Monday, October 17, 2016

Idle Hands

Northwest Indiana—August, 2016

Many days during my stay in Indiana, I was only working for a few hours each morning.  That left me with lots of time to get into trouble.  Idle hands, my maternal grandmother had always warned we, would lead me right into the Devil’s workshop.  Well, I went to entertain the old goat as often as I could.

Here are a few moments from my visits to the bookstore farthest away from my hotel.  It’s the backroom with four screens on the wall showing various types of porn.  And it has all those ancient sofas…

I push through the curtain.  Empty.  I look at the four screens.  Pretty traditional straight porn.  The gay boys are too young.  The she-male stuff looks like it was filmed with a Super 8 camera in 1982.  I sit down in front of the bi-sexual screen.  It seems to be particularly nasty—and, surprisingly, raw.  I stroke happily and wait.

“Well, hello there!” 

An older man has just walked through the curtain from the store proper.  Two other men, about his age, catch the curtain and follow him in.  The speaker is very tan, greying at the temples and immaculately well dressed—especially for a place where you are likely to haul your dick out. 

“I was hoping you’d be here.   Your mouth is so talented.”

I must have looked confused.

“I was here on Monday,” he says, finally lowering his voice.  “You made me shoot so hard I brought two friends to sample that tongue of yours.”

I smile.  I think this might be a first.  And I do recognize the guy.  His load was drooled into the condom of cum that went up the piss pig’s ass last week.

He wastes no time.  “Things to do,” he tells me as he unzips.  His pink dick is out and perky.  He steps to the side of the sofa where I’m sitting and sticks it right in my mouth.  I hear the other guys unzip.  I do all my tricks, concentrating my tongue action on his cock head and piss slit.

He pulls out of me with a:  “I’m too close.”  He gestures another guy to step forward.  If the first one is headed to his job at the bank after he shoots, this guy looks like I’m the warm up for his round of golf.  He sticks a very small dick in my mouth.  Almost instantly he spews a load all over my tongue.
“Didn’t I tell you?!” the first man chortles.  “Let me back in there.”

He pushes his dick back in my mouth.  I suck.  Again he pulls out, with a “Your turn.”  The third man, also headed to the course, sticks a fat, veiny prick in my mouth.  It’s the same story.  I have his load with barely doing any work at all.

“My turn.”  The leader fucks my face briefly and shoots noisily.  He lets me clean him off for a moment, but then it’s too much.  He cleans himself with a very expensive looking handkerchief.

“Good work, son.”  I actually blush.  He pats me on the head and shepherds the guys out of the store.

Another day.

I don’t do the man stroking himself through his panty hose.  And I don’t think he actually wants me to—he just wants me to acknowledge that he looks pretty.

The place fills with about 10 older men.  But no one will do anything.  I stroke and show off what I have.  I finally get a guy down between my legs.  He has no stamina—and it’s just as well, his teeth are all over my cock head.

A college aged man walks in.  A rarity here.  He sits on the same couch as me, in the bi-sexual area.  He pulls out a very hard, very respectable dick.  The men stand behind our sofa and watch him jerk it.  I wait until there is a pearl of cum on his cock head.

“You want that sucked?”

He shakes his head.  And proceeds to pull his t-shirt up, yoking it behind his head.  He’s ripped.  Pecs and abs glisten. And he’s obviously expecting to shoot a massive load all over them.

“You sure?”  I want him.  Badly.

He grabs his ball sac and pulls them away from his shaft.  He looks at me and nods.

I waste no time getting between his hairy legs and licking those beautiful, full orbs.  I make them wet and slippery.  He lets out a hot moan that makes the men behind him jerk faster.  I start to go up his shaft with my tongue to see what he does.  He pushes my head back down.  I get it.  He wants no exchange of fluids.  I can deal with that with him. If I have to.   I go back to his balls with renewed vigor.  They are beginning to tighten.

A Daddy, with a shaved head and a thick cock in his hand, steps closer to us.  His angry red dick head is mostly covered with a thick piece of foreskin.

“Suck his dick,” he tells me.

“He doesn’t want me to...” I start.

