Thursday, November 23, 2017

Two Asses on Offer: Miguel Vs. Miguel

Northwest Indiana—October, 2017

I got a message from my friend Ryan that Miguel (who we’d recently fucked, bred and felched at one of the bookstores) was going to be back there on a Saturday afternoon.  Not only was he going to be there, but another of Ryan’s regular f-buds—and one who I had used at a number of the Indiana house parties—was coming as well.  Confusingly, he is also a Miguel…so for this particular post we will have Miguel (the open hole we recently filled) and Young Miguel. 

Yes, something to be thankful for as I write on this Thanksgiving Day…dueling bottoms who both want my cock and cum.

We are meeting up at the bookstore closest to where I am staying—the one that has a Cinema on one side and an arcade on the other.  I get there before any of them.  I have time for a little warm up before the main event.  I go into the cinema side.  There is one man standing in the back.  He’s the Young Man with the Scraggily Goatee and the beautiful uncut cock who I sucked during an earlier visit.  POST.  Today, he wears a Harley Davidson cap which suits him well.  He grins as he sees me come in and offers me his cock.  I kneel quickly and take him to the root as I open my own trousers.  He lets me work his foreskin until he’s drooling pre-cum.

Soon he’s pumping his cock into my mouth—but stops just before he cums.  He pulls out.  “Would you let me suck yours?” 

Well, hell, yes!  I stand up and let this guy go down on me.  He isn’t opening wide enough at first, but gets the idea fast.  He’s good once he gets going.  He pulls off me.  “You gonna give me your cum?”  I shake my head—but he goes back to work, hoping I won’t be able to help myself.  He is stroking himself as he sucks my bigger dick.  Suddenly he stands up and grunts “Take my load.”  I fall to my knees and get every drop of his cum.  He thanks me and leaves. 

I stand up and Ryan comes in as I’m licking my lips.  He’s spread the word to both bottoms to buy the combined package so we can fuck in more comfort over here than in a cramped booth.  For now, we wander the arcade.

When I go to cross back to the Cinema, I’m told by management they have closed it for a re-wiring issue.  I guess we’ll be fucking in the booths after all.

Young Miguel arrives first.  He finds me in the corridor.  Ryan has ducked into a booth, YM and I find another.  He is looking great.  Maybe 30—likely 27 or 28—he is taller than I remember, 5’10 or so.  His chest has filled out from hard work at the gym.  And he’s still ravenous for big dick—especially big white dick.

He falls to his knees.  “Thank you, Papi.” My cock fits effortlessly into his mouth.  His eyes look up into mine.  He sucks me until I’m dripping.

“Get my balls.”  He does.  Tonguing them with broad, wet strokes which mat the hair.  I pull him off me and up so we can kiss.  He opens his pants.  They drop to the floor, the belt buckle hitting the floor loudly.

He knows what I want—and I think he wants it every bit as much.  He kneels with his right leg up on the bench, jutting his brown ass right at me.  I kneel and taste him.  His hole gives way to my tongue with only slight resistance.  I am deep inside—leaving him as wet as possible for my raw cock.  He grinds his nearly hairless crack against my beard.

“That feels so good,” he whispers.

I work harder at making sure my beard caresses every inch of the crevice between his cheeks. I zero in on his hole once more.  It’s now wet and pliant.  I am so ready to get my cock in him.

“Fuck me…”  Y Miguel is ready, too.

I stand up and slowly work my flared head into him.

“Oh, shit,” YM grunts out.  “Fuckin’ daddy cock.   Give me all of it.”

I keep right on sliding up him.  I pause for a moment.  And Young Miguel starts fucking himself on my rigid dick before I can begin the back stroke.  I let him impale himself.  I knock his jerking hand away from his own dick, for I don’t want him to shoot too soon.  When he slows down, I take over, pummeling his upturned butt.

I pull out.  I kneel and taste his hole again.  His ass is super wet and his ass lips are beginning to plump. 

“That is so nasty…” he hisses as my tongue pushes into the hole my cock just vacated.  My goatee is soon damp with his ass juices.  I spit and probe as deeply as I can.  I rise and enter him.  Roughly.  Daddy is in charge now.  And he wants to fuck.  Hard.  So hard that Y Miguel’s head hits the cheap plywood wall.

