Sunday, February 17, 2013

Faking It

Just into Pennsylvania—January, 2013

He had a special request:  “Tie me down, stretch my asshole and fuck me as hard as you can.”  His pictures looked hot:  a good six feet tall with a broad chest and dark hair and those chiseled facial features of old Hollywood.  He works a small family farm.  He gave me no name, just an address.  I packed my wrist and ankle restraints with a couple of other toys and quickly crossed the state line into the hills of Pennsylvania. 

He is standing at the door waiting for me.  I walk up to the side entrance with my bag.  He is dressed in nothing but sweat pants.  He actually looks hotter than his pictures.  He holds the collar of a rather nasty looking Doberman who is growling at me through the storm door.  He pulls him back into his small kitchen and gestures me in.
“The bedroom is round the corner.  I’ll lock him in the den.”  I find the small, wood paneled bedroom.  The double bed takes up almost all the space.  I set my bag down on the low dresser.  He has tied rope to the four corners of the bed.  How thoughtful.  And nice to have a man who knows what he wants.  I am stripped to my jock, leather wristband and am putting my boots back on as he comes into the room.  I am sitting on the corner of the bed.  I spread my legs and point to the floor between my legs.  He kneels on the old shag carpet without a word.  He pulls back the pouch of my jock.  My cock springs out, hitting his chin.  “Shit.  You’re huge.”

“You saw my pics.” 
“I don’t know if I can take it.” 

“Shut up and suck it.”
He does.  But it’s not what he loves.  It’s all about his hole—I can tell from his half-hearted deepthroat technique.

I reach into my bag and pull out the wrist restraints.  I take his right hand off of my balls, and wrap the leather around his wrist.  The Velcro holds it in place as I tighten down the strap and buckle it shut.  His eyes shine as I reach for his left.   I repeat the process.
“Stand up.”  I slap the mattress next to me.  “Put your foot up here.” I add a restraint to each ankle.  “Now get your ass on the bed.”  He crawls up.  “Stay on all fours.”  He does and I kneel behind his full ass.  My tongue hits his hole.  He groans.  He tastes fresh from the shower.  I could eat his muscle butt all day. 

But he wants my cock.  “Just fuck me, Sir.” 
I stand.  My hard cock slaps his right butt cheek.  I push my drooling head down his entire ass crack, matting the hair there.  I bend over long enough to lick him clean and then begin working my head into his hole.

“Oh, fuck.”  He moans a continuous litany of profanity and pleadings to go slow.
I am in.  Far easier than his vocals suggest.  I hold my cock in place for a minute.  Then I pull it all the way out and fuck it all the way back in in one movement.  He grunts.  I continue to fuck, pulling my entire length out until just the head of my dick is left in him and then slam it home.  After a few minutes, he flattens out on the bed.  I pull out and yank his leg over to the rope.  I tie his left leg to the D ring on the restraint.  Then his right leg, then both his arms.  He’s is spread-eagled before me.  I fuck back into him.

“Fuck, you’re too big.”
“You wanted your hole stretched, right?”  No answer.  “Right??”

“Yes.”  I slam my cock into him.  “Yes, SIR.”
I continue grinding into him.  When I want to catch my breath, I pull out and reach into the bag.  I root around until I find the speculum.  The stainless steel is cold from the trip here.

“You want your hole stretched?”  I ask as I grease it up.  I let it rest for a moment on his butt cheek. 
“What is that?”  He can’t turn his head around enough to see it.

“You’ll be able to tell in a minute.”
I slip it into his fucked hole.  “Shit, that’s cold.”  I begin to slowly crank it open.  “That’s huge,” he groans.  A twist of the screw.  He moans again.  In a new way.  I think he really likes it.  Another slight twist to widen it another millimeter, and he is back to telling me it’s too big.  I don’t make it much wider; I run my finger over his exposed prostate.  He shudders.  “Please….”

I crank it shut slowly.  Remove it.  I lean over and spit into his stretched hole.  I get a knee on either side of his ass so I can fuck straight down into his hole.  I enter him.  And long dick him.
“Fuck, Sir.  I can’t take any more.”  It’s barely been 20 minutes. “Just cum and be done.”

No words turn me off faster.  Any steam I am building up evaporates.  He keeps up this new litany.  I make a quick decision. 
It’s my turn to grunt.  I thrust.  I groan.  I shudder.  I totally fake an orgasm.  I pull out. I am done with his attitude.  I hate playing with guys who tell me what they want, but when they get it, it’s all been in their head.   

I untie him. 
He sits on the bed as I dress.  “You’re the biggest cock I’ve ever taken.”

“Thanks,” I murmur and reach for my coat.  I get out the door while the Doberman howls in the next room. 
I head to the nearest bookstore.  I have a great orgasm down the throat of some man who I can’t picture now at all.




  1. Sounded like a hot time until the end of the story. Don't much care for guys who are all talk like that too and have had to fake it a few times before too just to get out when the scene goes bad.

    1. It was easier to cut my losses. His endless whine was making me go soft.