Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Return of SpiritHole

Ann Arbor—May, 2017

The man I called SpiritHole, the tantric sex guy with the back tattoo of entwined snakes, was home in Michigan.  He’d arrived the month before, but our schedules had never aligned—I had business travel, he had a family emergency.  But we made it work before we both went off to IML.  I packed the rimseat and drove to his beautiful, expensive home to the east of me.  We walked his gardens before and ate a terrific dinner on his porch after sex multi orgasmic sex…

He’s totally naked.  I have on just my boots, a rinsed out dirty jock and my favorite cock ring. SpiritHole has me sit on a black leather sofa up in his third story playspace.  He wants to suck my dick before it becomes too big for his mouth.  He takes me deep into his small mouth.  My cock balloons just at the thought of trying to stay soft or at least semi-hard for him.  I am almost instantly hard.  Achingly hard.  SH pulls off me in astonishment, trying not to lacerate the head.  He switches to nuzzling my hairy balls.  It feels incredible.  He’s in no hurry.  He caresses them with his tongue.  He does not pull them into his mouth.  His tongue presses into them with just enough weight and purpose to get my dick to drip.  He licks the pearl off my cock head when he finally notices it.  I lift my legs so he can concentrate on my sweet spot:  under my balls where the cock ring rests.  He works his tongue between the two—just as I’d asked him to the first time we met.  I lazily jerk my dick as he licks my perineum.  He gives a glancing swipe of the tongue to my asshole—we both know we will concentrate on that later.

I pull him up and suggest he get on all fours on the bed behind us.  He does, climbing up on the bed, covered in black leather playsheets.  I let my cock rest for a moment on the mouth of the snake…and then I kneel to feast on his already juicy hole.  I spend almost as long tonguing, teasing and spitting into his hole as he spent on my cock and balls.  But I want in.  I want to feel his anal canal grasp at my invading shaft.  I want him to milk my cock until I’m on the verge of shooting.  I want to eat him out again—now tasting of a delicious mix of our juices…

I stand up.  I slap my cock on the forked tongue of the snake and prod at his wet hole.  My dick head pushes in.  I pause.  I push again.  More of my dick disappears.  SH begins to whimper.  He tells me it’s been too long—he has missed my cock—that his hole has missed my cock.  His words open his hole and I glide the rest of the way in.  There is a moment of adjustment, before I start fucking in long, strokes.  In and out.  Grinding my pubes into the mouth of the snake.

I pick up the pace.  My wet balls slam into him now on each stroke.  He begins his familiar babble—a reaction to his delight at the feelings I’m making happen in his hole.  I fuck him this way until I need to catch my breath.  When I stop, I keep my cock in him, my chest pressed to his back.

We go to his sling.  I eat out his hole again.  It’s creamy and tastes of that mix of juices I love.  For many men, the length of time I’m down there eating him out might be too long.  Not for SpiritHole.  He knows I love it as much as he does.  He knows it makes me rock hard for my next entry into him whenever I choose to fuck again.  I hold off fucking until any other man would be begging for it.  Only then do I stand and fuck in the even wetter hole I’ve left behind.  This round is fast and furious.  He begins shaking uncontrollably as he has anal orgasm after anal orgasm.

More rimming.  Then it’s a round of slow and sensuous fucking.

More riming—and I fuck him as hard as I can.  He’s cumming internally again and again and is crying.  The next moment he’s laughing that he’s crying and then he begins shuddering again as my cock pulls another round of intense feelings deep from inside him.

We have a long rest on the bed, wrapped together.  We are both on the edge of sleep.  But my rampant cock decides it wants more sex.

We use the rimseat.  Me under first.  I eat his crazily wet hole until my jaw is tired.  I tell him it’s like the entire U of M football team has seeded him, there is so much creamy goodness in his butt.

He goes under next to work on my hole.  But he wants access to my cock as he licks my hole, so I move to the sling.  He eats my butt but makes frequent trips up to my balls and shaft.

He takes pictures.

