Friday, July 20, 2018

Jake: Deeper and Deeper

My Playroom—May, 2018

My summer workload was to start the moment I came home from IML on Memorial Day.  I knew I was packing the sling for the piss party there, but I thought I’d get a start on packing up the whole playroom before I left.  Just as I was getting out the big suitcase for the rimseat and towels, I got a message from Jake, the fisting bottom I’ve known longer than anyone else on my current list of fuckbuds.  He was traveling home from the east coast and wondered if we could arrange a meet on his way home. 

I stopped packing and set things back up.

Jake looked a little tired when he arrived, right at when I’m usually sitting down for dinner—but tonight I had a different kind of meal in mind.  He hopped in the shower and looked refreshed when he came out.  He went up to the playroom and I went to my bedroom to put on my jock and boots...

Jake has put on the wrist restraints that hang from the chains.  I make a mental note of it to use them later.  I let him suck my cock to full hardness.  It doesn’t take long.  I have been thinking about this all day—one of the reasons I love to plan ahead.  I point to the fuck bench.  I want to bury my face in his ass—the ass I am going to use in so many ways tonight.

My tongue goes inside him.  He’s still warm and damp from the shower.  I leave behind generous amounts of spit.  I want as little artificial lube as possible for the first fuck.  I stand up and insert.  Jake gasps and opens the poppers.  The vapors open his hole.  I am fucking into his now juicy ass at full strength.  I pull out and walk the length of the bench to his head.  He doesn’t need any words to convince him to taste his ass juices on my dick.  He licks me clean. Hungrily. 

I plunge back into his ass.  I fuck him hard.  Eventually, I slow and pull out, offering him my cock once again to spit polish.  When I go back to his butt, I grab the egg-headed dildo and work that in first.  My cock travels down the ribbed shaft of the toy.  It has tightened his hole right back down to the feel I had when I began.  I fuck happily as Jake huffs more poppers.

I pull out and reach for the fairly large black butt plug.  It takes a moment even for this most accommodating ass to make the final stretch before it pops shut around the core of the toy.  I stretch him a little more—working at adding a fingertip in with the toy.

I fuck him some more.  Hard enough to get a groan or two out of him.

I grab the big black toy that reminds me vaguely of a Christmas tree, with its progressively bigger ridges for his ass to close around.   It gets sucked in.  My fist taps on the end—making it shake and move deep inside Jake.  There is no way I can add any of me into him with this toy—it’s that thick.

I now beat the end of the toy sticking out of his butt.  Jake groans.  I pull it out and fuck him on the bench one last time.

We move to the sling—but I unclip the lower end of the sling and let it hang by just two chains.  At the free end of the stand, I clip the restraints on his wrists to the hanging chains above his head.  I get the spreader bar and fasten the ankle restraints on either end of it to him.  I take the leather blindfold and buckle it around his head.  He is helpless.  And loving it.

I grab his nuts and pull the sack until it is as tight as possible.  I slap it with my open hand, again and again.  I use the leather paddle on them, too.  I move to his plump nipples.  I twist one.  I bite one.  I want to make sure that he doesn’t know what is going to happen to him next.  I go back to his balls.  I even suck his plumped, but not hard, cock for a bit.

I move around behind him.  My hard dick finds his ass crack.  I reach around and twist his nipples some more.  I kneel and paddle his ass, then begin licking it—needing to pull his cheeks apart.  I paddle the wet cheeks once more.  I want to piss his ass crack, but I haven’t drunk quite enough tea to make it happen.  I settle for fucking him roughly.  It feels totally different with him standing and being made to take it…


Jake is in the sling.  I have eight fingers in him.  I do a wide lateral stretch.  Hold.  Pull both hands out.  He’s ready.  My right hand glides into him.  Now the left.  Back and forth.  Sometimes with my thumb up.  Sometimes twisted so my thumb is down.

Now it goes in thumbs up and I turn it 180 degrees deep inside him.  And back again.  The right hand now does the same thing.

I repeat the toys. 

I fuck him a little more—but his ass now needs bigger things than my dick.

The speculum is lubed and inserted.  It’s cranked wide.  I play with his prostate.  I stroke it, over and over.  He tells me to pinch it.  My fingers find it again and I do as instructed.  Jake writhes in exquisite agony.