“Bull shit.”  The man grabs the young man’s head and forces his drooling, foreskinned cock into the boy’s mouth.  And the young man allows himself to be face fucked.

I’m in shock—but just for a moment.  The young man explodes.   All over his contoured pecs and ripped abs.  The Daddy doesn’t let him go.  So I dive in and lick the cum off him his chest and stomach—making sure I don’t lick his dick.  He squirms—but he lets me do it.  I get every drop I can.

“You.”  The Daddy has dropped the young man’s head and pulls me up by the collar.  “Kiss me.”
Our lips meet, with much of that fresh, young jizz still in my mouth.  The boy scrambles away from us and into the bathroom.  The Daddy breaks the kiss first.  His hands find my shoulders.  And pushes me down.  “Now suck my dick.”

I do.

He doesn’t want to share that load…


Two years ago, the very first thing I saw happening in this bookstore was a good looking, middle aged guy getting fucked.  The last day I went to this particular Devil’s Workshop, I got to fuck him myself.  He was great.  He begged for my load and I couldn’t help but give it to him.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Piss Fuck: As Wet as It Gets

Northwest Indiana—August, 2016

I settled into my hotel—my home away from home for the next two weeks.  It was the same area (same hotel, even) where I’d had little luck getting kinky men to my room last year.  But in this area I did have three different bookstores in the immediate area.  I got online and changed my location on all of the hook up sites.  On the most vanilla site, I was instantly hit on by a hot looking man.  He was in a hotel in my hometown—the one I’d just left— and was looking to be bred and for piss play. 


I explained to him where I was and that I was just in the process of changing my location when he wrote.

“I will drive to you for that dick.”

I explained again I was 80 miles farther west.  It made no difference.  He wanted as many loads as I could get into him and to drown in my piss.  We set up a time for the next night. 

In the morning, I set up the sling with a ton of plastic under the frame and towels to catch the run off.  I checked in with him online.  Everything was still a “go.”  I only had to work for two hours that morning.  I did that—and then took off for the bookstore which had a backroom lounge with four screens (and couches in front of each) and many older men.

I wanted some warm up. 

I pushed past the cheap curtain.  I walked in on three men jerking each other off as they watched bi-sexual porn.   I undid my pants, fisted my erect dick and knelt in front of the nearest man.  He came in my mouth in mere moments.  I fumbled in my pocket and pulled out a Magnum…


My trick is running late.  I get a text.  He’s in the parking lot.  In moments he’s in the door and in the shower.  He needs to do a full clean up—so I watch the German porn I have playing on my computer.
“Could you bring me my Gatorade?”  Joe has left it by his pile of clothes.  I hand it to him in the tub.  I love what I see.  He’s 10 to 15 years younger than I am and works outside for his living.  He’s tanned and muscled and rather hairy.  The dark hair on his head has been lightened by the sun.  I tell him to drink up.  I go back to the porn, but I don’t have too long to wait.

He’s out and toweling himself off.  “I need to be dry, so I can feel how wet I’m going to get.”

My bladder is full—has been for quite a while—with him running late.  I’ve wasted a clear piss load down the toilet waiting for him.

“Knees,” I tell him, standing by the sling frame.

He kneels in front of me, the white hotel towel extra white against his tanned skin.  I let him nuzzle the pouch of my jock for a moment.  But only a moment.  I need to unload.  Now.  I get my half hard cock out and rest it on his lower lip.  As badly as I need to piss, it still takes a moment to “re-connect” into piss mode.  But there’s the first spurt…Joe gurgles happily and swallows.  I am pissing full tilt now.  I try to slow the deluge, but can’t.  He swallows every drop. 

“Fuck,” he says, rather breathless.  “Why are piss men so hard to find?”

I don’t answer, I just push my hardening cock deep into his mouth.  He sucks me avidly—and well.  I finally stop him and get him into the sling.  I eat his hot, pink hole.  It tastes of soap.  I splat a little more piss on it and go back to tonguing it open.  I move up to his balls.  His cock.  Just enough to get a drip of precum on my tongue for his hole.  I push it in.  I stand.  And add my dick.

