Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Destruction of a Jock

My Playroom—March, 2013

 I can deal with my next hook up in just a few sentences.  He was handsome enough, I guess.   I was not happy that he did not want to check his clean out after his long trip to my playroom.  We fucked for a while and all seemed fine.  Then I got him in the sling.  I fucked hard and deep.  I pulled out and it happened.
He was not just dirty. 

He was spectacularly dirty. 
The suction of my withdrawal from his ass, caused a veritable explosion all over me and the jock I was wearing.  (Sorry—if you were just having your morning toast as you read this…)

Needless to say, play was over.  And while I’m sure he was mortified, he didn’t really know what he’d just done.  He’d destroyed 6 weeks of work.
Let me explain.

I was wearing a jock sent to me by a reader of this blog.  He wanted me to wear it while I had sex for a couple of months and then send it to him.  I had worn it fresh to the awful sex party in Detroit.  Here’s a quick photo of it clean before I left that night. 


I had worn it for all my play in St. Louis.  I had worn it to a piss party.  I had worn from the first of February for all the sex I’d had up to this point.  And it was destroyed.  I had to wash it.

 So I got out the Tide and started over.  The newly white jock started fresh the next night.  It’s gone through another piss party and all the CLAW Warehouse parties. 
I am guessing it’s been ground into 40 to 50 asses.  It’s been pissed on.  It’s cradled my cock directly from a hot, cummy hole.  It’s collected my cock drool as sex begins.  And the spit of the pervy boys who want to gnaw on it.  I figure it will go to IML and then be shipped to him.


And here it is after these next six weeks. 
 I will snap a few more before it wings it's way to Toronto.
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