Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Treat in the Freezer

My Playroom—June, 2012

I was chatting with Mikey (the brother of Rob of the ‘Breeder’s Journal’) on one of the hook-up sites. 

 “Do you know this guy?” he asked.  “I know my brother used to fuck him all the time, but he won’t let me.”

I looked at the profile he named.  “Yes,” I had to admit.  “A long time ago when he lived closer to me.”

"You should hit him up—he’s looking.”
"He’s over an hour away,” I protested.

But the very act of my looking at the suggested man’s profile, made the “viewee” start a conversation with me—one that led to him making the drive out to the playroom.  He remembered my dick.  The fact that I had the new fuckbench clinched the deal.

Once he was in my playroom, I marveled again at how this man is ever wanting for sex partners.  He is perhaps 5’ 10”, lithe and mostly smooth.  He is ten years younger than I and looks younger yet.  His profile’s main picture is a shot of his beautiful sculpted ass. That ass looked even more inviting in the mirror as he bent over to suck my cock.  I sucked him briefly, too, but he couldn’t wait to get on the bench…

His knees sink into the padded supports of the bench.  His round ass juts out, begging for me to lick it.  I kneel.  My tongue makes contact.  Paul groans.  Loudly.  His head jerks up, catching his own face in the mirror on the wall in front of him.  He keeps looking into it, watching me grind my face as deep as possible into his ass.  My tongue has opened him up.  I am deep into him.  My saliva is coating his butt canal.  I am stroking my cock as I tongue fuck him.  I grab the lube out of the waistband of my jock and add just a drop of lube onto my cock.  I do it all by feel, I never need to stop the rimming.

I stand up and slap my cock on his juicy hole.

“Put it in.”

I do.  Slowly.  Inching it in.  His ass gives way under the pressure of cock slowly pushing forward.  I stop halfway.  I let him rest a second, and then begin again.  Pushing.  Opening.  Until I’m home.

"Oh, God, you feel good,” Paul grunts out.

He’s tight.  I don’t move for a long moment after I reach my full length in him.  Our eyes meet in the mirror.  “You want this cock?”

“Fuck, yes.  And your piss.”

I stiffen.  I hadn’t prepped for piss play at all.  I didn’t remember that he liked it.  I shrug it off and start the slow withdrawal.  I only get out halfway before I push forward.  I repeat.


I don’t need any other prompting.  I slam into him.  Then pull almost all the way out.  He’s getting repeated full strokes now.  And loving it.  He’s grunting and moaning and, occasionally, calling me names.  I love how the bench positions his ass for me.  It is perfectly aligned for the long, deep strokes I am using.

We finally break.   But not before I kneel and taste his ass.  He is looser now, but not by much.  He knows how to keep his hole tight.   He tastes of his own self lube and the drippings from my cock.  I eat him out, and then work most of it back into him.

We share a bottle of water.  I admit to not remembering he liked piss in his hole.  He tells me it’s okay, but I can see he disappointed.

“Let’s do the sling.”  I get him up into it.  I lean over and spit on his hole.  My cock head pushes against his pucker.  He’s almost as tight as when we started.  I get into him, but it takes a moment.  I lean over him and smile.  Paul relaxes and I slide in.  He feels totally different on his back and with his legs in the stirrups.  His ass squeezes my cock on every stroke.  I lean in again and we kiss.

I straighten up and pound the hell out of him.

Paul strokes his long, thin cock.  I think he might cum.  I don’t want this to end.  I slap at his balls with the back on my hand.  He slows his stroking.

“I have something for you since I don’t have piss.”  I slow and then pull out.  “I’ll be right back.”

When I come back into the room, Paul is waiting, ass up, back on the fuckbench.  I dangle the full condom in front of him.  “I have a devil’s dick for you.”

 “How many loads?”

“Four.  All of my own cum.”  I warm the frozen loads for a second, and then peel the condom away from the frozen nugget of semen.  I push it against his hole.  To my surprise, it goes right in.  I move around and push it deep into him with the head of my cock.  I love the freezing pellet on the tip of my dick and the warmth of his ass all around my cock shaft.  It leaves an amazingly slick trail for me fuck in.  It’s a mind fuck for Paul, too.  His cock is rock hard and sticking straight down.  I start a quick, accelerating fuck.  My hips are slamming into his upturned ass.  I am churning my jizz in him, so his hole is frothing white.  I look down.  I think I may cum.

“You want my fresh cum?”


I spurt deep into him.  My hot cum mixes with the still slightly cool cum of the freezer.  I collapse on his back and hold onto him.

When I finally pull out, I see a white puddle on the new floor mat.  I have made Paul shoot without him needing to touch himself.

hunker down and bury my face in his frothy hole.  My cum is everywhere. I clean all around his asshole and lick as deep as I can go. 

 “I love your bench.  It’s new?”

“Yeah, I’ve used it a couple of times, but this is my first cum on it.”

 I can’t imagine a better way to break it in. 

And I tell him so.


  1. A would so enjoy both you and/or Mickey, not to mention Rob. Not all three at the same time, mk Ind you. A day for each! LoL ;-)

    1. Mikey and I love to share hole together.....