Thursday, February 22, 2018

Pornstar Alert: Jake Morgan

 The Professor’s eye for up and coming (or is that cumming?) talent is in evidence again.

You remember Jake Morgan from the last hotel romp the Professor put together….

Jake told me, when I asked for pictures of him, that he had just completed his first shoot for Raw Fuck Club.   Well, two days ago I got the announcement that the pay per view site had a new release, Ian Greene Gangbang, Parts 1 & 2.

And look who is in the gang—Jake is second from the right in this still.

The link to the previews are here:   Part 1   Part 2

Jake is the first cock you see coming out of Ian’s mouth in the trailer for Part 1.

There’s a nice moment of him topping in Part 2.

Watch the trailers. 

And watch the whole scene…if we don’t pay for porn, they stop making it…

Monday, February 19, 2018

On the Road Home: “My Mouth Is Better Than Your Hand.”

Lansing—January, 2018

After my marathon of fucking in Toronto, loyal readers can’t be surprised to learn. that I felt overdue in sucking some cock.  As I was driving home, I realize I was all but passing the place that is sort of a bookstore and bathhouse combined.  I had stopped there during the last Canadian return trip and had had some real luck.  I stopped to see what trouble I could get into…

I am still not used to its new, bigger size.  There are changing rooms.  The sling finally has its own enclosed space.  There are private rooms.  There is a very large area full of old couches for viewing straight films.  There are still curtained rooms with glory holes and the slurp ramp in the middle of what is now the secondary room.

I sit in the much smaller bi-sexual video room—stroking.  I am instantly cruised by a late 30-ish guy in a 1960’s fedora.  He beckons me to follow him.  He leads me to the corner where the sling is hung.  He is on his knees by the time I enter the enclosure.   I walk up to him and unbutton the top button of my Levis.  My hardon falls out of my pants and smacks him in the face with a nice meaty wallop.  He grins and begins to give me excellent head.  It’s hot to see him take ¾’s of my cock down his throat with ease.  He has to work hard for the last inches—but he makes it.  He comes up panting and triumphant. 

My response is to toss his hat on the chair beside us, grab the back of his head and make him do it again.  He loves that, too.  I give him a moment to catch his breath, than make him deep throat me a third time.  He goes back to sucking at his own tempo.  I pull him onto me once again after about 5 minutes of his excellent cock slurping.  He comes up for air and asks for a moment.  He replaces his hat on his head and sits to the side—masturbating.

A bespectacled college kid has followed us in.  I sit on the chair.  The college kid looks at my dick swaying between my legs, but makes no move for it.  Instead he gets out his rather average cock and strokes it.

“My mouth is better than your hand.”

For a moment I think that will make him bolt, but instead he steps forward and lets me suck his dick.  I have a huge young man’s load down my throat in no time.  He brusquely thanks me and leaves.  I turn to Hat Man, wanting to stick my dick back in his mouth.

“Give me what you did for him…” he whispers. 

I stay on my knees and knee walk over to him.  I start sucking him seated—then he stands so he can fuck my face.  My free hand finds his ass crack.  One—two—then three fingers slide easily into his asshole.  The entry and stretch of the third finger makes him fire down my throat.  Nothing like the college kid in volume, but a much sweeter load of cum.

From that moment I can’t put a foot wrong.  The bookstore jungle drums have started— there is a shameless load drinking cum whore here.

A handsome 40-ish bear collars me as I exit the sling enclosure.  He has me suck him right in front of everyone in the straight section.

A man in a suit—the kind made with that thin fabric where you can see his muscles underneath it—emerges from a glory hole booth.  He looks at me and has me suck his ebony dick in front of the man who had to have just been servicing him through the gloryhole.

A self professed straight man lying on the couch jerking to straight porn asks to try a man’s mouth on his cock.  It’s the smallest cock so far…but it responds to my tongue.  He gives me a load the moment my left hand caresses his hairy balls as I deep throat him.

