Thursday, December 14, 2017


Western Indiana—October, 2017

This is the second of two posts about a couple of bookstore moments which don’t merit full entries.   They happened on two different evening trips.  Both were at the bookstore closest to where I was staying in Indiana—with the cinema on one side and the gloryholes on the other.

Another October evening.  Halloween, to be exact.   A Tuesday night.  I think about the bookstore.  I know it will be a small attendance night being a holiday and a week night.  I mentally list all the things I could catch up on if I stay in my hotel room.  But I listen to my cock—a louder voice— and I get in the car.

No one in the cinema.  I always prefer to play where there is more room.  I go to the other side and make the circuit of the booths.  Two are lit and locked.  One, I know has no glory hole.  The other does.  I go to the adjoining booth.  I put a handful of tokens in the machine.  I unbutton, stroke and wait.  I look at the hole.  I don’t kneel down and look to see who is on the other side.  I don’t run my finger along the rim of the hole.  Nor does he.  Instead, the perfect cock pushes the hole.

Perfect is a big word.   But the perfect word.  He is thick.  He fills the hole.  But not so thick I have to worry about my teeth.  He is long.  But not so long I can’t take him to the root.  It is a beautiful dick:  pale, pale skin, one prominent vein,  a beautifully sculpted mushroom head.  And he is a pre-cummer.  I take him to the root—well, as close as the partition will allow me to take him.  He begins fucking my face.  His need is great.  I have no time to show him what a good cocksucker I can be.  He explodes in my mouth almost instantly.  But he stays in place and lets me clean up him up.  Maybe it’s the hand I’ve clamped around the base of his cock that won’t let him pull out.  I finally release him when I can’t find another drop.

He grunts a “Thank you” and disappears from the hole, from the booth, from the store.


There are a couple more guys around. 

A man stops me in the hallway after I exit my booth.  “Stay away from the guy in the flannel shirt.  He reeks.”

I nod.  I move on to another booth.

I watch a piece of a movie. 

There is movement in the adjoining booth.  I look through the hole.  It’s flannel shirt.

A thin dick pokes through the hole.  I wait a second.  I do an experimental lick.  He doesn’t reek.  His dick smells of need.  Of having jerked his cock.  I suck it.  He sighs.  He pulls out of my mouth.  
“Can I come over?”

I nod.

He comes in.  His clothes are not new and wrinkled.  They don’t smell, either.  “Great cock,” he says, hefting my dick.  He falls to his knees and sucks me, jerking his own.  When his knees get tired, he stands and we reverse. 

“Take my cock,” he grunts.  “You swallow?”

I make an affirmative noise.  He unleashes an amazing blast of pent up cum.  I can’t clean him up—he’s out the door, before he even puts his cock away.


I’m back in the same booth after a quick tour of the entire place.

I use the tokens I have been gifted during my other times here. 

There is movement at the gloryhole.  A thick black cock starts to poke through—then is withdrawn.  I see the man looking at me.  Satisfied, he pokes it through again.  I go to work.  I stroke my own.  I want to get off and go home—and I’m pretty sure this man is not going to suck me in return.

Once again—my face is fucked.  I can only stay still and let him use my mouth.

He cums—heavily and noisily. 

I splatter mine against the wall.

My mouth feels as empty as my balls…

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Western Indiana—October, 2017

Today’s post (and the next one) are a few bookstore moments which don’t merit full entries.   They happened on two different evening trips.  Both were at the bookstore closest to where I was staying in Indiana—with the cinema on one side and the gloryholes on the other.

It’s late.  The parking lot is almost empty.  I knew I shouldn’t have come this late in the day. But my cock is being demanding.  He wants attention.  I go in.  I am in luck.  A handsome man around my age, with very pronounced features and dark, wavy hair is sitting and stroking in the theatre.  I sit next to him on the bench and undo my pants.

We eye each other’s erections with side glances.  The porn is not good, so it’s nice that I can glance over and watch his dick instead.  It is just above average and cut.  He holds it very tightly in his fist and barely moves his hand.

“That looks uncomfortable.  Do you want me to suck it?”

He looks surprised.  Then pleased.  He takes his hand away from his cock.  I get on my knees and it’s all over before I get my mouth on him.  He shoots the first shot in my beard.  I dive to capture the rest.  He’s apologetic and runs to the bathroom on the other side.


The taste of cum has made my dick ache for action.  I go to the arcade.  I find the back booth and drop a few tokens.  I watch and stroke.  I have left my door open.  It opens now.  A man in a leather jacket stands in the doorway.  His face is scruffy.  A not very white t-shirt is under the leather.  His eyes are riveted to my dick.  I nod.  He falls to his knees and takes me to the hilt.

