Monday, December 5, 2016

Fucked In Chastity

West Michigan—September, 2016

We had it all planned.

Jacob had been posting tons of pictures on his tumblr account of men in all sorts of tight bondage.  I talked to Derrick online.   We agreed we wanted to make it a reality for him.  I also said I’d bring my padded fuck bench to give us a surprise place to fuck in their playroom. 

I switched to Jacob’s profile.  I begin sending him messages hinting at his being used hard the next time we met.  He began peppering me with questions—but I repeatedly told him I wouldn’t answer anything about what we had in mind…

I send a text from exit ramp.  “I’m ten minutes away.”  I arrive and park in front of their beautiful home.  Derrick lets me in.

“All set?”

“Yes.  He’s been hooded for the last fifteen minutes.”

I bring in the bench.  I silently move through their dining room where Jacob sits.  He is in tight leather chaps and a harness.  I can see the barred cock cage on his dick, preventing any kind of erection.  He has a Neoprene hood on with an open mouth.  A gag is in place.  A leather blindfold adds constriction over the hood.  His hands and ankles are hand cuffed to the chair.  He must be able to hear me, but he does not let on.

I go downstairs and set up the bench with Derrick.  I get dressed and go upstairs.

“I see he has the cage on,” I say.

Derrick grins.  “I made him take a Viagra so he’s really feeling it.”  Derrick unlocks the cuffs.  And takes off the gag.  Totally at our mercy we guide Jacob down the stairs.  We stop him in front of the bench.  He knows basically where he is—normally there is big beanbag chair there.  I move him forward.

“One leg up and kneel.”  I guide his leg into place.

“Oh!”  His breath becomes excited.  The other leg goes up.  We help him into classic fuck bench position.  “This is nice,” he murmurs. 

The straps come out.  We secure his ankles in place.  His wrists.  Two go around his mid-section securing him down.  His glorious ass is right there.  I kneel and ram my tongue into him.

Derrick takes pictures.  I eat Jacob out.  Derrick goes to the head of the bench and gets his cock into Jacob’s mouth.  I stand up.  I enter the ass I’ve left sopping wet.  I bottom out.  There is no slow easing into him tonight.  I bury my engorged cock in one long push.

“Argh!”  Jacob grunts around the dick in his mouth.

Derrick pulls out of his mouth to take more pictures.

“Fuck me. Fuck ME!”

I slap Jacob’s ass.  I look to Derrick and nod.  I pull out and he goes in.  I move to Jacob’s mouth.  It’s awkward but I get my ass-flavored cock into his mouth.

We rotate on his holes.  I fuck loudly.   For a moment I think I could cum this early in the night.  Just thinking the thought makes my orgasm recede.  I pull out.

We rotate.

And again.  I am up his ass.   I fuck at full speed. 

I think he needs a break.  We undo the straps.  Jacob is helped, shakily, to his feet.  “That was great…” he murmurs.  We let him stretch.  Derrick removes his hood so he can get some air to cool down.  Then we put him back on the bench without the straps.  I eat out his superbly fucked out hole.  I stand.  My dick starts to push into him…

“I have to piss.  I need…”

Derrick helps him up.  Jacob starts toward the door.  Derrick stops him.  “Give it to the man who wants it.”

Jacob’s need is so bad he can’t argue.  He’s successfully fed me before, but there is no way we are getting that cage off in time.  I kneel.  And get my mouth under the cage.  Piss flies everywhere—a good portion of it onto my tongue.

I swallow.  I mop up a little (myself and the floor).

“This cage…”  He doesn’t finish.  Derrick unscrews it.  Jacob’s cock pops out and grows instantly into an erection.  “Let me fuck…Please,”

Derrick gets on the bench.  Jacob pushes roughly in his man.  He fucks him like an animal. In no time, he is holding onto Derrick’s back and pumping his load into Derrick’s guts.  I hold onto him from behind as he shakes with his gut wrenching cumshot.

I finally move Jacob off to one side.  I clean his cock of the last drip of cum.  I felch Derrick’s hole.  I know it’s a big load—but it’s too deep in him.  We get out the rimseat.  I get under it and soon huge dollops of Jacob’s jizz are sliding down my throat.