“Fuck, yes!” 

I shush him slightly—reminding him we’re in a hotel.

Then I begin a very wet fuck.  This man produces a ton of ass lube.  This only make me hornier.  I spend the next 45 minutes going back and forth between tongue and dick in his hole.


I pull out after a hard fuck.  My cock bounces and hoses his entire chest down with piss.  One splash going into his open mouth.  I lean over and lap up a large pool between his pecs.  I hold it in my mouth and lean all the way up to kiss him.  I yellow-ball him the piss.  He groans as he swallows it all.

I go back to fucking.  He holds his cock up in the air and begins to piss himself.  He points it at me.  I sheets down my chest and abs and onto his ass cheeks.  I pull out and kneel, getting the last of it sluicing down his ass crack as I push some into his ass with my tongue.

“Fucker.  Fill me up.”

I stand up.  I go to the tiny in room fridge.  I pull out a plastic drinking cup.  I go back to him and stand between his legs, my hard cock lying on his balls.

“Remember what you said about other guys?”

“Yeah.  I love a hot gangbang.”

“Well, I couldn’t do that.  But I have their cum.”  I pull out the Magnum from this morning.  “I went to a bookstore here in town and sucked off 13 guys.  Some of them were so deep in my throat I had to swallow—but here are 10 loads.”  I hold the condom just above his dick.  He’s been soft while I fucked—but he’s rock hard now.  His dick bats at the full condom like it’s a piƱata.  “You want me to stick these loads in you?”

“Do it.  Fill me up.”

I hold the ringed end as tight as I can to his puffy ass lips.  My finger starts poking the contents into him.  I manage to turn the rubber inside out deep into his guts.  I smear the remaining sperm clinging to the latex onto my dick.  I fuck into him.

Heaven.  It’s so damn silky.

Joe is beating his dick like crazy.  I bat his hand away.  “Feel that?  You have 10 loads in you.  And 8 of them are from men you likely wouldn’t let fuck you.”

Joe groans and calls me a filthy fucker.

“And you love it.  Look at your cock.”

Joe is now whimpering.  “I love it.  Love it.  I love cum.  Let me taste it.  Please.”

I pull my sperm covered dick out and bring it to his mouth.  He cleans me off . 

We kiss.

I clean up all the sperm around his hole. 

We kiss.

I fuck him again and we repeat the cleanings. 

And the kissing.

“You gonna cum in me with all those other guys?”

I slow my fuck before I answer.  “Not yet.   What did you want me to do?”

“Fuck me.”

“Is that all?”

“Yeah, fuck me and piss on me.”

I stop moving totally.  “And what else?”

“To…piss fuck me.”

“Yeah.”  And I let my built up piss start to rush into his ass.

“Of fuck, yeah.  Piss me!”

I don’t care about the neighbors anymore.  I start to piston in and out, churning all that cum, ass lube, spit and piss, as I continue to hose down his colon.  I fuck.  It sloshes out of his stretched hole and falls to the towels below.  And on my boots.  I can’t take my eyes off the ecstatic look on his face.

I pull out.  A flow of piss and cum comes, too.  I kneel and lick around his sopping hole.  He waits until my tongue tickles his pucker.  And he pushes.  He sends a huge jet of piss from his ass into my mouth and down my throat.  I am caught off guard.  But my cock tells me how much I love it.  Joe gives me a second squirt.  This time I stand up with it still in my mouth.  I insert my cock into his soupy ass and lean across his hard, wet torso.

“Give it to me,” he whispers.

Our mouths meet.  I give him the mix of cum and piss.  Our tongues clean each other’s mouths. We kiss hard.  I feel his cock explode against my stomach.  Still locked together, I give two thrusts and shoot even more jizz into his guts.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Back to the Farmhouse

Amish Country, IN—August, 2016

I picked up an additional job at the end of summer, taking me back into Amish country.  I immediately wrote the pig with the terrific playroom in his farmhouse’s basement.  He was all for a meet.  I dropped my things at my motel, ate a light dinner and went to ravage him.

