Tuesday, May 30, 2017

IML Piss Party

Chicago—May, 2017

… I go piss, change into my jock and cover it with the flight suit.  It’s time for me to hit the road. 

When I turn back to the sling, I see that Tod has expertly entered Marco with his left hand and is working ever deeper.

I tell them to have fun and go down stairs to wait for the porn star I’m taking to the piss party….

I stand outside the building.  Pretty soon, I see him approaching from the host hotel.  It’s the porn star.  (He was at last year’s piss party—back then I called him the Hot One.  He loved our play together and the write up of the event.  He even allowed me to tell my readers his name, but as the post was already published, I left it the way I wrote it.  Now I will—he’s Milan Gamiani, once part of the Lucas stable.  I wrote him an email and asked if he was coming in for IML and if so, I’d be happy to drive him up to the piss party.)  And here he is.  He looks great.

We get the car out of parking and head to the northside.  

We go in.  Milan has to find the manager and give him a signed picture he’d promised him last year.  I go back and strip down to my dirtiest jock and yellow trimmed harness.  I start to really chug the water.  I don’t feel hydrated at all.

Guys are flooding in.  Yeah, I guess I do mean that.  Piss is flying the moment these early arrivals are taking off their clothes.

“Hello,” says a voice with a trace of a continental accent.  “May I suck that magnificent cock?” 

I turn.  It’s an attractive man of middle years in white and blue Neoprene.  I’m pretty sure I have talked to him on Recon.  I sit and let him kneel between my splayed legs.  He gives me a magnificent blow job.  Tons of varied suction.  Extremely wet.  And not a trace of teeth.  I urge him to do my balls, too.  He does—leaving them wet and slippery.  My free hand, for the right one is holding my water bottle to my mouth, touches the back of his neck and guides him up the length of my shaft and he takes me down to the root in an easy movement.

We break.

I find the Palm Spring Bears who still have an apartment here in Chicago.  I drink a little piss from the bottom.  I stand up and piss in a thin little stream on his cock.  I kneel and lick it off.    We talk about my visiting PS. 

We separate.

I meet a newbie friend of a regular.  I do the gay man’s handshake of taking his dick into my mouth—and vice versa.

I finally get a good piss stream going onto two pigs splashing in the wading pool of piss.

More head from the man in Neoprene.  I find out he’s from the Netherlands.  Now I know I spoke to him on Recon.

Rod, one half of the hosts of the New Year’s Eve Party finds me.  We hug and suck each other’s dick. 
I piss on two guys kissing each other.

I find the gorgeous boy from LA I have fucked at the last two IML piss parties.  He is topping a young guy—shoving his uncut cock up him.  I smile and move on.

I finally find Milan sitting by the coat check.  He has knees pads on once again; I go over to him and make him put them to use.  He sucks my cock expertly.  It’s been a good day for excellent head.  I pull him up and off my super wet dick.

“Bend over.”  I point at the ledge he’s been sitting on.  We are out front, not hidden by the screens at all.  We attract a small crowd as I kneel and begin tonguing that jockstrapped ass.  He moans into the crook of his arm, where his head rests.  I get him as wet as possible.  I stand up and slap his ass with my hard cock.

“Damn,” says some man to the side of me.  “Fuck him with that thing.”

I spit once more onto his hole.  I push in.  Just the head.  I watch him tense.  And relax.  I slide into him.  To the hilt.  In one stroke.  I fuck.  My hips sound loud since his ass is wet.  I pull-out and make them wetter—I piss all over his beautiful ass.  I go right back in.  He groans and mumbles.  A piss party regular is standing right near his face jerking to our fuck.

“Put it in his mouth,” I tell him.

He does.  Milan sucks it willingly.  Hungrily.  He is such a hot pig.  I keep fucking.

I nod to the man in his mouth and point to his ass.  He nods back and comes around to me.  I step aside and let him go up Milan’s hole.  It takes just a few strokes and he busts a load.  He pulls out and lets me kneel to taste his deposit.  I do.   Thick and creamy.  Mixing with my piss as it leaks down his crack.