Fuck, he’s great.  He loves cock and is hell bent on showing me how much he loves it.  He goes down for my balls, too, leaving them wet and sticky.

He pulls off me.  “You’ve got to fuck me with this thing.”

“You ready for it?”

His answer is to stand up and pull his jeans to his ankles.  He turns and bends.  It’s a pretty butt.  I bend from my seat and lick it.  He pulls away.  “Don’t, man.  Just fuck me.”

Strike one. 

I stand up, lube myself, spit on his hole and enter his cute pucker.  He pushes back to take me all the way in.  His hole is hot. I hold a moment.  I fuck.

Instantly I smell it.  I try to power through.  But it’s impossible.  He had not prepped at all for ass fucking.  I wrap myself in paper towel and spend 10 minutes cleaning myself in the miniscule restroom.


I emerge from the bathroom and tour the arcade.  There is one door closed and locked.  I go back to the theatre.  A big man, 10 to 15 years older than me sits on the built in bench.  He is huffing poppers and playing with a dick that won’t get hard because of them.

I debate.  I end up sitting next to him.  And stroking.

He reaches out a large, soft hand.  I let him fondle my balls.

“That’s some cock.”


“May I…?” He leaves it unfinished.   I stand for it would be incredibly hard for him to bend over with his girth.  He leans forward and gives me decent head.  But it’s the look on his face that keeps me standing there and letting him go at it; the happiness that he is actually getting to suck someone’s cock. 

He can’t get enough of my dick.  He is getting me set and slippery.  And without the constant huffing, his own cock has grown to a respectable size.

I finally pull out and kneel in front of him. 

“You don’t have to do that…” he starts, apologetically.

I take him in my mouth.  He reaches for the poppers, but I take them off the bench before he can grab them.  His cock stays hard and wet.  I look up.  The bliss on his face makes me feel really good.  The next time I look up there are tears in his eyes.  He brushes at them with the back of his hand when he catches me looking.  He leans over and pulls my head off him and up so he can whisper in my ear.  “It’s been a long time since...”

I nod and go back to his dick.   He’s close; I can feel it.  I hand him the poppers.  He huffs and blows in my mouth, what is in reality a small load, but it rocks his world.  He grunts and moans and holds my head in place and fucks up into my mouth.  He finally lets go and collapses against the back of the bench.

“I don’t know what to …well, just thank you.”

He does himself up and then turns back from the curtained door.  “Here.  For you.”  He hands me the poppers and goes out of the store.

Instantly the curtains open.  It’s the handsome minute man from the beginning of the night.

“I saw that through the curtain…” he starts to say as he sits next to me.

“Karma,” I tell him.  “I hope when I’m that age I find somebody like me who will still suck my dick.”

He looks at me—obviously never having thought about it, but then nods in agreement.

We end up trading blow jobs until he blows a second load—causing me to shoot between his feet.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

So Nice I Did Him Twice

West Indiana—October, 2017

After my time away with Derrick and Jacob, where it ended up being all about fucking and fisting, I wanted an all oral session.  I was pressed for time, but I managed to sneak away to the bookstore closest to where I was staying in Indiana—the one with a cinema on one side of the lobby and gloryholed booths on the other.

The parking lot is pretty sparse this early October afternoon.  On my first prowl around, I find no one in the cinema, one locked door in the arcade and two men chatting about the cooler weather in the hallway.  I go back to the cinema and stroke.

Twenty minutes.  Finally the curtained entrance rustles.  It’s one of the talkers.  He looks in at me disdainfully and goes back to the arcade.  Or maybe he leaves, as I hear the front door chime.
I wait.  And stroke to decent porn.  The curtains open again.  A college kid comes through the curtains.  He is tall and thin, with dark blond hair, worn rather long. He stands for a moment right at the curtain.  A moment later he walks down to be even with where I am sitting.  He stands by my bench and unzips his jeans.  He takes out a slightly bigger than regulation cock.  It’s hard and he begins working his foreskin over a very red cockhead as he looks right at me.

I slide across the bench.  I lean in and take him in my mouth.  He is instantly dripping pre-cum.  I expect him to blow a load without much work on my part.  He moans really softly.  The curtains open.  The other talker comes in—a man of my age, much shorter, with a slight gut.  He begins kneading himself as he watches me suck.

“Let him suck you,” the College kid says, “He’s great.”

I think we are both surprised, but the new arrival opens his pants a pulls out a hard six incher.  The College Kid watches, fascinated to see me suck someone else at close range.   He is careful not to jerk himself now.  I begin going back and forth between the two dicks.  They love it when I take both cock heads into my mouth at the same time.

