Sunday, May 26, 2013

IML Day Two Afternoon--Piss Party with a Porn Star

Chicago--May, 2013

It took me almost an hour, what with the heavy weekend traffic, to drive from the hotel to the northside bar where the piss party is held.  All I can say---it was worth every moment of it.

 They open the doors right as I’m checking my leather jacket into the front coat check.  I’m the third one in.  I strip out of my flight suit.  I’m wearing just a jock and my ancient, holey combat boots.  I add a leather wrist band on my left arm.  Then I add the black and yellow leather wrist band for the right wrist.  I crack open my Gatorade.  An older man, with a wide chest and a jock showing off his flat ass reaches out.  I let him fondle my growing cock.  Now he’s on his knees, giving me excellent warm-up head.  Languid, warm and juicy—I can’t think of a better way to get hard than in his mouth.  He asks for piss.  I almost have my first load, but not quite.
I talk to Carlos, the beautiful Hispanic man who has given me his hole whenever we meet.  We haven’t seen each other since the New Year’s Eve party.  His gorgeously worked out chest, with its tribal swirl on his shoulder is as big (or bigger) than ever.  I don’t rush him—I know we’ll have sex before the afternoon is over.

One of the new arrivals is a young Master and his equally young slave.  It seems the boy had been told to make his hole available to any who ask.  The Master is short, with a nice meaty cock.  His boy sports a Mohawk and his back is covered in an intricate tribal tattoo.  When I walk over to them, the Master is plowing his boy, who is holding on to the bench.  A friend of theirs is sitting on it, and soon he has his cock in the boy’s mouth.  The Master pulls out.  The friend goes up the boy.  He’s a jack rabbit, fast and hard, balls swinging.  No one is even thinking about getting off.  When the friend pulls out, the Master turns the boy towards me.  The boy advances.  I’ve been stroking and my cock is rock hard. 
“Hello, Sir.”

The Master taps his shoulder and the boy falls to his knees on the damp concrete.  His mouth opens and I shove in.  I face fuck him.  He gags slightly but takes me to the root repeatedly.  I pull him up.  I bend him up on the bench.  I squat down and taste his ass.  Delicious.  And with that soft skin of the young.  He is moaning, deep in the back of his throat.  I stand.  A quick glance at the Master—who simply nods.  I work my cock up the boy.  Now it’s a full throated groan.  “You are so big, Sir.”
I fuck him long and noisily.  I finally slow and tell him I will see him later.  (He and I fuck at least three more times before the Master takes him home.  Such a good boy…)

Carlos is getting head from a guy I recognize from the monthly parties.   Soon all three of us are trading blow jobs.  My first piss of the afternoon is all over Carlos’ cock.  I instantly swallow him down, cleaning my piss off his dick.  Carlos sits on me.  He rides me, squeezing my cock in that muscle butt.  We get pissed on as he rides.  The flood of hot water is incredibly erotic as it cascades over us.
I fuck old favorites. 

I fuck many new faces.
The porn projected on the large screen changes.  It’s now Piss Break from the Dick Wadd studios.  And stepping up on one of the benches is the star of the movie Chad Brock.  He is even buffer in person than in his films.  He has nothing on but a dark jock with boots and an arm band that can barely buckle around his meaty right bicep.  He’s offering his cock for anyone of us to suck.  A number of men are right there.  He is hard and obviously enjoying the attention.  Eventually I take my turn.  It’s a nice cock.  I can’t help but feel pride that I’m bigger.  I pull off his cock and look up at him.

“I’d really rather rim that ass of yours.”
He grins and carefully turns around on the tiny bench.  His muscular ass is right in my face.  He can’t bend much, so I feel like I don’t do as good a job as I should.  I get as deep into him as I can, then let others get back to his dick.

Much later he is at the bar, lounging with the party organizer.  He has one foot up on the bar rail.  My tongue goes back up his hole.  Now I am eating him like I should be.  He grunts and arches a little.  When I stand up we talk.  He hefts my cock and says nice things.  I wish I could report that he led me to the back corner and let me have my way with him—but it didn’t happen.  Though I did get a little of his piss…
This party is five hours.  I have to pace myself differently.  I have no idea how much hole I fucked---but I know it was a good dozen guys—including cute Chad and hot David from last month (which I have yet to write up—so here’s a link to them on Ryan’s blog, with pictures, as he was there with me….) Chad is so tight, I can barely get up him, but I manage…

I am a little piss starved, as I have been doing more fucking than piss drinking.  I find Carlos again and begin eating his ass for a third or fourth time.  He is leaning on the bench, my face is surrounded by his muscular ass.  Guys come up to us from either side.  They let loose streams of piss.  It sluices down his ass crack and right into my mouth.  Some I swallow.  Some I force into his hole.  When the stream runs dry, I stand up, shake the piss out of my beard and fuck his ass as hard I’ve ever fucked him. 
I don’t get off.  But I am fine with that.  There’s so much more play to come that night.


  1. Glad you are having such a wonderful time. Keep sperming! You are a sexual warrior and a true hero. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlsesque

    1. After this weekend, this warrior need to give his spear a rest...