I spend a long time there.  Felching and tonguing.  And fucking in the remains.

Beer Can of Friday night pushes near us, waiting for me to let him in.  I make way, thinking I better leave some load in Milan if he’s going to take that thickest of dicks….


Once I start fucking I can’t stop.  I bend a hot middle aged man over a barrel.  His mouth is dirty.  Which makes me fuck him harder.

I fuck Rod.  Beer Can takes over there, too.

More Dutch head.

I fuck a man I can’t see the face of, who is just offering ass in the back, dark corner.

I see Tod.  He tells me he left Marco very satisfied.  And Marco was so horned he fucked a load into Tod.  This makes me grin.

I finally sit down.  I want some piss to drink, but I’ve had nothing but the quick splash from the PS bottom early on.  I sip my water instead as I watch a man get piss sprayed on him from three sides.


I turn.  It’s the LA boy.  Damn.  He’s is likely in his mid 30’s, but in this light he looks barely 20.  Latino.  His hair is jet black.  The chest tattoo is big and intricate and highlights his chest in all the right places.  There is some other ink I don’t remember, perhaps it’s new.  He comes around and kneels in front of me.  He takes me in his mouth.  My dick looks enormous near his small frame.  He sucks.  Tenderly.  He makes love to this Daddy cock.

“Daddy, do you remember how you fucked me last year?” 

Before I can answer, he sits on my spit covered dick.  He slides down it.  He fucks himself until his legs get tired.  I have him stand and lean against the screen.  I fuck him some more.  He moans out his pleasure.

He rides me again. 

Suddenly his ass contracts.  I’m fucking the cum out of him.  I let him choose when to get off me.  He grinds a couple of times more down on me and stands up.  I clean his cock, every bit as tenderly as he sucked mine.  He hugs me.  I tell him I have a group of Daddies coming to my room tomorrow.  They would all love to use him.  We promise to find the other online to set it up…

I see Milan getting sucked by a very pretty young man. 

I decide I need to get off.

I find the man I fucked on the barrel.  “You want a load?”

“Are you joking?  I want you to drip out of me all the way home.”

And he leads me back to the barrel…

Monday, May 29, 2017

Blogging and Cleaning Dripping Dick

Chicago—May, 2017

Saturday was rather overcast here in Chicago.  It didn’t help me sleep in, though.  Marco and I had breakfast .  I came back to write a post and hydrate for the afternoon piss party, while he went off to the host hotel.  A couple cups of teas later, I finished up writing about the cum dumps.  Just as I hit publish, Marco came back to the room….with a handsome man in tow…

He’s mid 40’s, likely 5’10” and as thin as myself.  His hair is cropped really close except for a tuft at his hairline that, as I soon learn, likes to stand up like a mini Mohawk when he’s eating ass.

“This is Tod.”

We exchange nods. 

“So you’re the blogger?”

My ‘fame’ precedes me.

“Wait…” I can see Tod making the connection.  He turns to Marco, “It was you who were late driving in…”

We all laugh and agree.

The boys strip down.  The sling is right by the desk where I’ve been typing.  Marco jumps in.  Tod is hung thick, with a generous seven inches and a tapered head that is already poking into Marco’s extremely furry crack.

“You know,” I tell him, “if you fuck him in front of me like this, I will insist on tasting his ass on your cock.”

“Yeah,” he grins.  “I  know.”

Tod begins a high energy, chain rattling fuck.  I sit and watch, even though  it’s almost time for me to leave for the piss party.  Marco is self lubing like crazy.  The wet squishing sound of the piston strokes of Tod’s cock, make mine plump up in my jeans. 

He pulls out. 

I slip to my knees and he feeds me his dick.  Tod lets me relish the taste.  I pull off and lick his balls—which pull up into him with the stimulation.

“Put it back in him,” I tell Tod.

He does and fucks some more.