He was stoked.  He gets very little play from the Amish men in the area.  He knew 48 hours before I was there.  So he fasted.  He cleaned out.  He was so ready to take my tongue, my cock and my fist…

He’s in the sling.  Blindfolded.  I make my way down the dark stairs and stare at the spread-eagled ass in front of me.  I undo my belt noisily.  I take in his black and red harness.  The fully mounded pouch of his white jock—chosen so it will show my piss.  I pause after I pop the top button of my jeans.  I can’t help myself.  I kneel and stick my tongue as deep as I can into his hole.

“Argh!  Fuck, yeah.”  His breath quickens.  “Eat me out.  Yeah—just like that.”

I stand up and pull my dick out.  I hose his ass crack down.  It sluices down his ass cleft and splatters on the towels laid out on the concrete below.  I hunker down and clean him up with my tongue.  I grab a tiny (for him) dildo from the table.  I grease it as I lick his hole some more.  I stand up and insert the toy.  Roughly.  To keep him full as I finish undressing.

I take a long drink of a Gatorade he has thoughtfully set out for me under the toy table.  I look at the huge collection of ass toys he inserts up this butt himself when he can find no one else willing to play.
I get naked but for my jock and put the boots back on.  I have worn the jock I am filling with my juices for a blog reader.  It is pretty rank.  I walk to the head of the sling.  I bend his head my way and press the pouch into his open mouth.  He chews the fabric like I have just given him a delicacy.  He can’t get enough.

“Get it good and wet.”  I tell him I that after our fuck, I want to press it up his cum filled pussy—to soak up all our juices for my reader.

“That’s so hot.  You should make one for me.”

I pull the pouch aside and let him have my dick. 

But head with a guy in as sling is almost always a bad angle.

I go back to his ass and slide the dildo out.  My cock is wet enough to go right in.  I fuck him.  Long deep strokes.  I fuck him hard. 

I feel something change.  I pull out.

He is spectacularly dirty.  Not just a little.  I get the blindfold off him and he runs up the stairs.  I clean at the laundry tubs in the corner.

He’s gone forever.  Finally, I hear slow footsteps coming down the stairs.

“I over cleaned,” he tells me.  “I used too much water—all trapped in the upper chamber.  It’s started a whole new cycle—I won’t be clean for hours.”

I regretfully pack and leave.


But I’m horned.  What do I do?  I know I won’t get anyone to my country hotel.  I head to South Bend and go to the biggest of the cities bookstores.

It’s a week night. And late when I get there.  The arcade is almost deserted.

I find a grey haired Daddy stroking to bi porn.  We trade blow jobs.

“I really want you to fuck me.”  But in the next breath he tells me he isn’t prepared.

We take a break. 

Eventually I swallow his load.


I sit alone in a booth.  Door unlocked.  Stroking to a gay gangbang movie.

There is no one.

The door finally opens.  A middle- aged Black man.  In good shape.  He’s relieved to see someone actually in the arcade—and with a big cock.  He drops his shorts—taking them all the way off and tossing them on the couch.  His cock is hard.  His foreskin is big enough that it still covers the cock head with his cock erect. 

It goes into my mouth.  Work as hard as I can with my tongue, I can’t get it to retract.  But there’s no odor or taste.  I redouble my efforts.

I am sucking him towards orgasm quickly.

“Stop,” he pants.  “I want to taste yours, too.”

He gives me some good head—but it gets him even hotter.  He pulls off me with a hissed “I’m cumming.”

He stands up and I dive for his cock.  There are no spurts.  It all collects in his foreskin.  My tongue works on his extra skin until most of his seed drips out of his tight opening and onto my tongue.


I never did get off that night.

But I felt worse for my host with his limited play options.