I stop.  I pull him up into a kiss.  I press his shoulders down.  I want him to clean my cock.  He hesitates, but licks the head on my dick.  Once he realizes how good he tastes he is lapping up every inch of my cock.

“Fuck—I taste good.”

I pull Young Miguel off me and up into an embrace.  “Why do you think I spend so much time eating your ass?”

We kiss once more and he reluctantly let’s me go find the other guys.


I find them.  In the back booth—the one with two gloryholes.  Ryan has left the door open.  He is fucking Miguel who is sucking a small cock sticking through the glory hole.  With the Cinema out of bounds, we will never get the Miguels side by side so we can switch off on them as Ryan and I hoped.  Four people will never fit in one booth.  Three is tight and this back booth is one of the larger ones.  The cock in the wall pulls out of Miguel’s mouth.  Ryan has his back to me, but he knows I’m there.  He turns and asks if I want a turn.

I don’t answer.  I simply kneel.  Ryan pulls out and shoves his ass slicked cock in my mouth.  I clean it.  Miguel tastes just as good (though totally different) than the younger man.  I switch from sucking Ryan to exploring Miguel’s hole with my tongue.  The cock, or maybe it’s a new one, pokes through the hole.  Miguel sucks it down.  He is rewarded with a load before I’m done rimming him.  He spits some of it into his hand.  I stand up and he coats my dick with it.

“Yeah, fuck that cum into him,” Ryan hisses.  I slip easily into his used hole with all that cum.

“He take any other loads?” I ask Ryan.

“Not yet,” he says, shaking his head. 

I fuck Miguel hard.  He keeps his mouth right by the gloryhole, hoping for another dick. I am frothing the cum I’ve driven into Miguel.  I pull out and let Ryan sample it.  He cleans my dick and I plunge back in.  I fuck him hard enough that you can hear my hips slapping his ass throughout the store.  I could so easily load this man—right here, right now.  But I gave him my load last time.  I really want to give it to Young Miguel.

I pull out and push Ryan’s face into the frothy mess that is Miguel’s ass.  Ryan licks him clean as I back out of the booth. 


I can’t find Young Miguel.  I wonder if he has found someone he wanted. 

I piss. And on the second circuit I find Y Miguel opening a door quite close to where we were playing.  I ask if he had any fun when I was gone.

He shakes his head.  “No, Papi.  I want your dick and your cum.”

He strips.  Totally this time and folds his clothes on his shoes and tucks them under the bench.  My fatigues are around my ankles—the boots won’t let them come off easily.  I kneel and taste his ass again.  I slather it with saliva.

“Fuck me hard, Papi.  Make me feel it tomorrow at church.”

Oh, fuck. There’s a line to make my cock drip.  I spit one last time in his hole and stand up.  Y Miguel guides my cock into his ass.  I am moving very slowly—on purpose.  Every movement makes both of us squirm or shake.  I sink into him again.  For a moment I think he’s taken a load, he is so damn wet, but the smell is all him—that same ass lube I have all over my beard.  I fuck him slowly.  Disregarding his demands for me to go faster.  I pump his hole in half time.  And Y Miguel is literally shaking as I do it.


And I let him have it.  I am suddenly on turbo drive.  I pound his ass as hard as I’ve ever fucked anyone.  His hands fly up against the wall, off his dick, supporting himself against the railing he is receiving.  I pull out.  Brutally.  It leaves his hole gaping.  I kneel and taste it.

“Ahhhhhh…!!”  Y Miguel moans.

I taste myself in the mix of ass lube and pre-cum.  It triggers my orgasm.  I plunge back into his hole—unloading a two day load into him.  I shudder each time his ass grips my tender dick.

We marinate a long time.  My arms still wrapped around him from behind.

“Clean my dick,” I whisper in his ear.  “Taste my load.”

He doesn’t move.  I pull halfway out, swipe my index finger across my cum streaked dick and bring it up to his mouth.  He suckles the finger clean.  Only then does he break the embrace and pull off me so he can taste every drop clinging to my spent cock…


In the car I text Ryan to find Miguel in booth 8 so he can felch my load.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Daddy Cock at the Bookstore

Northwest Indiana—October, 2017

I have always had a thing for older men.  Now that I am joining their ranks, it’s harder to satisfy that itch.  But there is one bookstore in this area that all but guarantees that I can fulfill that need to get on my knees and be of service.  The last time I was working in Indiana, I was a fairly constant attendee. (This particular venue is the one where there are four flat screen televisions secured to the wall with groups of chairs and couches arranged in front of them.  Each has its own type of porn playing:  Straight, Trans (or straight with a kinkier vibe), Bi and Gay.)  This year, the bookstore was often closed without warning —but I did manage to find it open once around lunch time.  I had a long afternoon of play.