I stick my dick in him one last time.  I feel the blend of metal and flesh on my cock.  I fuck, pull out and go back to toying with his prostate, making his dick drool.

With the speculum out, my open right hand goes into him again.  Slowly.  It’s crawling deeper and deeper.  I find his second hole.  My middle finger pokes through.  I stand up.  I keep up the pressure and bend my hand so he can take another finger.  It’s as deep as I’ve ever been in him.  My cheek now rests on his belly.  I can feel my hand move inside him.  I keep moving forward.  Millimeter by millimeter.  Barely moving—but always with a slight forward push.

Jake signals he needs me to back off. 

I do.

But I go up him again.  Every bit as slowly and just as deeply.

This time he calls a halt.  His ass has taken more than I’ve ever given it.

We look at the clock:  three and a half hours of ass play.

We go off, well sated, to dinner.

Jake has also written up his version of this play session.  It is scheduled to be published in 24 hours.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Cock After Cock

Near Home—May, 2018

By the middle of the next week, I was incredibly horny.  CumUnion had not sated me, but made me boned.  I woke up on Wednesday with a massive hardon.  I couldn’t do anything about it until the weekend.  I didn’t even try to find someone online.  I wanted multiple men.  Multiple dicks in my mouth. Multiple men giving me head.  And a nice muscled ass where I could leave my load deep inside.

I found some of that at the bookstore…

The parking lot is about half full.  I go in, pay my admission and go to piss.  I put on my cock ring and then head to the straight side.  Two men are in the theatre—two regulars who make a point of showing disgust if anything gay happens near them.  I turn around and head to the gay theatre.  One man is watching, with his hand shoved under the waistband of his Bermuda shorts.  He’s not much to look at—but I’m cum hungry and don’t care.

We watch each other.  I take out my dick.  This emboldens him to take out his cock, too.  It’s bigger than average and, from the way he’s handling it, drooling a lot of precum.  I nod at him.  He spreads his legs slightly.  I take a drink from my water bottle, preparing to kneel in front of him.

The door opens.  In a flash his cock is put away.  A new man walks in and sits between us.  Even though the new guy hauls out his cock to jack (and I do the same) nothing will convince the first man to expose himself again.  I give him up for a lost cause.

Ten minutes later, the first man stands up to leave.  But he doesn’t—he goes into the dark area behind the door.  I glance back.  I can just see that his cock is out and drooling—waiting for me.  I go back, fall to my knees and take him in my mouth.  He grunts and gives me a load in a matter of minutes.
I lick him clean—but he wraps his cock in two or three layers of paper towels, before stuffing it back into his briefs and exits.

“Can I do that to you?” says the new man, as I sit back down.

I spread my legs—giving him access.

He gives me good head—if not great.  He enjoys it more than I do for in a few minutes he stops and, as he gets up, I see a puddle of his cum between my boots on the dirty linoleum.

I am alone for quite some time.

The Latino, who never cleans out but always wants to get fucked, enters.   He stays by the side wall, jerking his dick.  Soon he is fingering his ass, looking pointedly at my dick.  I’m not going there—knowing what I know.  A younger guy comes in.  I’ve seen him hanging around the arcade side before—but never in here.  He falls to his knees in front of me without asking and swallows me down.   I am amazed when the Latino come over and feeds me his cock.  He fucks my mouth as I am given really good head.  And the Latino cums in my mouth.  I swallow.  He takes off.

The kid keeps working on me…but my dick is programmed for a lot more stimulation.  He stops, looking up at me.  “Can’t you shoot?”

“I could if I fucked you.”

He is up and out the door instantly.

I wait.

Eventually, a man in his 40’s, with good muscles under a thin T-shirt, comes in.  He stands against the wall and gropes himself as he watches me stroke my cock in time to the fucking on the screen.

“You want it?”  I ask.

He nods and kneels between my legs.  He’s mostly a good sucker.  That is until he gets caught up in the moment and his teeth rake my hard cock.  He is stroking himself as he sucks.  Too late, I remember the pool of jizz down there and hope he’s wearing jeans he doesn’t really care about.  I listen to his breathing.  He has to be getting close.