A Latino in sweats pulls down his waistband and shoves his uncut cock into my mouth.  At first we’re alone—but once there is a witness—he cums down my throat, in such intense convulsions that it is almost scary.


Things calm down.  I need a long slug of my water and some stroking time.

Finally I cruise the gloryholes.  There are men around—I hear them.  I kneel and look through a hole.  But no one is in the next booth.  The curtains open and a rather stocky college kid sees me there.  My hands go for his fly.  He lets me unzip him and I get his nice thick dick  into my mouth.  But I can tell the roles need to be reversed.  And that’s just fine…

I stand up.  “Suck this big dick.”

He eagerly licks the precum off my cock head—then takes me to the root.  He’s had a lot of practice for one so young.  He’s giving me excellent head. 

“Do my balls.”

The boy slobbers noisily on them.  There is a man in the booth on the other side.  He sticks his cock through the hole.  I push the boy off me and towards it.  “Suck him.  I want to see you take his dick.”
He crawls on the dirty floor to suck the unknown man offering his cock through the hole.  My hand is busy working under the cocksucker’s underwear.  I find his hole with my middle finger.  He jerks as if my finger was electric.  But he nods his head for me to continue.  I do for a moment---than stand back up and pull his head back to my dripping dick.  He services me now with devotional grunts.  He’s getting just what he needs.

The curtains part.   A man, cock out, walks into our booth.  Is it the man he was sucking through the gloryhole?  I don’t really care.  I pull the boy off me and push him down on the new man.  He groans and does what I want—loving the fact that I am making his choices for him.  I hold him all the way down on the guy’s average dick.

And he gets a load.  I watch the man’s face contort in pleasure.  The boy is hungry.  “Don’t swallow it all,” I bark out.  I kneel by the boy and guide his mouth off the spent man.  “Kiss me.”

He does.  No hesitation.  And he shares the load.  We snow ball it back and forth and back again. 

And I’m there.  I stand up and feed him my cock.  I shudder out an intense orgasm.  He takes every drop.  And he doesn’t swallow.  He saves it in his mouth for me.  I kneel back down bedside him and touch his throat tenderly.  “Swallow it,” I whisper “You deserve it.”  He does—and his cum sprays over the floor in front of him.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Saying Goodbye to 2017 in Toronto: New Year's Eve

Toronto—December, 2017

It was the last day of 2017.  Gavin and I talked about how we might celebrate.  Neither of us wanted to be anywhere near a bar on New Year’s Eve.  For a moment he was intrigued by inviting a certain fuck bud of his over to the condo, but that did not work out.  And when that fizzled—and Gavin thought about the myriad things he had to do on New Year’s Day—he was all about sending me out to play while he stayed home.

I opted to go back to Steamworks, even though I’d been there the night before.  I wanted the variety—if I couldn’t have Gavin.  I drove downtown and got checked in just after 8pm—guessing I was early.  And I was…

I walk the rather quiet corridors of Steamworks.  I finally locate my room (once I pull out my reading glasses and look at the number again.)  I get into my jock, pull the boots back on and lace them up.  I toss the towel over my shoulder and check out the three public play areas.  Dark hall with gloryholes—no one.  Sling and fuckbenches in maze—no one.  Slurp ramp—one couple so into the blow job happening between them I don’t want to intrude.   

I go to the DJ area and watch some porn.  It’s not great—but good enough to get my cock hard.  And a number of men stop to watch.   They don’t touch, but they look, grope themselves and disappear into the sling area next door.  Twice I follow men into the dark and find they have kept right on going out into the other corridor. I go back to the porn each time.  The third man is a late 30-ish guy with perfectly cut dark hair.  He gropes himself and disappears into the gloom.  I follow.  And he’s there, his towel wrapped and squeezing his hard cock through it.  He backs me into a corner.  He bends from the waist and my cock is down his throat instantly.  He groans his pleasure at how it fills his throat.  I am shameless…instead of just enjoying the good head, I start fingering his ass crack through his towel.  His response is to pull it off—giving me full access.  My finger slips into his pre-lubed hole with ease. 

