Friday, August 16, 2013

Showing Off at the Bookstore

Near My Home—June, 2013

I had one other hook up in May.  It’s now a blank.  Obviously, I needed to take better notes.  I wrote “Safe guy new to piss.”  It can’t have been bad (though I remember it was really hard to go back to condoms) but I can’t remember the guy distinctly or what we did.  I am sure we fucked and pissed---but what his reaction was, I haven’t a clue.  I think I need to start noting screen names.  Or take more pictures.

 I remember the next encounter quite clearly.  Better notes and something slightly out of the ordinary help…


I’m at the bookstore nearest to my home.  I’m sitting in the new gay theatre.  It is pretty empty.  One man sits in the corner on the couch.  He is hunched over and sipping some sort of soda—far more interested in that than me or the movie.  I decide to check out the straight theatre, when I notice the film.  It’s a Dark Alley Media release.  It’s really rare that they show a bareback movie here.  Or maybe I don’t go at the right time.  I sit down to watch Owen Hawk work over some younger man.  I don’t have to watch long for me to open my pants.  Or take out my lengthening cock.  Or lube it up and slowly stroke it.

 The man leaves as soon as he sees my dick.  I sit alone, stroking to the fucking being delivered onscreen.

 The door buzzes.  A man in his early sixties, quite dapper in pressed slacks and a knit shirt, comes in.  He sits across the aisle from me.  He takes out his cock and starts stroking.  He watches the movie and spends just as much time watching me.  We stroke in rhythm with the plowing happening in front of us.  He smiles at me.  I smile back.  Before long, he stands up and comes over to me, with his cock in his fist.  It’s not much more than five inches, but it is red and dripping.  Without a word he pushes it into my face.  I swallow it down willingly.  He sighs.

 “Come here.”  He pulls me up.  “I want to see you better.”  He leads me to the front row, where the reflection of the screen bathes us in light. 

 It’s no longer me sucking him.  He is on his knees sucking me to the root—and doing a damn good job of it.

 The door opens.  A man comes in.  He stands for a moment at the back but soon comes down towards where we are showing off.  He wears an A-shirt that shows off the definition of his hard pecs.  The contrast between the whiteness of the bleached shirt and the blackness of his skin is caught by the light from the screen.  His grey sweat pants open and he pulls out a sizable dick.  He stands stroking it as he watches me get serviced.  His eyes are riveted to my cock and how it disappears down my cocksucker’s throat.

The older man catches sight of the new arrival.  We both seem to revel in showing off for this man.  When my sucker finally stops, I help him up.  He sits in the front row.  I start to kneel, assuming he wants more of my mouth.  He stops me.  “Go suck him.  Show me how good you are.”  He gently pushes me towards the stroking Black man.
I kneel in front of him.  I am even more aware, looking up at him, of the wide chest and powerful arms.  The light from the screen plays over us, shifting in color with whatever is on the screen.  He hesitates for a fraction of second before he removes his hand from his cock.  I lick the large head and then take him to the root.  He grunts something obscene.  His thick, calloused fingers grab for my ears.  He holds onto the sides of my head and begins to fuck my face. 

I panic slightly.  I can’t breathe.
He shoots almost instantly.  He holds me in place, no longer thrusting, as he unloads down my throat.  He pulls out roughly—he’s too sensitive for me to clean it properly.  I sit back on my heels.  Panting.  The older man is on his feet and in front of me.  He is about to shoot.  I get him into my mouth just in time as he dribbles a load onto my tongue.

He thanks me effusively.  He pulls out a huge wad of fast food napkins to clean his small cock.
Then I'm alone.

I stay on my knees, absently playing with my engorged cock, dappled in the ever changing light of the movie.