We re-group around the sling.   Derrick is in it.  I want to use the remnants of Jacob’s cum as lube.  I fuck Derrick until he shoots all over himself.

In moments, I mix my jizz with Jacob’s inside Derrick.

Friday, December 2, 2016

"Cumdump In Local Hotel"

My Hometown—September, 2016

I was on the vanilla hook up site while I was cooking dinner.  I often use that time to chat with f-buds who I know or others wanting to join that club.  I basted the chicken breast in the oven and came back to the computer.  A new message was flashing:

Cumdump in local hotel.  On all fours after 8pm.  Tonight only.

My tiny town rarely has men in the local hotels.  I answered. 

Pictures were exchanged.

I told him that if he was the type of cumdump who wanted a top to shoot the moment he started to fuck, I was not the right guy.

I liked his answer:  “You can fuck me all night.”

I assured him that if other men showed up, I’d be fine with that.

He told me no one else had answered him.  (Not a surprise in this area, though he was a handsome man.  All those cheating husbands around here can’t get out at night.)

We set a time in a couple of hours so I could eat and digest and he could clean up…

I text him:  “In the parking lot.”

Two words come back.  “Door ajar.”

I walk into the deserted lobby.  There is no one behind the desk to be impressed by my walking in as if I own the place.  I take the elevator up to the second floor, taking a healthy swig from my water bottle.  I turn right.  His room is right there.  There is a tennis shoe stuck in the door.  I push it open and enter, letting it lock behind me.

There are two double beds.  He’s on the far one.  Naked.  Lying on his stomach.  Looking over his shoulder at me.  He’s early 40’s, short and thin, with dark blond hair.  It’s his ass I can’t stop looking at:  small, but beautifully rounded.

He smiles at me.  And turns off the bedside light.  Only the lamp on the desk, across the room, is now illuminated.  It gives me enough light to see him move onto all fours—his ass pointing right at me.
I strip, but put my boots back on.  I kneel behind him.  I sink my face into his ass.  He’s still warm and damp from the shower.  His crack is lightly haired.  The hole itself is pink.  And he’s slightly pre-lubed it.  I use the sheet to wipe it off.  I want to taste him—not petroleum products.  I grind my tongue into his hole.

He groans.  “Eat me out.  I haven’t had a tongue in my ass for months.”

I spit into it.  He groans again.  I dig into his now open hole.  His hole is juicing all on its own.  I stand up.  My cock head prods him.

He spins around.  “Jeez—that thing is bigger than it looks in your pics.”  He spits on it and turns back, wiggling his hole.  I ease the head in.  “Damn!”  He grabs a pillow and clutches it.  “Just push it in!”

I do.  I don’t stop until I have my full length in him.  I hold a moment.  Then I start the slow withdrawal.  I begin to fuck.  He is pounding a fist against the mattress.  He buries his face in the pillow.  Panting. 

And suddenly his ass opens.  He arches out of the pillow and begins fucking himself on my dick.  
“Fuck yeah.  That is one hot dick, stud.  Fuck me.”

I do. 

Hard and fast. 

Slow and long.

I pull out.  He’s spotless.  And he knows it.  He swivels around and cleans my dick.  He takes me to the root.  He pulls off me.  “Ass to mouth is so fuckin’ hot,” he pants. 

I nod.  He suckles me down again.  When he pulls off me, he has left globs of spit to fuck into his butt.  He turns and I shove it into him.  And fuck some more.

He cleans my cock.  I suck the precum off his dripping dick and spit it into his hole.  This causes him to groan again.  I push his precum into his ass.  “That is so nasty.”  I push his face into the pillow and hold him in place as I fuck him hard.

More cock cleaning.

I flip him over on his back.  I eat his well fuck hole.  I push back into him.   I lean down and kiss him, letting him taste the mix of juices I just tasted in his ass. All the time we kiss, I am undulating in his hole—never quite keeping still.  He latches onto my tongue.  And sucks it hard.  I fuck.  The hardest yet.

We break.  I flop on the bed beside him.  I take a swig from my water bottle.