He sighs again.  “Fuck me?”


“My room is…”

“Naw, right here.”

We move to a corner, slightly more out of the way.  He bends over and braces himself against the partition of the maze.  I kneel and begin eating his ass.  The lube he’s used is really acrid, so I don’t do it for long.  I stand up and drill into him.

“Yes!  Fuck me…” he hisses under his breath.

A roaming twink stops to watch us fuck for a moment before he goes off.  I am drilling slowly, but deeply into the tight ass.  I can hear my guy jerking in his own rhythm as I impale him.

I speed up.  And he shoots.  All over his own towel he’s left on the floor.  He thanks me profusely.  I am just getting going—but it’s a fun warm up fuck.

We talk a little.  We wish each other a happy 2018 and he goes to lie down so he can take another cock before midnight.


I watch more porn.  I hear something happening near the sling.  I go investigate.  Two young Latinos are playing.  The younger is on his knees, sucking the slightly bigger than average dick of the other guy wearing a knit cap.  Knit Cap sees me and holds out his hand for my dick.  He strokes it as he lets his cock be sucked.  I work his nipples.  The addition of another doesn’t seem to sit well with the sucker.  He gets up and leaves.  Knit Cap and I trade off sucking each other.  He gets my dick wet.  Then I concentrate on his foreskin and balls with my ever moving tongue.  Still on my knees I turn him around by the hips.

“What the…”

“I want to lick your ass.”

“I don’t know if I’d like that…”  But he lets me.  My tongue burrows into his most secret spot.  And he loves it.  He pants and strokes his cock.  We stop only when I need to get off my knees and he’s tired of holding on to the wall.

We meet up later in the evening by the slurp ramp.  He leads me to the fuck bench—and he gets more than my tongue up his ass.  I fuck him until he shoots his load.


I stay there and suck the tiniest dick I’ve had in a long time attached to a petite Asian man.  It may be small but the nerve endings of his cock are working overtime.  I get a load down my throat.


I rarely walk into rooms with the door open— where the man is ass up and ready.  But I can’t walk by this one.  It’s a lovely rounded butt on a man my age.  I eat him out.  I fuck him.  Then the surprise—that we want the door shut—so I kick it closed.  We begin the most passionate make out session after he cleans my cock and I kiss him.  We can’t stop kissing.  And that’s what we are doing as Midnight is announced over the tinny loud speaker.

I fuck him again.  And while good, it’s now familiar and neither of us are going to get off.  I leave him, ass up and with the door open…


I find a load collector on the main bench near the slurp ramp.  I know nothing about him other than from the feel of his skin he’s young and he has a porn worthy ass.  The crowd is massive now at the slurp ramp.  The Collector is taking cock after cock.  I wait in line and fuck him.  A young man is next up.  I step to the side and let him fuck.  I clean his cock when he’s done.  There is jizz all over his cock—and none of it is his.

“Fuck him again.  I want to do that to you.”

I sink into the cum churned hole.  I fuck.  I pull out and offer my cock to the young slut.  He cleans me off—making noises like he is tasting the most exquisite dish in an expensive restaurant.  He goes back up the Collector.  He fucks him hard.

I clean him.

We trade blow jobs as a third top asks to fuck him.  He loads the hole with a quick grunting thrust. 

Now my young man and I take turns felching.  And snowballing.  We are both edging our dicks. 

He cums first.  Deep in the Collector.  I dive in and lick some of it out.  It’s all I can do to stand up and get my own cock into the Collector so he can get all of my built up load.

Happy 2018!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

One Million Strong

Sometime after midnight last night, From My Side of the Sling hit 1,000,000 pageviews.  That’s a lot of reading about my dick in a lot of mighty fine men.  

Thank you, readers, for keeping me writing.  The numbers of men reading me daily have never been higher—and I am still enjoying sharing stories about my exploits.

I don’t know if we’ll make it to a second million—but we can sure try.

