Saturday, August 27, 2016

Jacob's New Skill

West Michigan—June, 2016
After I had the romp with the porn stars in Chicago, IML happened.  You probably have read about the many men I plundered during that long weekend.    Here is a link to the first entry in case you didn’t.  And here is the post where we shot some video of my dick working a cum whore’s hole

When I came home, I was still horned.  Having had sex constantly with all those leather men made me want to keep doing more of the same.  I went to the bookstore when I got home.  After all the hot men in Chicago, I should have known better than to go to the home of mostly aging married men.  But I went.  And it was a bust.  I could not muster much enthusiasm for any of the men there.

My next meet erased all that.  I was invited to Derrick and Jacob’s playroom.  We compared notes about our IML experiences as Derrick and I sat on an upstairs couch.   Jacob made himself comfortable on the floor between us—one arm on Derrick’s thigh, one on mine.  Derrick played idly with the back of my neck.  I could reach down and tousle Jacob’s hair as we talked about the men we’d met.  I sipped tea and they drank some sort of Japanese beer.

Soon there was a hand on the mound in my jeans.  We talked a little more, but Derrick’s hand was more insistent.

“We should go downstairs,” he told us.  “This beer has really made me need to piss.”

I hurriedly ditched my clothes.  Jacob helped zip me into my chaps.  Moments later I was on my knees in front of Derrick, Jacob’s eyes riveted to his Master’s cock…

Derrick places his big hand on my shoulder.  “Give me a second.”

I do.  I am careful to not let my lips or eager tongue touch him.  I pull my semi-hard cock out of the pouch of my jock.

Derrick makes some sort of mental adjustment.  His cock rests on my lower lip which I’ve curved over my bottom set of teeth.  I stay motionless. 

A moment.

Derrick sighs.  And the piss begins to flow.  A small sputter.  Then a nice steady flow.  The piss is sweet.  The recycled Japanese beer is excellent.  My cock begins to lengthen with each second of liquid cascading down my throat.  I am rampant before the stream begins to grow weaker.

It finally shuts off.  I lick the last drop from Derrick’s piss slit.  I don’t stop sucking him until he’s as hard as I am.

“Damn, I want to do that,” sighs Jacob taking a swig from his beer.

“Which?”  I ask.  “Feed me or drink it?”

“Both.  But I really want to feed you—look at how much it excites you.”

I don’t press it.  But the seed is planted.

“Come here,” I tell Jacob.  “Help me with this dick.”

Jacob kneels across from me.  We take turns—one of us on Derrick’s cock, the other on his balls—moving back and forth.  When Jacob has it all in his mouth for the third time, I bend and suck Jacob’s PA’ed cock for a moment.  But I want his ass.  I tug at his hips enough for him to get on all fours, never letting Derrick’s cock out of his mouth.

I dive into his butt, face first.  It’s a rather awkward angle, but I don’t care.  I want to taste him, wet him down with my tongue and fuck him.  I don’t spend a long time rimming.  I poke my tongue deeply several times and spit twice, right into his hole.  I move around and my cock head is ready for entry.

“Fuck my boy,” Derrick says from above us.

I work my cock into him.  The head pops in.  It makes Jacob gasp.  He stops sucking for a few seconds before taking Derrick back into his mouth.  I press forward.  Slowly.  Never letting up.  Inching into his wet, tight hole. I grind the last inch into him.

“Fuck,” Jacob says around Derrick’s cock.  At least I think that’s what he said.  Hard to tell with all that dick in his mouth.

I pull halfway out.  I push in.  I pull three quarters  of the way out.  I push back in.  I begin long dicking him on every stroke.  Jacob stops sucking and Derrick holds onto him.

“Damn,” hisses Jacob.  “You are…”  I stroke in and out. “Pounding me.”  I stroke in and out.  “Fuck!”

“Take his ass,” chimes in Derrick.

I keep fucking.

“Stop.  Stop for a second,” pleads Jacob.  “I really need to piss.”

I slow down and pull out.  “Good.”

Jacob scrambles up and starts for the door and the bathroom.

“Where are you going?”  I am still on my knees.  “Right here.”


“You said you wanted to…”

“I do.  I just don’t know…”

“Try it.” Derrick tells him.

Jacob comes back and stands in front of me.  His dick is anything but hard.  The PA is heavy on my tongue.  Derrick holds him from behind.  And the piss starts to come.