“Sit on my face.”  My unknown man scrambles up and sits his juicy ass right on my mouth.  He grinds down on my tongue.  I know he is watching himself in the mirror across the room.

I tongue fuck him with the same ferocity as with my dick.  He bounces and grinds down on me, snorting poppers.

He flops off of me.  “Fuck me.”

“Where do you want my cum?”

“Up me, man.  As deep as you can shove it.”

I get him on all fours again, right at the edge of the bed.  I’m standing there, stroking my dick, just looking at his round butt.  And the pink, now slightly puffy, hole.

“Breed me, man.”

I plow into him.  Rather roughly.  It’s about me at this moment.  I want to load him.  Now.

I pump.  It takes very few strokes.

I explode in his hole.  I collapse on his back and hold on.  He whips his hand over his growing dick and shoots into the sheets.  His ass clenches around my still imbedded cock with each cum shot.

I get dressed and leave him lying in his own cum—and with mine leaking out of his ass…

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Ann Arbor—September, 2016

We thought we were going to meet last fall, but he had a stomach bug which stopped that plan.  It took another year for us to get together.  However, since that time, we’ve met once a month.  Here are some highlights…

He meets me on the front porch of his beautiful, large house.  I bring in my bag of leathers.  Then we go outside in the fading late afternoon light to see his massive garden.  It is a work of art.  It’s late fall—I can only imagine what it must look like in the spring or summer. 

I let him lead the way.  He’s worn his leathers—but we are in such a secluded place, the city feels far away.  His eyes come alive as he talks about his plants.  (I soon learn that having sex causes that same spark.)  He has a mischievous smile.  A shaved head.  I stand next to him—I size him up at about 5’ 10”.  He’s very slim and fit from all the yoga.  And once we are inside (having grabbed my rimseat from the car) he shows me the intricate tattoo on his back.  It is of two coiled snakes—one with his mouth right at his ass.  He explains (and I know I’ll get this wrong as I write it here) about how his meditation and yoga work has released all the coiled primal energy at the base of his spine.  The symbol for that force is the serpent.  He is deeply in touch with that energy—and warns me he usually has explosive anal orgasms.

We end up in the uppermost level of the house.  One area has a Fort Troff sling hanging on its red frame.  The other area has a large double bed.  I get into my leathers as we talk some more.  I learn he’s on PrEP.  He asks about why I chose FelchingPisser as a screen name and tells me it conjures up so many great images.  He wonders aloud about what his name might be.  We come up with SpiritHole.

He is on his knees before me, getting my dick hard.  We don’t spend too long there, I can’t wait to sample his ass.  I bend SpiritHole over on the bed—his feet spread wide on the floor, his chest to the mattress.  I kneel between his splayed legs and sample the pucker highlighted by the snake’s open mouth and forked tongue.  I connect for the first time.  I go deep.   His hole flowers open.  I spit and massage it.  I stand up and enter.  He begins shaking as I bottom out.  I fuck him with slow, deliberate strokes.  I begin a build to a good fuck tempo.  He shudders and mumbles encouragement into the bed coverings.

I flip him over.  I want to see his eyes as I enter him.  I am not disappointed—our eyes lock as I push into him.  But they roll up into the top of his head as I build to a hard fuck. My hips slap his upturned ass and are the only sound in the room besides his guttural exclamations of pleasure.


We’ve moved to the sling.  I am eating his fucked out hole.  SH is a great self luber.  His ass is awash with the juices that make my dick drip. 

I rim. 

I swallow. 

I insert. 

I fuck.

We take pictures.


I get him on the rim seat—a new experience, I think, for SH.  He literally drips ass jizz into my open mouth.

We are there a long time.  Until I have to get up and breed him.

My Playroom—October, 2016

We start on the fuckbench.  I always seem to start there…but the ass is spread so perfectly for my tongue.  I wash his ass crack with piss (his first experience—at least with me.)  I kneel and clean him up.  

We fuck—with plenty of ass to mouth as I bring my cock, fresh from his hole, to his mouth.
And back again.



In the sling now.  And I’m fucking.

“I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to piss up my ass.”

