Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Open Me Up, Daddy"

St Louis, MO—February, 2013

I spent a long day at the conference I was attending.  I was eager to get home and find some fun.  I sat in the lobby of my expensive hotel and got on line.  There he was—this hot man who had said he’d be online looking for me right at this time.  (And Hell had not frozen over—as far as I could tell.)  We agreed instantly on a time and what kinds of things we liked to do—“Open me up, Daddy.”  He’d be at my door in forty-five minutes—time for me to unwind and clean up a little.
Thirty minutes later he phoned me.  He was concerned about taking a taxi to my hotel.  Could I come to him?  I could.  He gave me the address.  I threw my lube and the speculum in a small gym bag, along with a jock.  I went downstairs and felt like a total imposter as I asked the Bell Captain to get me a cab…

We are in his apartment.  It’s a loft on the second floor of renovated 1920’a warehouse.  The walls are still bare—waiting for him to decorate.  There are just a few furnishing—a mammoth bed, a new couch on a hooked rug and a large television showing porn.  We get out of our clothes.  I kneel down to get my boots back on, the floors are freezing.  I start for the bed.  He pulls me back—we are playing on the couch.  He’s tossed a throw over it when my back was turned.  He lays out another old sheet over the rug.  I sit on the couch.  He kneels between my splayed knees.  He looks up at me, placing his elbows on my thighs.  Peter has dark hair with classical good looks.  He must be in his mid-30’s.  You can tell he frequents the gym.  I run my finger absently over the bulge of his bicep.  He’s told me to speak up since he suffers from some hearing loss.
It takes no words for me to get him to suck my stiffening cock.  He peels the jock back and deep throats me easily.  Damn.  Not even a pause on the way down.  He’s good.  He stays impaled on my cock for a long minute.  He gags slightly and pulls up.  I push him back down.  This time my hand is on the back on his head.  He gives me a slight nod—I’ve picked up the right signal.  I keep him down on me a shade longer.  He chokes.  I hold another second, then let him come up as he gasps for air.  “Yes, Sir,” he gulps out.  I push him right back down.  He does a constriction of his throat that takes me by surprise.  I pull him up.  The fucker almost got me off right there. 

I reach down behind him.  Truly a bubble butt.  Dark hair covering extra white skin.  I find his hole with my middle finger.  I play around the outside of it.  He moans, muffled by leaning forward into my lap.  I work my finger in.  No lube. 
“Fuck me.”

“Get up on the couch.”  He turns to me.  I raise my voice slightly.  “Up on the couch.  Lean on the back.”  He kneels on the seat and puts those muscular arms on the back of the sofa.  I kneel down.  His white ass looks amazing.  I pull the hairy cheeks apart and sink my tongue into him.  Deep.  He isn’t expecting me to rim him.  He grunts his surprise.  Then his pleasure.  I probe and lick.  He’s self-lubing—my favorite kind of man.  I jerk as I eat.  I am so ready to breed tonight.  I stand up.  I work my flaming red cock head into him.  I stop about halfway in.  He grunts, but says nothing.  I push forward and he has me to the hilt.  I stay imbedded in him for a long moment. I’ve a fleeting instant of making sure I don’t shoot. 
Then I fuck.  A long time.  I am pounding his head into the back of the couch.  He grunts wordlessly—a sound that only makes me make sure that he hits it harder. I look down at his ass.  My cock looks amazing splitting open this hot ass.  My red cock is in great contrast to his white, white ass.  Finally I stop.  He starts to get up.  I stop him, laying my hand on the small of his back.  I kneel again and taste his hole.  Oh, fuck yes!  It’s like he has three loads in there.  I slurp and swallow.  He’s really moaning now.  “Nobody,” he whispers, “Nobody does that to me.”

Finally I let him move.  I just sit on the floor.  I feel slightly tipsy.  He hesitantly moves around.  He kisses me.  I pull him tight and share the glorious taste of his fucked ass with him.  I don’t know how long we are in the embrace, sucking and spitting and swallowing. 
We are still sitting on the floor, now leaning against the couch.  We both look at the stupid porn he has downloaded.  When I’ve caught my breath, I have him lie on his back on the floor.  His muscular arms hook around his knees.

“I’m gonna open you up.”  I find the speculum, lube it and slip it into him.  He hisses at the feel of the cool metal.  I can crank it open easily.  My eyes are locked on his eyes.  I can see he is loving this novel stretch.  He sends me for a shaving mirror in his bathroom—he wants to see his spread hole.  I tilt the mirror up for him to see.  He gasps.  My finger darts in.  I stroke his prostate.  He watches himself convulse in pleasure.
I put the mirror down.  I inch closer and push my cock between the stainless steel walls of the speculum.  Peter gasps.  I can feel the metal to the left and right, his hot ass flesh above and below.  My cock is constantly battering into his prostate.  I fuck as long as I can remain on my knees.

We re-group, slouching on the couch.  It’s late.   I need to get off and go home for the long day tomorrow.  I say just that.
“I think my hole has had it.”  My face must have shown my disappointment.  Instantly he’s back tracking.  “Shoot in my hole.  But do it fast.”  He gets down in front of me on all fours, wiggling that spectacular ass at me.  I get between his legs.  I spit on his hole.  My cock head pushes the foamy spittle deep into him.   It’s not about lasting now—it’s about giving him a load.  I fuck.  He starts begging for my cum.  It works.  This handsome man wanting to be filled with my seed gets me very close.  Two more thrusts and I’m spurting.  I fall on top of his back and buck into him.  Spurt after spurt. 

I stay in place for a moment, then slowly pull out.  I look down.  There is a river of cum oozing out of his round ass.  It’s the perfect money shot.
Then it’s all towels and small talk. 

Peter calls me a cab.
I sink into my gigantic bed at my hotel.

I have the most restful sleep I’ve had in weeks.

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