Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Early Blow Job

I'm not sure what made me look in the box.

But I found five discs of the  earliest dirty pictures I have in digital format.

I still remember the "naughty" thrill of having this one taken.

He was handsome. 

And his boyfriend was behind the camera.

Before it all became such a matter of course...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Car and Driver

Near Home--May, 2012

After CLAW, I did not do anything sexual for about five days.  I was beat.  By day five, I woke up with an enormous erection.  I was ready to go again.  I went to the closest bookstore.  I had fun, but nothing particularly memorable happened.  That was for the drive home...

I pull into the rest area closest to my home.  It's off a minor state highway.  Nothing fancy--there are pit toilets and no running water just a water pump with great tasting well water.  But it can be the busiest rest area on this side of the state.  Two cars are parked, one at either end of the lot.  And in the space reserved for the occasional semi, a white stretch limo, well, stretches across lot.  I park near the pump.  An older gentlemen in a beat up Volkswagen nods at me as I get out.  I walk to the toilet, passing the limo--I can see nothing through the tinted windows.  I pass the other car.  The driver sinks down in his seat and busies himself unfolding a map of Michigan.

I piss.  I don't linger.

When I emerge, the driver of the limo is lounging against the side of his car, smoking a huge cigar.  Thank you, Dr Freud.  He's in his 40's and short, with a shaved head.  He's slightly stocky and looks so out of place in his dark suit and tie.  He nods at me as I amble back to the water pump.  I work the handle.  Drink.  I look up.  The limo driver's gone.  He's in the back of the car with the door open.  I look at the two guys in the cars.  Neither meets my eye.  I walk over to the limo and look in.  He has his fly open and is stroking an extra thick, beer can of a cock.

"Suck me off, man."

I climb in and shut the door.  The smell of the leather upholstery makes me get instantly hard in my jeans.  I unbutton my 501s.  My cock flops out.  He pays no attention to me--he's all about stroking his own cock. 

"Get me off!"  He's insistent.  I bend towards him.  I have to really oval my mouth to get him inside
me without raking him with my teeth.  I open and take his dripping dick to the root.  His hand is instantly on the back of my  head.  He holds me in place as his cock expands, closing off my air supply.  He lets go, just as I'm on the edge of choking.  I swirl the precum in my mouth and swallow, letting my tongue swab his thick head. 

We repeat the hold in place thing a couple of times--then he unbuckles his belt, opens the waist band of his pants and pulls out a set of bull balls. 

"Lick these."

 I nuzzle the hairy orbs.  They are truly huge.  He's jerking like crazy as I try to take one, then the other into my mouth.  I love how they roll across the bridge of my nose as I move from one to the other.  I finally pull them up and lick under them.

"You fucker!"

And he shoots.  His load splatters across my forehead.  One strand runs down towards my eye.  I wipe it away, just in time.

He's pulling out the drink napkins from the limo's bar.  "Here.  Sorry about that."

"I'm fine," I say, wiping  most of his load off my forehead.  I taste a little of it off my fingers, but he's oblivious.  I get my cock back into my pants as best as I can.  I open the door--both cars are gone.

"Well," he says, "thanks.  Now it's off to prom."

He's out of the back, into the drivers seat and drives off to pick up some teenage couple--who won't have a clue what just happened in their rented limo.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Odds and "Ends"

Finally. My computer's hard drive started to go bad at the end of April, but I was able to coax it to occasional  life to get a few posts written and a few hook-ups fucked.  Finally it fell into a cycle of a never ending start up.  I wrote the last post on the company computer at work.  There's nothing like typing about my hard cock as other employees natter on around me...

But no more.  I have a new computer.  So, no excuses, now.

* * *

Tomorrow I head into Chicago for my first IML.  I know.  I live so close, but I have never been to the event.  Even this year, I'm doing IML Light.  I'm staying off site with fuck-buds.  I'm just staying for about half the weekend--with an option to stay on if all goes well.  Some of my reticence is the expense.  Some is the sheer size of the event.  We shall see...

* * *

Jayson Park sent me a note the other night that he hoped I'd watched the video he'd posted.  If you haven't been over to his site to see it, I do suggest you follow this LINK.  (And now having mentioned him, I can post another hot pic of him.... )

* * *

I have three of four posts in the works.  I hope to be able to get a little ahead on them during the down times of IML.  How much "down time" I'm going to have, I can't quite tell.  Today, two tops were writing me, recommending their favorite bottoms who were coming to town.  Hopefully, those will be posts in the very near future..