Then he falls to his knees and eats the mass of ass lube he has helped create.

I so want to kiss him.  Now.

His cock pushes back into Marco for more fucking.

This time I kneel and lick at his cute butt which is pumping away.

Again I’m used to clean his dick.  I swallow every drop I can. 

I sit back on my haunches.  Tod reaches for the Crisco and begins slathering up his hands.

I go piss, change into my jock and cover it with the flight suit.  It’s time for me to hit the road. 

When I turn back to the sling, I see that Tod has expertly entered Marco with his left hand and is working ever deeper.

I tell them to have fun and go down stairs to wait for the porn star I’m taking to the piss party….

Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Suite Full of Cum Dumps

Chicago—May, 2017

Derrick, Jacob and I went out for Thai.  They had been playing for hours before I joined them.  They were tired.   We kissed in front of my hotel, said good night and they continued on home.  I had to decide what I was doing for the evening.  I had a load for someone in this city.  Of course I hopped online.  I noted the usual parade of cum dumps on BBRT.  There were some excellent choices, but by now every reader should know I am not going to do a five minute fuck and give them what they want.

Then it happened.  This hot, hot 30 something—a man I’ve talked to over the last two IML’s, but not met —got on line and invited me over.  It went like the perfect hook up should; it was all decided in five exchanges.  I went off to the south tower of the host hotel and waited far too long for an elevator.  Only one was working, but I eventually got to the 14th floor.  His room was right there.  I knocked.  And again.  Once more.   Five times in total.  No answer.  I muttered under my breath and pulled out an index card.  I had written the info of a cum dump as a precaution, sure that I wouldn’t have to use it.  He was in the other tower.  Of course.  But he was a sure thing—a man I knew from many leather weekends and CumUnions.  I made it down the one working elevator.  I picked my way through the masses of men in the lobby…

The elevators are backed up like crazy for the north tower—25 guys deep or so.  I decide to take the stairs.  Eleven flights of them.  Ouch.  But I do it.  Over a water leak.  Past crumbling plaster littering the steps.  This hotel is literally falling apart.  I follow signs to his room number.  I smile.  He has the same suite as last year.  A sign “The Cumdumps” is scrawled on a piece of paper and stuck behind the number plate. 

I go in.  He’s alone—and ass up.  I first fucked him at a Cum Union years ago.  He was wearing cowboy boots to that event—and that’s what I christened him in the blog.  I see no reason to change it now—though he is wearing socks and a jock.  He smiles.  I unzip my flight suit which is covering my chaps and harness.  I get my dick out and kneel to taste his hole.  Not surprisingly—it’s wet.  I grunt in appreciation.

“What’s your loads count?” I ask.

“Forty –five yesterday.”

I eat hungrily—even knowing those loads are long gone.

I stand up.  His hole is long and open.  A true ass cunt.  I push in.  He grunts.  The man beneath me is in his early 50’s.  There is great contrast in watching my very white dick going into his darker colored ass.  I redouble by fucking tempo at the thought of it.  Though this man loves the load—he also wants a good fuck.

I pause to eat him out again.  I have pulled some cum out of him and I make a meal of it.

A visitor arrives.  A younger Black man.  He unzips and sticks his very average dick in Cowboy Boot’s mouth as I go back to fucking.  When I offer him ass—he zips up and leaves.


I am still fucking when his roommate arrives.  He is thirty something, a perfectly coiffed Latino who has just flown in from Florida.   He looks approvingly at my big dick fucking into Cowboy Boots and goes into the bathroom to clean out.

