Thursday, August 29, 2013

Something to Fuck In

Fort Wayne, IN—June, 2013

One of the few times I was able to play in the month of June fortunately coincided with an afternoon motel party posted on BBRT.  I didn’t recognize the host.  I asked if he’d like me to bring the sling (which is always a good way to get an invite.)  He agreed and told me to get there about noon.  He told me he was expecting about 15 guys.  I guessed maybe half that many on his guest list would show up, but decided that could still be a great way to fuck away an afternoon.

 I find the motel easily.  I lug the sling bag up one flight and knock.  A man I know opens the door.  I wonder where the host is, but I don’t say anything.  Eventually it becomes clear—he is the host, using a new profile with a picture I could never have identified as him.  And here’s a surprise, his old profile is one of the guests coming to the party.  (It’s not a bad thing—I like the guy enough…it’s just an odd thing…)
I set up.

We wait.
And wait.

In about 15 minutes, which seem at least twice that, the first tentative knock comes at the door.  He comes in, and decides to take a walk until others arrive.   He reminds me a professor I had in college, the one who you just knew was gay— that perpetual Peter Pan look of trying to never age, careful to not raise his voice for it might be considered too fey, and who has the softest hands of any man who’s ever touched me.
We wait.

A friend of the host arrives.  He’s tall and lanky and seemingly there to talk to the host and not to have sex.  His arrival does bring Peter Pan back in.  I coax him out of his clothes.  He nicely enough built and hung bigger than many.   He can’t take his eyes off my cock.  He sucks me for a bit and lets me sample his dick.
“Fuck me.” 

I get him kneeling on the edge of the bed and dive into his ass.  It’s the first ass I’ve had in over a week.  He tastes great and I love the way he’s responding to my rimming.  I lube up.  I don’t ask about condoms, fuck it, this party was posted on BBRT.
“Oh, yeah, fuck me raw.”

Ok, then.  I sink in.  He takes me easier than I expect.  I hold for a second to help him get used to my girth, then begin fucking in earnest.  He is all but crawling away from me.  His mouth is saying how hot it is, but he is moving away from my cock.  I don’t let him go.  I just follow him right into the middle of the bed, now kneeling and fucking his upturned ass
“Oh.  My.  God!”  He grabs a pillow and buries his face into it to keep the noise down. 

The two conversationalists have stopped talking and are watching us, fully dressed but with flies open, and dicks jutting out.   
I fuck, showing off for the on lookers.  I pull out and slap my cock on his ass.

Oh, no.  He can’t have done any kind of preparation at all.  I’m caked.
I bite back what I’d like to say and simply whisper in his ear to go clean.  He’s in the bathroom; I’m at the sink in the room.  I soap repeatedly. 

There are knocks on the door.  Three guys come in.
I rummage in my bag for a squeeze bulb, and hand it through the bathroom door.  But he never uses it.  He just finds another top from the new arrivals who fucks him fast in the bathroom, and who shoots just as fast.  They both take off.

The party goes all oral for the next hour.  We are a mass of sucking flesh on the bed.  As each guy shoots he dresses and leaves.  Soon it’s just the host, the talker and me.
A knock.

An older man with an extravagant beard and mustache comes in.  I have played with him once before in this city.  Today his mustache is actually twirled and waxed into points.  I feel like Salvador Dali is going down on me.
We play a long time for nothing else is happening.  He offers his ass and I try, but he’s just too tight.  Neither of us is getting any pleasure out of it.

I am on the point of packing up the unused sling and leaving.
A young Black guy, tall and thin, and bulging in his low slung jeans comes in.  He’s followed by another nice looking middle-aged white guy.  It’s like middle aged wolves on some young fawn.  The host, the talker, Dali and the new guy are ripping the young man’s clothes off.  I go over and work his nipples as the four men fight to suck the monster no longer in the Black guy’s pants. 

But I get the last laugh.  “Who wants to fuck me?” the young man asks.  I seem to be the only top.  “With a condom, though,” he adds.  I get him in the sling.  I eat his hole.  Up above me someone is leaning over and sucking his dick--or trying to, it's so damn big.  Another mouth is on his nipple.  One guy is trying to feed the young man his cock though he’s not quite tall enough to get it up to sling height.  Dali is working the young man’s feet by suckling his toes.  I roll on the Magnum, lube it and stand up.  We make eye contact.  I insert slowly. 
He knows how to work his ass.  It is feeling good, even wrapped.  I work up to full speed.

And he shoots.
And he leaves.  He’s been here maybe 15 minutes.

I pack and take the sling to the car.  I come back in for my small bag of lube and stuff.  I say my good byes, and there is a knock on the door.  I really have to leave now or I will be late for my meeting over dinnertime.  The door opens and there is a hot bottom I fucked at the same motel party as where I first met Dali.  The bottom is handsome in that old Hollywood way and in his mid 30’s.  With him is a top I’ve seen online and never met.  He’s ex-Military, with a brush cut and arms that bulge from the sleeves of his tight white t-shirt. 
I know what I should do.  I start for my car, but I’m back in a flash.  The new comers have just undressed.  The top is laying on the bed, hard and impressive, his legs splayed.  The bottom is kneeling on the floor, between those hairy columns.  The other guys are contributing where they can or just watching.  I just open my jeans—a true zippered fuck.  I pull the bottom up so he is straddling the top.  I enter him roughly.

I pump.
I shoot.

I pull out.
“There’s something for you to fuck in.”

They all look pleased.
And I go home quite happy.

The next day I got a message from the hot bottom.  "Tony loved your load in me.  He fucked in it and fed some of it to me.  Yum!"


  1. Okay, so the professor should know better... who goes to a group activity demanding to be fucked and arrives with a hole full of... ick. I understand when accidents happen (been there), but that is simple arrogance. And glad you got your nut, bud. You are a god. I would love to worship at your altar (but piss on me first!). P.S. - going to a BDSM weekend at a nude campground in Wisconsin next week. Super psyched. Have no idea what to expect. Will let you know what happens. Wish you were there! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque