Thursday, September 19, 2013

Two Couples Showing Off

Near Home—July, 2013

I ended my July sexploits with yet another trip to the bookstore on the last Friday night of the month. 

 I am sitting in the gay theatre.  I am currently alone.  My cock is wet.  I have been letting a man suck it.  He was attractive enough—mid 40’s, in decent shape and with a real cock hunger.  His teeth were only an occasional hazard, but it was pretty good head.  He never stopped jerking himself as he slurped and swallowed my dick.  It came to an end as he shot his load onto the floor.  There is now a viscid puddle of cum glinting between my boots.
I look up at the screen.  I hate the porn which is playing—bad acting, carefully rehearsed body placement with passionless, wrapped fucking.  I stand and try to get my hard, damp cock back into my jock strap.  I finally give up and just button the pants at the waist and let the fly tent.

A muffled moan comes through the venting grate that separates the gay theatre from the straight theatre.  I head out and around.  I am buzzed into the other dark space.  It’s alive with people.  A straight couple sits on the couch.  They are not particularly attractive, but the hottest man in the room, is sitting next to them.  His hand is deep between her legs.  Two guys sit against the far wall jerking.  The main event is certainly another straight couple. She is kneeling on the seat of a chair.  She is being plowed by a man, old enough to be her dad, who is grunting his release as I shut the door.  Her husband is to one side, holding her, playing with her naked breasts and making sure her head doesn’t get slammed into the cinder block wall with the violent fucking she’s receiving.  She is attractive with short blond hair.  Her denim skirt is pulled up around her waist.  Her pastel top lies in a twisted pile on the floor.
The daddy fucking her pulls out.  He’s shot into the condom.  He pulls it off rather roughly.  The woman turns and sits in the chair.  “You want him to pour that on you?” asks her husband.

“Oh, yes.”
The daddy looks confused for a moment, but then pours the contents of the used rubber on to her breasts.  She massages his cum into her exposed tits.  A younger Black man steps forward.  The husband gives him a rubber.  The new fucker rips it open, and rolls it down a long, thin cock.  The woman gets up and resumes her kneeling position.

The young man inserts.  He instantly starts to piston into her.  He grunts “I’m cumming” in no time at all.  Once again her breasts are doused in cum from the used condom. 
I move away from the door and sit on her side of the room.  I pull out my turgid cock and stroke.

The hot man from the couch stands up and adds his cum load onto her breasts as well, but live.  He jerks a big load on her already sticky front.  She thanks him and reaches for his dripping cock.  He’s too sensitive for her to touch it and pulls away.  A guy about my age, sitting next to the screen, stands up.  His cock swings free from his shorts.  He’s big.  Easily my size. 
The husband looks at the cock approaching his wife.  “I don’t have any large sized condoms.”

“I’ve got my own.”  He pulls out a Magnum.
“Honey, you want a big one?”

She doesn’t respond, she just gets back up her knees.  The man rips open the foil pack and makes a show of getting the Magnum on his big cock.  The husband hands him some lube.  Mr. Big Dick greases up then slips into the woman.  He is a great fucker.  You can tell by watching him.  You can hear it in her voice as she responds to not just being a receptacle.  He varies his pace, and the angle of his thrusts.  He pulls out and slaps his encased cock against her.  He’s right back in.  His pace is now in high gear.  The room fills with the slap of flesh on flesh.  It’s loud enough they must be able to hear it out in the video sales area.
The fucker pulls out.  “Turn around.”  She does.  Just in time to take his first shot on the chin.  The rest of his load goes all over her breasts.

They talk a little as the man cleans up with paper towel from this pocket.  It’s the couple’s first time here.  They came on a Friday to avoid the Saturday couples night.  “If I’d known it would be this much fun,” she chirped, “we’d have come here years ago.”
The man leaves.  The older, less attractive couple leaves with him.  There are just the two strokers left.  And me.

The husband looks at them.  One, then the other, shakes his head.  The husband turns to me.  After my FTM experiences, I’d been considering it.  But not after I heard him say he had no Magnums.  And neither do I.  I tell him so.
“I don’t think I can take any more tonight, honey,” she tells her husband.  He helps her get cleaned up and dressed.  He finally has a mound in his pants as he watches her get the cum off her breasts.  I hope he goes home and fucks her used hole until he unloads.  They leave, all smiles.

I watch the porn for a while.  The other guys leave.  No one else arrives.
I head next door to the gay theatre.

There is another couple, two men, both with pants around their ankles, going at it on the couch.  One is the mostly cute young man I’d fucked a few weeks ago (who had the unfortunate drip after he’d pulled off me.)  His partner is an older Black man. Flecks of grey are at his temples.  His shirt is open and the young man is twisting his thick right nipple.  His other hand is jerking a thick, curved cock.  The older man is squeezing the young one’s balls.
They smile at me.  I let my pants fall as I stand before them.  They look at my hard cock, but make no move for it.

I wait. 
The hell with it.  I drop to my knees.  I take first one then the other into my mouth.  I revel in the contrasts:  Black and White, older and younger, thick and curved vs. thin and slightly curved.  I have the Black guy close very fast.  He shoots down my throat while his cry on release is muffled by his face being buried in the young man’s neck.  He unceremonious stands up and moves away the moment I’m done swallowing.  The young man is jerking, his T-shirt pulled up to his neck.  I try to take his cock into my mouth, but he pushes my head down to lick his balls.  The moment I connect with them he shoots all over his smooth chest.  I reach for my cock, but it’s too late, I don’t shoot.  The young man sighs and pats my head. 

It’s dead the rest of my time there.  I never find a hungry cock sucker to take care of me.  But I do spend a long time stroking on the couch, thinking about the exhibitionists of the night…


  1. I so love your blog. It is so real. I follow a couple of other similar blogs, but your's is the best. (Those other dudes are a little stuck on themselves, which is kind of a turn off). If I had been at that movie theater, I would have taken care of you. You are one sexy motherfucker! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. Thank you. Now bend over!

      I am enjoying your entries about your camp experience...

  2. Great story!! I love to watch others play as well and love to be watched. Still need to make it up your way and go to that theatre too! Would love to have you and me put on a show for others as well there too.

    1. We would frighten some of those small town men...but yes, we should do that...