Well, enough.  It's time to pack the leathers--and get the dried cum off my chaps!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Young Jock

Saginaw Bay--April, 2012

When my hard drive imploded—or whatever it is they do—I lost the details I’d jotted down of the three sexual episodes in April I had not yet written up.  All were before CLAW.  One was a group in Northern Indiana.  It was certainly an enjoyable morning, mostly dominated by a voracious Black bottom who could not get enough of me.  The host and I even double fucked him.  But I also remember it for two participants who wouldn’t have sex but talked loudly the entire time, causing the 4 or 5 of us who were fucking to finally ask them to stop and/or leave.  There was also a gorgeous young man who took my cock (and almost my load) who told me he wanted to see me one on one so he could give in to his more extreme longings.  He was online the next day.  We talked.  We had a lot in common.  We set a tentative date to meet away from everyone else.  And he’s never been online again.

The second encounter was with the Breeder’s older brother.  He came out from Detroit to the playroom.  It was far more than just a joining of hot flesh.  And I think that’s all I will say about that…

And then there is this one.  Some of the details of earlier in the night are lost in the fog of a lot of other sex.  But the main event is indelible…

I walk over to the bookstore from my cheap motel.  No, my really cheap motel.  I am up in the Saginaw Bay area of Michigan for Easter.  I've come up the day before to see what trouble I can get into. I've already been out to a cruisy park--but it has been neutered--all the vegetation by the shore has been cleared and a toilet leveled.  I'm hoping the bookstore is as hot as it's been on other visits.

It is a squat building, right downtown.  The is no real indication what it is on the outside of the mostly cinder block structure.  Inside are rows and rows of discs to rent, a smattering of magazines and, behind a dutch door, the arcade and 2 theaters.  Here you pay just one admission and you can spend as much time as you need in the back area.  I take my half a ticket from the greasy looking proprietor and head back.  It's just before 8pm.  A good four hours to play before I should head back to my dingy room--and six hours before the bookstore closes...

I check the gay theater.  A theater, if you use the term very loosely:  a wide screen television is mounted on the wall with about 10 chairs--that stack-able, plastic type of lawn chair--scattered around, vaguely in two rows.  No one is there.  I check the straight theater.  It's set up the same way, but there are three rows of the once white seats.  A couple guys are watching the screen and watching each other.  One has his cock out and is openly beating off.

I go around a corner, past a bathroom and make the circuit of private booths.  It's a typical arcade set up, each booth has a screen and bench, just big enough for two people.  There are about 16 of them--the odd numbered ones show gay flicks and the even numbered booths show straight videos.  No gloryholes.  No need for them, since sex happens pretty openly in the booths or theaters.  

I make the rounds a second time.  I watch some straight porn from the hallway, looking into one of the booths. I go back to the straight theater and sit in the back row.  The two men have gone and I'm alone.  I unbutton, pull out my cock and stroke a little.  The movie is not very good...but I am hard.  It just feels like it's going to be a good night.  I am very aware of hearing the entrance door open and shut repeatedly--the troops are arriving--all needing to get off before we face the family holiday tomorrow.

The door opens.  A trio of guys stream in.  They look at my cock as they pick a seat.  Then quickly look away and study the screen with great intensity--as if we are showing Battleship Potemkin and they need to catch up on what they've missed.  No one opens their fly, or even gropes themselves.  I make a show of standing, struggling to get my hard cock back in my pants, and excuse myself. 

I look into the gay theater.  I interrupt a blow job.  A younger man is being serviced by a well preserved Daddy type.  I sit in front of them so as not to disturb them.  Soon I hear the younger man stand back up.  He cums fast.  I get my first load of the night sucking the sucker.

I play a long time with a body builder.  It's all oral and neither of us can ever quite get off.

I let another Daddy type suck me.  He wants to eat my ass.  We try---but it's very cramped in the booth.

I do a lot of show off stroking in the theaters.  It seems to encourage others to unzip as the evening wears on.  

I know there's more that I really don't remember now...

Before you know it, it's almost 1:00am.

And this young jock walks in. 