I go through the curtains into the viewing rooms.  There are a couple of men sitting watching the movies and a clump of guys standing by the couch in the bi area.  Of course I walk over there.  Three older men have their dicks out.  They are all stroking each other.  A fourth sits on the couch and is rather ineffectively trying to suck the nearest cock.  I open my pants and fall to my knees.  The daddies form around me.  There soft hands caress my neck and ears and cheeks.  The tallest one guides me from dick to dick—murmuring all the time about what a good boy I am.  His dick is the largest—a modest 6.5, but thick.  His murmuring gets louder as he moves me to his own cock.
“This one knows how to suck...” he intones.

A much shorter daddy agrees and says he’s had me before.  “He always makes me squirt.”
I re-double my efforts on the leader.  He pulls me off his drooling cock and moves me to the third man—the best dressed of the bunch, like he came directly here from behind his desk at the bank.  He grunts as I take his small dick into my mouth.  My tongue works the foreskin.  The moment I get between skin and cock head—he pulls out of my mouth with “I don’t want to cum!”  He leaves our clump for the tranny porn.  The leader guides me back to his dick.  He’s close, I can tell.  The short guy, rather laboriously, gets to the floor to suck me as I work on the leader.   I leave his dick and suck the tight balls that are resting on the waistband of his Hanes.  I lick them—and just make it back to his exploding dick.  It’s not a huge load—but very thick.  The leader thanks me profusely and leaves—taking the shorter man with him. 

I go watch the bi porn.  I stroke, occasionally scoping out the other men.  There are five of us now—but all seem intent on the movie of their choice.  I jack.  A hand touches my shoulder.  It’s the banker.  He leans over and whispers “Would you like my cum?”

I nod.  He sticks his cock in my mouth and explodes instantly with no work from me at all.


The crowd has changed an hour later.

An insistent cocksucker is beating me to the punch.  He is on any new arrival instantly.  He must be good, since he repeatedly gets the load. 

A trucker type comes in.  He bats away the cocksucker’s hand that reaches out to detain him.  The trucker is coming straight for me.  “You still suck?” he asks.  “I love your tongue.”

I nod.  I find it sweet and hot that I’m remembered from a year ago.

He pulls out a beer can of a cock.  It’s slight musky—not rank, but that smell that excites.  He stands in front of me and lets me go to work.   I make sure my tongue never stops as it works over and around the thick head.  I deep throat him.  This spurs him to fuck my face for an instant, but then he stops to let me be in charge of his pleasure.  I pull up on his cock.  I really want to lick his balls.  He gets the message and undoes his belt and pushes his pants and underwear to his knees.

I attack his balls.  The musk here is perfect—half a day’s work in a heated truck cab.  He loves it.  My nuzzling of his hairy low-hangers is making him pant.  I take each testicle individually into my mouth.  They are two big to try for both at the same time.  I leave each orb incredibly wet.

“Go back to my dick.  I’m really close.”

I do.  I am rewarded with spurt after spurt of rather watery spunk.  But there is a ton of it.  I swallow.  He touches me for the first time, patting my head as way of a thank you.  I won’t let him leave until I have licked his cock head so clean he can put himself away with no other clean up.


It’s quieter for a while.  I have let the other cock sucker do me.  I thought I might give him a load and go home.  Instead, while sucking my cock, he got off all over the floor.  I am now the only man in the place.  I watch the straight porn—for there are a string of incredibly hot men doing the fucking.
A half hour later the curtains part.  A man, good looking with thick dark hair and just a couple of years older than me, comes in.  He is using a walker.  His hat says he’s a Viet Nam veteran.  He heads straight for the gay video and negotiates the couch.  I give him a moment to get his coat off and to get comfortable.  I walk and sit in a chair next to the couch.  I stroke.  He kneads his crotch through his sweat pants.  We watch the twinks on screen—neither of us seems to be impressed.

“You should do porn with that dick,” he tells me.  A beat.  “Can I suck it?”