“Oh, my God…” hisses Jacob.  “It feels so good.” 

I have ovaled my mouth around him.  My tongue is massaging the underside of his dick. 

It’s a huge load.  I take every drop.  I look up at the hot cub.  His eyes are shining.  He loves it. 

I finally pull off him.  “Thank you,” I tell him.  “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Derrick’s squeezes his partner. “Good boy,” he whispers in his ear.

“I can’t believe I did that.”  Jacob is all smiles now.

I nod.

“And I can’t wait to feed you again.”

It’s my turn to be all smiles…

For the record…there was lots of use of the new rimseat.  I took turns on both their asses in the sling.  Derrick got the load.

Cumming Soon

I am sitting at my desk. 


Tied to the chair until I publish a post.

I finally have time to write.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Professor Introduces Me to Matt Stevens

Chicago—May, 2016

“We’re meeting at that leather bar where you attend the piss party.”


“Yes,” the Professor nodded as I concentrated on the traffic.  We were approaching Chicago and the volume had picked up.  “We’ll check into the motel, clean up and head over there for a drink about nine.”

I silently wondered why but just nodded back to him.

We did just as he outlined.  We checked in. I set up the sling between the two beds.  I ate some dinner while the Professor was in the shower.  We headed the few blocks to the leather bar.  Being early May, it was still light out as we entered—making the bar seem even darker.  We moved down to where the bar curved into the wall. The Professor ordered two scotch on the rocks from the rather hunky bartender.

My companion looked slightly nervous.  Maybe more full of anticipation than nerves—and not knowing for sure what would happen.  I glanced at my phone.  It was just after nine.  When I looked up, there was one of my favorite actors in porn:  Matt Stevens.  He walked confidently over to us.  

He called the Professor by name and shook his hand—a handshake that turned into a semi hug.  Another scotch arrived for Matt as the Professor introduced us.  I felt slightly tongue tied telling Matt how much I enjoyed his video work.  “I love men who are versatile,” I told him truthfully.  “I love watching them express both sides of their sexuality.”

He thanked me—and looked at the bulge in my 501’s.
We drank up and chatted.

As we finished the scotch, the Professor looked inquiringly at Matt.

Matt nodded.  He placed his right hand on the Professor’s ass and his left on my thickening mound and said he could think of nothing he’d rather do than head back to our motel and fuck…

Our clothes are off the minute we walk in the door.  Matt’s body is hard.  His chest is even hairier than it often appears in his videos.  The Professor has stripped to his jock.  He is on his knees in front of Matt.  I kneel behind this manly man and let my tongue trail down his ass crack.  I’m not there long for there’s a knock at the door.

I open it as the other men move to the bed.  It’s Cade.  He’s the occasional porn actor whose hole I enjoyed so much on the last trip I took with the Professor.  Cade is late 20’s and sturdily built, his reddish blond hair cropped tight to his head.  He and Matt greet each other—they seem to be old friends.  Cade strips down as Matt straddles the Professor’s head, pumping his dick into the Professor’s mouth.

Cade tosses his clothes in the corner behind the door.  He kneels in front of me, taking me in his mouth.  I have been achingly hard from the moment I’ve seen his jock framed ass.  I let him suck me, getting me good and wet. 

“Let’s use the sling.”  I start to help him with the stirrups, but he’s an old hand at slings.  He has his ankles in place without any help.  I kneel down and let my tongue get re-acquainted with his talented hole.

Matt is now fucking the Professor. The sound of Matt’s hips slamming home on the Professor’s ass is turning me on.  I smear the extra dollop of pre-cum over the head of my dick.  I stand up and slowly enter Cade.  I slowly work my large head past his tight ring.

“Damn, I’d forgotten just how big you are,” Cade grunts out.

I let him relax.  In moments, I can feel his hole flower open.

“Now fuck me hard, stud.”

I do as instructed.

A knock.

I pull out and open the door.  A very good looking (in that old Hollywood leading man way) is there.  Tall, slim and built.  And loud.

“Hey,” he brays.  “Is this the place?”

