Friday, February 22, 2013

Short, but Sweet--the NY pump and dump

Upstate New York—January, 2013

It was short and sweet.  And not how I usually play.  And it was probably the hottest sex I had in New York.
It was 10pm.  I had signed on to one of the more vanilla hook up sites, hoping there might actually be someone who could host.  I’d even told myself I’d break out the condoms, if that’s what it took to get some ass. The menu bar flashed.  It was a guy, claiming late 30’s, with no pictures at all.  Of course.  “Safe Sex ONLY” was his headline. He was in a motel in town for the night.  He was looking to get fucked.  Then, before I could answer, he sent another message, telling me it was really a pump and dump and he wanted to take loads.  I suddenly didn’t care what he looked like.  I even knew where his motel was located.  I was out the door and headed to room 336.

 He’s living the fantasy of so many bottoms.  The door is ajar.  I leave the stark light of the hallway into his dimly lit room. His full ass is in the air.  He’s not sure who is coming through the door.  His arm is thrown across his eyes. I can’t tell much about him, and I don’t care.  It’s been at least 10 days since I’ve fucked a hole.  All my sex since the dirty piss guy has been all oral in the bookstore and I need to breed.
He hears me undo my belt and pull down my pants.  I don’t even take off my boots.  I squirt some lube on my cock.  And kneel to taste his hole.

He gasps.  Not what he was expecting.  My tongue goes deep into his hole.    There is no evidence that anyone else has been here yet.  He flowers open with no work at all.  I spit deep into his ass.  His hole is hairy, which only gets me harder.  I jerk as I eat.  You can hear my fist on my cock in the stillness of the room.  I stand and insert. 
“Holy crap.”  He huffs poppers.  “Fuck me with that thing, stud.” 

I do.  I am pumping really fast and hard.  His ass feels great.  Incredibly silky.  Then I smell it.  Cum.  He’s been seeded.  The big flared head of my dick is pulling it out.  I pull out and taste his hole.  It’s right there now.  I swallow some of the load.
“You taste the fours loads I have up there?”

It’s my turn to groan.  I make his ass incredibly slick with the cum and my spit.  Then I am back up him.  My cock feels bigger and thicker than usual.
“Split me open, man.  Dump your seed in my hole.”

I am actually close.  “Do you want to taste some of their loads on my cock?”  I ask.
He grunts agreement.   

I pull out and bring it around to the side of the bed.  He uncovers.  He has a handsome face.  And a body he has stopped working on quite some time ago.  He grunts and eats the cum off my cock greedily. 
“Now fuck me.  Open me up for this Black guy who’s coming.”

“Yeah.  Claims to have 12 inches.”  This makes me fuck him harder.  I want to be there to see a true monster cock in this great ass.  But I can’t do it.  I can’t last.  Me.  The guy who fucks for hours…this hole has brought me off in ten minutes.  I shoot.  I shoot like I haven’t shot since I got to town two weeks ago.  It feels like I go on and on and on.  His ass is milking me and he is grunting obscenities as I spasm into his hole.  I collapse on his back.  I stay there for a long moment.  Then slide down, my cock pulling out of his hole, leaving a trail of now five mixed cum loads.  My tongue attacks his sloppy crack.

We both hit the poppers and I make a meal of his ass.  He calls me every name in the book.  “You are such a twisted fucker.”  I leave just enough cum to act as lube for the mega cock to come. 
But I am suddenly tired.  I might actually sleep tonight.  I pull up my pants and go home. 



  1. Hot. You have the greatest adventures. I would love to be one of them... - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. Well, I am sure we'd have a great time...

      It took me a long time to learn to make myself available for the kind of adventures I lusted after...

  2. Yes, Fucker. Your adventures kick ass.Thank you so much for taking the time to share.Keep it up!

    1. Thank you. I was wondering when I started this blog, if it would become "a job." Instead, I have really enjoyed sharing---and it's all because my readers tell me they enjoy it. Thanks, again.