I stand in front of him and he leans forward.  His mouth is experienced and just what my dick needs.  But the angle of the lean is hard on him.  I sit down next to the vet.  He is able to bend over and take me to the root.  His upper body is still in great shape, especially his arms.  His mouth is warm and hot.

He pulls off me.  “Damn.  My ex-wife would have loved this dick.”  We talk for a moment.  He tells me that he and his wife became swingers when he got back from Viet Nam.  He would line up men of size to fuck her and he would eat their loads out of her before adding his own.  Eventually she told him to go ahead and suck dick—as long as it was in front of her.  And he loved it.  He loved it so much he began sucking any man anywhere—and “that broke up the best marriage I could ever have had.  She approached sex like I now know gay men do—I didn’t know how rare that was.”

I nod, not sure what to say. 

“One night at this swinger’s club we went to, I ate seven loads out of her.  She was exhausted.”

“I thought clubs insisted on condoms.”

“Oh, they did until people were too drunk to care—that’s when the fun began.”

He goes back to sucking me.  It never ceases to amaze me the things that strangers tell each other after a moment of intimacy.  I have always loved it.  I used to hear incredible sexual histories as we lolled on a mattress in the orgy area of the bathhouse I frequented 20 years ago…

My reverie is brought up short as I feel his tongue on my balls.  I’m moving to orgasm.  Finally.

The curtain opens.  A fifty-ish Italian, with olive skin and bald, with just a fringe of hair, walks in.  He makes a bee-line for us and pulls out a big, fat dick.  Without asking he sticks it in my mouth as the Vet continues to suck me.  I touch the Vet’s head.  He comes up and joins me on working the new cock.  I suck, he licks balls.  Then we reverse.  We pass the dick back and forth from mouth to mouth.  We both work his balls. We take turns, sucking in earnest. 

I get the load.  A big one.  I don’t swallow.  I kiss the Vet and snowball him some.  He’s surprised, but pleased.  We trade it back and forth—each swallowing some.

I stand up and give him my load as a chaser…

This is not the actual place....

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Eating Ass and Drinking Piss...Plus One

Northwest Indiana—October, 2017

(This post picks up immediately after the previous one…)

I fuck Marc on the bed for another moment—then he rolls away and says…“You’re fun and you’re hot.  I want to run something by you…”


“This morning I got an email from some local pig.  He says he’s into everything.  I told him I had my playtime covered.  Now I’m wondering if we should use him together.”

“If you want, sure.”

“Let me find a picture of him…”

“If you thought he was hot, I’m fine,” I tell him truthfully.  “Do you need to contact him?”

“Naw, I was pretty sure you’d answer just the way you did.  He expects us in an hour.  Let’s get dressed.”

We grab a sandwich and take off in his rental car.  It isn’t until the GPS directs us into the middle of a corn field that I’m pretty sure I know the pig in question.  It’s the man who had me “rape” him by climbing through his farmhouse window and who I later met and flogged in his rather dark basement.  We turn up his twisty drive.  I tell Marc that I know this guy—and we are all a great match.  I squeeze his tented crotch as we park in the rather cluttered yard.

This time we are let in at the side door.  The man, short and compact leads us downstairs.  His sling hangs from the rafters.  There are two tables—one laden with toys and one empty.  The floor is tarped. The sub apologizes that he is not quite done with his clean out and hopes that we can amuse ourselves for a moment.

“Come here,” says Marc to the sub and points to his feet.  The man kneels.  Marc takes out his cock.  “Drink my piss, boy.”

The sub instantly takes Marc’s cock into his mouth.  He is treated to a blast of piss—a great mix of our combined fluids.    I undo my fly, too.  I really want to piss down his throat before I get fully hard.  The sub has finished the piss and is lovingly suckling Marc’s dick to full hardness.  I need to piss now.  I step up and wet Marc’s cock with a short blast.  This sends the sub into overdrive.  He cleans him thoroughly.  I do it again.  The sub licks Marc dry.  My final blast goes right into the sub’s mouth.  He knows to keep his tongue out of the way and just let the full force power wash his mouth and throat.

I peter out.  “Now go finish up,” I tell him and he scurries back upstairs.

Marc and I strip.  We add our chaps—my leather ones and his Neoprene with a red stripe.  We both put our boots back on and add a harness.  Marc checks out the sling.  “Do you think this is hung tall enough for us?” he asks.