I tell him, several decibels lower, that it is.  He comes in.  Matt and the Professor have stopped to greet the new arrival.  Cade is even out of the sling.  The Loud One strips down, jumps on the bed just left by the Professor and gets on all fours.  “Who’s first to fuck me?” he demands.  Matt does.  The Professor and Cade play around a little.  I watch Matt work the hole—and occasionally lick Matt’s crack on the back stroke.

Matt pulls out.  The Professor shows off his top side with a turn up the Loud One, too.  The Loud One then remembers why he’s here and fucks the Professor briefly.  Cade takes a turn on the Loud One.  LO gets off all over the sheets.  I don’t let that stop me.  I scoop up some of his load, smear it on my dick and fuck LO myself.  I get him off again.

And he won’t shut up.  He is talking constantly as we try to play in various configurations.  Cade whispers to me that he’s sure the guy is high.  We finally ask him to leave.  He does, quite cheerfully, and still at full outdoor voice.


Things have settled down.  I have drilled Cade back in the sling.  And Matt has fucked the Professor on both beds.

We switch around.  Cade helps the Professor into the sling.  He fucks him for a bit.  He pulls out and starts fingering the Professor’s hole.  Soon the Prof is on his way to taking Cade’s small hand.  A first.

“I want your dick,” Matt tells me.

“And I want your hole.”  I pat the edge of the bed near the window.  “Right here on the edge so I can eat you out first.”  He kneels in place.  I love the taste of his hole.  And how hairy it is.   I use my tongue to leave him sopping.  I stand.  But Matt tightens right back down.

“Sit on my face,” I tell him.  I lie down.  Matt straddles me and slowly lowers that famous ass onto my open mouth.  I stop jerking, not sure if I can hold off.  Not touching my dick makes my orgasm recede.  Matt grinds down on my face.  He cuts off my air for a long moment.  He knows it—and lets me breathe again just in time. 

His hole is juicy now.  Matt stands up, announcing he wants to ride my cock.  He turns around to face me and settles down on my cock.  His hole is relaxed and clinging to the flesh of my dick.  He takes me easily when he’s in charge.  I let him fuck himself at his own rhythm.  I reach out and with the tip of my index finger remove the large drop of pre-cum.  I bring it up to my mouth.  Matt sees what I’m doing and bends over to kiss me—and taste his pre-jizz.  He’s a great kisser.  Still attached mouth to mouth, I find his cock again, now smash between our stomachs and smear my wet finger across the head.  I stick it into his mouth.  He breaks the kiss and suckles me—then spits a large gob of precum and spittle into my mouth.  We fuck with renewed vigor.

Matt pulls off me to rest his legs.  I bend him over, standing up, and re-enter him.  This surprises him—he likes to be in charge.  But he lets me fuck him.  Harder.  Ball slapping hard.

The Professor is in heaven having his hole stretched. 

But it’s late.  None of us get off—and no one seems to care.  They shower, using the extra towels we have brought, and dress.  It feels like Cade and Matt may well go home together. 

I still wonder if Matt fisted Cade after our two hours of hot sex...

Monday, August 8, 2016

Finding the Words

I can't believe who the Professor took me to meet.

Oh, fuck....I'm still finding the words....

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The New Rim Seat

Western Michigan—May, 2016

All the other sex I had in April was at CLAW.  Those posts were published pretty much by the next day—so hopefully you have read of my exploits in Cleveland among the leather boys.   

While on one of my jaunts through the vendor mart during that CLAW weekend, I ran into Derrick and Jacob—the bear and his cub I play with at home.  We had a great time looking for toys for Jacob’s ass (as if there aren’t baskets and baskets of them in their playroom.)  We also stopped at the JIMSupport stall.  Derrick was in the market for a rim seat.  I had brought mine a number of times for our play and we’d put it to excellent use.  Derrick is as driven a rimmer as I am—so it made sense they should own one.

The salesman showed us three different varieties:  a rocking seat, a four legged seat with adjustable legs and a two legged seat where the bottom was shaped like a T for stability.  “The pole on each side is adjustable,” the salesman told us.  I liked the handles on it so the person being rimmed could really hold on.

They bought it.  That weekend I didn’t get to try it out.  We made up for that oversight early in May.

We are in their playroom.  I have been eating Jacob’s ass as he is bent over.  He is sucking his partner on the couch.  His hole is so wet now.  I slurp at it deeply and straighten up. My hard cock finds his furry butt.  I don’t have to push hard.  Suddenly, I am buried in his clinging ass.  I fuck him. It drives his mouth down onto Derrick’s cock.