I know some of you would prefer your toast this way....and that's just fine with me!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Saying Goodbye to 2017 in Toronto: Steamworks with Gavin

Toronto—December, 2017

If you could stop looking at the men on the Fukdto poster, you might have seen that the party was on a Friday night—which was December 29.  While it was certainly Fukdto’s year end revelry, it was not New Year’s Eve.  Gavin and I talked about how we wanted to celebrate—which was, of course, sexual.  And talking about sex made us horny.  We went to Steamworks.

Gavin got his favorite sling room.  It was one I’d never been in—it had mirrors on three walls.  And I think the ceiling, too.  The sling hung over the bed, but was on a track so you could slide it out of the way if you needed the bed instead.  We started the late afternoon/evening session together, both in boots and jocks…

Gavin is in the sling.  I am on my knees, my face buried in his ass.  We have the door open so men can watch, stroke and/or join.  I work Gavin’s hole.  I want it as slick as I can make it.  I spit one last time and stand up.  My dick pokes at his ass.  Gavin flowers open and I enter him easily.  I hear an intake of breath from the doorway.   A twink at the door is flustered at seeing my big cock go up this hot man.  It doesn’t stop the twink from groping himself through his towel.  I sigh as I bottom out.  I hold.  I begin a slow fuck.  The twink moves on as I pick up the pace.  The sound of my hips slapping Gavin’s ass draws a number of other curious men—but no one steps into the room.

I stroke Gavin’s chest as I fuck, paying attention to his nipples.  He strokes himself occasionally but in no hurry to work his cock.  It’s all about the pleasure I’m delivering deep inside him.  One man steps in and takes over working Gavin’s nips as I continue fucking.  When I offer him a chance to go up Gavin, he declines and leaves.

“Let’s take a break,” Gavin suggests after he leaves.  “I’ll stay here—you go have some fun.”

I toss my towel over my shoulder and head to the slurp ramp.  Nothing.  I continue my rounds to the dark corridor where there are gloryholes.  I sit on one of the benches in the blackness.  I am by myself for quite some time.  Just as I’m thinking about leaving the curtain opens.  I briefly see the man who enters:  shaved head, big pecs and a towel showing a hard cock under it.  He stops in front of me.  
The towel opens.

“Suck my dick.”

I slip to the floor in the darkness.  I can’t see him now.  He’s blocking the sliver of light the curtain lets in.  But I can feel his thick cock head press against my lips.  I open my mouth.  It is filled with his cock.  It’s big—but not so big I can’t do some tricks with my tongue.  This makes the unseen man pant.  He calls me a good cocksucker.

I want his load.  No, I really need his load down my throat.  I work harder.  I stop stroking my own raging hard on and my left hand goes to his balls and my right begins playing with the man’s ass.  I find a lubed hole.  It might even be a cum filled hole.  I have four fingers in him without trying. 

My anal assault is making his dick give me copious amounts of pre-cum.  He is really panting now.  He reaches behind himself and grabs my arm.  He pulls me into his ass.  I am now fisting him as I suck his cock.

“Fuck!”  he grunts out.  He holds on to my shoulders to give my hand better access—but the angle is extremely bad, I really can only rotate it, not go deeper.  His hand reaches down and finds my dick.  “You’re a big boy,” he says.  “Fuck me.”

He pulls out of my mouth and I work my fist out of his ass.  I stand and he pushes me onto the bench. He spits on his hand and greases my precum covered cock.  He sits expertly on my dick.

“Fuck, yes.”  He rides me expertly, totally in charge.  “This is what I need.”  He is now beating his meat.  “Fuck, that’s a big dick.  Fuck!!”  And he explodes all over the floor of the dark area.  His ass clenches on my cock.  Any other day, he might have made me cum—today, I can only think about that wasted load on the floor…


I check back with Gavin.  The moment I am eating his ass again, a grey-haired Greek comes into the room.  He strokes as I fuck.  I know we have the right man when he bends to taste my dick fresh out of Gavin’s hole.  He is eager to fuck.  I play with Gavin’s chest as I watch the thick, uncut dick enter my new friend.   He fucks him hard and fast.  He pulls out and demands I clean his cock as he did mine.

