Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Young Man In a Hurry

My Playroom—March, 2013

The very next night, I welcomed another visitor to the playroom.  Antonio had been writing me on BBRT for years.  But we were separated by a huge distance—he was in the upper peninsula of Michigan, while I am close to the southern border of the state.  “I want to feel that big cock of yours,” he’d write.  “I have only been in a sling once before.  Pound your cum into me.”  I would always write something back in the same vein, thinking it was nothing more than harmless jack-off material for a gay man stranded so far away from much of any kind of gay life.
And then, in the middle of the month, he was on a road trip to Indianapolis.  He had to practically drive by my front door.  We talked a little.  He would call when he was one city away.  It worked out perfectly.  He arrived just as I finished my work day. I opened the door to a man who looked just like his pictures online.  He’s in his late thirties, short, with dark hair.  His body showed that he played hard at a lot of sports.  His jeans were tight over his full ass.  We said hello.  In no time, he was off to check his clean out after his long car trip, and I stripped off to just my jock and boots.

Tony emerges from the bathroom naked.  We go upstairs.  As soon as the door shuts to the playroom he is down on his knees and pulling my cock out of the well-worn jock. 

“Yes,” he all but crows.  His mouth is nice.  His tongue is active, and makes me grow hard.  It doesn’t hurt that he looks so damn cute down there on my cock.  That thought makes me rampant.  It’s suddenly harder for him to take all of me into his mouth.  He tries valiantly.  After a hit of poppers, he takes me to the root again.
I pull him up.  We kiss briefly, but it’s not his thing.  Damn.  I kneel and taste his cock briefly, then just turn him around.  The full butt is right in my face.  I touch the small of his back and he eagerly bends over, supported by the bed.  My mouth finds his hole.  He is literally fresh from the shower, tasting of my own Dial.  He opens, but it’s a hole that seems like he hasn’t played with a lot of big cock.  I push with my tongue, then pull the tight ring apart with my fingertips.   He crawls up on the bed.  His fingers are splayed against the wall, his knuckles white. 

“Take a hit,” I tell him, tossing him the poppers from where he left them on the floor.  He huffs.  And I work just the head of my cock into him.  I stop, pull out and tongue him again.  Then another hit as instructed and I work in the head again, and maybe an inch more.  I pull out and eat some more.  Then repeat until I finally glide in.
“Fuck, yes.”  Tony pushes back, grinding onto me.  “I wanted this so much.”

We fuck in silence, the room filling with the smack of my hips against his full ass. 
“Can we fuck in the sling?”  He’s a young man in a hurry.

I pull out and get him onto the broad expanse of leather.  His legs are now cradled in the stirrups.  I slip back into him easily.  His hole has expanded nicely to accommodate me.  Actually, with each never ending hit of poppers, I feel him relax so, that his hole now feels loose around my cock.  I fuck slowly.  Then accelerate.
If the bottle is not to his nose, he is twisting his right nipple with his left hand and beating his medium sized cock with his right.  I know he’s going to shoot fast.  I pull out and grab the egg-headed dildo from the bureau.  I grease it and twist it into him.  There is moment of hesitation as the width of the head stretches him—then it pops home.  He grunts and poppers up.  I twist it once, push it down with my left hand and slip my cock in alongside the toy.

“Ohhhhhhhhh.”  His hand is working furiously on his cock.  He pauses for a hit, then goes back to jerking.  I am fucking along the ribbed edge of the dildo, filling him with more width than he’s ever likely had.  In moments, his hand brings him off in a huge gooey mess.
I slow. 

“Cum in me!”
I pull out, and then the dildo.  I am back in and pumping hard. 

I surprise myself by erupting into him almost at once.   
“Breed me,” he moans as his hand plays in the puddle of his cum.

I pull out quickly, knowing that he’s more than done.
I hand him a towel.  He swings out of the sling, and dries himself down.

He finds his clothes in the bathroom and is almost dressed by the time I collect the towels and head down the stairs.
Tony tells he had a great time and is soon back in his car and headed south.

I look at the clock on the bookcase and smile.  He spent a longer time in the bathroom getting ready than we spent in the playroom. 
My cock spits out one last pearl of cum.  My dick doesn’t seem to mind at all.


  1. Nice! I have had quite a few of those type of playtimes myself. Sometimes it is okay to just fuck and run like that. I have had guys that have taken longer to get to my house than we actually spent fucking although as long as both of us gets our nut it is all good. Sounds like a good hot fuck though!

  2. It WAS good. I would like to have had more time with him, but you are right, if we both get off, it's good. It can just take me awhile to get to get all that blood into my cock---much less get off. But with him, there was no problem.