I stop drilling him.  “You mean like this?”  The warmth of my piss is spreading through his gut.  His eyes glitter and, as I start to pump, still spurting, they do the roll up into his head.  “Take every drop.”  I pick up the tempo.  I am splashing piss out on the back stroke, soaking the towel beneath us.  I churn my piss for a few minutes before I slow, pull out and taste the mix of piss and ass jizz. 
He’s so damn wet…But I don’t get the mouthful I expect.  I dig deeper.


Later that session, I unwrap a wintergreen Star Brite candy and fuck into his wet ass.  “Now, let’s get you out of the sling.  I want you on the rimseat so you can feed me that out of your hole.”  I get under.  He sits.  I tongue him.  He’s wide open.  But his ass is so wet and hot, he’s already melted the Star Brite.  I eat out his newly flavored hole. 

I eat him—until I need to breed him.

Ann Arbor—November, 2016

We play on the bed.

We fuck in the sling.

“This time,” SH tells me, “I want to eat your ass on the rimseat.”

I have gotten in the sling for him to spear me with his tongue each session we’ve met.  (And he’s offered to fuck me with his uncut cock each time.)  SH gets under the seat—another first for him.  I sit.  My hole spreads.  Both of us are very happy to be there for a long time.


We are on the bed.  I tie a bandana over my eyes.  I work my cock ring off—he wants to lick me everywhere.  I open my legs and get my hands under the back of my head.  He’s on top of me, then to my side, then between my legs.  He licks my cock, suckles my balls, licks my pits and spends a long time with his mouth plastered to my nipples and my mouth.

SH rolls me on my side and bends my legs.  His body is pressed to my back as his tongue invades my ass yet again.  I am warmed by his whole body. 

And I don’t feel like moving at all…

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

To my readers in the USA, I will wish a quick Happy Thanksgiving.

Wherever you my live, it is not a bad day to take a moment and think about the things for which you are thankful.

My list includes:

Having a job I (mostly) still love.

Good health.

My readers.

The true and lasting friendships I have made with many of the men who invite me into themselves—and into their lives.

And that the cock still works….

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am off for a brief family meal.  And then visiting a new couple who are more interested in my hands than my dick…

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"I Don't Think I Can Take Any More...."

My Playroom—September, 2016

The next man in my playroom, Judd, was another man I had been talking to for a long time.  He had been recommended to me by a mutual playmate who knew him as a top.  But he was very vocal to me about being versatile.  We had to juggle his work schedule with some family duties of his and with my odd schedule.  But we found time—almost immediately after my last adventure. 

We sent the usual texts.  He told me he really needed to get fucked. 

Bareback?  “Yes.  And breed me.”

Restraints?   “Sure.”

Toys?  “Maybe.”

Watersports?  “YES!” 

He cut my quiz short with a final salvo:  “Just do whatever you want to me, as long as your dick is in my hole.”

Judd is naked but for a blue jock.  He’s late 20’s with a shaved head.  He’s pale, though it’s the end of summer.  There is a shoulder tat—a skull—and a forearm tat— a dagger dripping blood.  He’s thin and lithe, maybe 5’6”, 150 pounds.  His cock is hidden by the jock, though I know from his profile that it’s bigger than average. 

He gets right to his knees and starts mouthing my jock.  It must still reek of Brock’s juicy ass.  Jonah grunts his appreciation of it.  His tongue snakes out and gets the pouch really wet.  He pulls my cock out.

I stop him with “Do my balls.”  His tongue is great.  He doesn’t try to pull them into his mouth, he just licks them.  It makes my cock go from semi-erect to full on hardness.  I pull away from him and push my dick into his mouth.  I hold his head and fuck.  He takes ¾ of my length.  I pull out and go right back down his throat.  This time to the root.  And he takes me just fine.  My dick comes up with that deep throat slime.

“Get on the bench.”  He does.  I wipe my dick down his ass crack, so all that throat jizz is covering it. This elicits another grunt of pleasure.  I kneel and eat him out.  He’s tight.  But he knows how to open for my thrusting tongue.

“Your tongue feels great.  But give me that dick.”

I ignore him.  I eat him out some more.  He grabs the handles on the fuck bench and holds on.  I stand up and slap his ass with my wet dick again.  “You still want this big dick up you?”


