Friday, August 18, 2017

The Morning After the Orgy with SkinnyPigHole

Grand Rapids—June, 2017

Sometime after I shot my load (see the last post) I was invited by our host to stay the night.  I was exhausted, in the best possible way.  I slept in the dining room on a large inflatable mattress.  I put in my ear plugs and adjusted my leather blindfold.  I was asleep the moment I curled up under a light sheet in the hot June night.

The next morning I found Randy had stayed on the couch and the Rimmer had shared a bed with our host.  We had a great breakfast.  We did dishes, then sat around the living room chatting over a never ending cup of coffee…and in no time we were all horny again.  Randy went to clean up.  The three of us all wanted his ass again.  I had packed the sling—but the upstairs bed would work just fine…

Randy is on all fours.  The Rimmer’s tongue is buried in his hole and my cock is in his mouth.  Our Host sits in the chair to the side, stroking.  He loves to watch—and take pictures.  He does both all morning.  A lot.

The Rimmer stands up and inserts.  I lean across Randy and kiss the Rimmer.  I get a second hand taste of Randy’s ass.  I know it makes my cock swell.  I pull out and go around behind the Rimmer.  I lick at his hole on the back stroke—making sure I don’t impede his fuck rhythm.  The Rimmer grunts his approval of my prodding tongue.  Finally he pulls out, steps to the side and pushes my face into Randy’s super wet ass crack.

My tongue goes into overdrive.  I lick and swallow his delicious ass lube.  I know the Rimmer’s cock was dripping pre-cum inside him for it is doing it right now on the back of my neck as he stands over me.  I drill deeper and make Randy moan.

“Fuck me, man.  Use that big dick of yours.”

I spit a couple of times deep into his hole before I stand up.  I slap my cock on his upturned ass.  I love the sound of the wet splat as it meets his fleshy butt.  I push into him.  Slow and steady.  Poppers are huffed.   I fuck him long and hard.

I let the Rimmer go another round.

Randy flips to his back on the bed.  Our host takes a break from being a voyeur and fucks him, too.

Then me.

Then the Rimmer.

I grease up my hands.

I get the left into him easily.  Then the right.

“Try for both of them.”

I do.  

Both hands, clasped together go in past the knuckle.  Pictures are snapped.

The Rimmer does some hole stretching, too. 

Then he unloads into Randy.

I eat a little.  I use the rest to fuck with and give him the load I’ve been building.


These pictures were sent to my phone as I drove home.


Yesterday, out of the blue, after I published the post about the orgy the night before, Randy sent me a text, seeing if I could make it to the August party.  (I can’t—I will be in Canada).

I admitted to the blog and asked if I could post the pictures of him.  He said yes.  They say more than any words by me can do about his hole.

Then he told me about his dirty twitter account.  Whoa!  

Follow this link: HERE

Totally hot.  And I love his handle of SkinnyPigHole.

And scroll down to June 12 for more of this session!  

Do you blame me for loving to use this boy??

He is also the boy of "Centerpiece of the Orgy"  linked  here.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Felching the Orgy

Grand Rapids—June, 2017

I was able to get away from my constant work for what was announced as the final bareback orgy for the summer.  It was hosted by the group to the north of me in the second largest city in Michigan.  The groups have all been great fun.  The May gathering, when the Professor accompanied me, was a true highlight.  

I once again took the sling and the rimseat.  This time there were nine or eleven of us.  I never felt like I could get a good count as people came and went the entire 4 hours of the event.  There were never more than seven of us in the room at any one time.  The young man who last time had taken so many loads, who I’d christened the ‘centerpiece’ on the bed, was there again.  I never gave him a name in that write up—so I will call this slender young man Randy (double meaning absolutely implied…)

I love that moment when the starting group is all upstairs.  That fluid moment when someone kneels in front of you, swallows you down, and moments later he is sucking the man next to you as you change to feeling up the girth of the erection of a new arrival.  I love how fluid it is—how the partners and groups are always switching or adding.  It is mostly oral:  getting men hard enough for all the hole soon to be on offer.  (Once again almost every man in the room is actively versatile.) 

I let friends suck me. 

I rim Randy as he sucks a stranger.

I let another top replace me tonguing Randy and I switch to rimming the furry butt of a bear who is getting head from a very young man kneeling in front of him.

Soon enough we’re all fucking.  Three men kneeling on the bed.  Three men deep in their asses.  One man lying on the bed letting himself be sucked/licked/ kissed by all the men getting their asses plowed.  I am in the bear’s furry butt.  He’s tight and working my cock like a pro.  I fuck him steadily and in no hurry—running my hands all over his hairy back.