We rotate again—and again.

Both of us are working hard on Gavin’s ass.  The Greek stands on the bed and offers his wet dick to Gavin to suck.  Gavin holds up his hand—it’s not his thing—and the Greek takes off.

We break again.

I find the Greek talking to a man I know from previous trips to Toronto—Cedric from Jamaica.  Cedric pulls both of us into his much smaller sling room.  The Greek goes first into that ebony bubble butt.  He, almost immediately, gives Cedric a huge load.  It is dripping to the floor as I kneel and clean up the Greek.  He leaves as I feast on his cum in Cedric’s ass.

“Please fuck me.”

Of course I do.

When we take a break Cedric and I sit in the video lounge.  I sit on the couch.  Cedric sits on the floor, where he suckles my dick.  A handsome Daddy sits down next to me.  He strokes my chest.  Eventually, I push Cedric onto the new man’s dick.  He starts on his balls and works up to the foreskin covered head.  I look at a lanky skinhead who has been watching us.  I nod at him.  He comes over and takes Cedric’s place between my legs. 

It’s a lovely sight—two older men being orally serviced by two younger men.

I reach down, across the Skinhead’s back.  I feel his hole.  It’s sloppy and wet.  He makes encouraging noises around my dick as I finger his hole.

“You been fucked, boy?”

He grunts an ascent, never stopping the work on my cock.

“More than once tonight?”

He grunts again.

The other Daddy chimes in.  “He’s a fuckin’ cumwhore.  Everybody uses him to get off in before we go home.”

I pull him off my dick.  “You want my dick in that fucked out hole of yours?”

“Yes, sir…”

I get up.  I slap his ass.  I don’t even rim him.  I want to wait until I’ve churned any cum he might have in him. 

And I know just how this is going to end…

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Saying Goodbye to 2017 in Toronto: Fukd (Conclusion)

Toronto—December, 2017

(This picks up immediately after the last post.)

My beard is covered in Daddy Bear cum.  I pull the butt cheeks apart of the Cub in the blue harness and drill my tongue deeper into him.  He groans, telling me to eat him out.  I burrow in a little deeper, lap up the stray cum and stand up, ready to fuck.

“Let me push the rest of his cum deeper.”

This makes the Cub whimper.  He nods his head with a whispered, “Yes, Daddy.”

The Daddy Bear who loaded him hasn’t moved.  He is standing to the side, watching every move I make of savoring his copious load of sperm.  “Push my cum into him, man.  Fuck him good with my load.”

I spit on my super hard cock and push it against the Cub’s hole.  There is no resistance at all.  I glide in on the remnants of the Bear’s load.  I bottom out and stay still for a moment.  The Cub grabs his dick and immediately lets go it.  I begin fucking him.  Slow and steady.  I am reveling in the feel of the load.   The Bear’s dick has not gone down.  He’s stroking double time to my slow fuck.  I begin a build to match his tempo.  Soon I am slamming into the Cub, my hips slapping against his ass.

It’s too much for the Bear.  He shoots again.  This time all over the Cub’s jock and the waistband of my chaps.  I stop fucking but I don’t pull out.  The Cub asks for break.  I help him out after I taste the churned cum in his ass one last time.


I find Gavin.  He has decided to just watch this first time at Fukd.  He assures me he is having a good time.  I go off to refill my water bottle—still hoping for some piss…


We are in the last hour.  I am not sure how many asses I’ve plundered.  But I’m sure it’s in the double digits.  I stand at the rail on the upper level.  I see Zack Acland head towards the bar.  I decide to see if he’s ready for my dick.  I go find him.  He’s leaning on the bar, talking to the bartender, his ass jutting in my direction.  I move up behind him, kneel and stick my tongue into his butt.  He grinds back on me—still carrying on his conversation.  He stops soon enough.  A tiny moan comes out of his mouth.  He puts down his drink and pushes back harder onto my pointed tongue.  I pull those gorgeous cheeks apart.  They are lightly furred with ginger hair.  I grind myself deeper into him.