I slap him with it again.

He corrects himself.  “Yes, Sir.” 

"Yes, Sir what?”

“Give me that raw dick, Sir.” 

And on the word “Sir” I push the head into him.


“Take it.”

“Yes, Sir.”

And he does.  I never stop working it into him.  I stop only when he has the full length.  Then I fuck him hard.  I reach over to the bureau and grab my water bottle, never missing a stroke.  I take a long swig of water.  I pull out of his ass and piss pours out of me.  All down his ass crack.  “Fuck, that’s hot,” he whimpers.

I kneel and lick it up.  I fuck some more.  I pull out and, this time, bring my dick to his mouth.  There is no hesitation at all on ass to mouth.  He cleans me avidly.







I get the wrist restraints off the sling chains and fasten them on him.  The sling frame is wide open, with the sling just hanging from the front two chains.  I take him over to it and attach the wrist restraints above Judd’s head.  “Arch your back.”  He does.  His young fucking ass juts out at me, hanging there, at my mercy.

I eat his hole again.  He is so fucking wet from the play.  I make a show of spitting his butt juices back into him.  I fuck him in this position.  He is totally compliant.  I pull out and piss his ass crack again.  I lick it off.  I save some in my mouth.  I bring it up to his mouth.  He hungrily opens to let me yellowball the piss to him.  We kiss.  Roughly.

I let him down, to give his arms a break.  I turn him around.  The arms go back up.  He’s now facing me, strung up and at my mercy again.  I pull his cock out of the jock.  I go down on him until he’s rock hard.  I have just enough in my bladder to do a short blat of piss on his hard inches—and I clean it off with my mouth.  Again—I stand and make him taste my piss and his precum.  He’s juicing like crazy—he’s totally getting off on being used.

I suck some more.  I let him down.

The sling goes up.  We fuck there, too.  Hard and long.

I make him sit on the rim seat.  Not that he’s fighting.  I get my tongue so deep into his juicy ass…

Then it is sling time again.  I fuck.  I pull out and send piss flying across his chest.  One spurt hits his open mouth.  The rest puddles on his chest.

“Sir, I’m going to cum.”  He is stroking himself.  I knew I should have fastened his hands above his head.

I get my dick back in his ass.  I fuck his jizz out of him.  He cums noisily.  I scoop it up with my right hand.  I don’t pull all the way out.  “I’m smearing it on my cock,” I tell him.  I do just that.  And fuck it into him.

“I don’t think I can take…any…more…”

He never finishes the thought for I begin whitewashing his insides—making guttural noises that drown him out…

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Role Reversal

My Playroom—September, 2016

He had been writing to me for close to a year.  And he seemed to have an unerring instinct to send me a message about wanting to get fucked at the moments I was busiest in my real life.  He asked if we could hook up the day my Dad went into the hospital last winter.  During the summer, I found messages asking whether I was free to fuck when I hadn’t opened the hook up site in 6 or 7 days as I was so busy with work.  He asked again to play on the day I was leaving for Canada this September.  So I made sure that I got back with him the moment I got home.

In fairly short order we were able to settle on a date.  He wanted a pretty simple fuck—with none of the extras I can supply.  He was young.  I guessed he was attending the university nearby.  He wouldn’t send a face pic, but the pictures he did send certainly showed a young man in good shape—tall, a worked out chest and a very large cock with a decided downward curve.  He wrote that he was tired of guys approaching him “as nothing but a Big Black Cock” and he needed a big white cock up his trim bubble butt.  He was ok with getting fucked bare, but would prefer that I not breed him…

Right on time, Brock rings my doorbell.  He has a handsome face, to go along with the handsome body.  He looks rather embarrassed as I let him in.  We go right upstairs to the playroom.  I point to the chest of drawers where he can store his clothes and I go down stairs to strip.   I head back upstairs in my bathrobe and with the computer for some porn to play while we fuck around.  I catch him, totally naked, looking at all the toys and sexual equipment set out on the other bureau in the room.

“Can guys really take something this big up their asses?” he asks, hefting the biggest dildo I own.

“Not many.  That was left here by a regular who could take it like it was nothing more than a breadstick.”