Up to now there were a couple of young dad types, but it's been a very mid-40's evening.  This young man seems barely legal to me--but I know the clerk asks for ID.  He looks like he is straight from the bench at the high school football game--bulging shoulders, barrel chested, thick neck.  He's dressed in a tight t-shirt and jeans.  He makes a bee line for the straight theater.  He sits by himself in the middle row of chairs.  His hand is  kneading his bulge instantly.  

The crowd --maybe 20 guys now--all have to step into the room to gawk.  Some offer their services.  He's polite--just a quick shake of his head.  Others sit on all sides of him and stare.  Some stroke.  His eyes never leave the screen.  I take one last glance, and go back for round two with the bodybuilder.  This time, finding out his nipples are like ignition switches, he shoots a load down my throat.

I check back into the straight theater.  There are maybe ten men in the room.  The footballer is still seated in the middle.  Guys are sitting on all sides of him, leaving a chair between them.  All the men are stroking now--they are all watching him beating off while he is staring rigidly at the screen, with just an occasional sideways glance.  I stay pressed against the wall.  The man to the right of the footballer looks like he once played himself--25 years ago.  He's big boned, with big muscles that are on the edge of going soft.  He cranes forward to look at the young man's cock, then leans back showing off a fat slab of dick with a mushroom head.  I move along the wall so I'm behind the older man.  He senses me behind him and turns to look at me.  I smile and incline my head slightly toward his cock.  He nods.  I move around, kneel and swallow him down.

The room is galvanized.  Men stand up in the back row.  The footballer turns and openly stares at us.  The man to his left stands and spews jizz on the floor, just missing the footballer's knees.  I am working the crown of my man's cock with my tongue, then slowly sinking down to the root.  He is squirming.  I know he's ready to blow.  I glance at the boy again.  His eyes are wide--he can't believe I'm doing this so close to him.  I feel a massive hand on the back of my head pushing me down.  I swallow his shaft--opening my throat as best I can.  

He grunts.  And spews a huge load.  

It is so obvious that he's cumming and I'm swallowing his jizz.  Not that I have a choice, with his hairy paw holding me in place.  I can just see the footballer stroking his cock from where I am.  He's ready to shoot.  I can tell.  The hand lets go of my head.  I come up for air.  I stand.  My cock springs out of my open fly.  The footballer gasps at the sight of it--and shoots.  I take one step towards him, stroke my cock twice and shoot right on the floor at his feet--our jizz puddling together into one big pool of raw seed...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CLAW Video Bonus

Once I was home from CLAW I got a message from the handsome bottom I had fucked in the sling at CLAW.  He asked permission to post the videos his Daddy took of the two us fucking.  Of course I said yes.  The cell phone camera angles are a little crazy, but if you 'd like to watch the final moments of our session they are posted here.   There are six short excerpts included....

Happy Viewing.

UPDATE:   October 31, 2014.

This video link is no longer of our sessions.  It seems to be the bottom getting some ass himself.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

CLAW--Day Four-- "Please, Sir."

Cleveland--April, 2012

On the last day of CLAW, I was hoping to sleep late, (since I shot my load at something like 4:00 am) but I had agreed to have a Bon Voyage coffee with Jayson.  I’m glad I did.  It only confirmed what I’d guessed, that he is a really nice guy.  Intelligence is sexy.  And he’s smart, not just another hot piece of ass.  I’m proud to now call him a friend—not just a hot fuck bud.  And I get to post one more picture of him....

I think I went home and napped—even with that large coffee in my system.  I know I wrote a blog entry in the early afternoon and I was ready to play again by the early evening.  Almost everyone had taken off.  The hotel was thinning fast.  The online sites were dead.  I chatted with a couple of the guys from the gangbang—and eventually the youngest top, the one both Jayson and I had fucked, came over to share his cute, furry butt with Mark and me.  It started well, and then became one of those nightmares where he couldn’t stay clean.  After the third rinse and it was still not happening , we quickly decided to call it a day.

But Mark and I were horned.  No one was looking like they’d follow through online.  So off we went to the bathhouse.  We knew Sunday nights could be dead—but we thought we were getting there in time before everyone would be taking off.  Wrong.  The place is huge—so it felt even more deserted.  Very few men were roaming the shadowy halls.  The sling room was perpetually empty.  I sat in the video room.  I briefly fucked a man my age—he came rapidly and joined the retreat of men from Flex.   