His rimming (and my jerking on my dick as he does it) is finally making me ready to blow a load.  We change places.  I plow into his ass once more.  I stand still and move the sling back and forth—impaling him on that engorged cock each time. 

I begin to shoot. 

I shudder and fill him with my cum.

I get out of the sling.  He cleans my cock.  Carefully.  Taking more of it into his mouth. 

And SpirtHole takes a final picture.

(I love this picture...I don't have many of my cock at rest...and that jock makes me hard just looking at it.)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

“I Have Something In the Freezer For You”

My Playroom—May, 2017

There is no question that PrEP has increased the number of men who beat a trail to my playroom.  So many more men are suddenly eager to experience the joy of sharing body fluids during sex.  Even better, the new man who wrote me in Mid-May was a guy who mostly topped, but he wanted to get fucked and bred by a bigger dick. Well, yes, please.

I looked at his pictures, and counted myself lucky that he chose me.  The profile stated he was ten years younger and just my height.  He was almost as thin.  His dark blond hair had dustings of grey in it.  And his dick was large, with a pronounced upward curve—it would be quite a mouthful…

We can’t stop kissing.  First my tongue ravages his open mouth.  Then it is Joe’s poking and prodding into mine.  They are very wet kisses that cause both our dicks to drool.  As I realize this, I hold him by the cheeks, squeezing his mouth open and spit directly into it.  He groans—totally turned on.  I touch his big curved cock and wipe the dollop of pre-cum he’s just produced onto my index finger.  I feed it to him.  He suckles my finger like a tiny dick until I pull it out of his mouth and kiss him again.  I repeat the gesture, this time swiping up my own pre-cum and sticking it into his mouth.
“You like that?” I ask.  It’s pretty rhetorical—it’s obvious that he does.

He grunts in the back of his throat as I fuck his face with my finger.

“Then use that hot tongue on my cock.”  I put my free hand on his shoulder to guide him down.  He sinks to the padded floor and pauses—looking at my very red cock before he takes it into his mouth. 
“Damn,” he whispers.  And deep throats it.  Fuck, he’s great; every bit as good as the older guy at the bookstore, a few nights back.  He covers every inch of my dick with his tongue.  He pulls off and does my balls.  He cranes his head around and tongues under them, wetting the perineum and working toward my ass.  “Later,” I tell him.  “Get my cock wet for your hole.”

I spend a little time sucking him, too, but it doesn’t take me long to tell Joe to get up on the fuck bench.  It’s not the most rounded ass I’ve ever fucked, but a very hot looking one as the cheeks are spread by the simple act of straddling the bench.  I dive into his hole.  Oh, fuck.  He’s hairy and sweaty and has a slight taste of Irish Spring.  My cock drools again.  I wipe it down his ass crack.
All the rimming attention is making Joe moan.  And self lube.  I can taste it already and nothing but my tongue has gone into his hole.

“Please fuck me,” he mumbles.

I see no reason to delay it.  His hole is more than ready.  As is my cock.  I stand and feel my cock head prod him.

He grunts again.  “I hardly ever get fucked.  And never with a cock this size.” 

I work the head into him.  He grunts a great intake of air.  I wait.  I drool my spit on my shaft from above and slowly work into him.

He mumbles a “Yes…yes…yes with every inch that goes in.  I bottom out.  “So full,” he mumbles into his popper bottle.  The vapor hits.  His hole relaxes.  “FUCK me,” he commands. 

I do.  Hard.  No mercy now.  I am long dicking him on every stroke.  He feels great.  You’d never know he was only an occasional bottom.

“Let me taste my ass on your dick.”

Damn.  He beat me to it, but I’m happy to oblige.  I pull out and bring it to his mouth.  He moans at the taste of his lube, just like I did.  I let him clean every inch.  Then it’s back to his ass and back to his mouth after a dozen strokes.

We do the same thing in the sling.  Deep fucking and lots of cock cleaning.  And more spit while I’m fucking him.  I make sure to kiss him after each time he’s cleaned my cock.  The fact I want to taste his ass in his own mouth makes his copious pre-cum leak even more.

