Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An Avalanche of Piss

My Playroom—December, 2012

My next encounter was a piss newbie, too.  He lives fairly close.  By the end of the session, I was hoping he would become a regular.  He is as tall and lanky as I am.  I would guess that Leo is about 5 years younger than I.  He has closely cropped, sandy colored hair, a trimmed goatee, an engaging smile…and a relatively new interest in piss.  I think he told me he’d fed it to one guy before.  He wasn’t sure that he wanted to be fed himself, but really wanted to be covered with it.  He pulled up in front of my house a little early, but I was ready for him—lots of water was in the playroom and fresh towels out…

 “Hi, I’m Leo,” he greets me at the door.  “I really have to piss.”
“Upstairs.  Now.”  I point the way.  He bounds up the stairs.  “Last door.”

“Oh, wow.”  He’s looking at the set-up:  bed, sling, rimseat, the restraints hanging from the sling chains, the gas mask on the corner of the mirror frame.
“Clothes off.  Put them in a bureau drawer so they won’t get wet.”

I strip as well until I’m down to my jock.  I kneel to lace my boots back up.
“You want this?”  Leo is waving his rather shrunken looking cock, but I know he means his piss.

I nod.  He comes over to me.  I get it into my mouth just in time.  He instantly starts spurting a long stream of hot liquid.  It’s sweet and clear.  He’s listened to my advice about what to drink.  His stream is endless.  He must have been hydrating like crazy on his trip here.  My cock, semi hard before, is now like a rock.  He doesn’t try to stop and start for me to catch up on my swallowing. I work over time to not spill any of it.  And I don’t. 
I stand up.  He’s eager to kiss me—to taste his piss on my tongue.  He makes a small sound in the back of his throat as I push my tongue in deeply.  He sucks it hard.  I push his shoulders down, gently, to get him to kneel.  He takes my cock easily.  Well, the first half.  Then he has to work harder.  He gags.  But he seems to really like that.  He retreats a little up my thick shaft, than slides home. He holds—then in one swift move he pulls off me.  Strings of that thick, back-of-the-throat-saliva (mixed with my precum) hang suspended between my dick head and his mouth.  I kneel and we kiss again, savoring the strands.

“Get in the sling.”
He does.

I start working his ass with my tongue.  I lick.  Spit.  Push it in deep.   Work it out and back into my mouth.  Rise and spit it into Leo’s open mouth.  He swallows greedily. 
I need to piss.  I beat my hard cock on his balls.  I let myself erupt all over his nut sack, then down the valley created by his ass cheeks.  Leo is moaning, beating his cock.  I go back to licking his ass.  I hope he wants a taste of his pissed crack.  I stand up and lean across him.  He opens his mouth like a hungry baby bird.  I let the mix of ass lube, piss and my saliva dribble into his mouth.  For one second, I think he’s going to shoot.

I go back to licking.
Then fucking.  It’s a tight hole.  He doesn’t take cock often.

He likes my cock in his ass.  But it’s about the juices today.  He wants more.
I move around to his side.  “Grab the chains above your head.”  He does.  His right pit is exposed.  I’ve made him sweat.  My cock head scrubs it for him.  And then pokes into his mouth.  He’s groaning.  I do his pit again.  And again.  Then I piss, coating his underarm and his right nipple.  My mouth cleans up the mess, spending extra time wringing out the wet hair with my tongue.  I work his nipple until it stands up.  Then my mouth finds his.  He eagerly sucks my tongue into him.  He loves the slightly acrid, slightly sweet taste of my piss. 

“Damn, that’s hot.”
I go around and work his left pit and nipple with more piss and spit.  This time, Leo turns his head, mouth wide open as I’m pissing his pit.  I deliberately splash some into his mouth.  He swallows, all smiles.

When I’m done, I slip up his ass again.  I fuck.  He grimaces slightly.  I pull out and send a geyser of piss across his chest.  He gasps.  I make sure I splash some into his mouth this time, too.  He swallows.  I plunge back into his hole.  His tightness feels great on my cock.
Eventually, to give myself a break, I grab the egg-headed dildo I use to double fuck.  I don’t think I will get both up his tight hole, but I want to stretch him out slightly.  I kneel, coat the toy with lube and slowly twist it into place.  Leo grunts loudly as he trys to accommodate the big head, then exhales deeply as it pops into place.  I move slowly, twisting it forward.  His ass takes every inch.  I hunker down so I’m eyelevel with the base of the dildo.  I work my right index finger alongside the slimmer shaft.  He grunts and takes poppers.  I add a second finger. 

He grunts “Fuck.” 
I remove the fingers and pull the dildo out slightly, pressing it down.  I lean forward and work my tongue between the toy and the top of  his hole.

“Oh, fuck.”  He is watching me in the mirror.  “I…” 
He suddenly lets go with another huge piss load.  It splashes on his stomach, before he turns it down on me.  My tongue is coated--my entire face awash.  I try to work some of it up his ass with my tongue, but it’s too much.  I’m choking and coughing from his avalanche of piss.  As it slows, he starts jerking.  In no time at all he shoots a load all over his piss sloppy stomach. 

In moments, I stand up, my legs feeling like rubber, and do the same.


  1. Oh man........this post was a piss lovers dream. Leo was an amazing piss partner. I'd luv to be covered with that hot stream!