Saturday, August 31, 2013

Teaching This Old Horndog New Tricks--Part One: Bookstore Threeway

Near Home—June, 2013 at 9:00pm

This is the first part of a three part entry.  The second will be my 300th post for this blog.  I can’t quite believe that.  I didn’t plan it that way; it is just how it fell out as I recorded my play dates this summer.
The play room had been packed away since the first of the month.  The sling was stored in the trunk of my car so it could go with me, if I found time for a quick hookup.  The rest was stored in my cramped bedroom or in various suitcases in the attic.  On the last Friday of the month, I had a surprise evening off.  As usual, when I had time, I could find no one online who could host or had the time.  I didn’t spend all night fruitlessly searching.  I got in the car and headed to the closest bookstore.  I bought the combo pass for both the straight and the gay theatres.  As it turned out, I never left the straight theatre for the next three hours.


The porn is good.  I always love to watch a couple of guys on one woman.  The crowd is restless.  Not a huge crowd, but there are always two or three in the place with me.  They just aren’t playful this early in the evening.  They are a good mixture of guys I recognize from this place and guys I’ve never seen.  The seven new armchairs line the side walls, pressed against the black cinderblock.  The three person couch sits low to the ground for me, but it’s the only padded seat in the house.  It’s also the easiest way for a guy to sit next to me and lean over to sample the cock I’m stroking.  My pants are open and I’m rampant.  I haven’t shot a load in seven days.
I stroke.

There are two other guys in the room.   The older man has his dick out.  He flogs it continually, but it never seems to stand up for him.  He shoves it into his pants and leaves.  The younger man looks at me.  I look at him, then at my cock, then back to him.  He starts to unzip himself.  The door buzzes and three guys stream in.  The young man zips up and exits the room for good.
I stroke.

I get some head from a balding older gentleman.  He’s good.  He deep throats me once too often and shoots his load between my combat boots.
I stroke.  Alone again in the theatre.

The door buzzes.  It’s a young Mexican guy I recognize as a regular.  He is always asking for a fucking, but the one time we had played, he hadn’t prepped himself for my big cock.  I have been skittish about fucking him again for the last three months.  He sits in the chair nearest me.  He opens his tan cargo pants and pulls out his rather average cock.  He pulls up the bottom of his A-shirt and hooks it behind his head.  We stroke in silence.  Eyes locked on each other.
“Fuck me.”

I consider.  I am so in need of ass…
The door buzzes.  In comes a man I don’t know.  He’s my age with dark gray hair.  He is over dressed for the theatre—he seems to have stopped in after going something where he needed a shirt and tie.  The bottom looks at the new arrival.  They smile at each other.  He knows the guy.  He gets up, pants around his ankles.  He walks to him and bends over, holding onto the side wall.  His round, cinnamon colored ass is towards the both of us.  “Fuck me.”

The top is already undoing his pants.  He takes off his slip on dress shoes and takes the pants all the way off and folds them, putting them on one of the unused chairs.  He’s commando under those dress slacks.  A nice big cock pokes out from his shirt tails.  He looks at me.  “You going to fuck him, too?”
I don’t say anything.  I’m going to wait and see.

There’s no foreplay.  The top spits on his hand and rubs it over the expanse of his cock.  The bottom adds some spit to his hole with his left hand.  The top pushes right in.
“Damn, you’re tight.”

I stroke, still seated.  Then I’m on my feet.  I play with the top’s nipples through his shirt.  I slap the full left cheek of the bottom.  The top moves the boy around, never disconnecting, pulling the boy’s hips so he swings him away from the wall.  He lines him up so he can suck my cock.  The boy hungrily takes it down his throat.  We fuck his holes in rhythm.
“You need to try this ass.”

He pulls out and I move next to him.  I reach down and feel his slick cock.  It’s spotless.  I slide right into the boy.  He feels incredible.  He is squeezing my cock hard on every other stroke or so.  And he’s a pig.  He takes the other top into his mouth straight from his ass.  The top leans across the back of the boy and hungrily kisses me.  His wedding ringed hand reaches up and clutches the back of my head.  We kiss deeply, ignoring the man below us who is servicing us.  We fall into the same fuck rhythm again. 
I pull out.  “Get up on the chair.”  I pull one away from the wall into the center of the room.  I can’t believe we have had the place to ourselves. 

The Mexican kicks off his pants and kneels on the seat.  We reverse.  The other top glides into his ass, commenting on how hot I’ve made it.  I push back into his mouth.  After he cleans my cock, I pull out and sit on the floor.  I watch the big dick slice into him.
“How’s it look down there?”

“Let me see.”

We change places.  I slide back up the boy’s ass.  The top has been leaking juice like crazy.  The hole is really slick now.
“That is so hot.  Fuck him with that big dick.”  I do.

We trade off one more time.  I am in his mouth when the door buzzer goes off.  The bottom springs off the chair as if it were on fire, grabs his pants and retreats into the darkest corner up by the screen.  I sit on the couch, fully exposed.  The top sits in the chair and covers himself with his dress slacks.
An older man comes in leading what I assume is his college age boyfriend.  They are holding hands.  He seats the young man on the couch, then sits on his right so the boy is between us.  The older man instantly slides a hand into the waist band of the young guy’s jeans.  He turns to me and smiles.  The boy turns to me and smiles more broadly.  He is sort of scruffy—but in a good way.  He’s bearded, with a slim, lithe body—you can tell, even though he still has his clothes on.  I love his smile.  You can’t help but return it. 

“You want to play with him?” asks the new daddy.
I nod and smile.  The boy bends, and takes my cock into his mouth.  It’s a bad angle so I get up so I can get better head.  The Mexican takes off, now fully clothed.  The previous top watches the action and strokes.  The boy takes off his shirt.  He has a good chest, though even in the half-light I can see a scar across it.  There is a tattoo on his arm.  He undoes the top button of his jeans, as there is still his boyfriend’s hand thrust down them.

Now the blow job proceeds in earnest.  He’s good, too.  And hungry.  I fuck his face.
“Do you want to get fucked?”  The older man whispers it in his ear, but loud enough for me to hear it too.

The young man nods.  I lube my cock a little, as he stands up and drops his pants.  He sits right back down and his hand finds his boyfriend’s.  I want to eat this guy out.  I kneel in the darkened room, the boyfriend reaches across and holds the young man’s legs high in the air.  I find his ass with my tongue.  He gasps as I go deep into him.  I love the taste of his young hole.  He is pushing himself onto my face.  I rear up and slap my cock on his hole.
I’m confused for a moment.

The boy has only the tiniest cock. 
Wait he has…

My brain makes an adjustment.  There is a rather full labia around another hole right above the ass I was eating. 

I hesitate.
Then push my cock into the transman’s ass…

To be continued…


  1. OMG! Surprise, surprise. I guess you never know what you are getting into in the half-light of a dirty movie theater! Can't wait for Pts. II and III. Congrats on post #298. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. It was about the last thing I expected---but it was great--as you will see...