Friday, May 10, 2013


Detroit—March, 2013

“Are we on for tonight?”  The message flashed in my inbox.

 “Yes,” I typed back.  “I’ll see Dad at four and be at your place by 6:30.”

 “Great.  I have what you suggested.”

 I had to think for a moment.  Still not sure, I typed back a non-committal “Oh?”

 "The lube you like,” he sent back.

 Oh.  That.  “I’m looking forward to it.  See you soon,” I signed off.

I let myself in and go down to the basement.  Sean is laying out towels on the counter near his sling.  We hug.  We talk about this and that as I strip down.  It’s been almost six months since we’ve seen each other.  He is looking great.  His arms are impressive, as is his chest.  He might not be as defined as when I first met him years ago, but he still turns heads in any bar.  He’s tan, from some sort of trip to get out of a Michigan winter.  He’s wearing nothing but a blue jock.
He spends very little time sucking my cock.  Which is fine, I get hard just looking at him.  Sean hops up into the sling.  I look at his muscular butt cheeks thrust towards me.  I kneel on the rug he’s thoughtfully placed for me at the business end of the sling.  I kneel, pull his tanned ass cheeks apart and start to lick him.

“Eat that hole.”
I groan into him, sticking my tongue in even farther.  I jerk myself, adding a little lube to my cock from my own supply that I keep stuck in my jock.  I spit and lick it back out.  I spit again.  And again.  It’s time to fuck.

I stand up.  I work my cock in.  Not slowly, not fast.  Just a steady push until I am fully in.  Sean grins up at me.  I hold.  Then pull back out.  I push in.  Faster.  And back.  Now I just slam it home and pull almost all the way out.  It’s fast and loud, with my hips slapping against his ass.
Finally, I slow down to catch my breath.  Then I’m out, and kneel to taste what I’ve done to his hole.

Damn.  I must be leaking precum like crazy.
“It’s over there on the counter.”

I look up.  The small bottle is just in my line of sight from between his legs.  A little clear vial filled with some pearly white fluid.

“How many loads?”  I ask.
“Six.  I’ve been jerking off all week waiting for this.”

I stand up and grab it.  I undo the lid.  I lift it to my nose. 

I pour a coupled of dollops out so it runs down the crack of his ass.  I am right there to push his own semen with my tongue into his fucked hole.  I savor the sweetness of his cum.  I want to swallow it, but I don’t.  I push it back, deeper, into his hole.  I stand up and enter him.
Oh, God.  There is nothing like fucking in load.  Even this little bit.  I pump him hard, then pull out and taste the frothy mess I’ve made.  I reach down to the bottle and pour a little more, right on his puffy pucker.  Sean groans.

“Fuck that shit into me.”
I do.  Hard.

I taste it all again.  I savor and swallow some. 
This time I pour some of his bottled cum right on my hard cock.  I fuck it all the way into his guts.  Sean is jerking furiously.  We are both incredibly turned on by this simple idea of using his cum for lube.  I have enough jizz still in my mouth to spit some on his cock, to change the feel of his jerking.  I pour the last of the bottle onto my cock.

I enter his juicy ass.  The feel of his own cum on his dick takes Sean right over the edge.  He squirts five spurts that pool on his pumped up chest.  I last maybe ten thrusts with the way his ass is spasming.
I grunt an unintelligible obscenity as I shoot.  When I can focus again, I bend forward.  My tongue mops up his chest.  Then I hunker down.  I hold on to Sean and bury my face in his cream pied ass.


  1. Muscle butts are the best. It's like fucking a damn couch. Plus, the look automatically guarantees a raging hard on! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. I can only agree...and muscle butts oozing the remnants of seven loads, well....

  2. Awesome post! I love freezing several loads to use as lube myself! Best lube ever!

    1. So do I. I don't jerk off much--but when I do, it gets saved for later use.