him.

He mumbles a “Yes…yes…yes with every inch that goes in.  I bottom out.  “So full,” he mumbles into his popper bottle.  The vapor hits.  His hole relaxes.  “FUCK me,” he commands. 

I do.  Hard.  No mercy now.  I am long dicking him on every stroke.  He feels great.  You’d never know he was only an occasional bottom.

“Let me taste my ass on your dick.”

Damn.  He beat me to it, but I’m happy to oblige.  I pull out and bring it to his mouth.  He moans at the taste of his lube, just like I did.  I let him clean every inch.  Then it’s back to his ass and back to his mouth after a dozen strokes.

We do the same thing in the sling.  Deep fucking and lots of cock cleaning.  And more spit while I’m fucking him.  I make sure to kiss him after each time he’s cleaned my cock.  The fact I want to taste his ass in his own mouth makes his copious pre-cum leak even more.

We fuck and fuck.

When I finally pull out to catch my breath he looks up at me.  “I’d really like to rim you.  OK?”
Of course it is.  We trade places, me in the sling and Joe on his knees.  I love being rimmed by a man who loves ass.   Joe is one of those.  Deep and sensuous.  He can’t get enough.  We both do poppers and get lost in the moment.

“I didn’t want to fuck today,” he tells me, “until I got your ass in my mouth.  Now I wish you flipped.”

“Shut up and tongue fuck me.”

He does.  It’s totally hot.  And he remembers to stand up and kiss me when he’s done…


Joe is back in the sling.  I’ve been fucking again.

“You going to load me?” he asks.

I stop dead, my dick still in his hot hole.  “You want to get loaded?”

“Fuck, yeah.  It’s the best thing about finally getting to fuck bare.”

“I have something in the freezer for you.”  I pull out of his ass, and with my wet dick swinging, leave the room.  I rummage through the freezer downstairs and find the small Tupperware behind some chicken breasts.  I go back up to the playroom, opening the container.”


I cut him off.  “It’s a ten load Devil’s Dick.  It’s all my cum.”


“Yup.”  I pull the condom lined shot glass out of the tub.  “I’m going to turn this inside out and push this mass of frozen cum up your hole with my dick.”

His eyes glaze.  With excitement and maybe a little bit of fear.

I do just what I’ve told him. I hold this inch and a half long cube of cum against his puffy hole.  I push it in.  He yelps as goes through his ass lips and sighs as he feels it settle in his ass.  I fuck.  His hole is suddenly slick.  It’s like the end of a gangbang in mere minutes.  I am pulling melting cum out with my dick head.  Sometimes I have to stop and slurp it up.  I share it with him, leaning across that hard, thick cock to drool some into his mouth.  The cum is still cool.

But as I keep fucking, it takes on his body temperature.  The next batch I felch, feels like a man just shot it in his ass.  Once again I share it with him.

“Even at my sluttiest in Chicago,” Joe pants, “I’ve never felt so much cum in my ass.”

I pull out a third time.  I bring my cum coated cock to his mouth.  He swivels in the sling to lick me clean.  He groans and calls me a “perverted fuck.” I go back up his ass.

“I want to eat it out of you on the rimseat.” 

“I’m game.”

I pull out and help him out of the sling.  He instantly kneels and cleans my cock.  I get under the rimseat and take a hit of poppers.

“I just sit down?”

“Yup.  Don’t push it out.  Let me tongue it out.”

He sits gingerly.  He settles in the moment my tongue finds his cum lined hole.  Joe groans.  I am in pig heaven.  Immediately, my own juices start flowing out of his ravaged butt, mixing with all the ass lube he has created from all the anal stimulation .  That heady mix is dripping onto my tongue, my beard, my nose.  I stop jerking my dick as I’m afraid I’ll shoot.  I eat and lick and swallow.  Who the fuck needs poppers with his ass in my face.  My head feels like it’s spinning…

Eventually the lava flow of juice out of his hole slows.  Then stops.  I lick him totally clean.  Only then do I tap his thighs to get him up.

“I have to buy one of these,” he sighs.  “I want to be under it sometime, too.”

“I need to breed you,” I tell him.  “Replace some of that cum in your gut I just ate out.”

Joe hops in the sling.

I plunge into him. 

Now he jerks his dick in time to my thrusts. 

I’m not sure who shoots first.  I shoot deep.  He shoots high on his chest.  I have to work to lick it all up—and share it with him.


  1. THAT'S HOT!! I really want to try this sometime. My slutty neighbor has some saved in his freezer. I gotta try this on him.

    1. Do it! The feeling as you fuck in it is great. Chilled at first. Warms up fast. SO slippery. It's a gangbang in a bottle!

  2. This was just a perfect scene on so many levels. I can only imagine how incredible it must be to feel that frozen cum load melting in that ass.
    This was stroke material at its best....

    1. It was a hot meet, too. I am hoping he will be coming back for more when the playroom re-opens this fall.

  3. *fans self*

    Good sweet Jezus! OMG hot. I came twice earlier and reading this has me oozing.


    1. Thanks, Weaver. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm working on the new post now.