Monday, February 25, 2013

Santa's Sex Party

Upstate New York—January, 2013

The day after the pump and dump, I pulled up the party list on that more vanilla hook up site.  It was my one evening off that week.  And last night had made me really hungry for more ass.  Only one group looked promising.  It was in the biggest city in the area, a drive, but not terribly far.  The way the party ad was worded I couldn’t tell if it was latexed or bare.  I was horny enough I didn’t care.  I knew I’d pack the Magnums.  I pulled up the host’s profile—a man slightly older than I, claiming a play area in his basement.  Within moments I got a message from the host saying he’d hoped I could come to his party.  We talked a bit.  He had lots of interests.  Yes, it would be bare.  He wanted my fist and he owned a ton of toys.  I decided to drive up.
Yahoo maps defeated me.  The site got me close, but without an all-important turn.  I was now over half an hour late and in a foul mood.  I had a phone number.  I called.  He gave me the name of the missing street and I found it without any trouble.  It was a typical suburban ranch style house.  I rang the bell.  Santa Claus opened the door.  He was nowhere as rotund as the famous Thomas Nast pictures, but with his snow white hair and beard—well, I couldn’t shake the image.  I followed him down to the playroom.  No one was there.  I was not happy.  I changed into my leathers.  I’d driven this far.  I decided I’d fist him and go home….

The doorbell rang.  And then again.  A small group did indeed begin to materialize.
First in was a bald, bear of a man.  He and the host knew each other.  He was, he announced, an eager bottom and wanted to to see if he could take someone of my size. 

Then a cute young man came down the stairs.  He was tall, thin, big dicked and not conventionally good looking, but extremely playful and loved older men.
A married bear arrived next.

Then a hot construction worker-type with a dick that was just a little smaller than mine.
The cast was assembled…

 We are all in a circle.  The host and the bald bear are on the floor, the rest of us standing around them getting head, playing with nipples and kissing. I’m doing all that plus I have two fingers up the ass of the married bear.  Soon it’s the cutie and I on the floor, sucking the rest of the room.
I rise.  I guide the bald bear away from the group and into the sling.  “Let’s get you opened up.”  He tells me to go slow.  I kneel and stick my tongue deep in his overly hairy hole.  He grunts in appreciation.  The rest of the men have congregated around the sling, watching and idly playing with the dick next to them.  I stand up, and slowly insert my lubed cock.  He’s tight.  Very.  I inch forward.  He huffs poppers and within seconds, I am swallowed by his ass.  I hold.  Then slowly start to fuck.  My slender hips smack his full ass with a sound that reverberates throughout the basement.  It turns the other guys on.  The construction guy is now down on his knees sucking the married bear. The cutie and the host have moved around to work the nipples of the bear in the sling.  I fuck a long time.  He eggs me on.  When I need a rest, the cutie moves around and inserts his long, thin and uncut cock into the well lubed, hot hole.  Santa takes my cock and cleans it murmuring he loves ass to mouth.  I let him have it all.

The bald bear finally signals he needs a break.  The married bear grabs my wrist and tells me to fuck him.  He leads me to the now vacant sling.  He hops in but seems unclear what the stirrups are for.  I get his legs situated, then rim, then rise.
“Oh, fuck.  You are gonna fuck me bareback.  Stick that raw cock up me.  Fuck me bareback, man.  But don’t cum in me.  I want that raw cock….”  He never stops spouting his little mantra.  I work up him.  He’s easier to get into.  For a moment his eyes register panic, then he relaxes into the moment and tells me how hot my raw cock is making him.  He can’t take me for long.  “Don’t blow in my ass,” he keeps reminding me.  I don’t tell him it would take an act of God to get me off this early in the proceedings.  Eventually he asks me to stop.  He gets out and takes his crimson cock to the construction guy, who obligingly deep throats it.  Married bear shoots instantly, making the construction guy shoot all over the linoleum.  Both dress and leave.

I fuck Santa.  The cutie fucks Santa.  I start to fist Santa.  (Now there are sentences I never thought I’d type.)  The young cutie and the bald bear are doing taking turns sucking each other.  As I start to insert my speculum into Santa, the doorbell sounds.  It’s a young man—dark, defined, Italianate, uncut.  And petrified that we are playing bareback.  He lets the young cutie suck him and the old guys get to lick his nipples.  I pry open his tightly clenched ass cheeks and run my tongue up and down his crack.
The host asks if he can rim me.  I get in the sling.  His beard actually feels great on my ass crack.  He loves digging into my ass with his tongue.  He spits and sputters.  I have to remind him of my “no fingers” rule.  He apologizes.  The cutie is working the cock of the dark young man as the bald bear lies on an exam table and jerks, as he watches the scene.  Young cutie is looking kind of bored at the lack of energy and enthusiasm his partner gives off.  When Santa needs to stand up and stretch, the cute young top asks if he can lick my hole.  I answer, by simply taking a hit of poppers.  Then the hottest moment of the night happens.  He is doing a perfectly good job on my ass crack, but Santa doesn’t think so.  He grabs his from behind, an arm around his neck and starts whispering into his into his ear how to do it.  He is forcing the face of the young man into my ass.  Deeper and deeper.  I can see he can’t breathe.  And we are both getting off on it.

“Eat his hole.  Work that tongue into him.  Come on.  Spit on his hole.”  He pulls him back so he can do just that.  I look down to see if he’s happy.  The look of unbridled lust on both their faces makes me jerk my cock even harder.  “Lick him good.”  Santa turns the young man’s head so he can taste me on his lips.  I take my hand off my cock, not trusting myself.  
Then the moment is over.

The bald bear claims he can’t get fucked again.
I eat the ass of cute young man as the Italianate guy watches.  It’s soft, smooth and quite wondrous. 

“I think I want to get fucked.”
I stand up.  I didn’t know he was versatile.

“But I really shouldn’t.”  I just look at him.  “I really want to know what your cock feels like, though.”  I slap my cockhead against his hole.  “I can’t get fucked bare.”  Ever the Boy Scout, I pull a Magnum out of the waistband of my chaps.  It’s rolled on and going into him before he can change his mind.  And he loves it.  He becomes very verbal, too, calling himself such a slut for bottoming for me.  He jerks so hard I am pretty sure he’ll cum.  But he doesn’t.  It does inspire the bald bear to get off all over the chest of the young man in the sling as I pound away.
When he signals he’s had enough, he jumps out of the sling and gives me a deep kiss.

The rest of the night is spent trying to get the Italianate young man to get off.  The cute guy is on the exam table, his head hanging over the edge.  The stud fucks into his mouth—bending slightly to get a better angle.  I kneel behind the stud and lick his ass crack.  He’s wedged between the two of us.  He shoots down the cute guy’s throat.  That causes the cute one to cum.  And that makes me shoot all over the ankles of the stud.
Not a bad Saturday night at all.

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