Soon, another man came around the corner.  This was the older gentleman I wrote about late last year, who licked my boots and serviced my feet.  I let him loving lick the leather again.  He untied the laces with his teeth and all but deep throated my left foot.  He got off—stroking himself discreetly as he bathed my toes in his mouth.

I walked the lifeless corridors.

A guy gave me some head.

A fuck was abandoned when the bottom felt the girth of my cock.

And back to the video room.

He’s back.  The older gentleman has not hit the road after he shot.  I am sitting on the third of four tiers of carpeted benches in the porn room.  He looks at me from the far corner.  I hold his gaze.  He ventures nearer, clutching his towel around himself.  He is aiming for my right foot this time.  I am all but naked, just jock and boots, sitting on my towel.  My jock is pulled to one side.  I’m erect and stroking.  He touches my boot.  Then surprises me by tentatively touching my balls.    I let him softly stroke them.  His touch is almost too soft.  Feathery.  More of a tickle.

“Lick them.”  My voice is soft, but it sounds loud in the stillness.

He gathers some courage, and kneeling on the tier below mine, begins to lick them.

“Harder.”  His tongue is mimicking his much too light finger caress. 

He applies more pressure.  I grunt my approval.  I like the feel of him now.  I move right to the edge of the bench for easier access for him.  He takes each ball into his mouth.  It’s a thorough tongue bath.  He sucks, pulling them deep into his mouth.  Now he’s lifting my balls, lapping lower and lower.

“Work your tongue between my cockring and my balls.”  He does.  It makes him grunt.  He's really working now.  I am stroking.  He  moves lower.  His tongue flicks across my hole.  I give a sharp intake of breath.  He looks up at me.  His eyes are pleading.  He literally begins to whimper.

"Eat my hole, pig."  He begins to rim in earnest.  I lean back and let him go at it.  He is doing it noisily, grunting and snuffling.  I like it, but I'm not in a very comfortable position, with my legs having no support.

 I stand.  "Come here."  There is a bench against the wall, off to the side of the movie screen.  I lead him there, pulling it out from the wall.  "Lie down."  He starts to present his ass.  "Face up," I bark.  He switches around so his head is at the end of the bench.  I straddle the end.

"I'm going to sit on your face."  He is whimpering again. "You want that?"

No words come out.  He just nods his head.  I start to sit.  Slowly.  I stop half way there and then stand back up.

"You really want my ass in your face?"

This time he musters a weak, "Please, Sir."

I sit on his open mouth.  His tongue goes deep.  "Eat me out, " I grunt.  He repeatedly stabs it into my hole.  I grind my ass onto his face.

A twenty-something appears in the door.  He sees what's happening and flees.

I stand up and hold it for a moment--so he can look up at my jockstrap framed ass.  I sit down, firmly on his open mouth.  "Eat it."

He is grunting and panting as he works on my ass.  I am stroking, enjoying his tongue.  I grind down again--blocking off his air.   I let him wonder for just a second--then rise enough for him to gasp air into lungs.  I swing around and stroke out my load.

My jizz lands in his open, gasping mouth.  Across his forehead.  On the bridge of his nose.  Just above his right eye.  And one final spurt into his mouth.  He swallows hungrily.

"Good pig."  I stride off to the shower, leaving him mopping his face with his fingers and bringing them to his mouth....


I drive home the next day.  I don't want to go home yet.  I stop in Toledo and suck some cock...then get back in the car and reluctantly admit CLAW is over for another year....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CLAW—Day Three—Saturday Warehouse Sex Party

Cleveland--April, 2012

After the Master took his boy away, I needed food.  Then it was nap time.  It was the night of the last organized sex party.  I wanted to be rested and ready.

I arrive thirty minutes after the doors open.  The place is already jumping.  About 60 guys are already there.  I strip out of my flight suit, down to my leathers.  The man at the coat check can’t stop looking at my bulging yellow jock.  I hand him my bag.  “Looks like you’ll have fun,” he smirks.

I pause at the watersports area. The trough is empty.  That’s good for me.  The cute piss pig is not there yet.  Almost immediately a leather daddy arrives to recycle his beer.  He loves the idea I’ll drink it down.  He puts his cock in my mouth.  It starts to swell, but he manages to get the flow going.  It’s a veritable river of piss.  I chug it all.  My cock erects after the first moments.  When he’s done I continue sucking his cock.  He hardens.     I only stop when he tells me he doesn’t want to cum so early in the night.

