Wednesday, May 29, 2013

IML Day Three Evening--Assorted Fucks then Back to Tony Serrano's Sex Party

Chicago—May, 2013

I walked back to the overflow hotel, feeling great after my scene with the Master and his slave.  When I got to the room, I asked Bob if his Tom of Finland-esque trick had ever showed.  Oh, he had he told me, the guy was tweaking and never able to get hard.  Bob got rid of him as fast as he could.
Undeterred, he had a new man coming in just moments.  Sure enough, there was a knock on the door.  Frank was a tall, jeans and tee shirt kind of guy.  His broad face was half covered by a full beard.  He told us he wasn’t a leather man, just a top taking advantage of all the horny bottoms in town.  Bob liked the sound of that.

Bob is on his knees giving head—not something he cares much about.  Once Frank’s hard, sporting a nice, slightly above average cock, Bob gets in the sling.  No rimming for Frank.  He just pushes into Bob’s always wet hole.  He is deep and thrusting.  I head for the bedroom.

“You don’t have to leave on my account.”
I come back in and sit on the couch, watching the fuck.  Nothing fancy.  Just hard thrusting.  Bob loves it as much as Frank.

He unloads in no time.  He keeps his cock in Bob’s ass for a moment, then pulls out with a slight sucking sound. 
“Don’t use that towel,” Bob says stopping Frank in mid-reach.”  He’ll want to clean you off.”  I’m right there, on my knees in front of the man.  Frank really likes the idea that I’m going to clean him up.  I take him in my mouth, suckling him clean for as long as he can stand it.  Then I turn around and go for the white load seeping from Bob.  Frank really likes that idea and murmurs appreciatively, “Eat my cum load.”  I do.  It’s thick and salty.

“I was just thinking about dinner,” I mutter as my tongue goes back in.
Frank leaves.

I eat a real meal.
Bob had decided to go through with his Gangbang party tonight for he’d gotten a lot of interest that day.  At least I had gotten him to put a two hour time limit on when everyone had to arrive.  I was curious to see how many of the 20 + guys who had responded would show up.

It starts well.  Two tops, a couple I know from the piss party, are here in the first 15 minutes.  Jim and John love Bob’s furry ass.  Bob is in the sling and the older (50’s) one, John, is right up him.  He holds a popper bottle to his nose constantly.  Then the younger (40’s) one, Jim, takes his turn up the ass.  He sprays some Maximum Impact into a rag and holds it in his teeth the entire time he’s fucking. 
They trade again.  I notice John’s erection flagging from all the poppers.

I fuck for a moment.
Then, while Jim is fucking, John switches to MI.  He huffs the rag.  He passes out right on his feet.  The v formed by the side of the sling frame catches him, as does Jim—who seems to be expecting it.  I go for a chair but I can’t get him out from around the sling frame and the mirror.  Jim just stays in Bob hole, slapping John’s face to bring him round like it is the most natural thing in the world.  When he wakes, John denies he was every out.

The fuck never recovers.  They take off.  So much for hour one.
A very young Hispanic man, with a few extra pounds, arrives.  He strips and demands head.  Since Bob is in the sling, I volunteer.  He never gets hard.  I know I’m better than that.  He asks for the bathroom, pisses, and tells us this is not his scene.  He takes off the moment he is dressed. 

No one else arrives in remaining 45 minutes.  I refrain from saying “I told you so.”
We dress and I take him to Tony Serrano’s sex open house.

It’s the same set-up:  bar right by the door, the breathtaking view of the city from the floor to ceiling windows, the sling, the low bed and the plastic lined floor.
But there is a change.  The guys are playful from the moment we arrive.  John and Jim and there.  They are fucking some twink in a blue jock.  I get Bob right into the sling, as soon as he’s stripped off his coverall. 

We fuck hard, making noise and creating excitement.  J and J take turns on Bob while I find fresh ass.  Then two more tops arrive.  Every bottom in the room can have one.  By the time the five of us are looking for fresh ass, it’s there.  The room is now packed—Even the Hispanic who couldn’t get hard at our place is there looking to fuck. 
A few moments:

One:  A very young couple is fucking in the sling.  His partner is fucking him bare, but anyone else goes up him covered.  He’s cute.  I decide I’d be happy to cover for a crack at his ass.  His partner tells me I can fuck him if I condom up.  I select a bright red one so they can all see it.  The Boyfriend approves and even lubes my covered cock for me.  My cock is so tight in a standard condom I can barely stand it, but I start to work my way into the boy.  He’s never had anyone my size—or at least not for a long time.  I am inching in ever so slowly.
“Stop.  Right now.”  It’s some blond headed friend of the bottom who’d watched me fuck Bob raw.  “Pull out!”

I look at the Boyfriend—expecting him to tell the busybody that it’s fine.  He says nothing.
I continue working my cock into place.  “I have one on.”

“No.  Show me.”
There’s going to be no peace until I do.  I pull out.  He can’t or won’t see it.  My cock is not flame red usually, asshole.  I peel it off and toss it at the blond, hitting him between his pecs and go to find some raw ass.

 Two:  The most beautiful young man is kneeling on the bed.  Blond, muscled and with two gorgeous tattoos on his shaved chest.  He’s taken every top in the room without changing position.  I will be number 7 or 8.  I kneel behind him, the angles are all wrong with my long legs.  “Let’s get off this bed.”  He looks reluctant until he takes a good look at my cock.  I take him to a chair.  “Now kneel in it.”   He does, his full ass presented to the entire room.  I slide in perfectly.
“Christ!”  I don’t stop.  I fuck him hard.  There is literally a line forming behind me.  All the tops who had him before come back for an easier fuck, and a number of new arrivals queue up to take their turn.  An hour later, the beautiful young man finds me to thank me for getting him on to the chair.

Three:  Bob gets out of the sling, fresh from another fuck by me.  A new guy hops in.  Nothing special to look at.  I start rimming.  I stop and look up at him.  “Have you got a load?” 
“Yeah.  How can you tell?”

Other than my tongue is covered in some man’s cum?  But I don’t say anything.  I just enjoy eating a little more out of his freshly fucked hole and then fucking in the smoothest, creamiest hole of the night.
Four:  It’s late.  The gorgeous one is going home.  He needs to get off.  He finds me and takes me to a dark corner.  He kneels in front of me.  “Just put your cock in my mouth.”  I do.  He jerks furiously at his own cock as he sucks me.  In seconds he explodes all over my boots.  He kisses my cock tip and looks up at me—looking even younger than his 30-ish years.  He says simply “Thank you.”

Five:  I’m ready to get off myself and go home.  It’s then that he makes an entrance…he’s not classically good looking, but he reeks of sex.  He’s dressed in some leather of the new type that is inspired by gladiator gear. His features are sharp, his hair has product, his skin is tanned.  His arms are sinewy if not huge.  Maybe 30.  Maybe 45. Or anywhere in between.
One of the tops I’ve shared hole with all night saunters by.  “He’s a pig.  You need to have him.”

I know I do.  My cock, soft a moment ago is telling me I have to pry that beautiful butt apart.  Gladiator puts his water bottle down on the table near the couch.  He turns around and comes face to face with me.  He stops.  I stay still.  He comes slowly to me, our eyes locked.
We are close, almost nose to nose.

He kneels in front on me and looks up into my face.
“Sir…?”  His hands instinctively go behind his back.

I take my cock out of my damp, used jock and put it into his mouth…


Continued  in:   IML Day Three Late Night Pig Sex with the Gladiator.

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