Sunday, May 5, 2013

Seeding Ex-Military Ass

My Playroom—March, 2013

 During the last part of March, I had an incredible run of hot ass.  Maybe it was because I was gone for all of January, and barely home in February.  For whatever reason, I was fucking almost every day by the last two weeks of the month.    Certainly one reason was that Clark came to visit his parent’s in my home town.  Clark is in his early 30’s and just out of the military proper, though he still works in conjunction with them.  He has an incredibly high sex drive, and being in my tiny town for a couple of weeks was hard on him.  He lives in the south, near two military bases, where he can have his pick of horned men serving their country—and usually gets bred by more than one man a day.   We spoke on line.  He told me he was up for anything I could dish out; that he can’t get enough cum up his hole.  In just a few exchanges we set up our first meet…

I walk up the stairs in my jock and combat boots.  I open the door to the playroom.  He’s right where he should be, on his knees, buck naked and watching the porn I have playing on my computer—good leather orgy porn.  Clark is hard; he works his nice sized cock as he takes in the bulge of my jock.  His hair is dark, with the hairline receding slightly.  He has hair on his chest.  His round face gets rounder as he opens his mouth to take my cock.  He takes me to the root with no problem.  My fingers brush the stubble on his cheek as I reach for the back of his neck to hold him there.   I feel his throat contract and I let go.  He comes up for air, and goes right back down, his lips hitting my forest of pubes.
“You’re good.”

“Damn, that’s a nice cock.”
“Stand up.”  It’s my turn to take his cock all the way down.  It’s leaking.  I pull back to let the precum collect on my tongue.  I point to the corner of the bed.  Clark knows just what I want.  He gets on all fours.  He even reaches back and spreads his full butt.  I tongue fuck him with his precum.  Between his juice and my saliva, I need no other lube.  I spit in my hand, cover my cock and stand up working the head into place.  He lets go of his ass and grabs the poppers off the bed.  I hold still, with just my head in him. 

He huffs noisily, then chokes out “Fuck me hard.”
I push forward, making him take it all in one stroke.

“Yes.  Fuck me!”
I do.  He’s a great self luber.  His canal is secreting lube like crazy.  After a while, I stop the anal assault and bend down to taste what I’ve done to his hole.  He’s amazingly wet.  It’s as if he arrived with another load up him.  I ask.  He tells me no.  I tell him to do that for me sometime.  He turns his head to look at me and grins.  I push back in and fuck him slowly.  Then fast.  Then pulling almost out on every stroke.

He asks me to add the wrist restraints.  I buckle them in place, telling him softy that this set was designed by my brother.  “Gay?”  he mutters.  I nod yes.  I fasten them together, so he’s balancing on his shoulders, hands in the small of his back--right on top of his tramp stamp.  I insert roughly.  He grunts.  He can’t get poppers this time.  He just takes me like a man.
I pull out.  I help him up.  With his hands still behind him, I lower him to the floor.  “Clean my cock.”

He does.  He licks every inch.  I lift it up and push his face into my big ball sac.  He grunts.  He acts as if I just gave him a hit of poppers.  I may have.  His tongue actively cleans my nuts, my perineum and then takes each hairy orb into his mouth.
I get him into the sling.  Blindfold in place.  Arms fastened above his head.  I feed him poppers, then step back and cover his exposed ass with piss.  He groans.  I kneel and lick him clean.   I pay special attention to his ass crack.  I taste my precum and the slightly salty, slightly sweet piss.  It makes my cock ache, I’m so hard. 

I enter him again.  I pound his ass.  The chains rattle.
“Cream my hole.”

“I’m just getting started.”
And that’s true.  I fuck him for a long time in the sling, taking frequent breaks to bring my dripping cock up to his mouth.  Still blindfolded, he willing opens and sucks whatever I put in it—usually my cock, but once my fingers flavored with a mix of his own lube and my precum.

I finally need to catch my breath.  I remove the blindfold.  I let him move around the room for a moment, then I crawl under the rimseat.  “Sit.”  He grabs the poppers and lowers himself carefully onto my face.  His ass is a mess of lube, self-lube, precum, and hints of piss.  It’s a heady mixture.  I have to stop jerking, it gets me so close as I lick and swallow. 
“God, your tongue is so deep.”

And it is.  I feel like I can swab out all of him.   I hear him huff—and instantly he is grinding his ass down on my face.  He groans.  I have to twist my balls or I’ll shoot.  I wrench them hard; I want to savor this sensation.


Reluctantly, I tap on his under thighs—meaning he needs to get up.  He rises, a little unsteadily. 
We both sit for a moment, side by side on the bed.

Then, without a prompt, he gets back in the sling.
“Breed me.”

I lick his butt for the briefest of moments.  My cock is more than ready.  I insert.  With a dozen strokes I’m shooting.  What feels like great gobs of cum.  I grab the upright braces of the sling frame and hang on.  He bucks his ass into me, all the time squeezing down on my cock.
We pause.  Both frozen.  Letting out bodies get back to normal.  I slowly pull out, and sit on the edge of the bed.

“My turn.”  Clark pushes me down on the bed and straddles my deflating cock.  He swipes his hand across his ass and uses that to lube up his cock. 
In no time he is firing onto my chest. 

Four puddles of cum that slowly begin to run together.


  1. I love your hot Storys....!!!!! And i love your great big cock.... ;-) The german Fan.... :-D

    1. Thank you. He was hot. And we play more throughout the month that I'm writing up.

  2. Damn, you two are hot! I'd mortgage the house to watch you two go at it. And I just love it when you get together with a guy and it just clicks without too much fuss.

    1. You are right about the no fuss connections--heaven. And to have him in my sleepy little town for a month was AMAZING. (Now---have you been to the bank about that mortgage? I might make you take pictures while you watched. And you could add a load if you liked.....)