“One way to find out.”

And Marc hops in.  My cock sways above him.  I would have to do deep knee bends to fuck him.  He gets out and we raise it.  He gets in again.  My piss wet cock pokes right on his puffy ass lips. 

“Fuck me, stud.”

I don’t just stick it in.  I want to taste his hole again.  I kneel and stick my tongue up him.  He groans and tells me he can’t wait for my dick once more.  I stand up and plow it into his hole.  He grunts.  I do a slow pull out—and a much faster re-entry.  My hips slam against his butt.  It sounds loud in the confines of the basement.   We fuck.  Noisily.  And right in front of the sub who has returned.

“Get down here,” I direct, pointing to under the sling.  I know he’ll know what I want as I slow the speed of the fuck.   And he does.  His mouth and tongue are all over the underside of my dick on every back stroke.  He stays there for a while, savoring the precum and ass juices.  Then he concentrates on my balls.  This is harder to coordinate.  I bat him away with the back of my hand.  He comes up and around and starts eating my ass.  He is letting his tongue spear me each time as I pull out of Marc’s butt.  Finally, I step aside and push the sub’s face into Marc’s wet ass.  I kind of hate that phrase in bad porn writing of ‘he ate hole like a starving man,’ but there is no other way to describe it.  He does.  He grunts his pleasure and goes about it so intently Marc finally has to stop him as it is beginning to hurt.

“You need to be in the sling,” Marc says.  He swings out and we toss the sub in.  We each get an ankle in the stirrups.  Marc fucks him first.  It’s amazing to watch that huge PA disappear into the puffy hole of the sub.  Yeah, he’s puffy and we haven’t even started.  I stand at the head of the sling.  I cover his face and mouth with yet another stream of piss, then stick my cock into his gasping mouth.

We switch. 

I fuck him and Marc twists the sub’s nipples. 

I fuck him and Marc slaps the sub’s balls.

I fuck him and Marc all but pulls the sub’s balls off his body.

And the sub can’t get enough.

We switch.

Marc fucks for a minute, then begins pulling his balls again.  This time towards him.  I piss again, covering the chest of the man in the sling—letting the last spurt go into his mouth.  I look down at Marc—he has shoved the balls of the sub into the man’s ass.  I watch as Marc pushes his dick in there, too.  Fuck!  It’s really hot to watch. 

It’s even hotter when the balls stay in place and it’s my turn to fuck.  My bigger cock crushes them against his ass walls.  I don’t fuck for long— for they work out as my cock moves over them.

“Let’s open you up good.”  Marc murmurs.

Marc is too tall to fist him in the sling.  That’s what the other table is for.  It’s high enough that with the sub on his knees Marc doesn’t have to bend.

I watch the ease with which he opens him up.

And in truth—I’m fading a little.  I’ve been having sex since 2pm and it’s now after 10pm.  I find a seat and watch the sub get it now on his back and then back to all fours.  Marc offers me a turn—but I pass.  I have become a happy spectator.

Well, even happier when I feed the sub my last piss load…

Friday, November 17, 2017

Eating Ass and Drinking Piss

Northwest Indiana—October, 2017

On one of my first days in Indiana, I got a message on Recon from a West Coast leather top.  He was slightly older and he looked great in his hides.  But I had to admit I was surprised; while our interests in fisting, watersports and B&D were very similar he seemed to be all top.  After a greeting and a picture exchange (mine was my cock going into a cumslut taken from underneath the sling while his was of his overly greased paw going up a hot ass on a fuck bench), he told me he had a pen pal sub in Indianapolis.  The top had business in Chicago and decided it was time to meet the man who had been doing his bidding by email.  For a moment I thought I was to be a second top to work over his sub, but no.

“I want an afternoon of two tops sucking cock and drinking piss.  Sound like fun?”

I said it did and would be a good change.

“If you’re man enough, you can stick that beautiful cock up my hole.”

I told him that could work, too.

He would be in a hotel just north of me after his Chicago business and before he headed south the next day to Indy.  I asked if I should bring the sling—and he said no.  “How about the rimseat,” I asked.

“Fuck, yes!”

So we made a date.

I find the motel easily.  I sail past the front desk with my bag of leathers and the garbage bag containing the rimseat.  I find his room easily.