If you haven’t read about him in Forced Entry or Flogging, Fucking and Fisting at the Farmhouse, I have linked them here:  F. Entry  & FFF@F.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

House Party--New Asses and Well Used Holes

Northwest Indiana—August, 2016

It was the third Friday night of August.  That meant it was the night of the sex party in northern Indiana where the host lets 30 to 100 men play all over his house:  on a sofa in the upstairs living room (where vanilla porn is playing); on a sofa bed in what is normally a dining area; in the guest bedroom where lubes and condoms are placed out; under the lower level stairs where there are glory holes; in a lower level home theatre area on couches where bareback porn is showing on the wall; in the darkened storage area in the far corner of the lower level—where naked men bend over and do things they don’t want others to see them doing…

I get naked fast.  I realize I have forgotten my good jock and the piss jock in the bag smells way too strong for this gathering.  I put my underwear back on.  I like my thickening cock cradled with some sort of support.  I put my boots back on, tuck my lube in my waistband and take the tour. 


It’s a young Latino who I recognize from previous groups.  He pulls me into the back bathroom.  He locks the door and falls to his knees on the hard tile.  The underwear comes down to my knees.  He gives me toothy head.  His mouth is way too small and it hurts.  I have to stop him.  I reach down and stick a finger in his ass.

“Not yet.  I need someone smaller first.”

I agree—but never see him again that night.

No one is in the bedroom yet—but it’s early.  Two men are stroking in the living room.  Their eyes are riveted to the screen, not at me.  I go downstairs.  Lots of men at the bar.  Several are getting and giving head in the theatre area.  I step into the back corner.  My eyes adjust.  A hot, ripped blond is on his knees sucking my friend and fellow blogger, Ryan.  I have never seen the blond, but I hope he is going to get fucked.  My eyes meet Ryan’s and he grins and indicates the man on the floor.  I walk over and get my spit slick cock out of my underwear.  I push it near the blond’s mouth.

“Well, fuck,” he says as he pulls off Ryan and looks at my cock and then up into my eyes.  He takes me into his mouth and makes up for the earlier bad head.  He pulls off me.  “This needs to go up my ass—but not until I get opened up.”  He goes back to sucking Ryan, while holding on to my shaft.  Then he’s back on me.  Back and forth.

I look over at the padded ledge that serves as a fuck bench.  There sits Miguel, another Latino Ryan introduced me to.  (A pictorial post of his gangbang is here.)  I smile and he comes over and kneels next to the blond.  Miguel takes me out of the blond’s hand and into his own mouth.  He gets me wet with long and deep strokes into his mouth.


I nod.

Miguel bends over, supporting himself on the ledge and offers me his hot ass.  I kneel and stick my tongue into him.  He’s certainly been fucked—if not loaded.  This makes me dig deeper. 

“Fuck him.”  It’s the blond, now watching us and bent over right next to him.  Some man with a small dick is about to enter the blond.  I stand up.  We mount the two bottoms at the same time.  Miguel begins to fuck back on the full length of my dick the moment I’m inside.  I watch the blond get comfortable with the dick inside him.  He lets out a groan.  Miguel all but growls as he takes the battering I’m giving him.  Miguel turns his head towards the blond.  They kiss as they get their holes plowed. 

Ryan replaces the small guy up the blond.  His dick is quite a bit bigger and the blond is taking it to the hilt.  Miguel pulls off me, sinks to his knees and tastes his ass all over my dick.   I pull Miguel up and toss him on his back.  His legs shoot skyward and I dive back into his fuck hole.

Ryan is panting.  I wonder if he’s about to cum.  Instead he asks “Switch?”

I nod.  I pull out of Miguel.  Miguel slides to the floor and gets on all fours for Ryan.  I hunker down and taste the blond’s hole for the first time.  It tastes of pre-cum. I dig deeper and the blond groans.

Something isn’t right.  I can’t feel my tongue.  Dammit.  The blond has used some sort of numbing agent up his butt.  I spit and stand up.  I start to enter him.


I pull back out.

“Let me sit on it.”

I lay down on the shelf.  He clambers up and slowly settles down on my cock.  “That’s it…Oh, fuck…” he croons.  He is soon riding me like I’m a bronco in a rodeo.  We attract quite a crowd. 
We fuck a long time.  Finally he slows, when he realizes he can’t get a load out of me this early in the evening.  He thanks me.  I know who I want to load in a few hours from now—but he goes home early. 