We fuck and fuck.

When I finally pull out to catch my breath he looks up at me.  “I’d really like to rim you.  OK?”
Of course it is.  We trade places, me in the sling and Joe on his knees.  I love being rimmed by a man who loves ass.   Joe is one of those.  Deep and sensuous.  He can’t get enough.  We both do poppers and get lost in the moment.

“I didn’t want to fuck today,” he tells me, “until I got your ass in my mouth.  Now I wish you flipped.”

“Shut up and tongue fuck me.”

He does.  It’s totally hot.  And he remembers to stand up and kiss me when he’s done…


Joe is back in the sling.  I’ve been fucking again.

“You going to load me?” he asks.

I stop dead, my dick still in his hot hole.  “You want to get loaded?”

“Fuck, yeah.  It’s the best thing about finally getting to fuck bare.”

“I have something in the freezer for you.”  I pull out of his ass, and with my wet dick swinging, leave the room.  I rummage through the freezer downstairs and find the small Tupperware behind some chicken breasts.  I go back up to the playroom, opening the container.”


I cut him off.  “It’s a ten load Devil’s Dick.  It’s all my cum.”


“Yup.”  I pull the condom lined shot glass out of the tub.  “I’m going to turn this inside out and push this mass of frozen cum up your hole with my dick.”

His eyes glaze.  With excitement and maybe a little bit of fear.

I do just what I’ve told him. I hold this inch and a half long cube of cum against his puffy hole.  I push it in.  He yelps as goes through his ass lips and sighs as he feels it settle in his ass.  I fuck.  His hole is suddenly slick.  It’s like the end of a gangbang in mere minutes.  I am pulling melting cum out with my dick head.  Sometimes I have to stop and slurp it up.  I share it with him, leaning across that hard, thick cock to drool some into his mouth.  The cum is still cool.

But as I keep fucking, it takes on his body temperature.  The next batch I felch, feels like a man just shot it in his ass.  Once again I share it with him.

“Even at my sluttiest in Chicago,” Joe pants, “I’ve never felt so much cum in my ass.”

I pull out a third time.  I bring my cum coated cock to his mouth.  He swivels in the sling to lick me clean.  He groans and calls me a “perverted fuck.” I go back up his ass.

“I want to eat it out of you on the rimseat.” 

“I’m game.”

I pull out and help him out of the sling.  He instantly kneels and cleans my cock.  I get under the rimseat and take a hit of poppers.

“I just sit down?”

“Yup.  Don’t push it out.  Let me tongue it out.”

He sits gingerly.  He settles in the moment my tongue finds his cum lined hole.  Joe groans.  I am in pig heaven.  Immediately, my own juices start flowing out of his ravaged butt, mixing with all the ass lube he has created from all the anal stimulation .  That heady mix is dripping onto my tongue, my beard, my nose.  I stop jerking my dick as I’m afraid I’ll shoot.  I eat and lick and swallow.  Who the fuck needs poppers with his ass in my face.  My head feels like it’s spinning…

Eventually the lava flow of juice out of his hole slows.  Then stops.  I lick him totally clean.  Only then do I tap his thighs to get him up.

“I have to buy one of these,” he sighs.  “I want to be under it sometime, too.”

“I need to breed you,” I tell him.  “Replace some of that cum in your gut I just ate out.”

Joe hops in the sling.

I plunge into him. 

Now he jerks his dick in time to my thrusts. 

I’m not sure who shoots first.  I shoot deep.  He shoots high on his chest.  I have to work to lick it all up—and share it with him.

I promise you a post...

This great Tom of Finland has NOTHING to do with what I'm typing about for tonight's post--
but I don't care.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Bookstore Relief

Near Home—May, 2017

(This post picks up immediately after the previous one.)

The parking lot is fairly full.  My cock stirs as I snap the locks shut with my car key.  I go in to pay.  I wait behind a bewildered man talking to the cashier.