“Hey!”  Marc says as he opens the door.  “Strip—I really need to piss.”

I drop the bags on the bed and get out of my clothes.  Marc is in nothing but a yellow trimmed Nasty Pig jock.  He is taller than I, still muscular, a shaved head with little body hair.  Once I’m naked, he all but pulls me into the all tiled bathroom. I kneel.  He hands me poppers.  I inhale and he pulls out his dick.  It’s more soft than hard, but beginning to plump.  He’s bigger than average, cut and has the largest PA on it I’ve ever seen in person.  He takes a long look at me kneeling there and puts his dick in my mouth.

“Take it, man.  I won’t be able to stop it….”

And he begins to unload a torrent of clear piss.  I am instantly rock hard.  My head is spinning from the poppers as I guzzle him down.  He’s right, there is no stopping and starting to give me time to swallow and breathe.  I jerk myself with abandon and finally take my hand away from my dick altogether.  And still the piss pours out of his dick.  I just swallow and try to get some air through my nostrils.

It ends eventually with one last spurt.  The moment the piss is done, he hardens right up in my mouth.  I fold that PA under the head of his dick.  I mentally thank Jacob for giving me practice with how to deal with a PA.  I concentrate now on giving him pleasure.

Marc pulls out of my mouth.  “Hot, man.  You didn’t spill a drop.”  He helps me stand up.  “I want to sample that thing.”  He kneels and takes my super hard cock into his mouth.  He’s good and takes me to the root repeatedly.

It’s my turn to pull out.  “You want piss?”

“Yeah—can you piss hard?”

I don’t answer, I just put the head of my dick in his mouth, wait that excruciating moment as my cock thinks about how to do what I want…and let fly.  Damn.  I am well hydrated, too.  Even before Marc’s massive load.  I fill up his stomach and his bladder—knowing it will recycle to me pretty damn fast.

When I run dry, I help him off the hard tiled floor and we go out into the small bedroom.  It seems silly to take a break and get into my leathers—I just set up the rimseat next to the bed—making sure the tarp is underneath it and with a sheet on top of that.

“Let me eat your ass,” Marc says really low and husky.  His hand in on my shoulder guiding me to the bed.

“How do you want me?”

“On all fours to start.”

I do it; right at the edge of the bed—as I’ve made so many men do over the years.  He kneels and his tongue dives right in—drilling my hole.  He grunts appreciatively and tosses me his poppers.  I take another hit.  He is licking and chewing like crazy.

“Love the hair,” he mumbles and goes back to licking my entire ass crack.

Marc stands up.  “Move up on the bed and roll over.”  Again, I obey.  He crawls between my splayed legs, lifts them, and just before he goes back to my ass, leans across me and kisses me.  I suck his tongue hungrily.  I’ve always loved the taste of my ass in someone’s mouth.  We kiss passionately.  Lots of spit is exchanged.  He slides back down and hungrily eats me out again.  I want the poppers, but they are now under my right shoulder blade and I’m not stopping his magnificent tongue to get them.

Marc pulls up again.  “Fuck, I want to fuck you…” he mutters.

We break for another round of piss in the bathroom.  Marc feeds me first.  I hold the last spurts in my mouth, stand and yellowball it to his eager tongue.  We both swallow.  Marc kneels and drinks me down.  He saves some, too.  Another sloppy kiss.

We go back to the bed.  Marc, without asking, gets on all fours.  He wants his ass eaten.  I toss a towel between his legs.  I have saved the last of the piss I got in my mouth and let it run down his less hairy ass crack.  He groans and I begin lapping it up and pushing it into his hole.  I try to make him feel every bit as good as his rim job made me.

“You gotta stick that dick in me,” he pants.   “Let me feel it.” 

I rear up.  I enter him.  Just the head.

“All of it!” he barks out.  “Fuck me, don’t tease me.”

I slam the rest of my cock into his hole.  I fuck him hard. He grunts.  I pull out.  I hesitate for only a moment and then offer it to him to clean up.  He does.  Loving it.  We kiss again.

We both need to piss again.  We hydrated correctly before play—we are pissing every 20 to 25 minutes.  And the piss we are recycling is making the wait time even shorter.

I go first again.  I save more of his/my piss in my mouth to yellow ball.  He swallows all I feed him from my mouth and gets on his knees.  I piss.  I start and stop letting him swallow.  And once blasting some into his mouth when he looks up at me with eyes that say “Is that all you got?”