I fuck Miguel again in the dark area.  Hard and long.  He's loaded now for sure--and I'm churning it.

I stop and felch the unknown man's load.


In the upstairs bedroom, two beautiful, young Black men take turns riding my face.  They are safe-sexers and this is all they want from me.  But I do my job very well.  Their asses want more when they pull off my face.  I allow myself to be Magnumed-up and the one with long dread locks rides me until he spurts out a load all over my chest.  He heads for the bathroom.

The other buff Black guy eyes my cock.  “I need to cum too, so we can go.” 

I hand him another Magnum.  He shakes his head and pulls me up off the bed.

We go down to the lower level.  The back area is empty, but too many guys have seen us head back there and follow. 

“Bathroom,” I mutter and we close the door on the on lookers.

“Fuck me until I cum.”

I hold up the condom again.

He takes it and tosses it away.  “I want you up my butt raw.  Just don’t cum in me.”

I grin.  He puts one leg up on the sink and I push into his spit wet hole.  He’s tight and velvety.

“Choke me.” 

It takes me a second for it to sink in, then my hand finds his neck.  I squeeze it as I pump.  Almost instantly, his big cock dumps a load on the tiled floor.


My two bottoms have gone home. 

I do some oral.  I get a load down my throat.

I watch two very young men fuck.  When they stop—just short of cumming—I ask the bottom if he want s another dick.

“You’re too big for me, but you can eat me out.”

I lay on the bed and have a third young ass on my face.  I jerk.  I’m close. 

He gets off me.  “Great,” he tells me, “It’s just too much after his fuck.”  He nods towards the top who is lying next to us and stroking.

“You can eat my hole, if you want,” the top tells me.  He gets on all fours and juts his hairless ass towards me.  I tongue fuck him.  I make him cry out in pleasure.  And shoot.  He collapses on the bed.

I rear up and swivel around.  I unload my entire pent up evening all over his surprised (and pleased) face.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Bonus Post: FP Elsewhere on the Web

I played with Jacob and Derrick this weekend.

He posted this hot picture of our play.

Click here to take you there.

We had Jacob hooded and restrained on a chair as I moved my good fuckbench into their playroom.

It was great surprising him.

Even better fucking him.

And fisting him, too.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Kurt Takes On the Room--Part II--The Aftermath

Near Home—August, 2016

This picks up from where the last post left off when I was left alone in the gay theatre after Kurt’s orgy…

I sit and watch the movie.

A new man walks in.  He’s built, blond and with striking good looks.  I guess he’s in his early 40’s.  He looks at me, sitting in the chair to my right.  He turns to me.  “A guy in the arcade says you feed piss.  Got any?”

“Not quite yet.”  I deliberately open my water bottle and take a hefty swig.  “But soon.”

“Can I suck that thing ‘til you do?”  He points at my cock, which has a new pearl of pre-cum on the slit.


He gets on his knees between my legs and makes a dive for cock.

“Whoa.”  I push back against his shoulder and look him in the eye.  “Lick the jizz off first.  Savor it.”
His whole demeanor changes.  He takes my cock in both his hands and almost reverently licks my piss slit.  He grunts under his breath at the taste of my pre-cum.  He squeezes my shaft and another drop appears.  He touches it with his tongue and then pulls his head back.  The pre-cum forms a pearly strand.  Just before it breaks, his head dives back down and he engulfs my wet dick.

It’s my turn to grunt.   He’s the kind of cock sucker you hope for.  He understands protecting my big flared head from his teeth.  He knows about suction.  About spit.  About verbal appreciation as my cock keeps leaking.  I can only guess it’s from years of parking himself on the other side of any gloryhole he can find.

He pulls off me.  “That’s a great dick.”  He swallows hard.  “Fuck my mouth.”

I stand up.  I grab him by the ears and hold him still.  “Open.”  I don’t need to tell him what to do, but he responds with a whimper in the back of his throat.  That’s all I need.  I go into Dom Top mode.  I hold him with my left hand, and slap my wet shaft against this cheek.  One side, then the other.  