“Don’t waste your load,” I mutter.  “Feed it to me.”

He grunts what I take to be assent.  In moments he stands up and sticks an uncut cock in my mouth.  He blasts a really delicious load down my throat.  I work his foreskin back with my tongue to clean every inch of his cock head.


I am alone a long time.  An older man, who I’ve fucked before, comes in.  He asks if I want to fuck. 
I tell him yes.

He drops his shorts and kneels on the seat of a chair.  I eat his ass.  He’s pretty hairless except for right around the not so tight pucker.

I enjoy the brief rimming.  I am actually eager to fuck and breed.

“Fuck me, man.”

I stand up and enter him.  My raw cock going into him feels really good after all the head from others.  I hold a moment on entry.  I feel him relax and start a slow fuck.


I comply.

“Give it to me,” he grunts out.

I fuck him as hard as I can.

“I’m going to shoot,” I tell him.

“Not inside!”  He twists away from my cock.  He sits on the seat—protecting his ass.  He fists his tiny dick.  I’m a good sport and go to my knees.  I take him in my mouth.  My finger worms into the hole I just fucked.

He gives me his small load the moment I touch his prostate.  He gets up and gets out of there fast.
I wait again.

No one.  Either side.  I am alone in entire store.

I’ve had four loads shot in my mouth—but my load has to join the one on the dirty linoleum. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

CumUnion Cums to Indy

Indianapolis—May, 2018

So the end of April was CLAW and you have likely read about my experiences there where I shared a room with the Professor and reported daily.  If not, here is the link to the beginning of that sex drenched weekend.

My first sex of May has also already been written up.  It was the re-match with Derrick and Jacob—where Jacob drank my piss for the first time.

By the second weekend of May, normally I would have gone into the piss party in Chicago, but with IML coming up Memorial Day Weekend, that gathering was delayed until IML.  I didn’t have to think too long about how to get my group sex quotient filled.  CumUnion had recently come to Indy and I wanted to check it out.  It was being held in one of the two bathhouses in that city—the one that is not a member of a national chain.

I used to go there quite regularly—using it as an overnight when I was working in the south.  I had come back to it when I was working near Indy in January.  It has three floors.  The sauna and steam room are in the basement, where they have also have tried to create a mini-slurp ramp but the platform is not the right height to use it properly, so let’s just call it a dark room.  There are also some single rooms down there and the lockers.  The first floor is all single rooms and a big screen projection room that does NOT show porn.  The top floor has a sling room, two television/porn lounges and many private rooms.

I checked into a motel (so I could actually sleep once CU was done), wrote a blog piece and drove over to the venue.  The parking lot was full…

It’s a good thing I want a locker—the rooms are gone—right at starting time.   I go down to the wet area and stow my clothes.  It’s busy.  Men of all types are everywhere.  Some are even groping each other while they look at a bank of televisions playing different porn channels.  I put my boots back on, add my yellow jock and my wrist bands.  I tuck the small lube bottle in the waist band of my jock and head upstairs. 

All the rooms have been taken by bottoms.  Everyone is ass up with either head buried in the pillow or looking at the porn on the television next to the bed.  Or the door is closed and you can hear the sounds of sex.  I sit in the larger, deserted TV room.  I knead my cock to plumpness, under the fabric on the pouch.  Guys begin to filter in.  A very hot, bearded blond is swaggering around with a hard seven inches.  He stands in front of me and pulls my head onto his slender cock.  I take him easily—and balls deep.  He begins to face fuck me.  I let him.  I move forward off the bench and to my knees.
The room begins to fill.

He likes me on my knees.  He holds onto my head and pumps.  Then he bends over me and reaches down to feel my hole—after all, aren’t all men in jocks bottoms?  I let him feel around as he doesn’t insert.  I finally stand up.  My cock has emerged from the pouch.  He takes one look at the size of it and moves away to fuck a very young man who is offering his hole—while holding his boyfriend’s hand.