I am trying to get my hard cock back in my jock.  I am interrupted by a young man we’ve all lusted after while he was working in the vendor’s mart.  He’s young and smooth, dressed in a rubber shirt and jeans and very tall boots.

I kneel before him.

“You want this?”  His voice is filled with wonder.  I simply nod.  He pulls out a long, thin cock covered with serious foreskin.  “Take my piss.”  He just gets it into my mouth before he starts.  It’s sweet and good.  And goes on forever.   He fucks my face too, after he’s done, getting himself hard and slippery.  “Now I need to find some ass.”  He pulls out and walks away, his wet cock swaying with every stride.

I get myself together as the cute piss pig arrives.  He climbs into the trough--and will get covered  with most of the piss for the rest of the night. 

I make the circuit.  Guys are milling.  One sling is busy.  The glory hole section is packed.  I hear the thwack from the floggings as I let some anonymous mouth go down on me.  He’s ok.  But it’s not what I want right now.  I pat him on the head and keep moving.

Right across from the coat check space, at the top of the main entrance stairs, is a motorcycle.  Bent over it is the Pierced Cub from the gangbang.  In his mouth is the Ginger Cub with the large tattoo (also from the gangbang) and fucking him fast and furious is the hot young man whose piss I just drank.  I smile at the cub getting head.  I move behind him, hunker down and start to tongue his ass.  He sighs.

“Hey, that big dick is here,” says the young man.  I rise.  Pierced Cub sees me and smiles.  “Here,” continues the young man, “take a turn.”  He pulls out his condom covered cock, slaps the ass and makes room for me.  I dip to sample Pierced Cub’s hole with my tongue.  When I rise I slip right in.  He’s more than ready to get pounded tonight. 

I fuck--showing off for the gathering crowd.  Then step aside for Ginger Cub.  He fucks for a while, but I can tell he is in more of a bottom mood tonight.  The young man slips back in.  I keep thinking he’s close, but he doesn’t shoot.  Then it’s my turn again.  The crowd disperses when they realize we aren’t going to cream him.  Pierced Cub rears up, and kisses me over his shoulder.

“I need a breather,” he tells me.  And we all head our separate ways.

I make the rounds.  I play a little.  The cubs and I keep meeting up throughout the night.  I fuck Ginger Cub on the pile of mattresses after Ricky Sinz is done using them for his sex show.

I find Pierced Cub in either one sling or the other.  I share his hole with a hot black man.  Later in the night he is in the other sling with the young man from the vendor mart again.  He waves me over as I come around the corner. 

“Taste my hole.”

The young man pulls out--condom still in place.  I lick Pierced Cubs ass.  Then slip in and fuck him.  The young man strokes.  I let him back in.

We alternate for a long time.  I am completely aroused watching the athletic fucking he’s giving the cub.

“I have to cum,” He announces.  “Where do you want it?”

“Cum on my ass.”  Pierced Cub tells him.

“Let him cum on my cock,” I suggest.  “Then I can fuck his load into you.”

Pierced Cub agrees.  I watch the young man’s face.  He’s delighted.  I let him slip back in to get him close.  He fucks.  Hard.  I’m behind him, working his nipples, my cock resting on the crack of his ass.  He pulls out and turns to me, ripping the condom off. He fires a huge load all over my cock.  My left hand shoots out to catch any drips.

“Stick it up him,” he pants.  “Fuck him with my cum.”

“Yeah, man, breed me with his load.”

I smear my left hand with all the drippings on his ass crack.  Slowly I work my cock back in.  I move inch by inch—my eyes are darting back and forth between Pierced Cub’s look of ecstasy and the ever widening eyes of the young man, whose load is slowly disappearing.  Finally, I’m all the way home.  I pull out slowly.  Then all the way in.  Pumping it.  Making it froth.

The young man has leaned over to kiss Pierced Cub.  I start slamming into his ass.  I wonder if I’ll cum, but I don’t.  I finally stop, and taste the mix of cum and ass lube I’ve been churning.  I get a mouthful, look at the young man who is still hard and stroking, and lean over Pierced Cub.  He knows what I want.  He opens….and I let loose a waterfall of cum into his mouth.  

I fucked for several more hours. I shot my load deep into the handsome Black man who’d been in my room earlier in the day.