Zack finally breaks away and turns.  He pulls me up.   “I knew it had to be you.”

“Do you want that fucking now?”

He doesn’t answer—he simply goes to the vacant sling and gets in it.  I ask about stirrups, but he’s fine just on the chains.  I kneel again.  I can’t get enough of his hot butt.  And I want him as wet as possible.  I work his hole really open.  He’s been getting fucked throughout the night.  His ass lips are slightly puffy.  I drench them in spittle.

I stand up.  I lock eyes with him and push into his hot ass.

Zack gasps—but he takes me in one slow, steady entry.  I bottom out.  Zack opens his mouth.  I bend and kiss him.  Deeply. I begin to move in his ass while we are still forcing our tongues in each other’s mouths.  I finally break the kiss so I can really pick up the pace of the fuck.  I watch Zack’s eyes roll up into his head.

I slap his ass.  I am now rattling the chains as I plow into him.  Men circle up to watch Zack take dick.  Right next to him is the Cub in the blue harness.  He has his hard dick out of his stained jock and is fisting it.

“You want to fuck him?”  I ask.

“I’ll cum if I fuck him.”

“You have a better place for your load?” I grin.

He thinks a millisecond before he answers “No.”

I pull out of Zack’s ass as the Cub comes around to shove it in.  He fucks him fast and hard.  He is dropping his load in him in moments.   Zack grunts out a “thank you.”  The Cub pulls out, knowing the drill.  He stands there, letting me clean up his dick.  He even pushes my head into Zack’s wet hole.  I eat a little, but I want to fuck.

“Drive my cum deeper.”

I stand up and grin at the Cub using the same words I had earlier.  I slip into Zack.  Again, I bend and kiss him.  He loves the taste of cum on my tongue.  He sucks it into his mouth.  I linger for some time kissing him with my hard cock buried in him.  Soon I’m fucking again—gliding into his hot ass with its new coating of cum.  I fuck and froth the load in his ass.

A hot, young, mixed race couple is watching from the other side of the sling.  The dark skinned bottom urges the Caucasian top to fuck Zack.  The top looks to me, asking with a raised eyebrow if it’s alright.  I nod.  And make way for another dick.  He’s bigger than the Cub.  And uncut.  He sinks into Zack.  His partner runs his hands over Zack’s furry chest and never takes his eyes off his man inside the porn star.

He fucks him, really plowing into Zack.

And to my surprise, this guy is suddenly unloading too.  He grunts out a “Fuck” with every convulsion into Zack’s grasping ass.  I clean his dick—really digging under the foreskin—and slurp up the mixed loads leaking out of Zack.  I don’t spend long down there this time.  I want to fuck.  I rise, enter and lock eyes with Zack.  My cock pushes in.   Zack’s mouth opens and I drizzle my mouthful of mixed cum into his mouth.  He’s surprised, but swallows it down eagerly.  His ass is milking me with every stroke.

I am tapped on the shoulder.  A shaved headed guy I have earlier in the evening shared hole with —and fucked—wants into Zack.   “I’ll be fast,” he says as I give way.  “I need to cum and go home.”

He’s right.  He slips in, sighing at all the cum inside Zack.  He pumps a few times and grabs the top of the sling frame as his orgasm spasms through his body.  I kneel and clean his dick briefly, but he can’t take it.  I slurp up another mouthful of mixed jizz and stand up.  My cock slips into the now puffy, used hole.  Zack opens his mouth, his eyes begging for more jizz.  I feed him in a long snowball from above.  I let him swallow it and go in for another long kiss.  

I so want to keep this up, but my cock is begging for release.  I straighten up and fuck Zack.  Hard and fast.  All about giving him my load for the first time.  We can’t stop looking at each other.  Our eyes are locked—until my cock erupts.   My head snaps back and I hold onto the over head frame bars for dear life.  My body shakes and empties itself of what feels like gallons of cum.