Instantly a tatted cub comes over to suck me.  He’s great.  Soon he is offering me his hole, pulling off my cock and getting on all fours in front of me.  I join him on the floor.  I surprise him by rimming his used hole.  I glance at the hot blond.  I wait until he’s watching me before I plunge my cock into the Cub.  I fuck him until the Cub cums all over the padded floor.


A tall lanky Black guy is all over me.  He knows me—and I finally have to ask where we met.  He reminds me I fucked him in the sling at the Nasty Kink Pig orgy at CLAW.  Of course.  It’s so obvious once he tells me.  We exchange blow jobs in the smaller TV room.  We are joined by two others.  We all take turns sucking all four cocks.  My CLAW friend fucks the Ginger man.  I fuck the graying bear.  Then we change holes.  My CLAW partner makes him cum with his long curved cock.  I pull out of the Ginger and tell him to fuck him some more.  I eat the Black ass on the back stroke.  I know what he really wants.  I stand up and fuck his ass—sandwiched between the two us—until he breeds the Ginger.

I begin to felch…


I’ve been talking to ErosWired—an intelligent, funny bottom on BBRT and the Breeding Zone for some time.  I know he’s here tonight.  I want to see if his ass is as silky as advertised.

I find him in his room on the third floor.  He is astride the bed.  My tongue goes into his used hole.  He tastes great.  My cock soon follows—and yes, he is silky and talented.  I fuck him with his door open and we draw quite a crowd.  They are all talk—and rather loud at that.

I promise to find him later—it is too early for my load.


A Cub is in the TV room.  There is a large crowd of bottoms sitting watching the television—but the Cub is the only one offering his ass.  I make use of it every time I go in there.

I felch him.

I fuck him.

He cleans my cock with gusto.

He’s great.

The third time I share him with a Latino.

The Cub cums hard—one cock in his mouth and one in his ass.  He’s too tired to clean the Latino’s dick.  I take care of that for him…


It’s approaching the fifth and final hour of Cum Union.

I go into the steam room.  ErosWired is standing against the wall, his ass jutting out, invitingly.  Other men are there.  A beefy guy with a shaved head gets into EW before me.  I stroke as I watch his brutal fuck.

He pulls out.  I start to stand up and a large Black guy gets into his ass first.  Shaved Head is letting me suck EW’s juices off his dick.  When the Black guy pulls out, I do the same for him.  One dick on either side of me.  Shaved Head goes to fuck again.  He rabbit punches that willing ass.

He pulls out offering me his dick.  I lick him off and spit it onto EW’s hole.  I finally get to fuck.  His hole has been busy since I was here last.  It was great before—now it is fabulous.

“I want to cum.”  It’s the Black.

I pull out and let him fuck a load into EW.

The moment he pulls his dripping dick out—I move to get my dick in there with his fresh jizz.  I slip in—and my dick does that involuntary spew of seed—ejaculation without much feeling.  I pull out, kneel on the wet tiles and felch our two freshly mingled loads.  I’m still rampant.  Getting the mix of cum is my mouth triggers my real orgasm.  I stand up and blow a second time into his abused hole…

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Second Hole

My Playroom—April, 2018

Just before I left for CLAW I was online—mostly chatting with men I knew.  A hot young man I didn’t recognize sent me a message.  He was in town for the weekend and was fascinated by the size of my dick.  He wondered the usual:  What was I doing?  And would I be interested in breeding him? 
I asked when did he want to do this?

He said the sooner the better.  I can rarely drop everything and fuck without making plans in advance, but I could today.  So I did.  He needed to come here as he was staying at his parents.  He would hit the road the moment he “freshened up” in the shower.

H arrived in less than 45 minutes.  He looked even hotter than his pics, which had been really good.  He was likely 30+, not the advertised late 20’s.  Medium height, dark blond hair cut close to the scalp.  His expensive, though casual, clothes were quickly stowed in the drawer of the bureau reserved for visitors.  He had expensive, beautifully colored and interconnected tats on his arms and down his chest and back.

He told me he was visiting his hometown from a much bigger mid-western city.  And he wanted cock.  Mine.  In his ass.