“I want to get naked,” the College Kid says.  “Come on.”  He does himself up and leads us into the arcade.  He chooses a booth with no gloryholes and goes in.  He strips down.  He is very much an otter—hair everywhere.  I go in next.  The other man squeezes between the television and the door.  He shuts and locks it.

“Do you eat ass?” the College kid asks.

I nod and he kneels on the bench.  It’s a wonderfully hairy ass—the crack over grown with curly blond hair.  I kneel and begin a feast. 

The Watcher strokes. “Eat that hole out,” he whispers in as stage whisper.  “Get him good and wet.”

I don’t need any encouragement.  I am rock hard having this hairy hole in my mouth.  The College kid is whimpering.  He has not touched his dick since I started.  The pleasure I’m giving him is there for all to hear.  I lick and spit and poke it into his hole.

“Fuck him,” the watcher commands me, still in a hushed tone.  “Fuck that hot ass with your big dick.”

“Fuck me,” the College kid moans.  “I want your dick in me.  Please.”

“Yeah,” the watcher whispers.  “Fuck him raw.”

I stand up and lube my cock a little.  I slap my head against the wet hole, expecting to be asked for a condom.  But no.  I push into his super wet ass.  Now the young man touches his dick.  He jerks as he gets used to my dick invading his tight hole.  I pause. 

“Fuck him!”  The Watcher wants me jack hammering him instantly.  “Fuck, you are gonna split him in two.”  I ignore him and begin a slow fuck. 

The College kid begins a low chant—“Yes…Yes…Yes.  Fuck, yes.  Yes…Yes…”

It’s cramped in here, but it’s hot.  I pull out for a moment, spit in his upturned hole and re-enter.  My fuck tempo is faster.

“That’s the way to fuck him” my one man cheering section hisses.  “Give him your hot cum.”

“I’m gonna shoot,” the College Kid moans. 

I am surprised that I feel my balls tightening already.  Am I going to shoot so soon?

“Give me your load.” The College Kid whispers.  “Give it to me.”

And I shoot.  Almost involuntarily—not a full on orgasm—but I can feel me firing into him.

I hold still thinking he will finish off his own dick with me still in him.  He doesn’t.  I slowly pull off.  The College Kid pivots on the bench and sucks my dick clean.

The Watcher is watching us intently.  As the ass to mouth moment happens he explodes all over the floor in front of us—getting some of his jizz on my boot.  He bolts out the door the moment he tucks his wet cock away.  I thank the kid, who just smiles.


I hang around in the cinema.  After all, I came to suck dick. 

There is no one.  Not one man comes in here.

I cruise the arcade.  There is only one booth occupied.  The door is cracked open.  I look in.  It’s the College Kid stroking that beautiful uncut cock to a Raging Stallion video.

He smiles at me.  “Good for round two?” he asks.

I am about to beg off, almost always being a one and done guy.  But my dick has other ideas.  I feel it swell.

I suck his cock.   And yup, my dick tells me he wants back in that ass.

Without my asking the Kid squirms around and offers me his ass while I’m still on my knees.

“Let me taste my load,” I tell him.

He reaches back and pulls his hairy ass cheeks apart.  “It’s not just yours,” he tells me.

I groan in the back of my throat and dig in.  His sweet ass definitely tastes of cum.

“Give me another load….Please.”

“You want me to fuck in some stranger’s cum?” I whisper fiercely.

I don’t wait for an answer.  My cock is raging.  I plunge into him.

He groans loudly and then whispers “I love Daddy cum in my ass.  Give it to me.”

I fuck him hard. 

He jerks. 

I fill him with a second load—which triggers him to spew all over the bench…

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Bonus Picture: All in the Angle

Jacob took this last night as he held my balls.

He showed it to me this morning on their wide screen television.

It made me choke on my banana and walnut smoothie....


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Taking Turns in the Sling

West Michigan—October, 2017

The day after I met Chris with our “get to know each other” fuck I had the whole day off.   I was headed north for a long play session with Derrick and Jacob.  I arrived in the late afternoon.  I knew I would be staying the night and Jacob was cooking our after play dinner.

We settle in the den.  One minute we are laughing and catching up—and the next we are squeezing cocks through my trousers and their underwear.  I stand up and strip.  Mouths are on cocks; hands stroke balls, underarms and asses.  It’s very fluid.  No one stays in one position or on one body part for long.  They suck me and each other.  I suck both their cocks.  Their balls.  I lick ass.  I do a lot of kissing.  A lot.  I can’t stop kissing Derrick as Jacob takes turns on our dicks.