“I’m gonna have trouble taking you, much less that thing.”  He puts it back with the others.

“Why don’t you get it hard and see.”  My hand points to the section of the padded floor in front of me.  Brock gets on his knees.  He pulls the jock aside.  (I’ve made sure it’s a clean one.)  He takes my dick into his mouth.  It swells immediately.  He pulls back as my cock wants to go right down his throat.  He knows how to suck.  Brock concentrates on the head, using lots of tongue.  Occasionally he takes almost my full length down his throat.

He pulls off, panting.  “That’s bigger than your pictures.”

I heft it in my left hand and softly slap it against his cheek.  “Isn’t that better than the other way around?” 

He opens his mouth to answer and I stick it back in his mouth.  I hold him gently in place and begin to fuck his face.  He grunts—a sound I can’t tell if it’s good or bad.  I look down at his dick—it is drooling heavily, leaving a sticky white mess on the black exercise mat.  His dick tells me it’s good.
“Let’s get you up on the fuck bench.  I want to eat that ass.”

Brock scrambles up and into place.  “Go slow,” he reminds me.

My tongue finds his hole.  This makes him reach back and pull his cheeks apart.  I spend a long time getting him as wet as possible.  I lube my dick as I burrow even deeper into his tight, tight hole that is beginning to relax.

I’m going to try to go in.  I stand up.  My wet head is right against his pucker.  It tightens right back down.  I start talking to him, asking him about the last guy he fucked.  A fuck bud?  Anonymous?  Does he have lots of repeats who want that big dick?

Brock answers each question.  It relaxes him.  And I’m buried inside him.  Suddenly he realizes it, too.  “How much is in me?”

“Just over half.”


And I inch the rest of it into him.  I hold.  I fuck.  Slow and gentle.

“Can I get off my knees?”

I pull out reluctantly and suggest the sling.

“I’ve never been in one of these either.”  I get him into the stirrups.  His legs spread that wide, opens his hole, making for an easy re-entry.  I fuck.  I eat him again and stand up to do some more.

“I need to take a break from that thing.”

I get him out and pour him some water.

I suggest the rim seat.  I know he likes my tongue.

“This is new, too.”

I get under.  He sits—that full ass is close to smothering me.  I poke into him.  He can’t stop telling me how deep my tongue is up his hole.  I can hear him flogging his big dick.  I keep eating, waiting for him to explode any moment.

Without warning he stands up.  “Let me ride you.”

I get up and onto the bed.  He straddles me, facing me, inching down on my cock.  His big piece of meat looks angry and wet.  He strokes it once he’s down to my pubes.

It takes no time at all.  He is no longer in my room.  He’s focused on something above us.  And on the sensations in his clinging, tight ass.  And in moments my chest is covered with only a load a man in his 20’s can shoot.  Huge.  And creamy…

A short session (less than an hour).  And it seems to have scratched Brock’s itch.  He’s not been online since.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"I'm Just A Fucking Whore"

Northern Michigan—September, 2016

I always cross the Canadian border at Port Huron/Sarnia instead of Detroit/Windsor.  There is less traffic and I can avoid going through Detroit.  Coming home this way after my night at SteamWorks, I realized that I was horny as fuck—thinking about all the sex of my week in Canada.   I also realized that I was closer than usual to a bookstore that I don’t get to very often anymore.  As if the car had a mind of its own, it took the exit north before I had fully decided what I should do.

I had an early dinner, checked into a cheap motel room and went for a night at the bookstore.  It is set up slightly differently.  Your one admission gets you into a gay theatre, a straight theatre (plastic chairs facing a large screen television) and down a hall, there are 14 booths—7 playing gay films, 6 playing straight and one screening bi-sexual porn.

I am in the straight theatre.  I’m sitting in the corner watching two women share an amazingly large dick on the screen.  I am back to watching the movie.  I have been sucking the man on my right.  He is a nice looking older guy—but he stops me and pulls me off his dick every time there is a noise in the hallway or the door opens.  Heaven forbid that another patron see him getting his cock sucked.  After the tenth time (honestly!) I give up.  He looks at me.  Pissed.  And finally puts his cock away and leaves the room.