I hold on until my body stops shaking.  I kiss Zack fleetingly.  I’m on my way down to his ass.   My tongue scoops up a big mouthful of the four mixed loads in him.  I come up and flatten my body on his in the sling.  I kiss him, giving him the collected cum.  We share it back and forth, neither of us wanting to break the kiss…

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Saying Goodbye to 2017 in Toronto: Fukd (Part One)

Toronto—December, 2017

Gavin and I tossed our gym bags in his car and left the condo right on time.  We headed downtown to Club 120.  It was a cold night, but snow free.  We couldn’t believe we found free parking on the street right next to the venue.  We were horned and ready for the Red Black & Blue Ball…

We go up the steps to the second floor.  We pay our admission and I get my Fukd Frequent Fucker card stamped.  This is the venue with the floor above us cutaway in the middle.  There are two slings set up on both sides of those floors.  We go up the steps to the bench where I have always changed. 

“This is too public for me,” Gavin tells me.  “I’ll go on up there.”  He continues up to the side where there are also some tiny private rooms, the toilets and the coat check.  I strip off and get into my leathers.  I look down on the performance space and notice they have not put up the fuck wall—the wall that has three gloryholes for your whole ass to fit into.  They are using the space as a stage for the leatherish demos that will continue off and on all night.  I see Chase Acland helping with the set up alongside the two special porn guests—Tyler Griz and Jonah Fontana.

I get rid of my bag at coatcheck and go find Gavin.  He has changed into his leather harness and jock.  He looks hot, with the beefy body accentuated by the harness.  “I’m going to need some time to just watch,” he cautions me.  “Just play like you normally would.”

I nod and he moves a little away from me.  A totally naked man with a shaved head has been eyeing me.  The moment Gavin walks away he bends and gets my dick wet with his Hoover of a mouth.  He doesn’t suck for long.  Leaving me covered in his saliva, I am pushed against the door of one of the tiny rooms.  He backs himself up on me.  Slowly and with perfect aim.  He impales himself expertly on my cock, with the tiniest grunt of acknowledgement.  He pays no attention to me now—just uses me as if I were a suction cup dildo he’s mounted on the wall of his shower.

I have hands of other men all over me.  They cup my balls.  They work my nipples.  One tries to get head from the man fucking himself on me, but my aggressive bottom doesn’t want to lose the rhythm of his fuck.  I glance over at Gavin.  His eyes are glued to us.  His jock is now really mounded, but he doesn’t stroke himself.

Shaved Head pulls off me.  Now he makes a show of cleaning my cock of all his copious ass juices.  He looks up at me and opens his mouth wide to show me his handiwork.  I spit in his mouth.  He grunts and swallows it all.

He fucks himself on my dick again.  And again he repeats the cleaning process.  He swallows his juices and moves off to find a new cock. 

I go over to Gavin.  He grins and we go off to inspect the other side.   There are just a few men there and I think I might get him in a sling without an audience—at least at first.  But no, he’s not ready.  As we are on the steps going back down,  Zack Acland is coming towards us.  He hugs me.  Tight.  He pulls out of the embrace and says “Please tell me you are going to fuck me tonight.” 

I assure him I would love to do that when he’s ready.  He gives me a quick kiss and heads off to do whatever he was in the midst of doing.  I take a swig from my water bottle.  Jon Shield, looking as hot as always, arrives and greets me with a hug, too.  I am impressed he remembers my name.  Jon is very busy during the night—exercising his top side almost exclusively.