“When did it happen?” he asks.

“A couple of days ago,” she replies as she puts price stickers on a batch of fluorescent sex toys.

“Was it the city?”

“Of course.”

“Jeez…what’s the point…?” he mumbles as he goes back towards the arcade.

I buy my ticket for the two theatres and wonder what that was all about.  I learn fast; it’s the talk of the place. The gloryholes have been nailed shut.  A new city ordinance. 

I sigh, as the men who had the conversation leave the room.  I rarely use them—but I know they are the main attraction of the place for many men (and many women who used them to show off for their man.)  Will the place survive?

I make myself at home on the distressed leatherette couch.  My cock is out, jerking to really good straight (all three holes used) porn. An older gentleman moves from a chair to sit next to me.  My cock gets harder as he opens his fly.  He pulls out a fat sausage of a dick.  We stroke, eyes front, with an occasional glance at the meat on display next to us.  The sexual tension mounts.

It takes ten minutes of pretending not to look at each other before his hand tentatively reaches out and touches my thigh.   When I turn and nod, his hand replaces mine on my dick.  He has very soft hands.  He strokes me gently and sensuously.  My left hand goes to his big dick.  It feels leathery to the touch and it’s engorged, but not hard.  He sighs—so I must be doing something right. 

Soon he bends over and takes me in his mouth.  Even at this awkward from the side angle, he’s giving me better head than most men.  When he comes up for air, I return the favor, slipping to the floor in front of him.  He still doesn’t get fully hard, but he tells me my mouth feels great.  Then it’s his turn to get on his knees.  This is even better.   I love his mouth.

Our activity is proving more popular than the movie.  An older Latino comes over.  I take him in my mouth for a moment while I’m getting sucked.  Soon I touch the head of the man deep-throating me and encourage him to try the new dick.  He does. Noisily and with great energy.

A young man I’ve never seen before steps up and gives me a thin seven incher to suck.  At first, he holds my head and face fucks me.  Maybe this gloryhole closure will send them all into the theatre—like this guy.  The Latino suddenly cums noisily in the mouth of the man who started it all.  The cocksucker grabs the hips of the Latino—not letting him pull out of his mouth as we watch the Latino shake with spurt after spurt.  My man gets so turned on that he spurts, too.  It’s a big load.  And creamy.  He lets me clean his dick until he has no need to wipe it before he returns it to his designer briefs.


This clears the room.  Even the older man, who I really want to kiss—each having just taken a load—takes a break.  I go off to the gay theatre.  I find a bear stroking his dick (thick with a pronounced mushroom head).  There is also an older, very distinguished looking Black man.  His dick is hidden, but you can see the outline of it in his pants.  They are both sitting against the back wall.  I walk to the chairs to their right and sit.  I open my pants again, jerk and wait to see who will make the first move.

The door buzzes and opens.  A white man enters with his young Black girlfriend.  I look again.  Is it a real woman or a cross dresser?  In this light I can’t tell. If it is a young man, he’s totally passable—but there is something off.  Maybe the jaw line. Or the wig.  I can’t see an Adam’s apple.  Then I realize I don’t care.  The man has sat down beside me and gruffly told her to get on her knees and suck his dick.  He has opened his jeans and pulled out a very regulation cock.  The three onlookers are all stroking now as we watch her maneuver to the floor in her tight sheath of a dress.  She sucks him as if it’s the best dick she’s ever had in her mouth with lots of loud slurping, panting and lady-like grunts.  I can see strings of spittle, catching the light as they cling to his dick, every time she pulls back to catch her breath.  Finally he tells her to get off her knees.  She stands on the far side of the man—closer to the Distinguished Man who has been open stroking during the blow job.

“Look at this guy’s cock,” her partner tells her.  At first I’m not sure who he means for DM has a nice piece of meat, too.  But it’s me.  She come over and looks at my dick.

“Can I suck it, Daddy?” she asks her partner.

“Can she?” he asks me.

I nod.  She gets down on the sticky tiled floor.

