Friday, February 1, 2013

"What, No Piss?"

My Playroom—December, 2012

I had one last session in my playroom to finish up 2012.  Gary, the jock thief, contacted me that he’d like a session.  I had time and he was available to fit my odd schedule.  We’d met several years ago at a motel party.  That night he’d topped as much as he’d taken my cock.  But like many versatile guys, he loved playing with me, where he never had to think about turning the tables.
I should have looked at the three posts I’d made about Gary before he arrived and been reminded how far he’d come in his exploration of kink.  I always think of him as a simple fuck—since that’s how we first met. And it had been almost a year since I’d seen him. If I’d reviewed my last entry about him, I would have tanked up…

Gary is bent over, putting his clothes into the bureau in the playroom.  My cock jumps at the sight of his furry butt in the air.  He is approaching 40, furry in all the right places, and has continued to trim and tone his body since I last saw him eleven months ago. He comes over to where I stand naked in front of the sling, his cock jutting out in anticipation.  He kisses me lightly and sinks to his knees.  He pulls my distended dick out of my jock.  He deep throats me easily.  Then he attacks my balls.  I love a hot tongue on my nuts—so many guys forget about them when they see my cock.

We kiss lightly and reverse.  I have his dripping cock in my mouth.  Eventually I pull off it and attack his balls with my swirling tongue.  Then I pull them out of the way, hunker down and dig into his perineum. Without my saying a word, he moves to the bed, gets on all fours and offers his ass to my tongue and cock.
“Eat me good.”

I seem to be doing just that.  He’s moaning into the mattress, throwing in an occasional obscenity.  His ass is self-lubing like crazy.  I stick just my cock head into him. 
“That’s it.  Fuck me.” 

Gary’s hole flowers open.  I push forward slightly.  I can’t stop—I am all the way up him.  My groin slams into his upturned butt.  I hold for a moment.  Then begin the smallest of thrusts.  His hands are all over his nipples, tweaking and rubbing and pinching.  Soon I pull out so that just my cock head is left in him.  I plunge forward. He grunts.  I repeat it.  And again.  After two more, he asks for a breather.
I lie beside him.

“Let’s do the rimseat.”  I don’t think he’s ever asked for it.
I get under the seat.  His super wet hole is slowly lowered down to my face as he sits down.  My tongue connects.  Gary plays with my nipples for a moment, then abandons them for his own.  I work my tongue in deeply.  His hole is already puffy from my fucking, and tastes and feels totally different than my earlier rimming.  His natural lube mixes well with my precum, saliva and the smidgen of Swiss Army I used to enter him. I eat it out hungrily.

We go back to the bed.  He wants to ride my cock so he can control how deep I go.  He sits, facing me.  His hole is so slick we add no more lube for the entire session.  My cock enters him easily.  He rides me expertly, bouncing to some internal rhythm of his own.  I look at his face—his eyes are rolled back in his head.  His mouth twists into a look of sheer ecstasy.  
He reverses and rides me that way.

Then on his side—with me holding his left leg aloft.
“Damn, I want you to shoot,” he grunts, as I fuck with only three quarters of my length up him.

“Then it’s sling time,” I tell him.
He gets in. 

I eat and enter.
He works up a rhythm so I can stand still and he can control the fuck.

“What, no piss?”
“I didn’t have time to drink enough.  Sorry.”

“That’s ok.  Beat your cock on my balls.”
I pull out and do just that.  I slap my meaty cock head down on his sack.  By the second whack he’s shooting.  He hits his chin and the sling behind him.  Then he coats his furry chest.  I know I can’t enter him again.  I jerk fast.  My nuts contract and I coat his balls and softening dick.

We grin. 
And I promise him piss the next time.

The other entries of Gary’s times in my playroom can be found by hitting the “Gary” in the labels column or at the bottom of this entry.


  1. Wow, hot story. Is there a technical name for that self lubing stuff? What is it? I know exactly what you're talking about. I have always thought my ass was just weird. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. I am sure there must be name...

      It's mostly mucus as I understand it. It moves solids throught the tract. When an ass is played with, it starts to be produced in the bowel--to help lubricate the process. Some people produce more than others. I hope that helps....