As if on cue, the tops all rotate one ass to the left.  This means I go from the furry bear into the totally smooth butt of the youngest man there.  I decide the bear wasn’t that tight after all—no, this boy is tight.  His 20-something ass has rarely had cock my size up it.  He keeps telling me so—and I totally believe him.  But he takes me like a champ and tells the room that he’s jerked off to this kind of play for years—and he’s finally living it.  Randy, who is getting plowed and sucking the man in the middle of the bed, turns and kisses the young man I’m fucking—in a gesture welcoming him to this piggy heaven.  It’s a sweet, hot moment that says everything about this group of men.

We shift again.  I move over to Randy’s ass.  I kneel and lick him out.  Amazingly, he’s not taken a load yet tonight.  It seemed to take him all of five minutes in April.  But his self lubing butt gives me a lot of juice to swallow down.  I insert for the first of countless times my dick will be in his ass tonight.  It’s a great fuck.  He’s the perfect milker. 

And then we switch again—but this time it’s some of the men who were topping who now want a dick up their butt….


An hour or so later, I get Randy into the sling.  He’s taken at least two loads now—and proudly tells me so as I kneel between his stirruped legs.  I can taste them.  I love the dollop of creaminess he pushes out into my mouth.  I lick and spit, forcing myself to leave enough to be lube.

If he was a great fuck before—now it is heavenly.  The slickness of the cum coating his ass walls is one of the main reasons I bareback.  I love how much deeper my cock can enter him when he is relaxed in the sling.  I fuck him noisily—making the chains rattle.

Guys leave the bed to come watch us fuck. 

I give way and let the line of men fuck him.  I clean every dick that pulls out of Randy’s ass as they move on.  I lean over and feed Randy the jizz and ass juice these men pull out of him.  This makes him very hard—the only time I see him with an (impressive) erection all night.

The third man in line is the Bear.  “Jesus!” he exclaims as he slides his fat cock into Randy’s slick hole. He fucks him for just a few minutes. “Shit!!  I’m cumming!”  We watch his face contort with each full body spasm.  I wait on my knees.  The Bear knows just what I want.  He sticks his dripping dick into my mouth.  I clean every drop as he tries not to flinch from being overly sensitive.

I stand up and let a long drool of ass juice and cum spill out of my mouth and into Randy’s wide open one.  I give it all to him—then bend for a passionate kiss of swapping the juices back and forth.  At the same time I slide my dick into him.  I don’t fuck—I just let my throbbing dick marinate in his puffy hole as we continue snowballing until every drop has been swallowed.

Then I fuck the sloppiest hole I’ve had in months.  I am so close to cumming, it’s only Randy asking for some water that keeps me from loading him early.  We break. Randy gets out of the sling and tells me he wants a couple more loads in him—and then I can fist them as deep as I can into him.

He gets them in short order.  He finds me under the rimseat and tells me he wants me at the sling. He gets back in.  I sink first one, then my other bare hand into him—pushing the new loads deeper than my dick could fuck them.


I have had a friendly contest all evening with another man who loves to rim.  We have eaten the hole of just about every man in the room.  First him and then me.  Sometimes just rimming the man deep.  Sometimes getting to felch his load.  If my ‘rival’ is not under the rimseat, I am. 

But I’m not there when the heavily tatted man fucks the cum out of the twenty something newbie in the sling.  I’d just been up the boy and given way to the tatted guy.  I watch the boy shoot a load of cum that totally covers his abs and chest—as only the young can shoot.  I know what I want to do.  I lick every drop of cum off the boy’s worn out body.  I hold it in my mouth.

I find the Rimmer sticking his tongue up some man bent over the bed.  I pull the Rimmer to the sling.  He gets in willingly.  I begin reverse felching his ass—sticking the 20-something’s cum up his hole.  He groans as he feels his butt grow more and more lubed.

When my mouth is empty, I churn the load with my aching cock.  The Rimmer eggs me on, calling me a filthy perv.  I stop.  I eat some of the load out of him.  I snowball it to the Rimmer. 

I fuck.

I felch and spit.

I fuck some more.

I felch still more cum out of him.

“Let me feed you on the rimseat.”

