Thursday, May 2, 2013

CLAW--The Hottest Man In Cleveland

Cleveland—April, 2013

I am sitting in the back lobby of the main hotel crowded with hot men.  Jayson Park had sent me a text last night asking if I wanted to meet for coffee on Saturday morning.  What a surprise that I’d said yes.  I’m there early, for I’ve checked out of my hotel and my car is all packed—I have to head home a day early.  Suddenly he’s there.  We hug.  He looks at me and says “Forget coffee—Let’s fuck.”  He leads me towards the elevator…..
No, wait.  Those last two sentences are fantasy.  Let me try again…..

Suddenly he’s there.  We hug.  We head off for a great hour of chat at Starbucks.  He tells me a little about his weekend.  I tell him a lot about the two Warehouse parties. We talk about love, sex, Broadway musicals.  The usual gay male stuff.  We reach the hotel again all too soon.  We say good bye—likely for another year—as he goes for his morning walk and I go in to do my last minute shopping.  Okay we didn’t have sex this trip…..but it won’t stop me from posting the pic from the first time we did….

 I buy a great pair of police examination gloves from the Leatherman stall.  The gloves are incredibly soft and skin tight.  I can think of at least two of my boys who will all but cum when my leathered fingers go from their ass to their mouth…

I find the Etienne art exhibit.  While the few things mounted on the walls are great, there is not much in the room.  There are several vacant easels, and I’m guessing much of it was put away after the opening reception.  I do find, in one of the retail stalls, two IML posters which used his drawings. They are now waiting to be framed and added to the walls of my playroom.

 I am walking out the glass encased hallway one last time.  It too, is crowded with hot men in leather and denim.  There is Dean, the top who’s exploring his bottom side with me, manning his booth.  We kiss.  We talk.  He tells me “It’s my break time.  Come upstairs.”  Fuck.  It’s not fantasy this time.  If only I’d found him an hour before.  I truly have to hit the road.  He understands.  I think….
I walk to my car, glad to get out of town before the ball game.  I take a pic of the statue I have been walking by all weekend.

I’ll play it safe. 

I’ll call him the hottest man in Cleveland.

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