I have to stop.  I could cum in these first few minutes of play.  I twist my balls as I pull out…and I am good for the rest of session.

“I want to eat your butt,” Derrick tells me.

I love this.  I have rarely had someone as dedicated to eating my hole as I am to eating out my boys.  Derrick lies down on the floor and pulls the new rim seat into place.  I sit on it and grab the handles.  Derrick groans at the sight and smell of my hole.  His tongue lashes out.  He drills into me.  No lapping to get me ready.  He wants depth.  And he gets it.  I grind down—using those handles to smash my ass into his face.

Jacob stands in front of me.  He thrusts his PA-ed cock into my mouth.  It hardens completely as I suck.  This is something that doesn’t always happen when he plays with me—as he is in service mode.  But I know the boy is versatile.  He begins fucking my mouth with gusto.  I fold the metal ring to the underside of his cock head.  It saves the enamel on my teeth.

I pull off his dick.  “Turn around.”  Jacob does as he’s told.  I make him bend a little so his furry butt is right in my face.  I mimic whatever Derrick is doing to my hole.  If he’s licking around the hairy edges, so do I.  If he blows a hot breath of air into my relaxed hole, I do the same to Jacob.  If I get tongued deeply—I drive into him.  Jacob is now panting.  I can taste the precum I left up his ass.

I pull back.  “I want to see you ride Derrick’s cock.  Get it wet again and sit on it.”  Jacob moves to kneel between the spread legs of his Master.  He slurps on Derrick’s hard dick.  He wastes no time in moving around and sitting on the cock.  I love watching Jacob’s face as Derrick slides into him.  His eyes roll up.  It is true bliss on his handsome face.  You can just tell how much he loves the man fucking him.   That same man who has just reached up and pulled my cheeks even farther apart for his pleasure.

It’s my turn to whimper.  I’m truly being fucked—never mind that it’s with a tongue.  I haven’t had anything in my ass this deep for years.  I whimper again.

Jacob leans forward.  We are both riding his Master and we hold onto each other.  We kiss.  It’s explosive.  We can’t stop kissing.  Now we are in a perfect circle of giving pleasure to each other:  mouth to ass, mouth to mouth, ass to cock.  We grind into and onto each other—no one wants to be the one to quit.

It can’t last.  We all need a breather.  Jacob’s knees go and he needs to stand.  Slowly Derrick stops his assault on my hole.  I stand up, and move the seat, thinking I’ll help Derrick up.  Instead the big man pulls me down—he doesn’t trust his legs yet.  He kisses me.  Jacob squirms into our embrace and all three of our mouths connect. 

We couldn’t be happier.

For the record:  I went on to fist Jacob and shoot my load in Derrick.

I have no economic interest in JIMSupport.  I think their products are extremely well made and easy to store. I have put my money where my mouth is--I own their tall sling frame, rim seat and padded fuck bench.  Here’s a link to some truly superior sex furniture.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

BB@ ABS, Pt. II: Not a Condom In Sight

Near Home—July, 2016

You likely should read the previous post if you haven’t.  It’s here.

Things are getting more interesting with the straight couple.  There are about half a dozen guys watching her suck her man’s cock—but the man who claimed to have nine inches is now being allowed to touch her.  She is bent over more, ass up, as she sucks.  The man’s hands are all over her.  I go in and sit down at the far end of the room—but in good view of them all.  I whip out my cock and stroke it.

“Now that’s the size dick she likes,” the boyfriend/husband says to no one in particular.  He pulls the woman off his all but micro dick and turns her to fellate the man who has been caressing her ass.  The fondler sighs as her mouth finds his semi-hard rod.  The boyfriend/husband pulls the woman’s panties aside and starts fingering her.  This goes on a long time.  The man getting sucked soon loses his hardon again from nerves and old age. 

Her partner wants to see her get fucked right here in the big room.  He says so, loudly.  I see him gesture to me.  She shakes her head.  “That’s too big.  Get Jerry to fuck me in a booth.”  Jerry is a regular here on nights when real women show up.  He is nicely hung—and, to my knowledge, has never made use of any of the men who’d help him out on other nights.  He is glad to be chosen and they all troop out to a private booth. 

