Friday, April 12, 2013

Sex (?) Party by the Numbers

Detroit—March, 2013

I flew out of St. Louis early on Monday morning with my cock still thinking about the great sex party.  I returned to Michigan and did nothing until the weekend.  I didn’t want to—I was still sated.  I was hoping to get a man or two to my playroom on either Friday night or Saturday, but nothing worked out.  I’d noticed an ad for a party in Detroit on Saturday night.  It looked like an odd mix of guys, but I ended up deciding to make the drive.  A mistake.

Thirteen guys attended.
One tight, not very clean motel room.

Four of them were unprepared for anal sex as I found out the hard way.

One was a good fuck bud I knew.
One other was a good fuck until it went bad…(see above).

One great felching moment out of my bud, the large load delivered by a cheating husband.
Eleven men who thought constant talk was more fun than having sex.

One television with an infomercial blaring away.

I left early.  And without getting off.  But not alone.  I left with
One case of crabs.


  1. Eek. And that's why I shave and trim! And why I avoid sex parties like the one described. Total amateur hour. You deserve much better, stud. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  2. Horny men do stupid things....I guess it was my turn. I never should have gone.