I get under it.  There isn’t too much left—but enough for a tasty mouthful.  I swallow this time.
The Rimmer sees how turned on I am.  He gets up off the seat and sinks his ass down on my cock.  Some other man sits on the seat—I have no idea who.  I can only concentrate on the exquisite fuck I’m having trapped under the seat.  The Rimmer is now riding my dick.  We both know I’m going to blow into his ass.

He grinds down—just right.

I explode.

The Rimmer gets off my dick carefully.  The man on the seat slides off and starts cleaning my dick up.  I lie there helpless as the Rimmer sits back on the rimchair and feeds me the load I just shot…

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Five Hours at the Bookstore

Near Home—June, 2017

So I was home from IML.  (Hit IML in the label cloud if you need a refresher.)  Now I was ready to get back out and find some cock to suck or some ass to fuck.  I thought I was ready to go back to the bookstore…

I arrive just after 8 o’clock.  It’s a very warm evening.  Men are dressed in considerably less than when I was last here.  I enter the straight theatre.  There is a good crowd.  As I find a seat, I wonder if there has been a posting on Craig’s List about a couple coming to the bookstore.  Or maybe they are all just hoping.  I open my fly and start kneading my bulge.  I look around the room.  No one else is doing more than letting their hand rest on their crotch.  I go ahead and stroke once I’m hard.  I can almost always encourage some other man to be brave enough to at least get his dick out.  Not tonight.  Guys occasionally look around but seem to be truly watching the movie---and one that isn’t even all that good.

I finally sigh and tuck myself away.  I get up and go into the gay theatre.  There are fewer men here.  One to be exact.  I smell him before I see him—and not in a good way.  He is rank and likely hasn’t seen a shower in the last week.  I sit on the other side of the room.  He sits against the wall and flogs his half hard dick.  He’s uncut.  And unkempt.

“Will you fuck me?” he asks, before I even think about staying long enough to get my dick out.

I make an excuse:  “That’s not what I was looking for tonight.”

He doesn’t listen. He gets up and drops his grimy, once plaid, Bermuda shorts to the floor.  He bends and shows me an ass that might have been more than acceptable cleaned out and showered. 

I tell him again.

He shuffles over to me, waving his cheesy cock in my direction—now seemingly willing to settle for a blow job.

I bolt.

I go back to the straight side.

It’s cleared out.  Where the fuck did they all go?  One man sits on the couch.  Stroking.  A graying daddy with a nice dick.

I sit next to him.  I open my fly.  I pull out a less than hard cock after the last encounter.  But my dick springs to life now.  I wait for the touch of the man’s hand on my thigh or a soft word. 


I look at him. I catch him eyeing my dick.  Progress.  Good. 

I wait.


I look again.  He is busy stroking.

I take the bull by the horns.  “Do you want some help with that?” I murmur.

He looks at me with total disgust.  If looks could kill I wouldn’t be typing this… “I don’t let men touch me.”  He gets up, pulling up his jeans just enough to cover his erection and waddles to the front row.  He sits down there and strokes in privacy.

I stay put.  I’m in the cock sucking position on the couch—the seat at the end next to the empty wall space where men stand if they want to be blown.

I don’t wait long before the door opens.  A burly truck driver type comes in.  He stands right next to where I am sitting.  He gropes himself openly.  Soon he is hauling out a nice beer can of a cock.  I look up at him and do that half head nod that tells most men I’m willing to suck them.

He gets it.  He looks at me for a long moment—then puts his cock away and leaves the room.  For good.

And so it goes.  I go back to the gay side—after the attendant tells me she has Lysol-ed it thoroughly after the homeless man left.  I stumble on a blow job in progress.  They stop the moment I come in.  I assure them they can continue—but they don’t until I leave them to it.

No one wants any of the things I have to offer. 

One other man wants to be fucked—but has no idea what I mean when I mention clean out.

But I have rarely had so many men refuse to let me suck them.

And not one man has offered to suck me.  No one.  At all.

I settle in the gay side.  By myself.  It’s a film from a small bareback company I don’t recognize.  They seem to be nicely nasty—every scene has repeated ass to mouth cock cleaning.  And a little felching.

When the movie ends, I make one last attempt to find a willing partner in the straight theatre.  Two older men are sitting on the couch.  Rampant.  A young, queeny man is on his knees in front of them.  He goes back and forth between the men.  I sit in the nearest chair, pull out my dick and stroke.  

These guys seem to want to play.  Finally.  I watch the boy change dicks again and again.  He’s being careful to not let the man who is not in his mouth get bored.

I watch.  He switches again.

“He spends longer on you than me,” says the man whose dick is now not being sucked to the other guy.  The man deep in the boy’s throat grunts a non-committal reply.

