Friday, April 26, 2013

CLAW--Warehouse Party Number One--Loads and Loads of FFun

Cleveland—April, 2013

I arrived later than I hoped.
I did a morning of work.  Then, on the way out of state, I stopped by to see my Dad in his assisted living facility.  It was hard to get away—and it was suddenly a full hour later than I planned to hit the road.  I drove through rain.  I drove through freezing rain.  I drove through blinding sun. 

And I got to Cleveland at rush hour. 
I’m at the overflow hotel this year.  It took me an hour to get from the expressway exit down seven blocks to the Hampton what with rush hour, a ball game jamming the stadium, and Ninth Street being torn up.  And the valet parking stand being constantly full.

But I have a great room.  A king sized bed with plenty of room for the sling and rimseat—though my hotel play will be limited with my early departure.
I walked over to register at the main hotel.  The Hilton is swarming with hot men in hides.  I buy my play party tickets and some day passes to get around the hotel.  Getting here so late, has cut into any opportunity to play before the Recon/Reflex party.  I have a late dinner, nap a little and get dressed.  Tonight it’s chaps, harness and boots.  I cover it all with my flight suit, to get out of the hotel with a level of modesty though it molds to my slight ass and mounds to perfection over my fat cock.  The young woman at the reception smiles appreciatively—the power of a man in uniform.

I go in the back entrance of the warehouse at Flex.  I prove I’m over 21—do ya think?  I give them my ticket and head upstairs.  I shuck my flight suit.  It’s early—though the party started an hour ago, there are not many in the play space.
And what a change.  Gone are the cubicles made of opaque plastic.  The cubicles now are chicken wire, so you can see what is happening on all sides of you.  There is a large space for side by side crosses.  In each cubicle there is a fuck bench or a bondage table or a platform sling.  The watersports area is at the other end of the warehouse.  It’s nothing but a drain in the floor—but there is a shower up a few steps and with a plexi-glass wall towards the crowd---something that was sorely lacking last year.  By the door to the roof  there is a suspension chain.  The highlight, literally, is a canvas sling up a flight of stairs on a platform 6 feet in the air.  It is lit dramatically.  I wonder if anyone will be brave enough to use it.  Gone are the glory holes—and frankly—any dark corner to have sex.  I hope the guys will want to show off….

I sit on the steps that lead to the shower.  Sure enough guys need to piss.  The dungeon masters of the night have worked up a load. I hunker down.  A man well older than I, takes out his very average cock.  He gives me a long stream of piss down my throat.  It is very strong.  He’s been drinking some sort of hard liquor.  His partner does the same, though he can’t get much flow going.

I chat.  I let a couple of men suck me.
Then I see him on the other side of the WS area.  He’s as tall and lean as I am, maybe even half an inch taller.  He’s ten years younger, dressed in a harness, boots and a leather jock with yellow piping.  He wants piss but it’s all gone to me so far.  What he wants even more is my cock.  He hefts it as he passes by me and gets lost for a moment in the crowd.

When I find him again, he’s being fucked by a daddy with a long thin cock on one of the platform slings.  I watch, stroking.  Daddy takes a break.  I kneel and taste his ass.  His hole is wide open and delicious.  He groans loudly.  A crowd gathers.  I rise.
“You want this raw cock?” 

“Fuck, yeah.”
I enter his moist hole.  He clamps.

“Slow, man” 
I don’t push all the way in.  I fuck slowly.  He’s only taking three quarters of my cock.  He hits the poppers.  I give all of it to him.  He moans.  A hot man in this 30’s, in full leather pants and shirt, come over.  He encircles my cock with his hand.  I let him hold on to me as I continue to fuck.  Soon I let this younger guy taste the ass on my cock.  He does.  I pull him up to kiss.  Then push him down to rim the boy.  Then pull him up to kiss.  Leather Pants inserts my cock back into the boy.  This time I fuck him hard.  He finally asks for a break.  This time the he cleans himself off my cock. 

We meet up continually for the first half of the night.  Fuck a little and move on to other things.
I get a huge, great tasting piss load (gin and tonic) from a new arrival—angering the cute piss boy who has commandeered all the other piss for the evening.

