Saturday, April 20, 2013

Two Pigs in the Windy City--March Piss Party and Steamworks

Chicago—March, 2013

 I traveled to Chicago for the piss party with my friend and fuck bud Ryan on the second weekend of March.  He wrote it upfor his blog when he got home.  It was a great trip.  We hit not only the party, but a bookstore on the way and then went to Steamworks afterwards.

The Bookstore
This is a new one to me.  It’s on the outskirts of Chicago.  The arcade is laid out in the shape of an L.  Quite a few booths have glory holes.  Ryan and I go in different directions.  I’m not looking to play too much with a four hour piss party on the horizon.  Every dis-embodied eye peering through the hole seems to want to suck my cock.  I let them.

I also find a thick cock with an overabundance of foreskin to nurse on. 
Ryan and I meet up in the hallway.  He gets me into the booth to see if I can fuck the same ass he just did.  I go in and peer through the hole.  The man on the other side is just finishing zipping up.  I don’t get to see his fabled ass at all.  Ryan and I, after a quick piss, (no, not on each other) are back on the tollway to Chicago.

The Piss Party
We check into the party, held in the back bar.  A quick strip to my old (and holey) army boots and a jock I’m wearing to send off to a reader who wants it filled with my cum and piss stains.  We check our bags.  I need to piss like a race horse. We’ve been hydrating on Gatorade on the way in.  I find a man kneeling in the inflatable pool waiting for his first piss load of the night.  I am anything but hard for this piss.  I can barely get my cock out of the pouch before the stream starts.  I splash the first spurt right on the upturned face of the man groveling before me.  He opens his mouth and lets it stream into his gullet.  I then let the flow play on his nipples, passing over his hairy chest and then concentrate it on the small cock he is jerking frantically.  I make a final splash up to his face for one more mouthful, and then stick my cock in his mouth.  He hoovers me to get the last few drops of piss out and continues sucking me until I’m hard.  I thank him.  He thanks me.  I pat his damp head and go sit on the bench at the back.

Instantly a guy comes around the screen.  He is balding—with that low rim of hair left that makes me want to go find clippers.  He is carrying more weight than he should.  But he’s eager.  He goes down on my damp cock.  He’s leaves trails of spittle all over my cock and jock as he deep throats.  I make sure I rub some into the fabric.  He gets up, turns around and sits on my cock.  I don’t usually fuck in the first hour or so.  But he left me no chance to refuse.  He’s impaled himself on my cock.  And, damn.  His ass is as talented as his throat.  He squeezes my big cock repeatedly on the out stroke.  I finally tell him I need water and get to the bar.
The early fuck sets the tone for this party.  It’s not a piss party with some occasional ass.  No, this time it’s all about fucking while occasionally getting splashed with piss.  I am in constant demand.  I fuck in the back corners.  I fuck behind the screens across from the bar.  I fuck one brave guy while he holds onto the edge of the bar, sticking his sculpted ass out towards the crowd watching us fuck. 

And many of them are not my regulars.  One of these newcomers is a hot young man, slim and toned, who rides me, then licks my cock clean.  He goes to drink some piss and then finds me every fifteen minutes or so.  He particularly likes to climb up on my dick the moment it’s vacated by the previous guy. 
Just once I stop him.  “Get down there.”  I point between my knees.  I stand up from the bench along the side wall and let my piss spit out on his handsome young face.  He gasps and ovals his mouth.  I feed the baby bird.  He swallows my entire piss load—which is huge as I’ve so rarely stopped fucking—but have still managed to tank up while guys ride me.  He gets up.  I know right where he’s headed.  He kisses me.  He’s saved a mouthful of piss that we yellowball back and forth.

I join the group around Ryan with David, and Jeff.  I eat Jeff’s hole.  Eventually, I watch as he fucks Ryan.  David is glued onto my mouth, tasting Jeff’s ass.  Then I fuck Ryan.  Hard.  David squats next to us so he can watch my big cock split his fuck bud open.  Finally I pull out and slap my wet cock into David’s mouth. 
Ryan and I fuck side by side for a bit.  Ryan is in David.  I’m in this small man who reminds me of a jockey—a jockey with a perfectly shaped and hairy ass.  David and the jockey turn to each other.  They hold onto the bench with one arm, wrap their inside one around the other bottom and kiss hungrily.  I could cum just watching them…but I don’t.  I save it for the bathhouse.

It’s a busy night.  We are re-fueled after a quick bite to eat.  I am still pissing every 20 minutes.  But the first thing I do is coax a hot Hispanic at the urinal next to me, to let me drink his piss.  He can’t believe I want it.  But he’s willing.  He’s been drinking soda, so it’s sweet and good.  It’s a hot, hot moment, knowing this guy has never done it before.  He can’t disguise the joy in his face as I drink him down.  Another convert.

Ryan and I have not seen each other since we went to strip off in our separate rooms.  We meet up at a fuck bench.  Ryan is fucking a pig on the bench who seems to be taking all loads.   He slows when he sees me.  I push through the crowd of onlookers.  Ryan pulls out of the full ass.  I push in. The pig groans.  I can tell I’m fucking in load.  I have no idea whose it is. 
“Let me taste your cock,” Ryan whispers in my ear.  I pull out.  He sucks my cum covered cock clean.  I stick it back in getting an even bigger groan from the pig bottom.  I am really banging him and think this may be my time to shoot a load.  But the bottom asks for a break.

I find some cock suckers.
I find a young man in the public sling.  He is slim, all of 25.  He’s been in the steam room.  His brown curls are damp and sticking to his forehead.  I drop my towel.

“Fuck.  Just use lots of lube.”
I know something better.  I drop to the sticky floor on the business end of the sling and eat his hole.  He is literally purring as I work my tongue up him.  I lube my cock a little and enter him.  We fuck.  Bystanders stroke his chest, play with his nipples.  One wants his cock sucked, but it’s an impossible angle the way the sling is hung. 

I am close.  Again.  But my boy jerks himself off before I can cum.
He apologizes as he staggers out of the sling.

I fuck in some closed rooms.  Not my favorite.
Much later, I check the sling.  I can’t believe it.  The same boy is back.  He can’t believe I haven’t gotten off yet.  I eat his hole.  I slip in.  I plow.  I am going to give him a load this time.  It takes no time for me to be on the edge.

“You want this load?”
“Fuck, yes.  Breed me!”

I do.  I collapse on his chest.  He holds me for a moment.  I feel sticky—he’s gotten off again.  I look up. 
There’s Ryan, watching us.  I smile at him, a slightly crooked grin. 

“A good night,” I say to no one in particular, as my slippery cock slides out of the boy's loaded ass.


  1. Hey Man.... Is so fucking hot....!!!! :-P. Please fuck my Ass...!!!! :-D

    1. I hope it very much.... Feeling your great slippery cock in my hole... :-P. ;-)

    2. Are you ever close to the Great Lakes area? Do you go to any of the big leather weekends?

    3. Hey FelchingPisser.... :-) unfortunately no....!!!! :-( Come from Germany and need sometimes thus a hot cock like yours in my hungry hole!!! :-P. I'm a new Fan from your hot fucking Blog.... ;-)

    4. Well, I hope you keep reading....and that you will create an ID on here so I know it's you....

  2. That was a fun filled piggy weekend. The hot four way in the corner at the piss party was my favorite! Loved feeling Jeff using my hole and then feeling you big cock opening me up more!

    1. You are right--that group rut in the corner was the highlight for me, too! Though the fuckbench moment at the bathhouse was very hot, as well.

  3. Shine on you crazy diamond! You are a sexual warrior and one of my heroes! Great story. Thank you for sharing! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque