Monday, May 27, 2013

IML Day Two Evening--Sex Party Hosted by a Porn Star

Chicago—May, 2013

I came home from the piss party smelling of piss and man sex.  I just smiled and nodded at the good looking Croatian who valeted my car.  He grinned and shook his head in a way that said “Man, you have some balls.”  Perhaps.  I certainly had balls that needed release.
For that night, Saturday, Bob and I had agreed we would just go our separate ways.  He stayed in the room and tried to get guys to walk across the street or lure them from across town.  He finally gave up and went to grungier of the cities two bathhouses, Man’s Country. 

I stood under the shower and just let the hot water relax me.  I got dressed in a new(er) jock, chaps, harness and boots.  I checked the computer once more.  Yep, it was still on.  Tony Serrano, porn star for SX Video, was having an open fuck party each night.  No approval needed, no guest list posted.  He simply put the room number in the ad and said it started at 10:00pm. 
It was Midnight as I walked in.  Tony himself greeted me at the door, and for the moment seemed to be tending the bar that was set up by the entrance.  He’d rented a corner suite.  The room was large with a sling in one corner, a very low to the ground bed, and chairs scattered around the room. The carpet has been covered with plastic sheeting—a great idea until it became wet and slippery later in the night. Two sides of the room were floor to ceiling windows offering a stunning aerial view of Chicago.  And being on the 44th floor, we were taller than any other building close by—you could fuck a guy bent over, smashed against that window and no one would care.

But no one was fucking.  About a dozen guys were in the room.  Four were naked or down to fetish wear.  Everyone else was a tourist, it seemed.  There to watch others have sex, but afraid to even grope themselves.  I noticed that none of that set were part of the leather community, they had just stumbled from some bar to the hotel with the lure of forbidden sex.
I stripped out of my flight suit that I had worn over my leathers to get across the street and looked around.  A couple of blow jobs were happening in the darkest corners and one brave man was lying on the bed jerking himself as he watched the closest blowjob.  On the couch, much to my relief, was my cum collector fuck bud, Juan.  He’s short, wiry and has a long pony tail of black hair.  He had on one of the new designer briefs—half jock/half underwear.  He grinned at me.  I went to him and hugged.   I couldn’t keep my hands off his hairy ass sticking out of those backless briefs.  He told me that it had been like this pretty much from the start.  I told him that the two of us could fix that.

We go to the sling.  Juan needs no assistance to get in it.  He hops in and gets his feet in the stirrups with the expertise of one who does this all the time.  I kneel.  His furry cheeks are warm.  I pull them apart.  My tongue hits his tight hole.  He groans.  Just loud enough to bring the tourists, who ring the sling.  His ass is just what I need to get me hard again after the long piss party.  It’s responsive to everything I do to it with my tongue.  I get up and slip into him.  It’s been months since we’ve fucked.  He’s hot and wet.  And he kneads my cock with his ass like the cock whore he is.

We fuck until I need to catch my breath.  I pull out and turn around.  The character of the room has changed.  It’s not packed, but the crowd has doubled in size.  There are many more leather men now.  Someone is getting plowed on the bed, and a half dozen blow jobs are happening.  A guy reaches for my cock before Juan can even get down from the sling.  I slide into the anonymous mouth and let him clean the juices off my dick.
For the next two hours, I am in constant play.

I fuck a Hispanic lad who is a great fuck—until I pull out.  Yeah, that….
I fuck a cub who reminds me we played years ago in Michigan City.  I pretend to remember him.

I sit on the couch and let an older gentleman kiss and lick my balls.  His hand constantly strokes my shaft lightly.  Normally, that would not be enough stimulation, but it’s heaven after the abuse my cock has seen this weekend.    
I fuck a guy bent over the couch who pleads for my load.  “Earn it,” is all tell him.

At one point, I fuck a twink in a leather jock, on the low rise bed.  It’s hard on my knees to bend so low, but I manage.  He rolls out from under me after he shoots his load.  His friend scrambles around to take his place, smearing himself and his cock with his friend’s load.  He impales himself on my cock.  He’s more experienced— I can tell from how he fucks back on me.  He pulls off, so as not to shoot and yet another man gets in his place in this little assembly line fuck.  I plow this third man until he shoots as well.

More blow jobs.  All of me.  I don’t get a cock in my mouth all night.
I fuck a guy in the sling.  He is in full gear.  And hot.  Tall and dark skinned, with dark hair.  He’s wearing an elaborate harness that shows off the hours he has worked on his pecs.  He had a kilt when he first walked in the room, but that’s been ditched to let anyone take a shot at his ass.  (There seem to be about three tops in the room—and I know I’m the last one up this handsome man.)  His hole is moist from the other dicks, though he doesn’t seem to be loaded.  He is loving my cock.  His standard issue dick is rock hard and his big balls, once hanging low, are tightening up.  I slow my fucking and stand still.  Then I start moving the whole sling, long dicking him as I move him onto me, not me thrusting into him.  His eyes roll up.  I know he’s there.  He shoots.  I keep nudging his prostate with my cock until he’s shot the equivalent of two loads and he begs me to stop. 

This handsome man thanks me.  I swipe the cum up off his chest and coat my cock.  The Cum Pleader has been watching the proceedings.  “Here’s your load,” I tell him.  I bend him over the arm of the sofa and plow my cum covered cock into him.  “Take his cum.”  Cum Pleader thanks me, too.
It’s now late. 

I have to get off.  I’ve fucked at least a dozen guys, many twice, and Juan at least three.  I need sleep.
The Cub comes up to me, asking for a third fuck.  He gets on the bed—as some other top is actually using the sling.  I scramble after him, kneeling on the mattress.  I work my cock in and I’m there before I can even start pounding.  I buck into him as my dick empties deep into his guts.
On the way out I thank Tony.  He smirks, looking at my bulge, and says “I hope you had a good time.”
It’s my turn to smirk and answer.  “Yeah, it was a good night.”


  1. "Earn it"... I love that. I can almost hear it and the attitude you bring with it. It echoes for miles with authority and... authenticity.

    1. Thanks...I find it odd, that the guys who are all about the load, often have the worst skills. He kept himself so loose, that even with my big cock, I was feeling less than I should. Give me a guy who looks on the load as a reward--but it's really about the great sensations of the fuck!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend and fun party! Glad you had a good time and thanks for sharing the details with us!!

    1. Thanks, Ryan, it was a very good night. And I have a whole other day there still to chronicle--that proved to be the busiest day yet.