Sunday, May 12, 2013

"I Don't Usually Do This..."

My Playroom—March, 2013

 “I know your ad says you are looking for experienced bottoms, but do you ever play with beginners?”
I really had to think before I typed.  In recent years, I far prefer experience and talent over new and eager.  I was tempted to start typing some version of “Thanks, but no thanks,” but I clicked on his pictures.  He was my age, a good six footer, with blond hair cropped so closely he might as well have shaved it.  From the torso shot, it was obvious he stayed in shape.  I wavered.

I typed.  “Okay.  What are you looking for?”
Ted wanted to be fucked—really used hard—and to totally sub out.  He was curious about piss and about restraints.  “I have women sub for me.  I want you to do it to me.”

How could I not agree?

He is on his knees, naked but for the jock I’ve made him purchase for this encounter.  His hands are behind his back.  His head is bowed.  Just as I’d instructed him.  I come in, now in my full leathers:  chaps, jock, boots, harness and wrist band.

“Look at me.”  I say it softly, but with authority.
He does.  He looks up, questioningly, a little fear in his eyes.  I pull his face into the pouch of my used jock.  Ted mouths it.  He makes it wet.  My cock swells.  I pull it out.  My left hand is on the back of his neck.  “Suck it.”  He opens.  Nowhere near wide enough.  “Wider.”  He does.  I push in.  His oral skills are adequate at best.  I watch the look in his eyes go from fear to lust.  But they keep moving past me to the back of the sling.  I turn to follow his gaze.  He’s looking at the wrist restraints hanging on the back of the sling.

I go get them.  I sit on the bed.  I point to the floor in front of me.  He crawls right to that place.  “Right hand.”  He extends it.  I fasten the buckles around it.  “Left.”  I do it for this wrist, too.  I stand up, move around him and pull his arms to the small of his back.  I fasten them together.  His eyes register his pleasure at his helplessness.  I move back around him and shove my now only semi hard cock back in his mouth.  His skill level is the same, but the restraints have made him hard.
When I tire of his mouth, I pull him up and lead him to the bed.  “Kneel on the edge.”  He does.  I push him forward.  He lands on his shoulders, his head turned to the left, his hands securely behind his back.  It looks uncomfortable.  I don’t care.

 I taste his hole.  “Please, Sir,” he grunts.  He’s clean and swells of Irish Spring.  I eat him out, using my beard for additional sensation.  Ted is moaning now.
“I’m going to fuck you.”

“Go slow, Sir.  Please.”
I say nothing as I stand and slap my engorged cock on his ass.

“You want this raw cock up your ass?”
“Yes, Sir.”

I prod his wet pucker with the head.  I expect resistance.  I get it.  But he’s not as tight as he thinks.  I slap his ass.  I lean down and spit on his hole.  I press forward.  My cock head is in.  I pull out.  I eat a little more.  Then the head goes back in.  Plus a little more. 
“Fuck yes, Sir.”

And before he knows it I am in.  All the way. 
“Oh, my God” Ted moans.

“My cock is all the way in you.”
“Thank you.”  I thrust hard.  “Thank you, SIR.” 

I fuck him for a long time in this awkward position.  He’s lost his erection…but his jock is totally wet.  Whether it is precum or he’s shot a load, I don’t bother to ask.
He’s in the sling now.  His hands attached to the chains above his head.  I have put the blindfold on him. 

“I don’t know how much more my ass can take.”
My response is to slap my hard cock against the mound of his cock in the wet jock.  He grunts.   I kneel and taste his hole.  I don’t spend long.  I stand up and push my cock against his butt hole.  And piss.  He lets out a low moan.  My piss cascades over his ass. I bring it up and sop his jock.  And spray some across his chest, just shy of his mouth.  But mostly I just flood his ass crack.

I kneel and taste some.  But I’m excited by it—and push into his ass.  I stand still and pull the sling to me.  I am pulling him onto my cock, then pushing him away.  My cock feels like it could explode any time.
But I don’t.  I stop and work his nipples for a while with hands, teeth and then cool them down with more piss. 

I go back up Ted.  His ass is open now and I can fuck him with ease.  Ted’s breath is ragged.  He exhales noisily with each stroke of my cock. 
“Do you want my cum?”

“Yes, Sir.”
“You want me to shoot my load into your tight ass?”

“I don’t usually, Sir.”  I fuck two strokes into him.  As hard as I’ve ever been.  “But I want you to do it.”
I fuck him harder.  My hips slam into his ass “Here—it—is.” 

I shoot.

I am picking up the towels from under the sling as he is getting dressed. 
“You know,” Ted says softly, “I do more girls than guys.  You are only the third man I have had up my ass.”  He can’t quite look at me.  He concentrates on tying his shoes.  “I made the others use condoms, but when I saw your picture, I had to have you up my ass.  Raw” He looks up at me.  “I usually get what I want.”

I can only nod.


  1. So fucking hot story....!!! My cock is hard and my hole is ready for fuck....!!!!!!!! :-P. ;-) The German Fan...

  2. Thank you. It was fun re-live this one. I have seen him since on the pan-sexual site. But not to talk to...I'm curious what he thought of it all, now, at 8 weeks later.