The speaker turns to me.  “Do you suck?  I need to get off and go home.”

I look at the boy on the floor—not wanting to step on any toes.  He actually nods enthusiastically for me to join him on the caked linoleum. 

We kneel side by side.  I take the spit drenched cock into my mouth.  We suck the two men in a similar rhythm.  Both of them explode in no time at all.

They get up and go.  I stand up and offer the kid my dripping cock.  I really need him to take my load.  He shakes his head and leaves.

The place is deserted.  It’s very late—later than I ever stay.  I do up my pants and go out into the now rather damp night.  

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bonus Picture: Fucking Jacob

I didn’t use this one when I did the post of using the baseball bat on Jacob. 

Here’s a bonus shot from that day.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Flooding Derrick and Creaming Jacob

West Michigan—May, 2017

I was not the only one who was horny thinking about IML at the end of the week.  Derrick and Jacob were, too.  We decided to meet on the Sunday afternoon before we left for Chicago.

We sit in the upstairs study where pictures of hot men with beards, often in leather, play in a slide show on the big screen television.  A few are pictures of men they know; most are men who they just find hot.  There are single nudes, hot duos and groups of men which ignite the imagination of what we will be doing momentarily.  We are in not wearing leather this afternoon, knowing we will be in it all weekend.  We are stripped, talking of other things, but our cocks are reacting to exploring hands and those hot fucking pictures.

As usual, I am on the couch next to Derrick.  Jacob is on the floor between us.  He turns from the television and begins sucking my swelling cock.  Derrick pulls me into a kiss and his hand explores my ass crack.  My left hand wraps around his cock. 

Jacob is hungry for dick.  He goes back and forth between our erections, leaving them wet and slimy.  The next time he goes back to sucking Derrick, I slide off the couch and get behind him.  He moves around, knowing I want his ass.  He gets on all fours, never taking Derrick’s dick from his mouth.  I hunker down and start to tongue his hairy hole.  He squirms back on the invader and groans around the dick in his mouth.  I push as much spit as I can into his pucker.  I rear back and stick my dick into him for the first of countless times that day.  Slowly.  Opening his hole.  He pulls off Derrick, taking great gulps of air.  He resumes sucking the moment his ass relaxes and I start to fuck. 

I don’t fuck him long.  Frankly, I want to taste the hole I’ve just fucked.  I stick my tongue back into him as deeply as possible.  I can taste my pre-cum.  I slurp noisily and ingest it back into my body.

“Sit on Derrick’s cock.”

Jacob obediently moves to sit astride Derrick.  I love watching him bounce on his partner’s dick.  Even more, I love licking the shaft going into Jacob.  I move in and lick Derrick’s balls.  I move up.  Jacob adjusts his speed giving me time to savor his ass juice on his lover’s dick.  He slides balls deep and hold again—knowing I want to work my tongue into his hole along Derrick’s cock.  I don’t disappoint him.  I am as turned on at that moment as I can be.  I stop touching myself and pull off them to let them fuck.

“Taste my boy on my cock,” growls Derrick.  Jacob lifts himself off it and I devour his dick, slick with the juices of the two of them.

Moments later, Derrick gets up and balances on the thin, flat bench they keep in the room to fuck on.  I move to eating his hole—thrusting some of those juices still in my mouth up his own hole.  Jacob moves to feed Derrick his dick.  I settle down for a long ass eat.  Soon, Jacob bends over in front of me, to the side of his partner.  I now can go back and forth—from hole to hole.  I stick my tongue into each of them, reveling in the differences in taste and texture.

And now it’s my cock going back and forth.  First into Derrick.  His ass is open from the first moment I sink into it.  I fuck.  I pull out and enter Jacob.  His ass lips cling to my cock all the way down my shaft.  I fuck.  And it’s back to Derrick.  Then Jacob—until both of them need to stand up.

We go to the downstairs bedroom—the one I stay in when I sleep over.  Derrick wants me to continue going deeper into him with a face fuck.  He flops down on the bed, his head hanging over the edge.  I let him nuzzle my balls for a moment, but then I’m fucking his ovaled mouth—giving him about half my length.  He’s doing great.  He’s in total control of his gag reflex.  I go deeper on a couple strokes.  Still great.  He grunts his encouragement to me.  We begin pulling that deep saliva that I love to use as fuck lube on every stroke.