Not much more was said.  He got up on the fuck bench with his silicone lubricant balanced on the floor by his head.  He looked up into the mirror in front of him, grinned at me and opened his poppers…

Just looking at his hairless ass is getting me hard.  Tasting it sends a current of electricity to my cock.  I am fully erect as I began to probe his rather loose pucker.  I tongue him deep and he groans.  He inhales again.  He slathers his dick with silicone lube and jerks with the invasion of my tongue.  His hole is wet and responsive.

I stand up.  I spit in his hole.  My dick slaps his butt and I push in.

“Fuck, yeah…Fuck me with that big cock!”

My cock glides into him.  All the way in.  I bottom out without a pause.  He huffs again and his hole opens still more.  He’s a great fuck.  His ass is self lubing like crazy.  He squeezes my dick repeatedly.  He must get those pump & dump tops off in no time. 

I pull out.  I taste his semi-frothy hole.  I swallow hungrily. 

“You’re a pig,” the boy on my bench tells me.  “Can we try the sling?”

We move over to the sling.  I stirrup his ankles as he uncaps his poppers.  I don’t spend as long licking his hole—I want my dick back inside him.  I stand up and shove it in.  Rather hard.  The boy grunts his satisfaction.  I keep it there—and batter his second hole.

Poppers open.  He takes a hit—and I’m in. 

“Fuck, you’re deep.  I….love that.”

I fuck—deep strokes.  I pull almost all the way out before ramming it back in. 

Each.  Stroke.  Balls.  Deep.

I pull out.  I kneel and push my face into his wet hole.  I stick in my tongue into him—and I am felching, not just licking his ass.  I rock back on my heels and catch his eyes in the mirror over the sling. 

“You’re loaded, aren’t you?”

He actually blushes.

“I didn’t think you’d find out, but you’re really big.”

“I love it,” I reassure him.

“I got fucked by this 18 year old Black guy this morning.  A little longer than you, but not as thick.  He came like four times in my cunt.  I thought I rinsed him out but all his loads must have been shot into my second hole.”

I stand up, stick my dick in him.  I root around with it and pull out more cum with my flared dick head.  I eat it up—silently thanking some kid in Battle Creek who has no idea how much joy he’s giving me.

I fuck him.

I clean his cummy hole.

I fuck him.

I offer him my cum covered cock—but that doesn’t seem to be his thing.  I wipe it on his hole and eat it myself.

I do this again and again.

The idea is turning him on.  He is beating his small dick hard and fast.

“Cum in me.”

I just fuck him.

“Give me a load.”  He huffs his poppers.  “Fill me deep!”  He beats his cock.  “Mix your cum with his!”

That does it.  I am unloading deep in his ass.  Through the second sphincter. 

He goes home, unshowered. 

I wonder if anyone gets to fuck in my cum…


There is a reminder of the cumslut the next day.  I find my front door knob covered in silicone lube.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Piss Newbie

My Playroom—April, 2018

Back on March 8th I was working on a post and then, instead of writing that night, I went out to meet a newbie to talk about piss play.  (You’ll find it here.)  But let me quote a little: 

“…A young man wanted to meet in a neutral space.  I agreed.  I found him there drinking coffee and immersed in his phone.  He was in his mid-20's, handsome and had long dreadlocks brushing his shoulders.  He wanted to know about piss play.  About my playroom.  How to prep for it.  How I liked to play with piss.

I was eager to share.

We chose not to get wet last night.  Partly for I have a big day today and didn't want to wake up every half hour to piss.  Partly for the cold snap here in Michigan has made my playroom cold--even with a space heater--it was not the night to be covered in piss while I ate his ass.

But I'm sure you will be reading about it soon on these pages.

Well, it took us until April for our schedules to mesh and for the weather to get warm enough to do piss play in my drafty old house.  But meet we did…and here it is…

He’s right on time.  The door bell sounds loud announcing his arrival.  He comes in, rather flustered and nervous.  He wants to sit in the living room and talk a little—“If that’s Ok.”

I agree and we sit, both clutching our Gatorade bottles.  We talk of his drive down (he had to stop twice to piss) and his work schedule (which sounds much like mine for the summer.)  I ask if he’s still looking for an all piss and oral meet.  Yup, there will be no anal today and that’s fine as long as I know it going in.  We chat until he’s relaxed and he says he’s ready to go upstairs.  He strips and ties the dreads up under a bandanna—there’s no way he wants those soaked.  He has a good, if not ripped, body.  He is naked.  I keep on the dirty jock I’m making reek for a filthy Canadian.  And my combat boots reserved for the piss party.