I stroke.  But I’ve lost the mood.  I get up and sit in the gay theatre.   One man finally comes in—and the foul, unwashed smell of his clothes are too much for me.  I beat a hasty retreat.

The straight side is still empty.

I make the rounds.  Three or four doors are closed and locked tight.  I can hear sex happening behind most of them.  Wet blowjobs are unmistakable through the plywood.

I sit in a corner booth.  I leave the door wide open.  I pull out my cock.  It’s a gangbang movie.  This will work just fine…

I don’t know how much time later, I recognize the fact that absolutely no one has wandered by.  I have heard one door open and bang shut.  One of the formerly locked booths leaving.  I decide to go exploring.  I stand and start to put my cock away. 

And I hear movement.  A man is coming this way.  I sit and concentrate on the screen.  He passes my door.  It’s a new arrival.  He’s late 40’s and in clothes that are much too nice for this place.  He stops at the booth directly across from me.  He opens the door and looks in, studying the screen.  He turns in my direction.  I study the screen and make sure that he can see every inch of my dick.  When I finally turn to him, he all but blushes and turns back to the screen in his booth.

We do it again.

This time he comes over to me, a little unsteady.  One too many glasses of wine with that good dinner, perhaps.  He stands outside my door.  He’s tall, nicely trim and his clothes fit him very well.  He grins.

“You have a big cock.”

I smile back at him.

“I guess guys tell you that all the time.”  He fills my doorway with his body.  “I got a pretty nice one, but not like that.”

“Show me.”

He unzips his expensive pants.  And a thick seven incher emerges.  “Will you suck it?” he whispers.
He steps into my booth.  It’s tight, but we fit if I stay seated.  He fumbles with the door lock, finally getting it latched.  He turns fully to me and I take his cock into my mouth.

“Nice…” he croons.  I suck him to the root.  He groans quietly, then whispers:  “I went out to eat with the family.  They all went home for a nightcap, but I…I needed something.  I’ve been horny all day.”
I pull off his dick and look at it.  The head is very red.  And wet.  I take just the head into my mouth and use every trick my tongue knows.

This time he pulls it out of mouth.  “I’m just a fucking whore,” he mumbles.  “Can I suck you?”
“Sure.”  It takes some maneuvering in the tight space to get me to stand, back to the screen and for him to sit on the bench.  We make it.  And he enthusiastically takes half my dick into his mouth.  I wasn’t expecting much—but he’s good.  He knows what to do.  He beats his own dick like crazy.
“I want your load,” I tell him.  “In my mouth.”

He grunts assent around my dick and goes for the full length.  He gets all but the last inch.  I fuck it into his face.  He instantly stops beating.  I’m obviously doing something right.  I grab him by the ears and begin to deliberately fuck his face.  In.  Out.  All but to the root.  My bush smashing against his nose.

I let go.  And let him come up for air.

“That almost made me shoot.”

“I noticed.”

“I love big dick.  If I’d thought about it, I’d have cleaned up and I’d be sitting on that thing right now.”  This surprises me, but I don’t let on.  “Do you fuck?”


“I’d so let you load my ass.”

This surprises me much more.   “Let me see it.”


“Your ass.  I want to see this ass you’d like me to fuck.”

“But we can’t.  I’m not ready….”

“I know.  I just want to look.”

We do the shuffle around again so he’s standing in front of the screen and I’m back on the bench.  I suck his cock as a teaser, then turn him around.  The expensive pants come down off a very nicely rounded ass.  He lets them drop to the dirty floor.  I push the designer briefs down and run my hands over his butt as he jerks.  He’s mostly hairless.  I pull his cheeks apart slightly.  There’s some hair there.  And a tight, pink hole. 

I lean forward.  My tongue touches it. 

“Oh, shit,” he whispers.  “Eat this whore’s ass out.”  I poke and prod him with my hard tongue.  The guy jerks like crazy.  I tongue him deeper.

He shoots. And it’s not in my mouth.  But he’s very happy.  He pulls himself together and leaves.
I stand up and pull up my jeans from where they’ve been around my ankles.  My thighs are suddenly wet. 

I don’t know how he managed it, but he’s shot his load right into the crotch of my pants.