“Wait.  Can I film this?  Gotta see her take such a big one.  No faces but hers.”

I nod, not caring a scrap.

She starts with my balls, licking them thoroughly.  Then slowly, aware of the camera, she inches down the length of my dick.  She takes maybe 2/3’s of it.  Which makes me think she is a real woman and not a man in drag.  She knows to cover her teeth and knows some passable tongue action.  I let her go to work.  She plays to the camera with how it all won’t fit in her mouth.  And how she can’t get her breath as she pulls off it.

“Are you going to cum?  Just shoot in her mouth.”

I tell him I’m not even close.

“Damn.  I’d like to have that on film.  Sure?”

I tell him I’m sure.

“Can we go somewhere and fuck?” asks my cocksucker to her partner.  “I’m horny now.”

I was hoping that would happen right here, but they thank me and leave.


Of course I suck the Bear while DM puts his dick in the Bear’s mouth.  Then I suck DM as the Bear sucks me.  The Bear leaves and I spend a long time on DM’s cock, but he never gets off.  The DM goes down on me very briefly, then thinks better of it.  He sits and watches the rest of the night.  

The Bear comes back with a young, ginger cub.  We suck each other’s cocks.  Very quickly, I get the ginger’s load from his tiny dick.

The Bear has proven to be not good at covering his teeth.  I know I won’t get off that way and there now seems to be no one else around.  I jerk myself to relief as I sink down once more on his thick meat—with that pronounced helmet head.  It works.  I feel the mass of it in my throat—and I spew my load under his chair.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

“I Want You to Fuck My Boy”

My Playroom—May, 2017

The day after Jake, I had another fisting meet with one of my regulars.  It started great with fucking him on the bench.  He has a hot, hot ass—and is becoming more of a pig every time we meet.  But things went bad with his clean out as soon as we changed over to the sling and my hand.  He cleaned a little more, but realized he would never fully trust his clean out now—which meant that he would never be able to get into that headspace bottoms need.  He got dressed and took off—and my dick could only drool with the wish that I was sending him home full of my seed.

By the end of that week I had a message from the couple I met at the last orgy in Grand Rapids.  The hot top with the Robert Mitchum chest and his boy wanted me all to themselves.  Would I be interested?  I probably don’t need to tell you how I answered.  The only details were when and in their sling or mine?  We opted for my playroom. 

They arrive early.  They are eager and horned.  I greet them naked but for my jock and boots.  I watch them strip down in the playroom and stow their clothes in the taller dresser.  The top is handsome, my age, my height and very tan.  I love the tangle of hair all over his chest.  His cock is likely thicker than mine, but not quite as long.  It is rampant, from the moment he ditches the underwear that could not contain it.  His partner is a good 8 inches shorter than the two of us.  Likely mid-40’s.  He has a great 7 inch cock that I watched him use extensively on our first meet—but today it’s all about his hot, round and delicately haired ass.

“I want you to fuck my boy.  Just use him and seed him,” the Top whispers in my ear, as his boy kneels in front of the two of us.  My cock is engulfed by the boy’s warm mouth.  His tongue is active.  He’s good.  He doesn’t linger on me; he gives his Daddy the same treatment. 

Back and forth.

I haul him up kiss him.

“I want to try taking that dick.”  The Top gets on his knees and swallows me down.  Just as expertly.  He pulls off me, panting, and gives his boy head, too.

Back and forth.

He stands up when his knees get tired.  It’s my turn to sink onto my padded floor. The Top’s big cock first.  I take it all.  Just.  Then the boy’s drooling dick.

Back and forth.

“Use his ass good.”

The boy has pulled out of my mouth and gotten up on the padded fuck bench.  I just crawl over and bury my face in his hole.  It’s hairier than his ass cheeks.  I delight in getting his hole incredibly wet and slick.  The Top is right where he should be—feeding the boy his wet dick.  I stand up and enter him.  His ass grasps me tightly.  I work up him very slowly letting him feel every millimeter.  He stops sucking his partner and concentrates on my incredibly slow progression up his chute. 