Monday, May 7, 2012

CLAW—Day Three—The Sling Gets a Workout

Cleveland--April, 2012

The hotel restaurant is so full of leather men dawdling over steam-tabled eggs and bacon, Mark and I go down the street to a small restaurant.  They are just as packed. The upscale diner is awash in a sea of hide.  The private dining room at the back is filled to capacity with men flagging red. It’s a good thing we are in no hurry to wake up and start our day, for we sit there forever.  But the food is good.  The company better.  The waiter cute.  And nervous.

After breakfast I tour the Vendor Mart.  I have no pressing need for anything.  Mark goes off on his own, so I go back to the room and see about getting some late afternoon ass.  As soon as I’m online, I’m hit up by a handsome cub I’ve spoken with the night before.  He asks about the gangbang—then asks if I’d like to seed his ass.  I would.  His Master has given him permission to play.  He does a quick check of his clean out, hops the shuttle from the other hotel and is soon knocking on my door.

He is just as handsome in the flesh.  His ebony skin glistens in the slanting afternoon light coming through the window.  I haven’t pulled the shades.  I’m on the third floor, looking out over the parking lot and the smoking tent.  We occasionally have men stare up and watch us throughout the afternoon.

We kiss.  He has just the right amount of force--and give and take.  I’m in a used jock and boots.  He strips out of his jeans, leaving on his well worn leather vest over his barrel chest.  I sit in the big overstuffed chair.  He crawls to me and nestles his face in my crotch.  He inhales the fragrance of the jock.  And of me.  My cock is growing hard from his hot breath.  He takes it out, kissing the head and slowly, relentlessly takes it all the way down his throat.  He’s excellent.  He knows just how to suck, how to kiss me when he gets some precum.  No coaching for him.

He’s a scent pig, too.  I clasp my hands behind my head.  He cleans my pits:  my left, to my mouth, my right, to my mouth.  He’s making me sweat in the warm room.  I kiss him again, and tell him to get on the bed on all fours.

“I’m tight, Daddy.”

He is.  I can feel how tightly closed he is with my tongue.  I drill into his pucker.  Then work up and down his entire ass crack.  Then back to the hole.  I work him open.  Add an index finger to the first knuckle.  Then back to tongue.  I can’t stop licking his crack full of tightly curled hair.
I lube as I lick.  My cock is so ready to go into him.  I stand.  He takes it to the hilt with little or no effort.

“Ohh, Daddy!” 

I fuck.  He is moist.  Tight.  Clingy.  All the things I love.  And no lazy bottom.  He tightens and relaxes his inner muscles.  I finally pull out.

“Come here,” I instruct. 

I move under the rimseat, resting on one elbow to take a huge hit of poppers.

“Here,” he offers.  “Mine are brand new.”

They are.  I lie back, his black ass shuts out all light.  His ass is so full I have little room to maneuver.  I’m trapped in one place—my tongue deep in his well fucked butt. 

He sighs.

I moan.

He squirms.

I lick and swallow and spit on his hole.

All while we both are rushing off the Jungle Juice Platinum.

When I have no more air, I tap him on both thighs.  He gets up and helps me stand too.

It’s sling time.  His feet can find the stirrups with no help.  He’s situated fast and ready.  His full ass is spread, the wetness of the crack look particularly obscene in the dwindling sun.

I push into him with ease.  We fuck hard and fast.

“I wish my Master could see this.”

“Call him,” I grunt.

He decides not to.  I fuck until I have to hang onto the over head sling frame bars for support.

“Let me eat you, Sir.”

“You want this cock?”

“Yes, Sir.  But I want to lick your ass.”

I love to have my ass eaten—and for what ever reason many, many bottoms won’t do it.  We change places in the sling.  He helps me get my boots in the stirrups.  He kneels.  Our eyes meet.  We popper up at the same time, never taking our eyes off each other.  Than his tongue snakes out.  

I moan.  Loud.  Poppers make me verbal.  I tell him everything his tongue is making me feel. How thick it is.  How wet.  How fucking deep it is in my all but virgin ass.  It makes him go deeper.  I start a string of obscenities—loud, and sometimes incoherent.  Then he does it.  He stands and, with no instruction, leans across my torso to kiss me.  I love the taste of my ass on his tongue.  He is fucking my mouth with it.

