Sunday, January 20, 2013

Passing the Pig Test

The Playroom—December, 2012

December was a mixed bag.  I had a few good scenes, but far more missed connections or plans that went wrong.  I had a couple of no shows, a gangbang set up by a reliable boy that had to be cancelled when his flight was grounded, a Christmas group session where the host totally miss-timed his drive in from Chicago, and on and on.
But I did have two brand new men (not only new to me, but new to piss sex), an old reliable fuck bud and the New Year’s Eve orgy.  So I can’t complain.

The first up was one of the new ones, a divorced dad coming to my area to visit his daughter.  “I have always wondered about piss play or any real pig play,” he wrote on one of the hook up sites.  “Will you help a newbie?”  He assured me he was an experienced bottom, so we set a date that would send him to his daughter’s with an ass full of cum.

He is kneeling in front of my hardening cock.  He’s a big guy.  The ex-footballer type.  He’s my age, with a generous covering of fur over his thick frame.  He’s good looking now.  He must have been stunning in his gridiron days.  And he now has my cock lodged in his throat.  Fuck, I love experienced men.  He is good.  So good I need to pull out.  I am super hard and it’s been a week of no play.

I ask him to stand.  He has a beer can dick—cut, hard and drooling.  I sink to my knees and slurp up the precum.  Pig play test one:  I rise to kiss him.  He eagerly opens his mouth and begins Hoovering my tongue.  Pass.
I get him on the bed.   “Get on all fours so I can eat that ass.”  He kneels near the edge.  I kneel.  I don’t dare touch myself.  His massive, hairy globes of flesh are right there before me.  I can feel the heat on my cheeks radiating from him.  I pull them apart.  My tongue hits home.  He jumps. 

“You are so deep.  So deep…” he murmurs.
I lick and suck and chew.  It’s a hairy hole.  I get one strand caught between my teeth.  I add a bit of lube to my cock.  I rise and enter him.  Just my cock head.  He grunts.  I get in easily, but instantly he begins milking my big helmet head.  After what seems like forever to both of us, I inch in.  At the halfway point I hold.  Then pull it out, move around to his mouth.  He eagerly licks me clean.  And eagerly kisses me after.  A pass on tests two and three.

“I want to fuck you in the sling.”
“I’ve never been in one.  How do I get in?”

I tell him to sit and lean.  He manages just fine.  I stand next to his ass, my cock ready for the assault.  He grins.  So do I, as I piss his ass crack.
“Jesus that’s hot.”

I don’t answer.  I fall to my knees and begin to lick him clean.
“Oh, my God.”  He loves test four.  “Eat my pissy ass.” 

I do.  I glance up.  His eyes are riveted to the mirror above him where he can see himself sprawled in the sling and me between his legs.  I go back to licking up my piss and working some of it up his hole.  Eventually, I rise and insert.  Slowly.  Letting him watch each inch disappear into him in the mirror.
“I have had only one guy as big as you—some Black guy at the bathhouse.  He….”

He leaves it unfinished as I begin fucking him.  Hard.  My lean hips are slapping against his beefy ass, making sexy slapping sounds that reverberate around the room.  His mouth goes slack.  His eyes roll into the back of his head.  I am grunting loudly myself.  I slow, again thinking I might shoot.  I pull out and bring it to his mouth.  There is barely a moment of pause before he cranes his head over and takes as much of my cock into his mouth as he can.  I get him up, when I’m good and clean.

He looks at it.  “That’s new, too.”
“Lean into the sling for a second.”  He looks questioningly at me.  “Just do it.”  He does.  I unload another bladder full all over his ass crack. 

He is moaning “So hot, so hot” in a constant little litany.
Now I get under the seat.  He lowers his dripping ass to my face and open mouth.  The ass, freshly fucked and now pissed on is almost more than I can take.  This was supposed to slow me down, but again, I twist my balls to keep from shooting.  I concentrate on the flavor, the freshly fucked texture of his hole.  I eat him out forever as he plays with my nipples from above.

When I’ve had my fill, we take a mini break as I hydrate.  We look at the Dick Wadd video where Dean Cooper is being hosed down by every man in the film.  The only comment from my new pig is “Damn…”
He’s back in the sling.  I know we have to wrap it up so he can make dinner at his daughter’s.  I am fucking him hard.  His hole has flowered open.  I pull out.  I hold my cock right next to his hole.  I begin to piss.  It covers his ass crack.  Then I fuck in, still pissing.  He begins to be filled. I pull out. Then push in.  Pissing constantly.  A true piss fuck.  He is jerking himself like crazy.

“Jesus.  Fill me up.  Jizz in my hole.”
His request makes him shoot.  His white cum looks great on his dark fur.  I bury my piss spurting cock deep in him.  I scoop up his load and feed it to him.  He sucks my fingers.  With my left hand still in his mouth, I begin to spasm in his guts.  I’m shooting a weeks worth of cum into his hole.  I collapse on top of him.

We both shower. 
We’re at the door.  “So did you like it as much as you thought you would?”

He just looks at me for the longest time.  “Why did I wait so long?  It was the most freeing sex I’ve ever had.” 

Test passed, no, aced.
He goes off to his daughter’s with my piss and cum deep in his guts.


  1. Fuck that's hot. I'm a bad bottom though. I wouldn't be able to keep your piss and cum load in. My car would be stained right now 'cause I'd probably leak the instant my ass got in the car. I'd pass the next test though. I'd leave it stained. ;-)

    1. He was concerned about that, too. I think it was a point of honor with him to try, though.

      I would be happy to conduct your exam any time....

  2. Hot scene! I'll have to experience having a guy piss on and in my ass to know first hand, sounds hot!

    1. I have never had anyone piss up my ass either, but I know how much I love that never ending stream of piss from a hot cock going down my throat, so I can only guess it must be amazing if you are an "ass-centric" man. I confirm that guess every time I look into the eyes of the man I'm flooding. I encourage you to find someone to piss you...

  3. So hot!! I`m so horny right now^^ :-D

    1. I take that as a great compliment. Thanks for writing (and joining).