I pause—totally buried.

“Make him feel it!” the tops tells me.

I begin the fuck.  Long strokes.  Leaving just my cockhead in his ass.  I build.  And for just a moment, the two us are fucking into both the boy’s holes at exactly the same tempo.  Then I forge ahead, giving him a rough, hard fuck.

“Change,” I command.

We do.  There is no hesitation on ass to mouth.  He’s actually eager for it.  “You like the taste of your ass?” I ask as I stick it into his mouth.  He doesn’t use words, he just hungrily shows me how much he loves it.

“Damn, you got him good and open.”  The Top is fucking him now.  His eyes are on my dick in his partner’s mouth.  He stops, pulls out and lies down on the bed.  “I want to watch.”

And he does.  He watches me eat his boy’s freshly fucked hole. 

He watches me fuck him. 

He watches me take my ass juice covered cock to his boy’s mouth—and the greedy mouthing of my slimy cock. 

He listens to the guttural groans of his boy cleaning me up.


We change over.  I fuck the boy.  His partner watches.  Seemingly, I inspire him to fuck again.  He comes over the fucks him as I give the boy another taste of his ass on my cock.

We take turns once more…than he goes back to watching…


We break.  “Do you like to get rimmed?” I ask the Top.

His answer is rather non-committal.  I encourage him to get up on the bench.  He does, reluctantly.  I dive into the ass that “doesn’t like attention.”  He groans.  Loudly.  I poke and prod him with my tongue.  I open his hole and make him squirm.  I make him a happy convert in no time at all. 

But I really want to eat out the ass we’ve been fucking.  I get under the rimseat.  The boy sits on my face.  The seat does its work and spreads his hole open for me.  His ass is delicious—with his own juices and the mix of our pre-cum.  The Top kneels to my side and strokes my dick.  His other hand goes between my legs and his finger starts toying with my hole.  I can’t remember when I’ve had anything other than a tongue up there.  I clench for a moment, but will myself to relax and let him play.  His finger never truly enters me—he stops on the threshold each time.  I concentrate on the all but dripping ass above me and eat him out.  I make the boy pant…

I touch his thighs, to get him to stand.  He does.  “Fuck him,” I tell the Top.  “Just a few strokes and have him sit back on my face.”  The top lies on the bed.  I watch the boy mount that column of dick.  He rides it.  And he comes to sit again, bringing his freshly fucked hole to my tongue.

A drip of his ass lube falls on my tongue.  I eat him out noisily.

The Top is offering vocal encouragement.  “Get up again,” he tells the boy. 

This time he bends the boy right over my head and fucks him in full view.  Long strokes and rough.  “Now sit on that pig’s face.”  The boy does…and I’m a very happy, very wet pig indeed…


We try a double fuck on the bed—both on our backs, our dicks together.  It turns into the boy riding them sequentially.

“Get back in the sling.”  This time the Top is up him first.  Another hard driving attack on the boy’s hole.  The boy can’t keep his hands off his own dick.  He shoots before it’s my turn to fuck.  I lean over and lick up the cum covering his chest.  He won’t let my tongue touch his dick.

The Top goes to the bed, jerking.  I turn around and lick his balls.  He jerks faster.  It’s my turn to touch a finger to his (still wet) hole.  It makes him shoot—the moment my middle finger touches the wetness I left behind.  I clean up the mess on that forest of chest hair.

And his cock.  Every drop.

They dress and go…

It’s only after they leave I realized they hadn’t asked if I wanted to get off.  I did.  I really need to get off. 

I went to the bookstore…(See the next post!)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Guest Writer: He Came From Behind

As promised, here's Jake's version of events.  I got this almost the next day.  I read the first paragraph to see what it was, then stopped--not wanting to be influenced by his recollections.  I  finally read it, after I wrote up my own take on our meet.  Compare.  Contrast.  Discuss...

We met as old friends do after a long time apart.  I commented on a vintage Lionel train that sat on his piano.  He in turn showed me some beautiful living room furniture, all of which he recently inherited.  So we quickly caught up where we’d left off.