“Stick out your tongue.”  He does.  I slap it two times before I shove into his wet mouth.

I fuck into him—short strokes at first.  Soon I lengthen them.  Then the test: to the root.  I grind my bushy pubes into his nose.  He takes me all.  And again.  This time he gags.  And he loves it.

“Again,” he grunts as I pull out.  “All of it.”

I give it to him again to the hilt.  And once more.  This time he gags on the third stroke and pulls off me, panting like he’s run a marathon.

“Lick my balls.”

He moves forward and does great tongue action on the sack.  I want it on the right where they join my body. 

“Get your tongue between my balls and my cock ring.”  I force his head down and thrust my pelvis forward.  He finds my spot.  He licks me.  Avidly.  Not just there.  But everywhere.  Leaving me damp.  I sit back down and he knee walks into place to suck all the hair under my balls as dry as he can get it.  His tongue flirts with a descent to my hole.   Down the crack for a bit, but he stops himself just short of tonguing my ass.  He goes back to the base of my cock.

He starts to rear up to suck me again.


He freezes. 

“I have something for you.”  I stand up and let my cock rest on his lip.

“Give it to me.”  He knows what’s coming.  “Give me your piss.  Make me your piss whore.”

I will myself to piss.  It takes a second for my body to respond—but it does.  I start spurting piss into his mouth.  He gurgles happily and takes me all down.  When I finish, I thrust into his mouth again.  I hold still and let him go into his cocksucking routine.  He concentrates on sucking the last of piss out of the slit, then cleaning the head and then the shaft.

He pulls off me, holding my dick in one hand right at the base.  Tight.  So it is at its most swollen and red. “Fuck, I want that thing up my ass.”

I’ve been hoping for this moment.  “Sure.”

“But I can’t.  I just came here today to suck a lot of dick.  I’m not…you know…ready.”

Damn.  But I say—truthfully—“That’s a shame.  But better you tell me than I find out.”

“Yeah.”  He nods.  Pleased I don’t seem to want to just end it.  “Drink up, man.”

I sit and chug my water.  He opens his fly, for the first time, to stroke a swollen dick.  He spits in his hand as he leans in and takes me into his mouth.

The next 20 minutes is all about his sucking my cock and balls and his almost rimming my hairy hole again.  Surprisingly, we are alone that entire time. 

I need to change it up.  “Show me that ass you want me to fuck.”


“Just show it to me.”

He stands up and unbuckles his belt.   He’s commando under his khakis.  They drop to the floor.  It’s a good sized dick, but I want to see his butt.


He does.  It’s a full ass—and as gym built as the rest of him—and downy with blond fuzz. 

I slip out of the chair and onto my knees. “Lean on the chair.”  He does.  Jutting that butt out in front of me.  My hands touch it.  I stroke.  I run my fingers down the crack. 

“Sir, I’m just not deep cleaned, but…”

That’s all I need to hear.  I spread his cheeks and inch forward.  My tongue connects.  Right on his hole.  The shock for him is electric.  He jumps—but just as quickly he grinds back onto my tongue.  He tastes great.  And all the hair is driving me crazy.  I get him good and wet.  All I can think about is how hot it would be to fuck him, but I’m good.  I settle for the oral banquet he’s providing.  I reach forward and grab his hard cock.  I pull it down and back.  I hunker down and swab the dripping head with my tongue.  I don’t swallow, but go back up to his hole and push it into him.

“Fuck,” he whimpers.

I finally stop rimming.  I’ll fuck him and be damned if I keep on.  And I have to piss anyway.


He senses my urgency and spins around, kneeling before me.  I get my cock in his mouth just as the flow begins.  He gurgles it down. 

“Don’t swallow it all,” I tell him.  “Save some in your mouth.”

When I stop, I pull him up by the armpits.  “Kiss me.” 

He does.  And yellowballs the remains of my piss into my mouth.  I push some back into his.  He squirms in my embrace and shoots his load all over my cock and balls.

I push him down to the floor.  “Clean it up.”  His tongue finds the biggest blob of cum on my nut sack.  But I push his head back and fire my built up load into his open mouth.