“Sit on the couch,” Derrick tells me.  He kneels between my legs.  He’s about to show off his improved deep throating skills.  He takes me to the root on the first try.  “Get up there and feed him your cock,” Derrick tells Jacob.  Jacob straddles my lap and starts face fucking me.  I smile around the cock invading my mouth and throat.  I am pretty sure Derrick has remembered a blog post earlier this week about how much I like this position.  And it’s working like crazy.  Jacob is pre-cumming like mad in my mouth and Derrick’s constant full throating of me is causing me to do the same. 

Jacob grabs the thin bench and places it for fucking.  He balances on it—his ass to me.  I tongue him hungrily—now able to get deep into his hole.   Derrick feeds him his cock.  I stand up and slide in.  Jacob grunts and not all in pleasure.  He is still feeling the deep fisting he took Saturday night—the night Chris was here.  I slow down.

“I think the angle would be better in the sling,” Jacob says, pulling off the dick in his mouth.

We go downstairs to their overstocked playroom.  Jacob hops in the sling.  I spend longer eating him out, getting his hole to relax.  Derrick pulls up a chair to stroke as he watches me work his boy over.  I can’t get enough of his wet hole.  I lick it.  I spit in it.  I fuck him with my tongue.  I grind my beard up and down his wet crack.  I want to smell like him for the rest of the night.

Finally I stop and stand up.  I smear my dripping cock head right where my mouth has been.  I start to inch in.  He opens up and I never pause in my slow, steady insertion.

“Oh, yeah….” he croons.  “Fuck me.”

I begin a slow fuck.  Long strokes so Derrick can really see my dick splitting Jacob’s ass crack.  Long and slow.  I’m in   no hurry at all.  I ask how it feels.  This position is better for him, but it’s still not perfect for his stretched hole. 

All too soon he asks for a break.  He jumps out and Derrick takes his place.  I am back to rimming.  I work my tongue harder on this hole.  I get it every bit as wet.  My beard is ground into him.  I pull out, stand and lean over to kiss Derrick, letting him taste his wetness on my tongue.  My cock finds its way into his ass during the kiss.   Derrick moans, our mouths still locked.  I stand up so I can fuck and Jacob can work Derrick’s nipples. 

I am slapping my balls against Derrick’s ass with every stroke.  I don’t even know why I am fucking Derrick so hard, so soon—but he is totally into it.  His eyes have rolled back into his head.  His right hand is flailing away on his cock.   I love the sound my hips are making—smacking his ass.  Jacob pulls off his nipple and begins to smother Derrick with his fragrant armpit.  It’s all the trigger Derrick needs.  With a grunt, he explodes all over his chest. Still embedded in his ass, I lean over and lick up his splattered cum. 

I let my cock stay still as he slowly comes back down from his orgasm.  Eventually I pull out and he gets up. 

Jacob gets back in.  “I want your hand.”

“Are you sure?  You were feeling it with my dick.”

“Let’s try.”

I grease up.  Jacob jerks as he watches me grease my fingers and wrists.  I work two fingers of my left hand in, then two fingers right.  Now three.  I add three from the other hand.  I do a gentle lateral stretch.  Again.  Once more.  My dick slips in with my fingers opening his hole.  Just a stroke or two.
My left hand goes in easily.  He grunts—and holds up his hand for me to pause.  Then his ass muscles push me out.  I repeat the entry with my right.  “I gotta piss.”  I lean over and swallow the piss my hand is pushing out of him.  When the flow subsides, I pull my hand out. 

Jacob used to cum on the third fist.  Not so now.  He takes two more.  Each time letting his hole snap down around my wrist.  On the fifth one—it’s too much.  He shoots a huge load over his hairy abs.   I avoid his sensitive cock and lick up my second reward.

It’s my turn in the sling.  Derrick rims me.  Jacob strokes my nipples, my chest, my cock.  He lets me lick his pits.  He finds a way stand on a chair and a work table so he is straddling my chest while in the sling. 

He slowly sits on face, squirming onto my open mouth.  My tongue massages his used hole as Derrick tongue fucks mine…

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Portrait of a Young Pig

We interrupt my adventures in Western Indiana…

I was going through a box today as I was straightening my bedroom.  I found a disc of pictures.   May 2003.   That’s a long time ago.  I mean, I had hair on my head.

This was my first watersports three-way. 

I used this one for my very first online profile.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The "Get to Know Each Other" Fuck

Western Indiana—October, 2017

I had a persistent admirer on Adam.  We talked daily for a couple of weeks.  He told me he was headed to Indy from Detroit.  He wanted to stop by and get very wet.  Great.  We set a time.  Phone numbers were exchanged.  And then nothing.  There was no text to say he was hitting the road—ok, he might have forgotten I had asked for one.  There was no text around the appointed time to say he’d checked into his hotel.  I called.  Voice mail.

