Thursday, May 30, 2013

IML Day Three Late Night--Pig Sex with the Gladiator

Chicago—May, 2013

 I’m ready to get off myself and go home from the last Tony Serrano sex party. 
It’s then that the hottest man of the night makes an entrance…he’s not classically good looking, but he reeks of sex.  He’s dressed in some leather of the new type that is inspired by gladiator gear. His features are sharp, his hair has product, his skin is tanned.  His arms are sinewy if not huge.  Maybe 30.  Maybe 45. Or anywhere in between.

One of the tops I’ve shared hole with all night saunters by.  “He’s a pig.  You need to have him.”
I know I do.  My cock, soft a moment ago, is telling me I have to pry that beautiful butt apart.  
Gladiator puts his water bottle down on the table near the couch.  He turns around and comes face to face with me.  He stops.  I stay still.  He comes slowly to me, our eyes locked.

We are close, almost nose to nose.
He kneels in front on me and looks up into my face.

“Sir…?”  His hands instinctively go behind his back.
I take my cock out of my damp, used jock and put it into his mouth.

“Here, boy.”  He takes my cock hungrily.  He’s good.  He knows just what to do to get my oversized meat pleasured.  Eventually Gladiator looks up at me, asking how he did with just his heavy lidded eyes.  I nod.  I come down to his level and we kiss for the first time.  I taste my cock on his tongue.  I spit the saliva I’ve collected back into his mouth.  He groans deep in his throat.  He stands up for me to suck his cock.  I do no more than lick the head of his multi-cockringed dick.  I grab his hips and turn him around so I can get to his hairy ass.  He bends a little.  A cock sucker is kneeling right there to suck the cock I pass up.  He starts sucking.  The Gladiator uses this man’s shoulders to brace himself.  He can now bend over farther.  He pushes his hairy crack into my mouth.  I run my tongue up and down the valley of his ass.  I connect with his pucker.  It opens with the probing of my tongue.  I tongue him deeply, heaping saliva into his hole.  My cock is telling me to get in there.  I stand.  He swings around— he wants to taste his ass in my mouth.  I meet his tongue with my own. Keeping our mouths locked together I back him towards the couch.
I tell him to bend over the arm of the couch.  I spit on my cock and enter him for the first time that night.  He’s tight.  He knows how to squeeze and stroke my cock as I fuck.  I think I’m going to cum much too fast.  I tell him.

“No.”  He stands up and pulls off me.  He turns to me and kisses me deeper yet. “Come to my room,” he whispers.  My eyes water for a moment.  I can think of nothing I’d rather do.  I find my coverall and grab it.  I tell Bob what I’m doing.  He’s thrilled—for he’s taking a top back to our room.  I go to find the Gladiator.  He is fucking a young man on the couch.  I smile and wait for him to finish his display of versatility.


We are alone in his room, several floors down.  The Gladiator has turned on only one dim light.  The room has a large white bed, a loveseat filled with leather gear and a desk full of electronics. The door has been left open.  I stand at the foot of the bed.  My hands are behind my head.  His face is buried in my right pit.  The sweat of the evening is a heady smell to both of us.  He cleans me thoroughly with his tongue, then kisses me deeply.  The acridness makes us grind our mouths together.   He goes for my left, at the same time pushing the back of my head so my face is cleaning his.  This time the kiss is electric as we swap tastes.
I pull out and flop on the bed.  “Sit on my face.” 

He clambers up and sits astride me.  My tongue is back up his now fucked hole.  I can’t get enough.  But he can’t sit still.  He eventually slides off so we can kiss.  “Do you like your ass eaten?”  I nod.  He flips me over and then pulls me up into a downward dog.  The scruff on his face feels great.  He throws me his expensive brand of poppers.  I take a hit.  Oh, Jesus. His tongue is probing me.  Hard.  There is actually a tenth of a second where I think I’d be fine with him fucking me.
It passes.

I want to do the fucking myself.  I roll onto my back.  He crawls up and over me, crushing me with his weight in his eagerness to kiss my mouth.  I don’t know whose drool of precum is being mashed between our twisting bodies.  “Please,” I choke out after I can’t take any more of his tongue.  “Let me fuck you.”  He slides off the tall bed.  It’s a great height for me to stand and enter him.  I do.  I fuck him hard.  Again, I think I’m close.
There is someone else in the room.  A well put together Cub.  He sucks my cock the moment I pull out of the Gladiator.  Gladiator turns around, catches what is happening to me, and smiles at me.  The Cub will fit right in.  Gladiator gets down on the floor and we all exchange blow jobs until one of the bottoms from the party wanders in.  He hops up on the bed, presenting his ass.  I push the Cub towards the new bottom.  He is up him instantly.  I re-enter my boy.