I try a little deeper.  Yikes.  It’s too much.  I make him retch into the towel on the floor.  There is no food in his system—it’s all the beer that should have gone down my throat in another 20 minutes or so.  There is no smell—so we continue on with training his throat. 

Jacob has been working Derrick’s nipples.  He works down and sucks on Derrick’s rock hard cock as I continue his oral assault.  Jacob sucks him for a bit, then gets between Derrick’s legs.  He lifts them and begins to fuck his partner in the hole I left so wet upstairs.  Jacob fucks him hard.  Derrick is loving having dick in both his holes.  His hard cock bounces against his abdomen.  Suddenly, Jacob grunts out his orgasm.  I knew he’d shoot.  I watch him fire what must be half a dozen spurts into his partner.  He collapses onto Derrick and I pull out.

“Let’s go to the sling,” I tell them, “I have some serious felching to do.”

We all troop across the hall.  Jacob takes a moment to recoup on the couch as I get Derrick into the sling.  I lick at his hole.  I instantly get a pearl of Jacob’s seed on my tongue.  I pull Derrick’s ass cheeks apart and dive in.  He is pushing out with each thrust of my tongue.  He is feeding me every drop of his partner. 

When my tongue can find no more seed, I stand up and stick my dick into Derrick.  I find some this way.  I fuck in it and slowly pull some out with my big helmet head.  I bend and lap it up. 




Jacob joins us and smothers his partner with his ripe pit.  Derrick is jerking like crazy.  I am hoping I am going to fuck his cum out of him.  Without making a real decision to do it, I start flooding his hole with piss.

“Oh, yeah!”  Derrick crows, the moment he figures out what he’s feeling deep in his gut.  My piss fills him, washing his insides, gathering every last drop of Jacob’s cum.

I tell Jacob to set up the rimseat.  I want Derrick to feed it all to me.

We get Derrick out of the sling and I get under the seat.  Derrick sits—and the floodgates open.  
There is no teasing dribble of piss for me to swallow.  I don’t get to pry his hole open with my tongue.  He lets loose a blast of my piss, flavored with Jacob’s cum, into my mouth.  It’s a deluge that makes me swallow as fast as I can—there is no time to savor the taste of my pale piss tinged with the remains of Jacob’s load.  I may not be able to taste much, but my cock is rock hard as the cascade continues.

Once it’s stopped, I spend a long time licking his hole.  Cleaning him up.  Now getting to savor the taste.  And feel Jacob riding my dick.


It’s Derrick’s turn to rest on the couch.  I have Jacob in the sling.  I have greased both my hands.  I get my left into him easily as he jerks his dick.

I pull out and enter him again.

And again—and, as usual, Jacob shoots all over himself.

I keep going.  He’s hesitant—than encouraging.  I work his hole three more times.

And I’m ready to shoot.

I pull my left hand out.  I stick in my dick and breed him with my seed…

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bookstore Jizz

Near Home—May, 2017

IML was the next weekend.  I was horned just thinking about it.  Friday night I went off to the bookstore.  It was a particularly good night…

I walk into the gay cinema.  A young Black guy is stroking his thin curved dick right by door.  We nod.  We have traded blowjobs in the past.  He’s mid 30’s, fit not ripped and can usually get just what he wants if he waves his curved cock at the men here.  For the moment he’s stroking to the porn.  I sit across the room from him.  There are three men watching him.  None have pulled out their dicks, but are all playing with their own crotches through their pants.  I pull my cock out.  Fully hard and ready.  I stroke, my eyes on the others, not the movie.

The men are now restless with two prime dicks out.  They watch first one and then the other of us.  I am pretty sure the man across from me will be the guy to stand up and start sucking, but I can’t decide if he will go for the younger guy or the bigger dick.  And then the door opens and everything changes.

A cute young otter walks into the room.  He takes the chair next to the Black man.  The Otter is late 20’s or early 30’s.  He’s shaved his head.  His sleeveless shirt shows off a very hairy chest and a lot of ink on his arms.  He stares with open lust at the two dicks on display.  I have never seen him before.  I surmise that he’s another of the men who are trying out the public play of the theatres with the closure of the gloryholes in the arcade.  The Otter opens his pants and his fingers slip into his fly.

The Black guy takes this as his cue.  He stands up and presents his dick to the Otter.  There is no hesitation.  It is engulfed—to the root.  I know from experience that the downward curve can be tricky to suck.  I think about going over and offering up mine, too, but for the moment I just jerk. 

Other pants open—other dicks come out to stroke to this free show.