We move to each other and kiss, standing up.  He’s good.    His cock swells enough to nudge my balls.  He breaks the kiss.  “I really have to piss.  How do…”

My answer is to fall to my knees and take him in my mouth, lightly, just his slightly swollen cock on my tongue.  He takes a moment—and then blasts a huge stream of pale liquid down my throat.  All at once.  No starts and stops.  I swallow like mad.  I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste any or choke on his first piss feed.  I manage it all down.  It’s incredibly sweet.  And the look on his face—the delight in seeing me drain him dry— is priceless.

Once it stops, I begin sucking his cock.  I have him hard instantly.  I stand up.  We kiss again.  He likes the remnants of the piss in my mouth.

“That was super hot,” he says.  “You ready?”

“I want to check it to make sure it’s diluted enough.  Get up on the fuck bench.”

He does.  I kneel behind him and begin tonguing the crack of his bubble butt.  There is coarse black hair up and down his crack.  I begin licking the length of his ass crack—pulling his cheeks apart.  He moans and tells me that feels wonderful.  I begin drilling his hole.  He likes that, too.  Enough that he reaches back and helps hold his spread cheeks.

I take the opportunity to stand up.  My cock brushes by his hole on the ascent.  And I start to piss on his ass crack.

“Fuccccccck!  That’s so hot!”

I stop the stream and go back to my knees.  I lick the piss out of his ass crack where it is dripping from all the wiry hairs.   He moans again and tells me to eat him out.  I lick up every drop I can.  I stand back up and spray him again.

I fall to my knees again and clean up round two.  When my tongue has found every drop, I stand up.  I still have some in my bladder. 

“I have some for you to drink.”  I’m thinking I might just go around and hose his open mouth, but in a flash he’s off the bench and on his knees in front of me.

“Give it to me.”  I stick my hard cock in his mouth.  It barely deflates at all before I piss.  Long and fast.  Making him work to drink me down.

“You like that?”

He makes the most erotic sounding swallowing noises of assent.  When he’s done, he stands up and gives me the biggest kiss.  Well, fuck me, he saved some of my piss and is giving it back to me.  Fuck, yeah!  We yellow ball it back and forth, until I get greedy and swallow it.

“Let’s use the sling.”

He gets in.  I adjust his legs in the stirrups.  I lick his ass for a moment, but then stand and bend to suck his cock.  I haven’t had it fully hard in my mouth yet.  It fills it nicely.  I work his dick with my tongue until I’m rewarded with a taste of his precum.

I fall to my knees and work his precum into his now slightly open hole.  He figures out just what I’m doing—and his response it to beat his dick faster and to plead for more piss.

In the end, he pisses before I do.  I take some in my mouth with him lying there.  After a second or two, I pull off him and he is spraying down his own chest.  It is still a strong enough spray to reach his chin, but now quite into his mouth.  I help that by lapping up puddles of piss on his belly and feeding them to him.  This makes him fully erect again.  I repeat licking it up and feeding him—over and over.

My next piss spurt covers his hard cock.  I suck it clean.  The next piss spurt goes into his armpit—but it’s not enough to get rid of the antiperspirant he has to wear for work.

I send the next gush into his open mouth.  I deliberately let it play over his chin, too.  He cranes to get it down his throat.

He’s soaked.  Really, really wet.

“I could cum.”

I move between his suspended legs and take his dick in my mouth.  In moments I get a big creamy load.  Spurt after spurt.  I hold him in my mouth, letting him go soft.  I’m guessing he will have more piss for me. 

He does.  He lets it fly with a whimper.  I swallow and beat my own cock.  He runs dry.  I straighten up.

I spit some of his piss onto his deflating cock.  I don’t really need to cum—but decide to—I splatter out a big load all over his dripping balls—loving the color contrast of white on black.

“Well?”  I ask when we both have caught our breath.  “Worth the wait?”

He nods, delighted.  “I can’t wait to do it again.”

And I show him the way to the shower…