A young man I can’t place, but who looks familiar, steps up to me.  “You want to fuck me again, Daddy?”  I nod and he leads me back up to the less crowded side.  Gavin follows at a distance—and stays on the top steps to watch.  As the curly haired young man hops in the sling, I place him.  I tag teamed his friend with him—the first raw fucking I got to do at Rough House earlier in the month.  I had ended up fucking him as well while he fucked his friend.  Tonight he’s alone and full of nasty talk.  ‘Is Daddy gonna fuck me good?”  I nod, kneel and begin eating out his hole.  “Fuck yeah.   Eat my hole.  I wish I were loaded for you.”  This makes me ram my tongue into him deeper.  “I want you to unload in this boy cunt.”  I stand up and work my cock into his wet hole.  “Yeah, fuck your old man dick into me.”  I fuck him harder after that crack.  Is that what he’s trying for?  “Yeah, Daddy, fill my hole.”  I fuck him now with long, deep strokes.  His hard cock is poking out of his jock now.  “I need your load.”  He strokes his cock in time with my fucking.  I swat him on the ass.  Hard.  He tightens down on my dick. “Yeah.  Use me man.  Fuck me with your raw dick.”  I pull out and smack the wet, angry head of my cock onto his ball sack.  He winces in pain/pleasure.  “Please, give me more.”  I go into him, without any warning.  He grunts and strokes harder.  “Fuck you feel good.”  He stops stroking his cock.  He just holds it—afraid he might cum too early in the evening.  But then I can see it in his face—he doesn’t care if he does.  “Yeah, Daddy.   Fuck me.”  He goes back to jerking.  I pound his ass as hard as I can.  “Fuck me harder.  Yeah…yeah…You gonna give me your poz cum?”  The moment he says it he shoots all over himself.  He covers his chest with cum the way only a 20 something can.  I smear it over his nipples and make him clean the fingers of my right hand.

When he comes back to earth—he looks at me and says very softly, “I’m sorry if I got carried away—I don’t know if you’re poz or not, but I love the idea of bugged cum in my PrEP-ed hole.”

I tell him I understand—whatever it takes to get him off.  He scoops up another finger full of his cum and licks it clean.

The crowd is large now.  But most have not followed the vaguely suggested dress code—they are  just naked or jocked.  There is flogging going on with Jonah and Tyler on stage.  Sex is happening everywhere.  I fuck a cute Otter as he leans over the rail to watch the porn stars.  He likes it so much, he climbs in the sling, once it’s vacated, and asks for more.


I go to fill up my water bottle.  I’m secretly hoping to drink some piss.  Instead I find a younger Latino kneeling between the urinals.  I pull out my cock.  “You want some piss, boy?”

He nods.

I rest my cock on his lips and let my piss empty out of me.  He swallows greedily and jerks his uncut cock like a man possessed…


I have lost track of Gavin.  I go downstairs to the bar area.  I haven’t used those slings.  A cub in a blue harness is standing by one of them.  He looks at my hard cock sticking out of the side of my jock.  I nod and he gets in the sling.  I eat his ass.  He’s been busy.  I don’t think he’s loaded, but his ass is wet from a whole lot of fucking.  He sighs and tells me my tongue is great.  I clean him up, stand and my cock slips in.

“Ohhhhh,” he grunts.  “Yeah.  So big…” 

Men come over from the bar.  They work his nipples.  A cock is thrust into the cub’s mouth.  “Get me hard.  I want to fuck you, too.”  The man is a true daddy bear.  When he is hard and dripping, he looks to me.  I willingly give way to the now hard and throbbing cock.  I put mine into the Cub’s open mouth.  He cleans me up as the new man thrust his dick into the Cub’s ass.

“Fuck, he’s wet,” grunts the man.

“Yeah, he’s been busy,” I tell the guy.

The Cub grunts assent around my cock.

“Fuck, show me your dick,” says the man up the Cub’s ass.  I pull it out of the Cub’s mouth and the top reaches out and hefts it.  “You must split guys in two with that.”  He squeezes it—not roughly, but affectionately.  Suddenly he’s bucking into the Cub—still holding on to me and begins to unload in the Cub’s ass.  “I’m…fuck, I’m shooting.  Fuck!!!”

The Cub is milking him—I can see the concentration on his face.  The top pulls out.   I move over and kneel.  He lets me clean his cock.  He pulls out of my mouth after the first few licks.  I dive into the dripping, viscous mess he’s left in the Cub.  I hear the Cub groan in pleasure as I felch my first load of the night…

Next time—Zack gets his wish…