It was time for the rimseat.   We started both being polite pigs—you first under, no you.  I stopped that and grabbed a quarter.  “Call it.”


“Heads it is.  Which way around?”

“Under, man.  Popper up and sit on my face.”

I close the seat on him and sit.  I inhale…and just go away.  I am literally somewhere else.  It’s fantastic.  His lips and tongue are driving me wild.  He is making slobbering pig sounds that let me know he is getting off on it just as much as I am.

We only stop when I have to stretch my legs.

And piss.  We share it in the bathroom again.  But I don’t empty my bladder.  When we go out to reverse on the rimseat, I jet out the last spurt of as my piss on his ass crack.  He’s surprised, then pleased.  I get under the seat fast—he sits and gives me his piss drenched hole.  I do all my tricks.  My cock is rock hard as I eat and slurp and this hole that tastes of my piss and precum.  Above me he jerks happily.  We both edge.  Happily bringing ourselves to the brink and back a couple of times.

We finally stop.

I fuck him on the bed for another moment—then he rolls away and says…“You’re fun and you’re hot.  I want to run something by you…”

To be continued…

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Guest Writer: Double Header Day

(As promised, here is Jake's take on our play)

Once in a while my day job takes me to places just far enough from home that I need to find a place to stop for the night somewhere along the way.  That way I can make an early start and arrive at the job site early in the morning, rested and ready to set to work. Once not long ago it worked out for me to stay the night in FelchingPisser's home town, and we got together for "GREAT LOW ENERGY SEX" in my motel room.  Unexpectedly, another remote assignment came my way on short notice. Hoping (begging?) for more sex on the road, I dropped a line to FP.

"Sorry, I'm leaving town tomorrow and won't be back until sometime in November."  His work takes him out of town now and then, just as mine does.  But it only took a moment for me to realize that if I changed my route, his temporary location would be even more advantageous for my travel plans.  So I made my counter proposal.  Once FP knew just where he'd be housed for the duration, he let me know that I'd be welcome to join him.  "I'm just not sure where I'll put the sling ..."  

Packing my things and cleaning out my ass, I was soon on my way.  FP came out to greet me and help my get all my gear into his room.  We chatted a bit while FP finished setting up the sling (he found a good place for it after all!), arranging the necessities and accessories for play, and I shed my clothes and threw on my bull dog harness.  We had all afternoon and evening to do whatever came to mind, so we both took our time.  FP shed his clothes and slipped into his favorite antique jock strap.  It definitely had a used look to it; the elastic was so worn out that much more was revealed than concealed.  The smell was enough to make me light-headed; best when inhaled deeply.

FP stripped off most of the bed clothes and I sat down on the edge of the mattress, with FP's jock-clad gear at eye (and mouth) level.  I soon had his dick waking up, and tried to deep-throat it.  I can do it, but not for long!  It didn't matter, though, because FP wanted my ass ASAP.  He put me on my knees for rimming ... and soon he was fucking me.  My ass was plenty ready for it, and after some long, slow half penetrations, I was begging him to go balls deep! 

I have been training my ass muscles lately and wanted to show off my progress.  I began fucking back, clamping down on the base of his dick as it rammed home. He seemed to like the effect, and we fucked on together.  Then a pause, and I felt another rod slipping in, not as big as FP's, but almost.  And then came FP's dick shoving right in alongside it.  Good stretch, great fuck ... but after a bit of that, FP tossed the dildo aside and took back my ass for himself. 

Until he discovered that I needed a bit of a touch-up on my cleanout!  He washed the offending matter off his dick, and I set up my douche bag for a bit more "irrigation."  It didn't take long and I stepped back into the room.  It's always just a bit awkward to manage these things, and no clean-out is ever quite perfect, but FP was not put off.  But now he sent me to the sling.

I did have a surprise for him this trip.  I was recently gifted with an Oxballs tunnel plug of very sexy girth and depth, and I had an idea it would be just right for his dick.  FP shook his head.  "I tried one a while ago, and it hurt like hell."  Oh, well!

Nothing for it but to throw myself into the sling and present my ass for his pleasure. He gloved and lubed while I poppered up, and soon he had his fists in me, first the left and then the right; but only long enough to get me ready for more great fucking.  He got into a slow rhythm, producing the desired effect:  "Slam it in, just slam it in!" I yelled.  And he did, cranking me up and up to the max.

