Thursday, January 17, 2013

Black Friday

Near Home—November, 2012

I stopped in Louisville on the way home from Nashville.  The bookstore was fun, but there was absolutely nothing distinctive about the play there.  It was all mutual head this time—I got no ass at all. 
I arrived home from my stay in the South in time to do family things for Thanksgiving.  Some of my cousins were asking at the dinner table if I had made plans to shop the next day.  I said no.  I hate shopping.  I hate malls.  I am not a big fan of big box stores.  I had decided to spend Black Friday in the theatre of the adult bookstore closest to me.  It would either be busy or a bust…

I walk in just after 1:00pm.  The parking lot is crowded.  Do guys really drop the wife or partner at the mall and then head to the bookstore to get off?   The door buzzes me into the theatre.  I can’t see much—but can count three guys sitting, staring at the large flat screen.  The aisle seat in the back row is filled.  It’s an older man I recognize from previous trips there.  He hates me.  If I am in an oral mood, he gets no cock at all.

I lean against the wall, kneading the bulge in my 501’s.  The guy in the cock sucker chair glares at me.  I look away and up at the screen.  It’s straight anal porn.  A guy in his late 30’s, sitting in the front row, looks hot.  He has a muscular frame under his flannel shirt.  His hand is obviously stroking his cock, though I can’t see it.  Another man sits plastered against the wall.  He’s stroking, too.   I can’t make out much more about him.
There is a movement behind me.  I turn.  An older guy is standing in the back the corner, behind the door.  He’s a regular—a widower who loves to feed me.  He’s hard and stroking, he smiles at me, hoping I will step back and drop to my knees.  His need is palpable.  I move back, kneel and am greeted with a sizable cock that explodes almost instantly in my mouth.  I look up.  He grins at me sheepishly.  “Been here awhile,” he whispers as I stand up.

The man in the cock sucking chair gets up and leaves noisily, giving me one more glare on his way out.  I take his chair. 
Almost instantly the man against the wall gets up.  He shows a nice cock.  Without putting it away, he gets out of his row and brings it to my mouth.  He’s been stroking too.  I can taste his precum instantly.  I work on his cock—lots of suction, even more tongue.  I’m aware that the hot man in the front row is looking at us—and then gets up and leaves.  Just as my man is about to shoot, the door buzzes open and two more men come in.  One is a middle aged Asian business type, the other is a Black man who looks like he just left his semi-truck out back.

The disturbance appears not to faze my guy. He cums a sizeable load.  I can barely swallow before the Black guy is unzipped and demanding.  He sticks a short, fat cock in my mouth, then holds the back on my head in place and fucks my face.  He takes no time to give me my third load.
Then a break.  The Asian leans against the back wall and strokes.  I watch the movie—taking a swig of water, to cleanse the palate.

The door buzzes.  Three guys come in.  A middle aged married man in a heavy jacket sits in the row in front of me, also on the aisle.  I can hear him unzip.  A handsome older man allows himself to be stroked by the Asian in the back corner.  The third man asks to get by me.  He sits, leaving a seat between us.  He’s maybe late 30’s early 40’s, and rather cubbish.  He wastes no time in unzipping and hauling out a nice uncut piece of meat.  I stroke, looking at the screen, then looking at the guy one seat away.  Almost immediately, his hand is on my cock.  I let him stroke me, making no move to touch him.  Soon he’s in the seat next to me.  He leans over and takes me to the root.  I wince at the angle.  He moves to the floor.  I make him suck my balls.  He goes crazy over this, masturbating like crazy as he licks them.  I can sense he’s about to cum.  He stands up.  “Take me,” he hisses.  I lean forward just in time to get most of his load.  Some coats my beard, I find out later.
The Asian and the older gentleman have moved down to watch us.  The older gentleman now wants more than the hand job he was getting.  The Asian points to me.  The older gentleman moves forward, starts to put his long thin cock in my mouth but stops.  He looks at me long and hard—then shoves his cock in my mouth.  He fucks my face, stopping only as the cub pushes his way around me to exit.  He blasts his load at the back of my throat, but I still get a taste of his bitter load.  He pulls out a linen handkerchief to mop up.

We sit.  The man in the heavy jacket in front of me has a phone call.  He answers it.  Oblivious to the woman’s loud vocals on the screen I hear him converse with his wife.  “Either one,” he tells her.  “Either the 42 inch or the 48 inch.”  He listens for a long, long time.  “He’s your son.  You decide.”  He snaps his phone shut.  He sighs.  It rings almost instantly again.  He glances at the number, then jabs at the button to send it to voice mail.  He gets up.  “Here,” he grunts—assuming I want his cock.  He presents the tiniest cock I have ever had in my mouth.  It’s all head---no shaft to speak of.  But it works.  He grunts and spews.  And thanks me.
A lull.  The Asian and I are alone in the theatre.  When I decline a hand job (Is there anything more boring?) he offers me his dick to suck.  I have load seven soon swimming in my gut.

Now I’m truly alone.   For a long time.  I know I should go.  My erection, having been hard and spewing juice, is now bored with just me and the movie.  I decide to button up.  Then the door buzzes.  I look.  It’s the hot man from the front row who left when I first arrived. He stands against the back wall.  He opens his jeans.  A hard, cock with a fiery red head is pulled out.  He strokes, ignoring my looking at him. 
He makes no move to me. 

I decide to move to him.
I get up, somehow getting my now freshly hard cock into my jeans.

I stand in front of him.
He just looks at me.

His hands swing up to my shoulders, pushing me to the floor.  He grabs my ears.  I can feel the hair on the backs of his fingers against my shaved head.  I open my mouth. He shoves in a good sized cock.  Veiny.  He decides he needs to fuck my face, too.  I hold still—there is not much else I can do with those massive hands along the sides of my head. 
It’s not instant---but it’s not long until he shoots.  My eyes have watered.  I look up at him.  His face is contorted in sheer pleasure.  He lets me nurse on it.  I swallow each drop as I squeeze and tongue his softening cock.  I clean him so well he has no need of the fast food napkin he holds ready.

Eight loads.  Under two hours. 


  1. Damn! Wish my Black Friday had been that good! Sounds like I need to make a visit to your area bookstore sometime and visit the theatre. Great story and now off to work with a hard-on.

    1. There is now a gay theatre as well at my bookstore--with a couch. Oh, the things I could do to you there with an audience.....

    2. I think I will be making a trip up to see you in the near future. Would love to put on a show in the theatre with you!!

    3. Thanks, Michael. Let's talk.....

    4. Hey FP! Michael D is Ryanamc...had to change my name for a minute to get my pics and vids uploaded on my blog. LOL