Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cruising with Ex-Military Ass

Near my Home—March, 2013

“You need to check out this space,” wrote a fellow top who I rarely see anymore as he has a backbreaking work schedule.  “It’s a cross between a video lounge and a playroom.  There are chairs for watching the porn, a fuckbench, a stand but no sling and several alcoves for a little privacy.”
I agreed it sounded great.  It was unlike any play area we had on this side of the state. 

My friend let me know about it back in February, but what with my travel for work and then so many guys coming to my playroom, I had not had the chance to go.  Towards the end of March I asked Clark, the ex-military ass, if he wanted to whore himself out for me.  He said yes.  We placed a BBRT quick connect ad to alert the men we were coming and ventured out on a crisp Saturday night.

It is a long room. As you walk in, two televisions are on the long wall—one showing gay porn, one showing a straight video.  Five or six chairs face the screens.  A round table is in the corner.  The fuckbench is placed on a platform between the two screens.  Only the most diehard show-off is ever going to use it.  (And no one does all night.  Not even the two of us.)  The sling stand is set up near the chairs, but no sling is in it.  The alcoves look like where most of the action will take place— one large three side structure, with gloryholes, then three small cubicles.  A wooden block is in each space—for sitting on to suck cock, or to use to bend over to get plowed.  The light is low, and in the alcoves almost black.

I know at least three people of the dozen or so who are there—the top who told me about the place, a bearish bottom who is sporting a kilt for easy access and a “top” who is loudly talkative and who never plays.
I chat with my friend as Clark goes outside to smoke.  As soon as he is back, I take him by the back of the neck and lead him to the large cubicle.  Everybody in the room watches us leave, then slowly filters around the corners to watch us.

I push Clark to his knees.  My cock is out.  He takes me to the root.  With ease.  My friend is right beside me and unzips.  His thick penis slaps Clark’s ear.  I push him away from me and onto my friend.  The room is alive now with men on their knees and others unzipping.  The kilted bear is sucking two dicks at once.  My friend pushes Clark back onto my cock.  He stays there for a while.  Soon he crawls to a hot man who just rounded the corner.  They disappear into one of the smaller cubicles.
I sample my friend’s cock.  He’s about the same length as I am, but his shaft is bloated right in the middle.  I always forget how wide I have to open my mouth.  I must do something right, for I’m suddenly rewarded with his load.  He thanks me and takes off.  Damn.  I wanted his seed up Clark.  I get up and got to find him. 

Clark is sitting on a small cube, and has the cute man down his throat.  The cute one pulls out when he sees me coming.  I get Clark up, undo his pants and push them down.  He bends over the block, supporting himself.  I kneel, pulling his hairy ass cheeks apart.  My tongue pushes the load into him.  He gasps at the feel of what’s going up his butt.  I eat and spit it all into his open hole.
It’s time to fuck.  I enter him.  The cum lube is perfect.  I sink into him with ease.  He grunts his pleasure.  Every eye is on us now.  The cute one comes back and sticks his dick into Clark’s mouth.  I ask if he wants his ass, but he declines.  Soon another man replaces the cute one.  He cums fast, giving Clark his first earned load.

Clark goes off to have a cigarette.  The crowd disperses.  I fuck the bear in the kilt.  He’s a loose fuck after Clark’s super-hot ass.  The obnoxious, talkative top appears.  He bellows that it’s time for him to leave—and he’s taking the kilt clad bear with him.  Off they troop into the night.
I suck some cock waiting for Clark to come back inside.

When he returns, I bend him over a slightly bigger block in the main alcove.  We fuck.  A number of guys step in to feel him.  And feed him.
We break again.

A much older man is fucking the cute boy.  I go to watch.  It’s the only other anal action I’ve seen.  I hold onto the boy as he’s pounded.  I work his nipples.  The older man is panting “I’m gonna cum….”
“Do it.  Give it to me.”

The older guy pulls out and shoots all over the ass of the cute guy.  The cute one makes a face at me—he wanted that cum deep inside.  I turn him around, letting him lean against the wall.  I kneel.  My tongue mops up the cum on his downy butt.  It’s not a large load, but I get what I can up his hole.  He murmurs and strokes his cock as I do this.  “Now put your cock in there.”
I stand up and enter him.

 “Holy shit!”  he says into his bent elbow, where his head is resting.  I fuck.  Then I fuck hard.  In no time, he shoots a load all over the partition he’s leaning against.
Clark is back.  And he has brought in my friend Brad—who went with me to my New Year’s Eve party.  I watch Clark suck Brad’s big cock.  Then they reverse.  I push in and let Brad have both of us in his mouth.  This makes him very hot to fuck.  Clark bends over, hands on knees.  Brad pushes in roughly.  He’s going to load him in no time.

A few thrusts.
“Shit.  NOOOOO!”  Brad sounds pissed and surprised, but incredibly turned on.  He is bucking into Clark.   He holds for a long time, marinating his cock in Clark’s hole.  Slowly he withdraws. Clark cleans his dick.  I kiss Clark for a taste.

“Eat my load out of him, you fucker.” 
Clark bends.  I kneel.  There is a shaft of light coming through the gloryhole.  I can see a beautiful pearly white drop of cum about to drip.  I suck it down, my lips surrounding his wet hole.  My tongue goes into him repeatedly.  Brad has given him a big load. 

I stand and insert.
“Cream me,” Clark pants.  “Make me cum.”

I fuck.  Fucking in Brad’s load this late in the evening is doing it for me.  I can’t hold back.  I shoot.  I bend over Clarks’ back and hold on to him as my cock explodes.  And he is shooting himself.  I can feel the muscles of his ass contract with each explosion.
Moments later, we are in my car—getting Clark some greasy food. 

We both agree we’ll be coming back.
No, this was not shot that night. 
No cameras are allowed---and there was not enough light.
It's just a reminder of how hot Clark's ass is....


  1. I love your storys... Love your Blog and love your hot cock....!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) The german fan...!!

    1. Thank you. Clark's ass and skills inspired guys...

  2. I just discovered this place on saturday, and it was a hot time. wish you had been there at the same time. As it was, I got two loads in me. pretty good for a Saturday afternoon.

    1. I'd say two loads is very good for a Saturday afternoon. I like this place a lot. Clark and I went back two more times--which I will be writing about in the coming weeks. I need to get back there on my own.

  3. I need to find out where this place is as well. Would love to visit it with you sometime!

    1. Absolutely. It's close enough to my house for you to stay over---so we can play at the playspace, sleep at my house and then you can try out the new fuck bench in my playroom.

    2. Sounds like a great weekend to me...we will have to plan something soon!!

    3. Let's do it soon--before I have to pack the playroom away for nine weeks!!

  4. OK...let me know what weekend works best for you for me to come visit.