By the time he gets out of the bathroom, we now have another friend of CB offering his ass.  The third man, also Latino, is even younger than the guy from Florida—a very boy next door kind of guy.  Three distinct looks and three asses that feel totally different.  And suddenly the energy in the room changes.  We’ve been rather relaxed.  Now the room is filling and all asses are pressed into service…


The men I remember: 

A thirty something, hairy chested Ginger.  He comes in just before the explosion of lust—when the new arrival is locked in the bathroom.  He shares CB with me.  He fires almost instantly when he goes from Cowboy Boot’s mouth to his ass.  He loves my cleaning his cock.  He really loves watching me felch his load.  He stays hard as I fuck in it.  He takes a second turn, fucking in the remains of his own jizz.  I clean him up again.  He excuses himself as he has to piss and can’t get into the suite’s bathroom.  I tell him to use my mouth.  I never tire of watching the look of shock turn to pleasure as a newbie let loose piss in a man’s mouth for the first time.  He can’t stop thanking me…

An older top I know from the piss party.  He tries all three holes and shoots the first load in the guy from Florida.

A thirty something Arab.  Incredibly hairy with a long, thin cock.  It’s just the two of us fucking all three men.  When he gets to the Floridian and starts fucking in load—it’s all over.  He shoots big.  And reluctantly lets me clean his dick.

A young, tall, 9 inch Black guy.  He loves making eye contact across the bed as we fuck.  We sample all holes.

The Beer Can walks in.  He was in both the porn shoots I did at past IML’s.  His cock is average length but so thick no one can really take in their mouth without scraping him to death.  But the right holes love him.


Now we are in serious fuck mode.  Me, Beer Can and the thin 9 inch, Black guy.  We go round the bed.  We trade off on all three.  Every ass is getting seriously dicked down.  None of the tops are even close to shooting.

We let other others in—including a hot blond who loves to clean dick as much as I do.  He wants me to fuck him, but I remind him this isn’t his party.

I am up the Youngest.  Beer Can has finally pulled out of the guy from Florida.  The Black pushes in.  He’s close.  We are side by side and I can see it in his face.  He shoots the third load into the guy from Florida.  He pants hard, pulls out and grabs me by the neck to pull me down to lick him clean.  He can’t take it, he’s so sensitive.  He pushes me into the dripping mess he left in the Latino hole.  I lick and swallow and jerk.

This is it.  Finally.  I stand up and fire the fourth load into the hole I have just licked clean of excess cum.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

IML Friday: Inches Above His Face

Chicago--May, 2017

I should never have written that I was going to get my hands warm with Marco before we left for IML.  It jinxed it.  Instead of arriving at 6:00pm, he couldn’t leave his house, 4 hours away, until that time.  With a food break, he didn’t get to me until 11:00 at night.  He was willing—but we both figured that after a clean out for fisting, we wouldn’t be starting for at least another hour.  It was more logical to pack the sling than play in it.  So we did

And then I couldn’t sleep.  I was up after just a couple of hours of deep rest.  I continued packing downstairs, letting Marco sleep upstairs.  I napped in a chair for another couple of hours—and drove into Chicago with just those 4.5 hours of sleep—NOT how I wanted to start a weekend of sex.

After our cramped room at the Travel Lodge last year, I sprang for an upgrade this time.  Still at the same hotel, we now had a two room suite.  We got the sling up, got our vendor mart pass and did a quick breeze through the stalls.  As Marco went to get registered for his fisting event in the evening, I went back to the room and napped.  When I woke up, I tried to connect with the men who throughout the week before had told me they wanted to play at IML.  Not one was online.  But Jacob was.  He asked if I’d had sex.

FP:  I haven’t played yet….I did not sleep well last night.

J:   Hope you get some good sleep tonight.

FP:  I’ve already napped and am checking on my options among those men who wanted to play early in the week—and now are mysteriously nowhere around.

J:  Ugh.  It’s a problem.

FP:  But there are always options.

J:  Yes!  There are lots of us bottoms around…

FP:  Well, that is one way of putting it…

J:  Do you want to come over?  Scott from CLAW is here.

FP:  I could…

J:  Blackstone Room xxxx.

FP:  I’m putting on my boots now!

The Blackstone is half a block south of the host hotel (and ours).  I walk there easily in the rain that is now slowing to a drizzle.  It’s a beautiful, ornate hotel.  I smile at the teenagers in the lobby who are obviously going off to prom.  I go up, find their room easily and knock.