The same sad story of so many hookups.  The idea of it was all he needed for his hand to give him the satisfaction he really wanted.

But as luck would have it, while I was online waiting for the arrival of the no show (hoping he might give me some explanation that way) I struck up a conversation with a handsome bear who lived in the next town.   He told me he was just starting the fisting journey and had taken his first last night in an incredible playroom up in Michigan.  I knew just where he was—it had to be Derrick and Jacob’s.  Yes, he said, did I know them?  I admitted I did.  A fourth man was involved—and he, too, has appeared many times in these postings.  Small world.  Minute gay fetish world.

Chris asked to meet.  I explained I was waiting for a trick. When it was clear that the guy was going to bail, I let Chris know.  He would love to host me.  He had a sling.  I had a rimseat.  We agreed on a “get to know each other fuck” as he was still feeling his hole from last night.  Having seen this picture, I promised him I would massage it with my tongue. 


I mean, look at that butt!

I find his house easily and pull into the garage as instructed.  I’d loved his pictures, but he’s even better looking in person.  We hug.  He helps me carry stuff into the house.  He has great art everywhere.  Once he pours us a drink, we go downstairs.  I set up the rimseat next to his Fort Troff sling.  We go back out into the den area to talk a little—and watch the Cazzo fisting porn he has playing.

In no time my jeans are around my ankles.  I am standing and letting him suck my cock.  He’s good.  I hold his head and thrust a little.  This makes him moan in the back of his throat.

“You know what I want,” I tell him. 

I have him bend over the back of the couch.  That hot hairy, ass juts out.  I kneel and become acquainted with his stretched hole.  The moment my tongue touches him he groans.  He makes sounds of pleasure as I explore his crack.  They grow louder as I drill into him with my tongue. 
We can’t take any more—we need to strip and get to the sling.

I get him into it the moment I get my boots back on.  I kneel.  I can’t stop eating his hole.  I lick.  I spit.  I fill him with a ton of saliva.  I lube my cock slightly as I eat him out.  Finally, I manage to stop rimming and start fucking.

Chris’ eyes widen as my oversized cock head pushes at his pucker.  I slip in.  He poppers up and I slide home.  He’s velvety, hot and wet.  It’s a slow fuck—savoring his responsive ass muscles.  I pump in and out, letting him feel every inch I have to offer.  He has a mirror leaning against the wall.  We both watch me ravage his hole. 

Seeing myself makes me speed up.  Faster and faster.  I slow down only when he needs another hit of poppers.

I pull out.  I kneel and lick the hole I just abused.  Chris groans and tells me it feels great.  I stand up and let a spurt of piss land on his hole.  I think we are both surprised.  And pleased.  I kneel and lick it off him.  My cock is rock hard as I reenter Chris and fuck a few drops into him.

I pull out again and find my bag behind me.  I grab the egg-headed dildo.  I grease it up—showing him what I’m about to put into him.  He relaxes—and takes it easily.  I fuck him with it for a moment.  I push the base of the toy down—and slip my cock in with it.  Chris’ eyes are glued to the mirror above him, watching me double fuck with this big black toy.  It feels great.  He gripped me before—now his ass is so full I feel every millimeter of his chute.  We fuck until I will myself to stop so I don’t explode.

“Let’s try the rimseart.”

I borrow his poppers.  I really want that rush as I tongue his well fucked hole.  I lay down and he slowly sits on my face.  His ass presses me into him tight enough that it’s hard to breathe.  Oh, fuck yeah.  His ass lube is beginning to drip into my mouth.  His puffy lips fill my mouth.  I poke my tongue into him deeper and deeper.  I lick until my jaw hurts.

He stands up.  He walks down my body.  Chris carefully sits on my cock which I have been jerking like a man possessed.  Fuck!  He rides me with abandon.  He rides me totally in control of the fucking he’s taking.

And he knows to bring that freshly fucked ass back up to my face.   I love the fresh lube he’s churned out in his hole.  He lets me tongue him deep—and then he gets up again.  This time he faces me and sits back down on my dick.  I play with his nipples, caress the forest of hair on his chest as he smashes himself down on my dick.

“I want to load you in the sling,” I manage to gasp out.

We change over.  I eat his sloppy, wet butt.  But for just a moment.  My cock can’t take much more. 

I stand. 

I fuck.  Hard.

I explode. 

It’s violent.  I collapse onto him.

“Aren’t you going to live up to your moniker?” he asks.

I smirk and slide down and taste the load I’ve left inside him…