“One rule,” the Gladiator tells the other two.  “Whatever he says, we do.”  I look at him.  “That’s right, Daddy.  Use us.”
The temperature of the room climbs. 

We fuck side by side on the bed.  “Switch,” I tell the Cub.  He gratefully enters the Gladiator and I fuck the power bottom.  When we tire, I join the other couple in a sloppy kiss.  The power bottom stays where he is.  
We re-couple and fuck the first ass we had, then switch once more when I tell them.

Another man has arrived--a thin, gorgeous, 20 something otter—hairy in all the right places.  It’s peeking out from around his leather jock and all under his harness.  The three of us are on this boy in a heartbeat.  Gladiator goes to kiss him.  I nod to the Cub, who pulls the boy’s ass towards him so the boy has to arch his back.  The Cub spits on his dick and enters him.  The boy grunts and squeals.  Not in protest but in surprise.  Gladiator holds onto him, talking him through the fuck.  He tells the boy each of us are going to fuck him.  The boy looks down at me and tries to squirm away.  The Cub and Gladiator hold on to him as the Cub keeps plowing.  Pleasure takes over on the boy, and he gives in to the Cub’s dick. 
I turn the boy around and let the Gladiator up him.  He eagerly fucks the boy, in the middle of the room, while the Cub and I hold unto each of his arms.  The Gladiator doesn’t want his ass for long, he wants to see me long dick the boy.  I go around to his ass.  I lube up and insert my head into his well fucked hole. 

“Oh.  God.  Damn.”  He grunts out.  We can all tell he’s never had anything so big up him.  He wants it—but does he want it enough?  Held in place, he seems to have little choice.  I push into him.  Slowly.  I bang the head of my cock against his second sphincter. 
I hold.

I push.
“ARGHHH.”  I’m in.  And fucking.  “Fuck me with that log,” he gasps.  I do.   I am caught up in the theatrics of the moment.  I catch our reflection in the window.  It’s better than any porn.

We are interrupted by full street clothed tourists.  We tell them to strip or leave.  They leave.
I look at the Cub.  “Open this boy’s hole.”  They go to the bed, where the forgotten power bottom is still in position.  The Gladiator starts for the bed, but I pull him to the bathroom.

“Knees.”  Before he can fully open my first spit of piss shoots across his face.  He swallows greedily.  I let another spurt go.  We kiss after this one.
“Do my ass.”  I bend him over jerk for second to get totally hard, insert and send a river up his hole.  His fist beats on the vanity top with each pulse of piss up his ass.

When we are done, we spend longer than we should away from the others, kissing and holding each other.
When we go out, Gladiator is ready to top.  I tell him to take the boy.  The Cub and I share the power bottom.

We switch off.  We each take a turn on any hole that wants a cock.
More people come in. 

“You can stay if you fuck this boy, I tell the three men.” 
They all start stripping.


It’s late.  This started over two hours ago and I was tired then.  My cock is beginning to rebel.  But I know what will get me hard. 
I find the Gladiator fingering some roided muscle guy.  “Come here.”  He’s right there.  “I have to go.”

“Breed me first?”
I nod.  We go to the unoccupied side of the bed.  We shut out the couple sucking on the couch.  And the otter boy getting plowed by someone new.  Even the Cub, who has taken over fisting the roided guy.

We kiss.  I put him on his back.  I need to look into his face.  His legs fly up to my shoulders.  We kiss.  I push in.  I fuck incredibly slowly.  Savoring him.  I am all the way in.  Our kiss breaks. 
“Oh, fuck…”

I stop his mouth with my tongue.  I don’t want anyone else in the room to know what’s happening to us at that very moment…


  1. This is one of the hottest things I've ever read. Thank you for keeping us up to date on your activities at this very hot event.

    Paul, NYC

    1. Paul--Thanks for speaking up. This episode was the perfect cap of a really great weekend...

  2. WOW!!!!! HOT, HOT HOT!! Wish I'd been there to see it all. Love to kiss and look into my bottom's mouth as I unload inside him.

  3. Thank you for writing...this was a good section to re-live. I miss being able to read your blog.

  4. Damn..... this pig sex with the gladiator was really outstanding. You men did it all and it was so incredible to read about.
    When the gladiator said "Whatever he says, we do" How fucking awesome to hear that. How it should always be!!!

    1. Loved meeting this guy. We stayed in touch--though he was from the west coast. We were all set to meet up again at IML 2014--and he wasn't able to attend at the last minute.