Jacob answers.  He’s rampant and his PA bounces enticingly.  We hug.

Scott is on the far bed.  They have covered it with a black play sheet.  The cub is on his back, legs in the air, wearing a hood that leaves only his mouth free.  And he is getting royally fucked by Derrick.

I strip off the flight suit revealing my dirty jock, wristband and harness.  Jacob guides me to Scott’s mouth.  I get up on the bed, straddle his face and feed him my soft cock.

“You remember that cock from CLAW, right?”  Jacob tells him.

Scott grunts around my hardening dick, but whether it’s a yea or nay you can’t tell as I begin to swell and fill his throat.  I pull out so he can breathe—and slap his face with my dick now at full hardness.  I push it back into his mouth after he catches his breath.

“You want to fuck him?”  Derrick asks.

I slide off the bed.  Jacob gets up and puts his balls in Scott’s mouth and grabs Scott’s legs, pulling them back.   Derrick slides out of his ass.  I suck him for a moment, then tongue the fucked out hole.  I can tell he’s been here while; his hole is puffy and abused.  I stand up and slide in.  Scott groans around Jacob’s balls in his mouth.

“There’s the big one,” Jacob tells him.  “Fuck him good,” he adds to me.

I fuck with long, deep strokes.  Slowly.   Deliberately.  Derrick moves around behind me.  He twists my nipples as he grinds his swollen cock against my moving ass. 

I take a break.

Derrick fucks him.

Jacob fucks him.

Jacob bends over.  I get a taste of his hole and my dick slides into Jacob…

For the next 2 hours, I trade holes.

Sometimes I fuck Scott, now unhooded.

Sometimes I fuck Jacob.

I eat Derrick’s hole out.

I go back to Scott’s mouth as his hole is ravished by a big silicone toy.


Derrick is lying on the bed.  Scott is sucking his cock.  Jacob is feeding his dick head to Derrick.  I get behind Jacob and eat his ass.  (This is exactly how we all love to play.  Each of us know instinctively where to fill in to compliment the action.) 

“Get on all fours,” I tell Jacob.  “No, right over his face.”  Jacob moves so Derrick can tongue his balls and watch my cock enter his boy just inches above him.  I push into the hole, my big dick drooling.  Derrick groans.  He licks harder, his eyes riveted to the fuck.  He pulls off Jacob’s balls and licks my shaft on the out stroke.  Yes!  That is exactly what I wanted.  Derrick is moaning and slobbering all over my shaft.  I am fucking most of that spit right into his boy.  It makes his hole super wet.  Now his hot tongue is on my balls.  Derrick nuzzles them on each backstroke.  I think about cumming.  I certainly could—but I’m in no hurry.

Then Jacob pulls off me to kiss his partner, I move to fuck Scott.  Jacob sits on Derrick’s face…

And so it goes until Scott decides he should really get back to his understanding boyfriend.

The three of us go out for a late supper…

Thursday, May 25, 2017

IML Checklist

He's making a list and checking it twice..

·         Leather chaps
·         Leather conditioner
·         Leather gear loaned by Derrick
·         Leather shirt with yellow piping for vendor mart
·         Jock belonging to blog reader to wear at piss party
·         Lube
·         Leather cod piece with yellow stripe
·         Harness
·         Harness for piss party
·         Boots
·         Piss boots
·         Boot polish
·         Tea bags
·         Granola bars
·         Electric kettle for hot water
·         Gatorade
·         Sling
·         Rimseat
·         Tarps for under equipment
·         Lube
·         Towels
·         Dildos, speculum, nipple forceps, etc
·         Restraints—wrist and ankle
·         Blindfold
·         Hood
·         Camera
·         Lube

Marco arrives at dinner time tonight.   I’m pretty sure I will 
warm my hands in his ass before we pack the sling.  We will leave first thing Friday morning for three days of fun and debauchery.  I will post daily—as so much will be happening, it’s hard to keep track of it all...  
I hope!