The entire crowd goes with them to listen at the door— maybe hoping for sloppy seconds.  I am left with a Latino in his 40’s and an older Black man.  The Latino is right next to me.  He is barrel chested and with a big ass—an ass which he is just beginning to find out can give him pleasure.  I have rimmed him and fucked him a number of times in the past.  And I’ve tasted his load on a regular basis.  I was surprised when he told me he was married with a couple of kids.  The Black guy is maybe just a few years older than me.  There is grey at his temples and in his beard.  He has a thick sturdy frame—solid not fat.  He has had his thick 6 incher out for quite some time. 

The Latino reaches over to stroke my dick.  I let him.  The Black guy comes from the back wall and sits on the other side of me.  In moments, he stands up and his dripping, drooling fuck stick is in my mouth.   Black Guy grabs my ears and fucks my face just like I had done to the baby Latino earlier.  He is grunting his pleasure.  I think I’m going to get his load.  He pulls, roughly, out of my mouth.  My throat is full.  Bulging on each stroke.

“On your knees,” he orders me.  I pull away from the Latino’s rough hand on my cock.  I sink to my knees.  Black Guy lets me suck him at my own tempo.  Long slow strokes down the length of his super hard cock.  He has that fabulous sweat funk as I near his balls.  My tongue greedily tries to capture it.  He takes the hint—he sits and spreads his legs.  He grabs the back of my head and pulls me into his damp and hairy ball sack.  I groan.  I could shoot.  Right now.

My pants have fallen down my thighs.  My jockstrapped ass is in the air as he holds me in place slurping on his balls.  I feel the Latino’s finger playing with my hole as I go back to sucking Black Guy.

“I wanna fuck.”

He releases my head.  I come up for air, not sure if that command was directed at me.  It wasn’t.  The Latino is bending over the chair he’d been sitting on.

“Fuck me hard,” he tells the Black Guy. 

I watch as that black dick, wet with my spittle, shoves into his brown toned ass.  Black Guy does a jack rabbit fuck.  He pulls out and gestures for me in to go into the Latino.  I do.  I am pretty sure the Black Guy has unloaded—it feels incredibly creamy in there.

The door opens.  One of the white guys hoping to fuck the woman comes in.  He watches us.  And takes out his dick.  He jerks as I long dick the Latino.  I have men watching me now on both sides—stroking and making comments.

“Fuck that ass.”

“Fuck him hard.”

“Give him that big dick.”

“Not so deep,” begs the Latino.

I slow down and fuck him with just ¾ of my length.  This makes him groan.

I fuck some more.  Showing off.  I pull out.  My dick has jizz on it, and it’s not mine.  Black Guy has stealthed him.  “You want to fuck him?” I ask the new guy.

I’m actually surprised that a hairy, cum filled ass is just fine with him.  He sticks it in the sloppy hole.  He makes it sloppier in no time.  He lets the Latino know he’s being bred.

“Your turn,” the Latino pants.  “Cum in me.”

I stick it in him.  His hole feels wonderful.  I try to hold out a little, but I’m soon over the edge.  I fuck my two weeks of cum into him.  I let it marinate for a moment.  I pull out.  My flared cock head brings out a huge dollop of the mixed jizz that splatters on the dirty linoleum…  

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Brown Boys at the Bookstore

Near Home—July, 2016

I was able to take last night off.  I was at the bookstore by 9pm.  I needed sex.  It had been a couple of stressful weeks since I’d shot a load.  I parked in a lot that was three quarters full.  Got my ticket, pissed and went into the straight theatre…

There are eight men in the room.  I can feel the tension.  When they are all sitting bolt upright and not jacking, it means there is a woman in the building.  I sit in the one seat available that isn’t too close to the screen.

Sure enough she arrives with her beer-gutted beau.  She’s nothing much to look at, but the men are entranced with the idea that she may put out.  I have had three of the men who are waiting for her in my mouth and swallowed their loads.  But tonight they ignore me—hell, they might get the ‘real thing.’

She plays coy for a while, doing no more than knead her boyfriend/husband’s crotch.  I get bored and head next door to the gay theatre.  No one.  But the movie is bare and the men hot.  I’d rather jerk.  So I do.