He brought out his speculum (it's really big and scary looking) and cranked it into place.  Not roughly, but with all the finesse of a techie tweaking a new bit of equipment.  I looked into the mirror overhead and the master technician had my ass stretch to his precise requirements.  More great fucking, interspersed with moments of fingering, teasing my asshole and stoking my fire. 

The speculum was cranked out, and then the tunnel plug caught FP's eye.  "Maybe, just maybe .."  He peered through the tunnel, then lubed up the plug and shoved it into place.  His dick rammed its way through the tunnel, and nothing seemed to hurt.  Soon FP was fucking away, and I sank down deep into the feeling of it.  Very different kind of fuck: FP's massive dick reinforced the firmness of the plug, so that it's round end began to stretch and work my asshole much further in than usual.  And the mind-fuck of having this massive plug in my ass was great all by itself.

But all it once the big dick yanked the plug out of my ass, and FP laughed as he struggled a bit to slide it off his cock.  It went on the heap with the other used toys, and FP pulled up a chair for some serious fisting.  He settled in with what I will call slow-punch fisting, taking time to see just how easily a clenched fist would slip in.  Then he began rocking me in the sling, back and forth, until I was so worked up that I was pushing my ass onto his arm.  "Deeper, go deeper!" I groaned. 

On and on, until he began to work with both hands in my ass, never quite going in all the way, but giving me a mind-blowing stretch.  He did several cycles thus way; first playing in the hole, then shoving in a fist or two ... then a pause (his sense of  timing is perfect) before going in with both hands, and holding them in the doorway for a long blast of stretch.  It was unbearably good; I could not stop myself from bearing down and shoving his clenched hands out.  But doing so, I was throwing myself off the cliff emotionally, and instantly I begged for more. FP was glad to oblige, and so we went on through then afternoon, until my legs and hips told me to stop.

Then came the part that I am beginning to enjoy almost as much.  We headed back to the bed, and FP stretched out on his back. I rolled up close beside him, resting my head by his shoulder and throwing my leg over his, with my hand on his balls.  We fell asleep this way. I woke up first, and for a long time just lay there soaking up the warmth of his body.  Then my hand found its way to his cock and it stirred to life, and soon FP was awake.  We just lay there together without a word spoken, while I cradled his dick in my hand, running a finger tip over its contours and stopping at all my favorite features.

Then it was time for other things:  "I really need to eat at some point," said FP.  He laughed when I said I wished we could go out to a place in West Hollywood so all the other guys could see us out together.  But here we were in a crossroads town deep in the Mid-West, so we had to settle for supper in "Wang's Chinese Restaurant,"  dinning on surprisingly good and very inexpensive Chinese food; if you ever get to Wang's, ask for an plate of his "Tiger Chicken."

We walked back to FP's room, looking at an incoming line of thunderclouds about to swallow the setting sun in the west.  Back in the room FP brewed tea and we settled in.  I leafed through the script of a play while FP worked at his laptop.  The rain began to fall in torrents, and I said I hoped there would be thunder; I would throw myself back into the sling so FP could fist me while lightning bolts made the building shake.

But it was only a rainstorm, and we settled for TV time. Two of the local college teams were due to play their annual rivalry match. The game soon turned into a rout (my team seemed to lose its nerve) and we were content to note all the things gay men watch football games for.  At half time FP was ready to fist again and so I climbed back into position.  The sling rocked again, but this time the doubled fists didn't just stand in the doorway and stretch me; in a blinding moment of fisting joy and hotness, they joined up to shove their way into my end zone.  Double fisted again ... and again ... over and over, until FP announced, "It's just getting to be routine!"  Yes, it was all happening without any special effort on his part or mine, but it was anything but routine for me!

Finally I said to FP, "You'll have to say when to quit, because I can't."  He nodded and went on fisting and double-fisting, working his way to a grand finale. Along the way he tried different ways to combine the hands, producing more and more stretch as he did so. I simply let him drive me along and push me higher and higher. Then one last powerful, double-fisted thrust, both hands clasped, one huge moment at the top just hanging there, and then the slowest, longest, gentlest withdrawal. Nobody had to say a word.  It couldn't get any better.  Our double-header day of fisting was done.