Then up to the playroom.  I stripped and girded on my bulldog harness.  “New?” he asked.  He reached out to touch it, and I knew his fires were lit.  I stepped in closer and caressed his balls, but he turned me around. “I want you this way.”  It was a command, gently voiced.  I understood:  the man wanted my ass.

Soon I was thrown over the fuck bench to be rimmed and then suddenly, forcefully penetrated.  Inner thunder roused me. Lighting was striking.  I was being fucked by a man equipped and experienced enough to do it right.

The fucking was interrupted only to experiment with big toys, butt plugs and dildos, that produced a wide range of sensations.  It was a challenge, of course:  “Can you take this?”  My happy ass took it all, and then there was more fucking, until my ass was fucking back with grunts and thrusts and anal crunches.  Best of all he shoved his hand in with his dick. Limits stretched. Mind blown!

But things must not get out of hand, at least not yet. He always knows when he’s brought me to the edge.

He suddenly stopped, pulled out, leaving me to slump on the bench and beg for more.  But it was time to change the play, so he strapped on thick leather wrist restraints while I struggled to deep throat his dick.

He led me to the sling stand and chained my wrists to the hook where the top bars cross, and pulled me backward until I was hanging by my hands with ass thrust out behind. By turns he paddled my ass with a leather slapper and shoved his penis in to fuck me.  Arms and shoulders ached, ass cheeks burned with fire, and ass hole throbbed with pleasure.

But he always leaves me wanting more.  So now he put down the slapper and hung the sling at the right height for fisting. I climbed in and settled into place as a good bottom should, with ass thrust out and up.

I took my first long hit of poppers while he gloved up. He lubed my ass and as only he can, with the gentlest of touches, had my ass wide open in no time at all. 

He thrust in his right fist, then his left, then combinations of fists and fingers.  How much could I take?  “More, sir… do it again sir … thank you, sir.” Then he brought up a huge dildo he’d been saving, and let me see what was coming next.  Groaning and panting I finally took it all.  Oh yes, along the way there were breaks from the fisting to do more fucking, first without and then with his hand in as well.

And just to vary the method, he cranked in a speculum to open my hole wide and fucked me some more.  With the speculum pinning back the anus, he was thrusting his dick against the sensitive tissue just inside it, setting me on fire.  The special pleasure for him was the contrast between the cold metal of the speculum and the warm flesh of my rectum; he could feel it all the time he was fucking me.

I was on the brink of giving out, but then he called a halt and we slipped out of our top and bottom roles.  I lay on the bed to rest and he got on the floor to stretch a kink out of his back. Then I moved over and he lay down on the bed with me.  He lay on his back and I rolled over to place my body close to his, my head on his shoulder, and in the right place to reach out and hold his dick in my hand.  We dozed off that way for a bit. I woke first and wrapped my hand around his dick, and his eyes opened.

His dick was hard and huge again, heavy in my hand and pulsing with life.  It was time for more play.
I was positioned on the fuck bench, now adjusted into a platform. I was on all fours this time with my ass raised for action.  More rimming, more fisting, more fucking.  The same but not the same:  in this position my rectum seemed to open up and give him much more inner space to explore, or rather, to rampage in.  And my ass seemed to know just where to put itself to give him maximum pleasure in fucking it.

We took another rest break.  By now all the fisting and fucking had brought us very close together emotionally, and I reveled in the pleasure of snuggling up to his hard, long body.  I couldn’t keep my hand off his dick, which even when soft is still a satisfying handful.  Another catnap and a little chat, more fondling, and his dick was hard again.  I especially enjoyed feeling its girth and firmness just at the base by the cock ring.

We are both old enough to know that this new erection was a gift from the gods, and in no time I was back in the sling to be fucked again, and this time there was no holding back.  My ass was very tender from the fisting, so every sensation was amplified.  It was like being a virgin all over again!  He fucked me tenderly, roughly, and finally with total authority, slamming into me again and again.  I was writhing in pain and pleasure. He rose on his toes to thrust down into me with ever greater force until, with shouts and shudders he shot his load in me in three big blasts.