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Footballer Is In a Hurry

Near Home—March, 2017

A brief hug and I watch that slim, pale ass go out the door and down the stairs to the shower…”  That was my tag line after I fisted the cum out of Calvin.  As I age, whether I shoot or not is not always as important.  But it was that day.  I waved Calvin off, changed into old clothes and headed to the bookstore.

The parking lot is deserted.  I sigh, but go in anyway.  I’d still rather jerk off in public, with the chance of something happening, than sit alone in my house.  I check the straight side.  One man (who takes up room for two) sits on the couch.  I nod to him and go next door.  I am pleasantly surprised that they are showing bareback porn over here.  Of course, there is no one else in the room.  But I don’t care for the moment.  I am content with a recent condom-free Michael Lucas film.  I sit along the outside wall and get my dick into my hand. 


It’s thirty minutes later and a young Black man has come in.  He is seated against the back wall.  I have to turn to glance at him; to check his progress of getting his dick out.  So far he has groped himself through his baggy jeans and now has progressed to starting to unzip and slipping a couple of fingers into his fly.  He unzips all the way and is about to do the big reveal when the door buzzes open. 

A very handsome man enters.  He has a great build, just beginning to soften in his very late 30’s.  His blond hair is short.  I know that I know him.  The new guy crosses between us and sits in the corner between us.  He unzips and pulls a thick, elongated dick.  I know him now—it’s the self pronounced top on PrEP who I’ve fucked a couple of times.  I called him the Footballer—as he still shows all those hours of work on the field.  He is stroking and catching and trying to catch my eye.  I am sort of surprised.  During our fist two meets he didn’t want to do much in public.  He shakes that thick helmeted dick at me.  I get up and kneel in front of him.  I take his dripping prick into my mouth.

When I look up, I’m even more surprised.  The other guy has gotten up and is feeding the Footballer his long and thin cock.  We happily suck away.  Then we change.  The kid goes down on the Footballer and I finally get some oral attention.  Having my dick in his mouth again makes him squirm in the chair.  I know what’s coming before he does it.  The Footballer pulls my dick out of his mouth, pulls me down by the elbow and whispers in my ear.  “Fuck me.”  And he points in the direction of the booths we’ve used each time.

We do our selves up and leave the young guy—likely wondering what he did wrong to be left behind.  The Footballer finds a booth and beckons me in.  He strips out of his shoes, pants and underwear.  He kneels long enough to get my dick wet.  He stands up, bends over, holding on to the upholstered seating and presents me with his full, hairy ass.  It’s my turn to kneel and use my mouth.  I drill his tight pucker, (which doesn’t feel nearly as tight!  I think he is really getting into bottoming.) 

I stand up.  My dick is drooling and I tell him so.  I smear it on his hole.  I push.  I enter easily.

“Fuck me, man.  I’m so horny right now.”

I grunt as I bottom out into his ass.  He begins to grind back on me.  There seems to be no need for adjustment time.  I start plowing him.  I hear the poppers open.  The vapor fills the small, closed space.  He is pushing back to meet my every thrust.

And he cums.  All over the sticky linoleum floor.  His ass grips my cock—but it’s far too soon for me to shoot.

He asks for my phone number as he cleans up.  I remind him we did that last time.  But he doesn’t have it—though he is saved in mine.  He takes it again.

I pull myself together and go back to the gay theatre.  The Black guy is still there, stroking.

I suck his cock.  The long, thin shaft, with a slight downwards curve, fits perfectly in my throat. 
He gives me a load pretty quickly as he’s been stroking the entire time I’ve been gone.

He thanks me and leaves.

One of the regulars, a Latino comes in.  He feed me his dick.  He’s close too.  This time a thick load triggers my own load.  It’s my turn to shoot on the linoleum.

Short and sweet.

Like this entry.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Punch My Hole"

My Playroom—March, 2017

A fisting re-match.  Calvin came to the playroom for the fourth time at the end of the month.

