Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bookstore Sub

Upstate New York—January, 2013

I walked into the closest bookstore to my temporary home and realized that I had no singles.  Nothing but fives in my wallet and there was no way I was going to use one of those in the arcade.  I walked to the other end of the store.  The incredibly hot (and incredibly straight) cashier was waiting on a customer.  He was ringing up condoms, lube, a gay movie rental and something I couldn’t see already in the plain bag—all for a good looking customer.  The customer was maybe eight inches shorter than me and a good eight years younger.  He had a shaved head and piercings in his ears.  His flannel shirt showed around the collar of his shiny blue winter coat.  He turned to me for a moment as I stepped up in line behind him. His smile was nice.  He glanced down for a second, scoping out my bulge.  I smiled.  Our eyes connected for a moment.  He paid for his purchases for what looked like date night with his boyfriend.  He headed to the back door as I got my change.

 I walk the circle of booths.  I push open a door.  Nothing.  Someone has gotten off with a lot of time left on his movie. I can see the puddle of semen on the floor.   I watch the screen for a moment as two leather guys are fucking.  Then I move down to the only other door which is ajar and showing an occupied light above the entrance.  It’s him.  The customer.  He didn’t go out the back door, but ducked in here.  To wait for me, it seems.  His pants are around his ankles.  His stubby, but thick, cock is in his fist.  He grins, nervously.  I smile.
“Lock the door,” he whispers.  “Show me that big bulge.”

I slide the lock shut and dump my coat on the floor.  I undo my belt and unzip. My cock is swelling at the thought of this man taking home my cum, either in his stomach or deep in his gut, to his boyfriend.  He kneels in front of me and takes it down his throat.  All the way.  No pause.  The perfect deepthroat.  The suction is perfect.  His throat muscles start to milk me.  And his hands go involuntarily behind his back, clasped in the position of submission.  It’s all the cue I need.
“Suck me, boy,” I whisper.  “Take it to the root again.”  I shove forward slightly.  His mouth ovals and he does as I ask.  He keeps it there for longer than I expect.  When he finally pulls back, long and glistening strips of spittle hang in an arc from my cockhead to his mouth.  I grab at them, and smear the slime on his face.  His breathing becomes rapid.  I think for a moment he might shoot.  I grab the base of my cock and slap his face with it.  His cheek.  The other.  His nose.  His open mouth as he sticks out his tongue.  He’s making noises in the back of his throat that only make me harder.

“Thank you, Sir.”
I push my cock back into his throat.  He ovals.  I grab his ears and begin a slow face fuck.  After a moment he signals a pause.  I do.  He grabs his bag of purchases and opens a new bottle of Rush.  Ah, the other purchase.  He huffs—and signals for me to really go at it.

I do.  And he’s great.  No teeth at all, even as I batter his mouth and throat.  Finally, I slow and pull out.  Another long string of throat snot connects us.  I gather it up.  He raises his face expectantly, but I reach down behind him.  I find his hole and insert the slippery mix up into his ass.
He’s whimpering.  For a moment I think he might cry.  “Sir, I want that.  Really.  But I can’t.”

I look into his eyes. 
A long moment.

I nod.
I bend low, right to his ear.  “But let me eat it.”

He scrambles around to lean against the bench.  His ass is furry.  The crack is a forest of wiry hair.  I pull his cheeks apart and begin exploring his pucker with my tongue.   He takes a hit of poppers and passes them back to me.  I huff some and then spend what seems like hours, chewing, spitting and tonguing his hole.  I only stop when my knees begin to hurt.
“I’d love your load, Sir.”  He swings around, crawling back on the floor in front of me.  I slowly jerk my cock.

“Lick my balls, boy.  Clean them with your tongue.” 
He does.  Slow and lovingly.  Working deep to include my perineum. 

Suddenly I’m there.  “Open,” I choke out.
I shoot a nice arc of cum.  It lands directly on his extended tongue.  The next shot hits his chin.  The next one is wasted on the floor.  He dives for my dick head so as not to miss another shot.  It’s all I can do to let him suckle the last few drops out of my overly sensitive cock.  But I do.  I can feel him swallowing every drop.

I pull out.  No need for the fast food napkin in my coat.  I’m not remotely sticky.  But he is.  I look down. 
The floor is covered with his cum. 

There was talk about my sharing his hole with his Sir.  But nothing ever came of it….




  1. Fucking HOT man! Love hooking up with a hot guy at a bookstore and getting off. That story has my cock rock hard!!

    1. Thanks! and I know how much you like bookstores....I hope you put that hard on to good use.

  2. This was a great one! I was hoping he'd beg for your dick after you ate his ass, knowing he shouldn't but unable to stop himself.

    1. I was hoping so, too. Was his reason out of rules he'd made with his boyfriend? Or never in a public place? Or that he never takes it raw? Or it might have been as mundane as he wasn't cleaned out and ready...