My pits are worked over by a hot man with a long beard.  We exchange blow jobs.  He delights what I do with my tongue on his thick PA.
I share that first boy’s hole with another daddy with a long thin cock.  He thinks it odd I want his cock in my mouth right after he’s done fucking.  He lets me—and then can’t get enough of shoving it in the boy’s hole and then into my mouth.  Repeat and repeat and repeat.  Then he strokes as he watches me stand up, and fuck the boy silly.

Leather pants sucks me for a while—and says he didn’t clean out.  Look for his ass tomorrow.
The first boy and I decide to show off.  The floggers are making loud cracks next to us as we mount the stairs to the canvas sling.  He gets in. I kneel and eat him out.  I look down—all eyes are on us.  I rise.  I push into him.  Slowly.  He groans, loud enough to be heard throughout the room.

“Now fuck me.” 
I do.  Hips smacking his slender butt.  He groans again and takes a hit.

I fuck and fuck.  I dip down to make a show of tasting his used ass, then insert my drooling cock back into him.  He can’t take it deep for long.  I’m back to just three quarters of my cock. 
We separate again. 

We meet up once more as he bends over to take three of us.  Then leaves early as he feels his clean out going bad. 
I suck a thick, uncut cock.  He’s been watching me fuck all evening and has finally pulled it out.

I piss on a new boy---letting it cover his body from neck to cock and back again.
It’s late now. The bar has closed.  A new pig has arrived—a good looking cub.  I see him getting fucked on one of the rigid platform slings.  He takes a young man’s load as I approach.  The top moves off and I move in.  I taste the load, but leave most of it in place.  I enter him.  Around us are the thick, uncut daddy, a black top and a cub—all stroking. 

I fuck in the load.
Then the uncut daddy.

Then the cub.  He  unloads in the boy.
I clean him off and eat a huge amount of cum out of the pig.  I fuck him.

Uncut daddy takes a turn and creams him.
Another cock goes up the pig as I clean off uncut daddy.  I look down, and groveling below me, the new piss boy is suckling on my cock.  I let him.  Then get him up and make him felch a little.  He snow balls it to me.

I keep fucking the pig, all frothy from the loads.  He is loving it. 
Another shaved headed man gives him a load, climbing right up on the suspended platform to fuck him.  I eat that out. 

We are practically the only men left in the warehouse.  I fuck.  It’s time to load him.
“You want another load?”  I beat my swollen cock on his balls.

“Fuck yes.”
“This will be five.”

“And I started with four loads down in the bar.”  No wonder he tasted so good when we started.
I fuck. Eat.  Fuck.  Shoot.  It’s a load I’ve worked up with 4 hours of play.  I collapse onto the pig.

I eventually clean him up a little.
“Put your fingers in me.”

I do.  Two, then three, then four.
“Fist me.”

I add the thumb.  I just push slightly.  I have never used so much cum to fist.  I slip right in.  The pig wants to piss himself, but can’t quite get there.  I slowly start to open my hand inside him.  The cum lets me slide deeper.  I pull my wrist cuff off so I can go deeper still.  I do.  A look of utter bliss crosses the pig’s face. 
A perfect end to a great night.


  1. Very Hot! Please share more of your hot adventure's. Makes us all hard reading your hot stories.

    1. Oh, I was a great night. Thanks.

  2. Wow. I had no idea there were such events. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. You are a sexual warrior! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. The Recon/Reflex parties are one of the reasons that CLAW is my favorite leather event. You can create your own hotel parties at any of them--but this is the only one I know of with organized group play.

  3. Ha Ha...I laughed to myself as you were initially describing the surroundings. When you mentioned the elevated sling with the enhanced lighting wondering if anyone would have the nerve to actually use it. I knew, without a doubt, that you'd be up there.
    But that's what i enjoy about you so much. You're the person that walks into a room and gets the party started no matter what the occasion. You just have that type of personality which I find so compelling. There is nothing as attractive as a confident self assured man!
    That's why so many of us enjoy you're blog.

    1. It took me a few a tries, early on, to be comfortable being the first to do anything. But if 9 naked guys are standing around in a motel room, afraid to be the first to do anything, it was a pretty easy solution for me to get on my knees and suck some cock....