I have to fuck.   I’m up and out of the sling.  I bend him over the bed with his feet still on the floor.  I slip up him.  I’m thinking I’ll shoot.  He’s totally with me.  Clamping and squeezing. 

“Don’t shoot, Daddy.  I want you on the rimseat.”  We reverse our positions on it.  The next ten minutes are a blur of poppers and tongue in my hole.  And more dirty talk.

Finally he taps my thighs.  I rise.

“I have to meet my Master.  But I can come back once he knows where I am.”
“Sure.”   But I’m pretty sure he won’t be back.

“Twenty minutes at the most,” he assures me.  We kiss and he’s gone. 

It’s more like 40 when I hear someone at the door.  It’s Mark.  I tell him a little about the boy.

Almost instantly there’s a tap.  He’s back.  With his Master in tow.  A short man in full gear.

“Daddy wants a vid of me getting fucked,” the boy says as he removes his jeans.  “Is that okay?”

Mark sits in the overstuffed chair, opening his jeans to stroke.  I’m hard just thinking about it.

His Master grins at me and gets out his phone.  The cub is in the sling.  I slap my cock on his nuts.  I hear the camera whir.  I enter.  I fuck him slow and long.

I lean in to kiss the boy.  His Master crawls between my legs and films me plowing his boy.

“Come for him.”

I’m close.  I love showing off.  I let the Master scramble up and get a top shot of me pounding this full, black ass.

Then I’m over the edge.  I grunt.  I slam it home and fill his ass with my hot cum.  I slow.  I pull out slowly—the camera lingers on the creamy ring around his hole.  It follows me up to the boy’s mouth where he cleans me, grunting and pounding his own meat.

“Got it.”  It’s the Master.  “Let’s go.”

And they do.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

CLAW--Day Two--The Gangbang

Cleveland--April, 2012

A knock.  It’s Jayson.  He strips down to a jock and hunter green socks.  I help him tie a matching bandana around his right bicep. 

He jumps up on the bed on all fours.  He grins at me…and we begin…

I kneel on the floor and bury my face in Jayson’s hot, tight ass.   He makes a noise deep in the back of his throat.  Mark and the first top—still in his silly cowboy hat—
are trading blowjobs.  I work hard in stretching Jayson open with my tongue.  I rise, likely too soon, slap my thick, drooling cock on his ass and enter him.  The guys have stopped and watch me fuck.  Cowboy Hat has not shut up, but he has switched to dirty talk.  He steps up on the bed and feeds Jayson his cock telling him to suck it like a good boy.

Mark can’t take his eyes off Jayson’s muscle butt.  I reluctantly pull out and let Mark slide in.   He grunts.  For a moment I think he might shoot.  He doesn’t. 

Cowboy Hat soon replaces Mark, with Jayson on his back.  I am now in Jayson’s mouth, holding his legs in the air.  Cowboy Hat can’t keep hard, so he pulls out, and I re-enter just as there is a knock at the door.

It’s a Ginger Cub who has a massive tattoo on his back, and a beautiful monochromatic tat on one thigh.  His cock is ready to go the moment he steps out of his jeans.  Jayson is all over the new cock with his mouth.  I watch the look of pleasure on his face as Jayson blows him.  Soon he’s up Jayson’s butt.  And I am licking the Cub’s ass on the backstroke.  Some one is in Jayson’s mouth—I can’t tell who.  The Cub fucks hard—and blows the first load up Jayson.

Instantly there is a knock.  I let in an older leather man.  The guy is hairy and hot and is made to be smoking a cigar as he gets serviced.  Jayson crawls to the edge of the bed for him; the top has only had time to remove his shirt and get his pants around his knees.  Jayson deep throat’s him while on all fours.  I lean in and lick up the residual cum on Jayson’s ass.  Jayson is turning to get the Daddy in his hole.  He does.  He’s fucking back hard on the helpless man.  I rise and tweak the Daddy’s eraser nipples.  He shoots.  Jayson swivels fast and lovingly cleans his cock, as I clean up Jayson’s hole.

Next at the door is a porn friend of Jayson’s.  He’s loud and fun.  And has serious meat.  He fucks Jayson in many positions--mostly with my cock in his mouth while he does it.  He drops a load with Jayson on his back.  I clean his cock and Jayson’s ass. 

The Cub has stayed.  The Daddy and porn actor have left.  We fuck—the Cub getting hard again.

A knock.