The Black guy grabs the Otter’s ears and begins to face fuck him.  It’s hot.  There is drool being forced out of the Otter’s mouth.  It coats his A-shirt, sticking it to him.  Just as fast as it began the face fucking stops.  He lets the Otter suck at his own tempo.  The top leans over the boy and reaches under the waistband of his pants.  You can tell when his finger finds the Otter’s hole; the boy groans around the cock in his mouth.  He pulls off it and stands up.  The Otter pulls down his pants and steps out of them.  He’s wearing a red designer jock.  He sits back down and goes back to sucking as the Top inserts his finger(s) up him again.

It doesn’t take long to get to the fucking.  The Black guy pulls the Otter’s legs in the air, making the Otter really slouch in the chair.  The room is riveted as they watch that thin curved cock enter the hairy ass.  Raw.  And wet.

“Fuck me,” the Otter hisses through his teeth.  “Fuck me!”

I stand up.  I am about to offer to hold the Otter’s legs to give the Top more freedom, but the Black guy starts grunting out his cumming.  It’s a prolonged orgasm.  He has to have shot a big load.  The rest of the room is totally silent as we watch the Top hold in place for a moment then pull out.  I really want to clean that cock, but he’s pulled his pants closed and is out the door.  The Otter stands shakily and starts to step into his pants.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I ask, a little louder than I mean to.

The Otter looks at me and my engorged dick.  He smiles.

“Get on this chair.”  I pull one of the chairs out from the wall.  “Kneel on the seat.”

He does, presenting his two furry globes of ass.  I can’t take my eyes off the hairy butt crack that is now leaking cum.  I kneel and bury my face in his hole.

“Shiiiiit…” he hisses.  “Eat that load out of my manpussy.”

I stick my tongue into him deeply.  There is a lot of juice up here.  Does he have another load?  Or is my acquaintance just that heavy a cummer?  I don’t care.  I lick the creamy mess out of him, swallowing for the others to see. 

And again.

I stand up.  “You want this big Daddy cock up you?”

“Yes, Sir.”


“You can breed me, too.”

I stick my cock head against his puffy pucker.  I slide in easily with the mix of cum, ass juice and spit. I just keep sliding until my overgrown pubes grind against his hairy ass.  

“Fuck him hard,” says the guy who I thought was going to suck me.

I begin.  I fuck hard and deep with little warm up.

And he’s loving it.  “Use me.  Use my hole,” he pants.    “Use my ass.  Give my ass what it wants.”
I am almost there.  Amazing. as it’s not even been 30 minutes since I walked in.  His hole is so wet and warm it’s just pulling it out of me.

But the boy cums first.  All over the chair. 

He’s apologetic as he asks me to stop. 

And I do.  I thank him.

And have never seen him again.


Later in the evening, the Black guy is back in the gay room.  Hard.  He lets me suck him.  I pretend it tastes of the boy’s ass, but I know he’s washed himself.  While he’s hard—and loving what I’m doing— I never can get him off a second time.  He spends a moment sucking me, thinking that will help, but it doesn’t.  We finally just say good night and go our separate ways.


I go to the straight theatre.

I sit on the end of the couch.  The movie is decent; the room is empty.

The door opens.  A short, young Black man enters.  He looks like he should be in the library not an adult bookstore.  He folds up his thick black rimmed glasses and tucks them into a shirt pocket.  He takes out a nice sized dick and asks very politely if he can suck my cock.


He gets on his knees and goes down on me—telling me it tastes really good.  Is he getting the remains of the boy’s ass juice and the cum I fucked in?  He jerks himself non-stop as he gives me very good head.

The door opens.  The older Latino enters.  He instantly takes out his dick.  The boy only has eyes for me, but I encourage him to suck the new comer.  Given permission, he enthusiastically goes from one to the other of us.

This gets me very hot again.

The Latino beats me to it.  He cums in the Boy’s mouth, taking him by surprise.

“Don’t swallow,” I tell him.  I slide off the couch and take the young man in my arms.  I kiss him.  My tongue finding the load of jizz he’s obediently held in his mouth.  I don’t know if he’s ever snowballed.  But I am sure he will in the future.  He’s grunting, his hand flying over his dick as we trade the stranger’s cum back and forth, mouths locked together.

I can tell he’s about to shoot.  I don’t want to break the kiss to take it.  But he breaks it instead.

 “Shoot on my face,” he pleads.

I stand up and shoot in three quick strokes of my dick.

Long, ropy strings of white jism covering his beautiful coffee colored skin.

And his cum goes all over his pant leg.