Saturday, May 25, 2013

IML Day Two Morning--A Surprise Request

Chicago—May, 2013

It started early and fizzled faster.
The gangbang Bob had set up so carefully, too carefully in my opinion, looked great on paper.  But it was rather sad in the reality.

We were set up—the sling, towels lube, etc.  I was still in street clothes, writing up the first events of the day and Bob was in the bathroom doing a last check when the first knock came at the door.  Fifteen minutes early.  I let in a cute Hispanic boy.  He was not yet 30, slim and wiry and immediately showed off an uncut cock.  Bob sat on the bed, and the boy seemed happy to not deal with the sling.  I slipped out of my clothes in the living room area.  The boy was already  fucking Bob doggy style on the bed.  But it went bad.  Bob, rushed by the early arrival, was not fully drained.  The young man freaked and fled.
And then we sat all night.  I fucked him.  Repeatedly.  But our worst fears proved true---guys saw no reason to leave the host hotel.  I finally called it a night and went to bed.  He took a load some time in the middle of the night, then Bob came to bed as well.

I slept later than Bob.  He was up and around as I got up.  He got back into bed.  I had serious morning wood.  I was up him in no time.  We fucked for a bit.  Then the surprise…

“Why don’t you piss my hole.” 

I didn’t need to be asked twice.  I did.  Right there in the bed.  His hole is talented enough he could clamp it in place to not make a mess.
After my breakfast, his first trick of the day arrived—an IML newbie.  He was a nice blue collar type with a short, but fat cock.  Mid fuck, he saw me hard---and I k new just what he was thinking—He’d rather be taking my cock then do the fucking.

He sucked me for a bit, then I encouraged him to load Bob.  With a little manual stimulation, he did.      
We went off to the Vendor Mart.  I napped before the piss party.

And what a great party it was!  I will get to that write up in the morning.


  1. I hate when bottoms aren't clean. Makes me go limp immediately.

    1. I agree....I understand that it is not always possible to be super clean, but I love it when they are.