“I gotta piss right now.”  A younger cub is in the door.  He stands, I kneel and take his piss.  And take it.  And take it.  I wave to Mark and get him to take over.  “It’s seven beers, guys.”  This guy has serious metal in his cock.  A PA and then another piercing under that.  Jayson gets him hard.  He fucks Jayson hard on all fours—jackhammering him.

And there’s blood.  Jayson cleans up and the new Cub removes the piercings. 

A just thirty-something Otter has arrived.  It becomes a free for all.  Jayson has the Otter on the floor, as cock sucking is happening on the bed.  The Pierced Cub gets Cowboy Hat off orally.  And the room becomes much quieter as he takes off.

On the floor, Jayson has been fucked on his back, on his side and is now on all fours as the Otter plows him.  Soon he barely grunts and cums silently.  The Pierced Cub is right there to fuck in the jizz.  He adds load number five.

Another man arrives.  He wants to fist Jayson.  We get rid of him.

It’s near the ending hour.  I am ready to seed Jayson, but he tells me his hole has had it.  Jayson strokes himself to full erection---and asks if he can fuck the Otter.  It’s so hot I have to stop touching myself to see them reverse.  The Otter is on his back, kissing Jayson, and giving him his hole.  But Jayson stops just short of seeding him.

“I want to watch you fuck him” Jayson tells me.  I look at the Otter.  He nods.  We get him in the sling.  Jayson sits and strokes as I bend to eat out Jayson’s precum.   I enter this hairy, hairy ass.  I fuck—but I can’t get off either.  I think Mark fucks him.  And I go back up him—but my focus is split waiting for another knock.

The momentum slows. 

The others leave. 

I kiss Jayson good night. 

He seems pleased.

And the gangbang is history...

(I go off to the second warehouse party—which I wasn’t going to attend.  Two hours later I get off in a cute man I met—and fucked--last year.)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CLAW--Day Two--Prepping for the Gangbang

Cleveland—April, 2012

For being in a hotel with literally hundreds of horny leather men, I did not try to play during the day on Friday.  I had a late breakfast—well deserved after putting in my three and a half hours of sex the night before at the first of the Recon/Reflex Parties.  Friday was the day of Jayson’s gangbang—and I had no time for anyone else.  I attended to the two websites where the announcements had appeared.  I answered questions about it.   I sent reminders.  And I sent a brief set of rules:

Rules for tonight:
Socks or Boots—no bare feet.
No hard drugs during or before.  Poppers here are great.
No one gets fucked but JP—It’s a gangbang not group sex.
Oral between tops is expected and encouraged!!!
Piss in the tub on Jayson—or down my throat.
We are not filming—but JP is fine with an occasional pic.

Friday at 8pm to 12.
Room 3XX at the Host Hotel.

I invited close to 30 guys after weeding out more than a dozen bottoms.  Jayson’s taste in men is very inclusive—so we had all types and ages…

Jayson arrived at the hotel by the afternoon.  We walked around the Vendor Mart together (where he purchased some Nasty Pig socks).  We talked about porn, CLAW, bareback porn, my gay brother, internet bareback porn and Cleveland.

I’d put the sling was up, though Jayson is not a big fan of them.  The rimseat was within easy reach if I wanted to get him on it to eat out loads later in the evening.  Bottled water was in the refrigerator .   There were plenty of towels—both from the hotel and some I had brought.  Mark and I had folded the comforter and tucked it in the closet with the ugly decorative pillow provided by the Hilton. 

Jayson was due at 7:45pm.  The first top arrived at 7:30.  He would not shut up.  He knows both Mark and myself—Mark from various campgrounds where they have run into each other, me from a rest area encounter.  Normally, I would have been fine with his chatter, but I needed to get my own head in the right zone for this kind of party.  I’m pulled in so many directions during a function like this.  I’m supposed to be the perfect host and the man leading the charge in getting the bottom opened up.  Almost invariably I am just entering ass as I have to go answer the door.  So I really didn’t need to hear the first guest asking if he could fuck Mark while we waited for Jayson…or worse, having him play the most obnoxious ring tone in the history of cell phones for our “amusement.”  Mark and I sigh as I tie the laces on my chaps.

A knock.  It’s Jayson.  He strips down to a jock and hunter green socks.  I help him tie a matching bandana around his right bicep. 

He jumps up on the bed on all fours.  He grins at me…and we begin…