I watch him stow his clothes in the tallboy.  He’s so damn cute:  mid-30’s, 5’10” and slim.  His shaved head is shiny.  A thin beard is perfectly shaped and groomed.  There are several ear piercings.  He puts on a jock that hides his generous dick.  I make a mental note to suck that boy off some day.  But not now.  Now it’s all about his ass.

He gets up on the padded fuck bench.  His ass arches toward me.  I go to my knees and lick the deep, hairy cleft.  I find his pucker.  He’s so damn tight.  How does he open up so fast to take my fist?  I eat him noisily.  I hear the poppers open.  Inhale.  His butt hole gives under my tongue.  I am in him.  Deep.  My cock drools.  I wipe it up with my index finger and apply it to his hole.  He knows just what I’m doing.  He groans.  I use it as tongue lube, swabbing it into him.

More spit.  More precum. 

I stand up and push my cock into him.  I love the fact he wants my cock as much as my fist.  I bottom out and hold.

I fuck him slowly.

I fuck him fast.

I pull out.  He tastes his ass on my cock with eagerness.

I eat his hole again.  I love how it feels so relaxed now.  Used.

I fuck.  I use the egg-headed dildo.  The poppers open again.  I wait a moment--and I add my cock along the thin, ribbed shaft until he is incredibly full.

Sling time.  I eat him out again.  He’s a copious self-luber.

A fuck.

Now the speculum.  A slow crank open.  His tongue lolls out of the side of his mouth, with a crooked, big smile.  I tease his prostate with my index finger.  My middle finger.  My thumb.  My cock goes in.  Poppers.  He begins babbling now; I can’t make out any real words—just sounds of lust—as my cock plows through the laterally stretched hole.

I cover my hands with Elbow Grease.  The left opens him, but surprisingly, it’s the slightly bigger right hand that goes in first.  His ass lips give a satisfying ‘snap’ around my wrist.  I hold.  I rotate it.  Most men I enter vertically.  Not Calvin.  His ass takes me much more easily when my hand is flat.  I rotate it again, back to that flat position and pull it out.

Rub his hole.

Fuck him.

Enter with my left hand.


And again.


We break.  Water is consumed.  (I would love to drink from this man’s tap, but never have.)  We go, eagerly, to the rimseat.  I get under and spend a long time opening his hole wider and wider.  I hear poppers and his groans and his babble, but I am lost in my own world of being all but smothered by his hot young ass…


Back to the sling and a quick fuck to let some of the tension out of my cock from having his ass plastered on my face.

Now it’s all about my hands in his hole.

And the old (but newly found again) flesh colored dido.  He takes it’s thickness with ease. 

“Let’s try this…”  I unbuckle a stirrup and snap it to the D ring behind his head.  Then the other one.  His legs are bent back and over his body.  His ass is totally exposed and higher.  I re-grease my mitts and work the right up him.  Slowly.  Exploring.  Going deeper.  Finding his second hole and pushing through it with my fingers.  Just like my cock does.

Calvin begins to shiver.  He can’t control it.  The first time he did it, months ago, I thought it was about the temperature of the playroom.  Tonight it’s excitement.  He can’t control it.  And doesn’t want to.

“Punch my hole.”

“You sure?”

He nods.  I grease up a little more.  I usually slip into him with fingers flat and make the fist once I’m passed his sphincter.  Now I’m going in as a fist.



He’s loving it.  I do another four punches.  I let him popper up.

Back I go.  Left. Right. Left.

His hand finds his rock hard dick sticking out of his jock at a crazy angle.
He strokes himself off as my right hand enters him.


And he shoots.  I hold my hand in place, slipping it out just as his ass begins to spasm.

I lean forward and lick up most of the biggest pool of jizz.

He relaxes for a moment, but then is out of the sling, pretty much unaided.

A brief hug and I watch that slim, pale ass go out the door and down the stairs to the shower.