I am into the second scene of the video.  The door opens.  It’s a very young Latino, a barely legal boy I’ve never seen before.  He is 5’ 6” or so in cargo shorts, a red tee shirt and a baseball cap.  His face is scruffy.  And his dick is hard.  He pulls out a hot 6 and half incher with a downward hook and a generous foreskin.  He pushes it right into mouth.  His eyes are riveted to my cock.  I jerk faster with this beauty in my mouth.  I slide off the chair and kneel in front of him.

My hands are all over his ass I as suck him.  I find his ass crack.  My finger hovers over his hole.  I make contact without trying for entry.  He groans.  I do it again.  I think he might shoot.  His response is to pull away.

“Stand up,” he tells me as he digs in the pocket of his shorts.  He pulls out a regular sized condom.  Does he think he’s going to fuck me?  He rips it open and rolls it open over my cock.  It’s damn tight.  I am about to say something when he sits on the chair and starts sucking me through the latex.  My horniness overrides my usual response to sucking with a condom on.  I turn his ball cap brim to the rear, hold on to his head and fuck his face.  He gasps and grunts and finally chokes.  He pulls off me, spits on my dick, stands up and turns his ass to me.

“Fuck me with that huge thing.”

I kneel and spit on his hole.  I love how soft his young skin feels to my hands and lips.  I tongue him for only a moment before my dick takes charge.  I stand up and slide right in.   He takes it like a champ.

“Fuck, you are the biggest I’ve ever had.  Bang my ass hard.”   He leans into my chair and I ‘bang his ass’ as hard as any man I’ve ever fucked.

He takes it for maybe five minutes.

A man comes in.  I’m sure the boy will pull off me, embarrassed.  But he doesn’t.  He just hides his face and lets me keep plowing.  The man watches a little, but soon the lure of the woman next door is too strong for him and he leaves us.

I pick up the pace.  I can feel the heat of his ass, but little else with the condom.  I fuck until I think he might shoot.  Instead he pulls off me.  The condom is covered in shit.  I’m thrilled for a change my cock was entirely covered.  We clean up—me a little, him a lot—in the bathroom in the arcade.  He pulls me into a booth for more of my mouth.  But a man is watching us through a gloryhole and my boy loses his erection.  I suggest he find me later.  He agrees, but I never see him again.

I go back to the straight theatre.  I stand next to the couch near the sofa where the couple sits along with a man stroking his hard cock.  She has progressed to sucking her man for all to see, though he has no dick to see at all. 

“Who has 8 inches?”  the man getting sucked asks the room.

Mine is put away and I have no interest in her going down on me.

“I do,” says the man sitting on the other side of the woman.

“Where?” cackles the husband.  “How do you measure that shrimp?”  And it’s true—it looks about 5 and a half to my practiced eye.

“From the scrotum, of course,” says the man, not put off at all. 

I go back to the gay side.

There is another brown boy there.  A college-athlete-gone-to-seed type.  Maybe 30. Jet black hair covering his cinnamon colored skin.  I sit and pull out my dick.  That gives him permission to pull out his.  He strokes a long thin dick.  Soon his big, hairy balls are pulled out and hang over the waistband of his white underwear.

“Can I suck it?”

He shakes his head.  He watches me stroke intently.  I stand so he can see me easier.  He reaches out his non-stroking hand and jerks me—so tight fisted I have to stop him.  I kneel in front of him.  I reach out to masturbate him.  He won’t let me touch him—afraid he’ll shoot.

“Sure you don’t want my mouth on your cock?”

He wrestles with this for several seconds before shaking his head.  His hand flies over his dick.

“Then let me lick your balls while you jerk.  That’s totally safe.”

He spreads his legs inviting me in.  I lick the heavy, hairy orbs.  He loves it.  His hand moves faster.  I can feel his balls start to tighten.  He stands up.

“Cum on my face.  On my beard,” I tell him.

He looks doubtful, but in an instant his cock takes over and he fires rope after rope of cum onto my cheek and beard.  I lean in and nuzzle his balls one last time.  He is bold enough to wipe his cock head on my beard.

I scoop up some of his cum with my forefinger and lick it clean.  He smiles.  Grins, really. 

“That was so much better than just cumming on the floor.”  He is pulled together and out the door fast.

I can only agree with him as I clean my beard with my fingers.  I suck them clean and go back next door—where things have gotten more interesting…

More to come with:   Brown Boys at the Bookstore Part II:  Not a Condom In Sight