He pulled out and staggered backwards. I was all on fire, but the flames quickly died down to glowing embers of immense satisfaction.  I was proud to have taken his load.  For a few brief moments both of us were young again, first full of fire and life, then suddenly falling off the cliff of orgasm into the best kind of exhaustion and contentment.  I went home with the glow of it all deep inside, and tumbled into bed, falling asleep as my head hit the pillow.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Stuffing Jake's Ass

My Playroom—May, 2017

We met when I used to go to the rather shopworn bathhouse in Michigan’s second largest city.  I’m pretty sure we met at the community sling.  But it’s a long time ago.  It could have been in a room he’d rented.  I doubt it was on the community mattresses that were a feature of the play area at the time. 

(I just looked up Jake’s other entry on here—and found out I wrote an introduction very similar to this back then.  H’mmm….)

Jake wanted to come down to the playroom and the timing worked perfectly.  He arrived just before the appointed time.  He looked good as I let him in the door—a handsome silver fox.  We hugged, we talked.  He went off to the bathroom to touch up and I took the porn up to the playroom…

Jake is naked, struggling into a new, at least to me, harness.  I tell him I like it and in the same breath tell him to get on the fuck bench—I want to eat his ass.  He opens easily with my tongue.   Soon it’s my dick drilling into him—with Jake looking into the mirror at the head of the bench, so he can watch me drill him.

I fuck him with my big dick.

I fuck him with the egg-headed dildo.

I add my cock alongside it.  It’s a tight squeeze—but we both love the result—a tightened down hole that sends the fuck into overdrive.

I go back to just my dick.

Then I push in the big, black butt plug.  No need to for the small one now.  It goes in with a satisfying pop as his sphincter closes around it.  I work the tip of my index finger around the edge—making Jake groan and mumble into the leather bench.

I eventually tire of that and go back to my dick.  Then some fingers.  No fist yet….though  he’s ready. 

One last round of fucking.

With my cock covered in his ass juice, I reach for the wrist restraints.  My tasty cock goes in his mouth as I buckle the band around his right wrist.  And then his left.  I get him up and suspend his wrists from the center of the sling frame.  I walk him back so his ass is jutting towards me.  I don’t eat it.  I don’t fuck it.  I wallop it with a leather paddle.  Strokes on first one cheek than the other.  Only then do I rim him—loving the heated flesh on my face.

Another few spankings.  Than a brutal fuck.  It’s such a mind-fuck position for both of us.  But it’s tiring to be hung there like a piece of fuck meat.  I let him down and get the sling back into position. 
Jake gets comfortable as I grease up my hands.

It’s a long, slow session of stretching.  One hand.  Then the other.  A re-do of the toys.  My dick. The speculum comes out—cranked wide enough to accommodate my dick in his hole along with it.  I never tire of cool metal on the sides and hot flesh above and below.

We fuck again without it.  My hand slips in—and my dick follows.  I begin a leisurely jerk off deep inside his gut.  I would love to cum like this—but I am having too much fun to get off…


We have taken a longer than usual break on the bed…in each other’s arms.

We decide to try more fisting, but he’d like to be on his knees.  I adjust the middle section of the bench down so it becomes a padded table. 

My hands are kept busy.  He tells me everything feels different this way—and that’s a good thing.
I add my dick.

And go back to my hands.

Jake is getting tender.  We need to wrap up this extended session soon. 

I ask if he wants my dick again? 

His answer is to get in the sling.

I soothe his ravaged hole with my tongue. 

That does it.  I want to give him my load.

Just few strokes in his hot hole and I am firing into his incredibly stretched ass.


When he got home, Jake wrote up his impressions of that day.  I have only just now finally read it all.  I wanted to see how his (fresher) memories compared with mine two months later.  You, dear reader will get to make that comparison yourself the next time I post!